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What Are the Top 10 Good Things About Canada?

What are some of the good things about Canada? Or are you planning your next vacation to Canada? Don’t worry; here in this article, we have got you covered!

Today, we will see the top 10 good things about Canada. ‘Canada,’ the name of the country itself, evokes a vivid picture of huge mountains with their tops covered in snow, vast icebergs, adorable igloos, polar bears, and even hockey.

Canada is a popular destination for immigrants all over the world, a North American nation known for its quality of life.

Many tourists plan their vacations to this country. The country is a treat to the eyes as there are many scenic spots to visit and click photos of. Canada has mountains, snow-clad peaks, amazing lakes, long and clean beaches, and lots of snow.

Canada boasts many beautiful tourist destinations. So if you are planning a vacation in Canada, you better take a fancy camera. You will definitely get some cool feeds for your Instagram and snaps that will make others envy you.

Without any further delay, let’s head straight into the list of some amazing things about Canada.

Top 10 Good Things About Canada

Here are 10 wonderful things about Canada that you need to know about. Check them out.

1. The Long, Long Coastline

Good things about Canada

We will begin the list with a little Geography (believe me, when it comes to Geography, the country has a lot to offer). Canada has the longest coastline in the world. The country is engulfed by three oceans, namely the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic.

The Canadian coastline measures 243,042 km, longer than other coastlines. Which automatically translates into lots of beautiful beaches and delicious seafood!

So along with stunning landscapes and pretty lakes, Canada has quite a bunch of fabulous islands and beaches. Magdalen Islands, Long Beach, and Hopewell Rocks are some of the most beautiful beaches here.

Along with this, you can enjoy seafood here. Dominant fishes found here are Halibut, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, and many other delicacies.

2. Chocolates

Good things about Canada

If you are a food fanatic, then there are many good things about Canada. And if you are a chocolate lover, then Canada might just be the place you want to live in.

Who does not like creamy, milky chocolates? If you don’t, then there is something wrong with you. There are some excellent chocolates in Canada that are hard to find in the US. Chocolates like Caramilk, Big Turk, Bounty, and several more are nearly impossible to see in the US.

In addition to this, Canadian chocolates taste better than the US. Canadian chocolate companies tend to put in a little more chocolate, fewer grains, and a little less sugar.

Other than chocolates, Canada can really satisfy your sweet tooth with maple syrup, blueberry grunt, a Nanaimo bar, butter tarts, and many more such delicacies.

So, if you are planning to visit Canada, make sure you get enough supply of chocolates to last you till your next visit.

3. Beautiful Waterfalls

Good things about Canada

One of nature’s most beautiful elements is waterfalls. The pure white water cascading and tumbling through the brown mud and black rocks is a pleasing sight. Especially in monsoons, waterfalls attract hordes of tourists.

Just as Canada has a plethora of beautiful lakes, the country also has incredibly scenic waterfalls. The world-renowned Niagara Falls do not always steal the show because this country has a lot of waterfalls in store for you!

The country has a collection of stunning waterfalls like Athabasca Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Virginia Falls, Kakabeka Falls, and many more such beautiful waterfalls that you can visit.

4. Polar bears

Canada is infamous for its biting cold climate. But even the bitter cold has its perks! You get to see seals, igloos, bright white scenery, and polar bears!

You can spot polar bears on Churchill, James Bay, and Alaskan border. The best time to visit these places to see polar bears is around November. If you are lucky, you might even spot some cute little baby polar bears.

In addition to polar bears, you can also see seals and all those exotic creatures that can only be found on the ice.

If you are excited to see Polar Bears, then here is a complete guide to see them! Here you will find out the best places to spot them and the best time to visit those sights.

Since we are talking about animals, you can keep a fennec fox and hedgehog as a pet in Canada! Yes, you read that right. Along with these cute pets, there are other exotic animals that you can legally keep as pets. Click here to find out more.

5. Icebergs

Good things about Canada

Trees sprinkled with glittery snow, mountain peaks clad with snow, and a shower of intricate, pretty snowflakes can be really pleasing to the eye. And when it comes to ice and snow, Canada has a lot to offer.

One of those ‘wintery’ good things about Canada is that you get to see a lot of icebergs. There are some tourist spots where you can rent a boat and paddle around huge icebergs. There are massive glaciers that float on the water bodies.

Most of the icebergs can be seen along Newfoundland and Labrador. The best time to see these incredibly vast mountains of ice is around April and May.

There is a cool website called that enables you to spot and track icebergs. Seriously, this cannot get any cooler! Pun intended.

6. Northern Lights

good things about canada

This is probably one of the good things about Canada. You get to witness one of the best miracles of nature, the Auroras. The Auroras or the northern lights attract tourists from all around the globe.

But if you are in Canada, then you can witness this spectacular event any day. You would not have to travel far and wide to see this fantastic sight.

The best time to spot Aurora Borealis is from October to March at the night. There are spots that are popular for the appearance of this spectacular sight.

The Northern Lights can be viewed from British Columbia. The Isolated Park near the Yukon Border has Aurora sightings all year round.

Here is more on where to see the northern lights. 

7. Lakes

Good things about Canada

By now, you must have realized that when it comes to natural beauty and resources, Canada has a plethora to offer. There is a variety of flora and fauna.

Nature here flourishes in harmony with humans. Along with beautiful waterfalls and dense forests, Canada also brags about many, many wonderful lakes. The country has over 3000 lakes.

This is the only country in the world to have so many lakes. Some of the famous and scenic lakes in Canada are – Moraine Lake, Ontario Lake, Emerald Lake, Great Slave Lake, and many more.

If you want to visit some of the best lakes in Canada, then here is a guide.

8. Abundant forest

Good things about Canada

For those of you who are adventurous and love exploring the wonders of nature, Canada has a treat for you!

The vegetal cover in Canada is very rich. The country boasts 10% of the total forests in the world. A significant part of the country is covered in forest. Many of the woods are accessible to the public, and you can visit them.

Crowsnest Pass in Alberta, Elk Glen in Manitoba, and Happy Valley Forest in Ontario are some of the several forests that you should visit.

9. Celebrities!

Let us not forget the fact that Justin Bieber hails from Canada. Along with the global pop sensation, the country is home to many talented people.

The star list includes famous actors like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Celine Dion, Drake (the coolest rapper ever!), Jim Carrey, and even Avril Lavigne! This list goes and on!

In addition to this, world-renowned authors like Margaret Atwood and Lucy Maud Montgomery hail from Canada!

Here is a list of famous celebrities who call this icy country their homeland. Check if you knew they were from Canada. Click here to view the list!

10. French

Good things about Canada

The country houses the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, right after Paris. The Canadian city of Montreal is the second-largest city that has French speakers. Around 21% of Canadians speak French. It is their mother tongue.

In addition to the above-mentioned good things about Canada, there are a few more cool stuff to add to the list. The country has the most significant oil reserve in America.

Canada also has popular tourist destinations, which makes it a substantial preference for holidays and vacations.


Craving Indian food in Canada? Well, here are the top Indian restaurants in Canada that you should check out!

In addition to this, you can do many sporty and adventurous things here, like hiking, fishing, golfing, and also kayaking and canoeing! The Canadians are very welcoming and amicable.

Are you still wondering if you should visit Canada or not? Are you still not convinced that Canada is a cool place? Well, here are the top reasons why you should be planning to visit Canada! Click here to know why!

Have you been to Canada? If yes, then do share your experience with us! What are some of the good things about Canada, according to you? Do tell us! Comment your thoughts in the comment section below!

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