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11 Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver For Relaxation

With a coffee shop on every street corner, Vancouver is heaven for all coffee addicts. 

It does justice to all caffeine lovers by providing all kinds of coffee, from beans to the right snacks and environment, to get you in the right mood.

With the pandemic and remote work, people prefer the best coffee places to work efficiently. It offers a change of environment, and scenery, to look presentable and a shift in mood, especially for people who live alone.

We’ve listed a few best coffee shops in Vancouver for you to make an easy choice in both quantity and coffee. The list of all these places is in no particular order.

11 Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver

1. Nemesis

Address: 302 W Hastings St, Vancouver

Social Media: InstagramFacebook



The coffee here is just like its name, unique. Nemesis opened in Vancouver in 2017 and has established itself in leading the best coffee shop or brand. 

It got 1st in 2021 list of The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver 2021. 

The three locations are Gastown, Polygon, and GNW. GNW is the newest and has a unique shape with a great interior, just like the other two.

The coffee here is all house-roasted and direct-to-farm-sourced. It is readily available to people with multiple branches across Vancouver and 3 components. Each place serves the same coffee, yet they’re unique with a different interior and vibe.

The Nemesis coffee comes from a rotating selection of beans. Some recommendations are pour-overs (Indian Ratnagiri especially), filter coffee, and espresso.

But what is coffee without a snack or your favourite cookie? It never feels complete without it, right? Well, that’s why nemesis has the best service in food also.

Unlike chocolate cookies at GNW, try anything with duck and Polygon for breakfasts and baked goods.

Other review recommendations would be salad, avocado toast, Rhubarb Streusel Croissant, Tiramisu Croissant, Porchetta Sandwich with rosemary focaccia, fennel + apple slaw, pickled onion, grainy Dijon, roastedic, French Toast with house rithe cotta, charred peaches, slivered almonds, honey.

2. Prototype Coffee

Address: 883 E Hastings St, Vancouver

Contact: 778-378-8510

Social Media: InstagramFacebook


Prototype coffee is a well-known coffee stop for all caffeine lovers in the city and has received mentions from some known people, thus making it on the list of best coffee shops in Vancouver.

The interior of this place is dark and has mirrors and moss walls. With a minimalist, industrial decor, it also has plants and greenery around.

 From coffee mugs to counters and floor to ceiling, the furniture is simple, and there are fancy and shiny pieces of equipment.

The prototype is well known for steaming drinks. 

They always work on new flavours and types. Reviews have it that with every visit, you’ll get a different batch with at least 15 unique and new coffee flavours named ‘micro-roastery,’ making it a good place to try other flavours.

Here you can try some amazing coffee like steamed nitro cold brew, and you can pick anything or make a recommendation to the barista, Codex Guatemala Candeleria. 

So that you remember, the price of cups changes on the bean you choose. If you’re stuck, the co-owner Matt Johnson and his team can help you.

If you’re already trying a new coffee, do the same with the food options. You can try their waffle doughnuts with coffee, coconut, grapefruit, raspberry, etc.

The prototype is available on online delivery apps like UberEats, but visiting the place is recommended.

3. Revolver Coffee

Address: 325 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Social Media: InstagramFacebook

Contact: 604-558-4444

Another one of the best coffee shops in Vancouver, BC, is Revolver. It is a landmark known worldwide around the city and country and will never die in the ocean of new brands and coffee places.

 Every coffee store in Vancouver has its motif centred around Revolver.

The indoors are NYC-style themes giving a chic and cozy vibe. It has a simple and precise menu list to choose from and always has offers. 

Their beans are from some top roasters worldwide, making it the first choice of every coffee lover and tourist, even for a delicious cup of coffee.

You can try a latte with microfoam and perfect latte art, espresso, macchiatos, and coffee cake.

4. Kafka’s Coffe & Tea

Address: 151 West Hastings Street, Vancouver; 2525 Main Street, Vancouver; 151 W Hastings Street, Vancouver

Social Media: InstagramFacebook

Contact: 604-829-2220

Kafka’s is a preferred coffee shop because of its dedication and commitment to quality beverages.

 In 2021, they moved from the US to Canada, their roasting operation supporting the local people in the country.

Kafka’s coffee shops have 3 locations across Vancouver, i.e., Mt Pleasant (Main Street), Gastown, and last but not least, East Vancouver (Great Northern Way). Gastown is known for its innovative design.

Every shop features photography, paintings, and different artworks, making the environment colourful, creative, and fun.

Known for pour-over and espresso, they offer summer cold brew drinks. Besides coffee, you can try different food in all 3 locations, especially pastries; Kafka partnered with Lil Bird Sandwich Co. in the main street shop, making the menu more exciting.

5. Pallet Coffee Roasters

Address: 323 Semlin Drive, Vancouver

Social Media: InstagramFacebookTwitter

Contact: 604-255-2014

The pallet is an iconic coffee shop in Vancouver. Established in 2014 in East Vancouver, it is most preferred by locals.

People often compliment the Palate Kitchen, an indispensable part of the Vancouver coffee list.

 The pallet has six locations of coffee shops around Metro Vancouver which shows it is a community-minded company. Their headquarters are in Railtown and roaster too.

Located in the heritage building of 1921, it’s designed with beautiful interiors with classic and timeless décor giving vintage vibes. 

It is located in Coal Harbour near Waterfront Station. The other cafes are designed to be modern with industrial décor. The pallet roasts beans, which you can try in cafes or buy wholesale. With their roaster, they often outsource beans to other cafes too.

 So instead of those, why not try from the original! At pallet, try single-origin espresso from HQ shop or the prime location, cortado, pour-over at downtown Vancouver.

 If you’re up to try something new, try the delicious coffee, i.e., Adventurous Coffee Series.

6. Harken

Address: 338 Powell Street, Vancouver

Social Media: Instagram

Contact: 604-661-1142

A coffee shop as new as Harken has developed to be the spot for people to relax and enjoy every sip of coffee. 

The décor of this Vancouver coffee shop is clean and elegant. It is located in Railtown and roasts its coffee beans. The food options here are all vegan adding to the positives. 

As a vegan, it is light making it the best spot for a quick and tasty breakfast, otherwise obviously open during other mealtimes. Stop here for a quality cup offered in small-size ceramic mugs.

The people who have been there usually recommend an amazing natural coffee cause the head roaster is rumoured to be good with fruity flavours. You can always take pour over if you are still deciding what to try.

7. Modus Coffee Roasters

Address: 112 W Broadway, Vancouver

Social Media: InstagramFacebookTwitter

Contact: 604-873-5111

Modus is an example of that child who proves that it’s important skills, not grades. 

It is a small shop in Mt Pleasant and has established a great name in the city’s coffee industry. Opened in 2015, this place has a comfy vibe making it an essential part of the Vancouver coffee scene.

 It manages supply chains, develops strong relations, and works with seasonal producers. They’ve always been roasting their beans.

Their aim when it comes to a great coffee is simple. It offers light and bright coffee with balanced flavours. 

You can try their specialty coffee Coast Roast and their collab of beer with Studio Brewing LATIF Roast, and also, don’t forget to try HIRO Roast. Pour over goes without saying.

There are a lot of tasty baked goods. You can also try pastries if you are a sweet tooth like me! Besides coffee, it is also one of the best brunch spots, so make sure to enter on an empty stomach.

8. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Address: 311 W Cordova Street, Vancouver

Social Media: InstagramFacebookTwitter

Contact: 604-915-9a188

Timertrain has two locations or only locations, one in Gastown and the other in Grandview-Woodlands. 

It started in Gastown and is a must-try spot for caffeine addicts with a vintage aesthetic style. The Gastown shop is old, with high ceilings, large windows, bricks, wooden floors, etc. 

They roast beans on their own, which is from excellent sources, enhancing the quality of the cup and a new experience with every sip. 

The theme of the shop is trained. Sitting in th train carriage compartment, you can watch baristas on the other side who make the coffee like art like it is, making it enjoyable to spend time here.

The other location, usually known as ‘The Depot,’ has more industrial décor with a fancy vibe and is more forward than Gastown in education and innovation. Timbertrain used to have a class to teach about latte art and coffee.

With a wide variety of coffee, including slow and drip bars and nitro cold brew. You can try any pour-over here, almond milk latte, etc. A marshmallow cookie always goes with the perfect cup of coffee.

9. Kahve

Address: 1822 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Social Media: Instagram

Contact: 604-222-9002

Kahve is one of the best coffee shops in Kitsilano, Vancouver. It has polished flooring and a lightwood interior with minimal décor. 

On one side of the wall are different jewelry, housewares, and décor items for sale, which are unique.

With coffee, this place is equally famous for the snacks served here. Made in-house, the amazing delicious treats are prepared with fresh local ingredients. 

The coffee served here originates from only one source: Calgary’s Phil and Sebastian, unlike other coffee shops with various roasters. They use their own beans. Its main street location is the popular cafe kahve

The condiments used are also made in-house. Some popular recommendations for this place are sandwiches, soups, salads, baked goods, etc.

10. Elysian

Address: 590 W Broadway, Vancouver

Social Media: InstagramTwitter

Contact: 604-874-5909

Elysian is a local coffee roaster in Kitsilano and has a few locations in and around the downtown core. It has four Kitsilano, Fairview, Mt Pleasant, and downtown Vancouver locations.

This place is perfect for getting your fruity-flavoured coffee than any other aficionado place in Vancouver. 

This place intentionally does not have wi-fi, so instead of taking your laptop to work while having coffee, they want you to give attention to the real world. After all, coffee is all about relaxing your mind and body.

This place has a comfortable vibe with a minimalistic design. They have artwork on display and plants around.

11. Milano

Address: 156 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

Social Media: InstagramFacebookTwitter

Contact: 604-879-446

Milano is a world-renowned coffee roaster. They’re located in 4 locations in Vancouver, making it convenient to choose from a wide array of choices.

This Vancouver coffee café is of medium size, where you’ll never feel too crowded, which makes it more private and social. Its décor is modern-industrial.

Milano can be called one of the best coffee shops in Vancouver. It has won awards from experts around the globe, especially its La Futura blend, which tastes magnificent as both latte and espresso. 

Many coffee shops in Gastown have 49th parallel, but you can go to Milano if you want different roasts.

When ordering, you can pick espresso beans for yourself. Some good examples of high-quality coffee include dark roast pour-over, and mocha, especially Hedgehog mocha with (hazelnut), lavender, and white chocolate for all sweet tooth people.

Try the traditional Turkish coffee brewed over sand at Cafe Portrait if you need more than these 11 coffee shops to satisfy your taste. That’s their specialty coffee.

Closing Thoughts

We all have different reasons for why we inadvertently find ourselves in a café, such as getting into work mode or needing energy for an assignment that is due in 24 hours, meeting up with friends, escaping a family gathering, going on dates because you can end the date early if it doesn’t work out, or finding a place to take pictures for your Instagram profile. A good pour over coffee and lunch sandwiches generally makes everything a little bit more bearable.

I hope you find your perfect one in these coffee shops.


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