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15 Best Furniture Stores in Halifax to Visit Right Now

Home decor arouses the hidden beauty of a household. Home appliances and furniture give different vibes to each room. But we often feel anxious while selecting products for the same.

So to restore the vitality of houses, we need to design the same with some specialties. If you live in Canada, you should visit Halifax for your home decor shopping. 

Below are some of the best furniture stores in Halifax that are reliable and customer-friendly.

If the topic is about furniture stores in Halifax, the first name that comes to mind is:

1. Thornbloom

Address: 1459 South Park Street, Halifax, NS B3J2L1, Canada

Opens: Monday- Saturday (10 am-6 pm) Sunday( closed)

It’s visually exciting to visit the store. So spacious and feels like a trip. The store comprises a small display of high-end furniture and a wide selection of home accessories.

Another best part of the store is that they also provide us with plastic furniture which is unusual and reliable. Offer the best quality appliances even though it’s pricy. They also suggest the best seating positions for home furniture to complete the overall outlook of your house.

2 . Bellissimo

Bellissimo - Halifax

Address: 2745 Agricola Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4E2, Canada

Opens: Tuesday- Thursday (10 am-6 pm), Friday- Saturday(10 am-5 pm), Sunday and Monday( closed)

The store began its venture as an antique shop and gradually expanded to a perfect accessories hub. This Halifax store was inspired by Italian and French styles that offer handmade custom furniture, rugs, antiques, and designer pieces.

The experienced sales staff are so knowledgeable that they suggest perfect home furniture for their customers by offering in-home window measurements. Quality accessories with affordable prices are the mottos of the store. You can always browse their website for genuine updates.

3 . Project 9 Furniture 

Address: 2797 Agricola Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4E3, Canada

Open: Monday- Saturday( 10am-6pm) Sunday( 11am-5pm)

Known as Halifax’s best furniture store offers stylish, unique, and quality appliances. It features accent chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, console tables, beds, dressers, and chests. 

Famous for its excellent customer service offered by its experienced sales staff. The unique collection of accent chairs and dressers attracts more customers. The store is also famous for its low-price furniture.

4 . Attica Furnishings

Attica Furnishing

Address: 3065 Robie Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4P6, Canada 

Open: Monday- Saturday( 10am-6pm) Sunday( 12pm-5pm)

Attica’s journey started in 1995, and it got the award for being the best furniture store in Halifax, NS, famous for its exclusive limited-edition furniture. Feature local and international styles at affordable prices.

Handmade and designer furniture like Oma 2-piece sectional sofa and chaise, Chelsea sofa, Citta chair, five-drawer dresser, and bed. Their product style depicts reality themes, enhancing the store’s popularity to a higher level. Offer quality furniture at multiple price- points.

5 . 31 Westgate 

Address: 5431 Doyle Street Unit 100, Halifax, NS B3J1H9, Canada

Open: Monday- Saturday( 10am-6pm) Sunday( closed)

A furniture store that features traditional craftsmanship to enhance product quality. Judging a space from its texture, pattern, and colour, they offer perfect accessories for home decor. The use of natural materials adds to customer satisfaction.

If you are ready to spend, it’s a suitable place for those who want a stylish blend of local and foreign features in their home decor.

6 . Worldwide Furniture

World wide furniture floor

Address: 60 Highfield Park Drive, Dartmouth, Halifax, NS B3A 4R9, Canada

Open: Monday-Saturday( 10am-6pm) Sunday( 11am-5pm)

The worldwide furniture store has a service of 45 years and features colourful and North American-style products. The store is Metro’s favourite furniture store and has a great collection, high-standard customer service, and remarkable value year after year.

The store faces competition from its neighbouring furniture stores. Still, their service experience makes them even more competitive.

Customized and reliable furniture designs are the plus points of this place. They also offer mattresses and exclusive recliners at a low-cost price.

7 . The Brick

The Brick Furniture Shopping / The Brick Canada🇨🇦

Adress: 192 Chain Lake Drive, Halifax, NS B351C5, Canada

Open: Monday- Friday( 10am-9pm) Saturday( 10am-7pm) Sunday( 11am-6pm)

The furniture store has 50 years of service history, well aware about in’s and out of home decor. Features both apartment and studio-sized furniture styles as per customer’s demand. They also offer incredible, experienced sales staff who perfectly identify customers’ needs.

They also have a freight delivery service. Also, suggest using leather recliners to give the space a professional look.

8 . Kew

Address: 3067 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS B3K0GS, Canada

Open: Monday- Friday( 10am- 5pm) Saturday- Sunday( 11am- 4pm)

The store displays designer furniture of various brands comprised of stylish guest couches, elegant mattresses, and console tables with perfect functionality. Offer branded and quality furniture; price varies from brand to brand.

Another plus point is the experienced sales staff who ease customers’ anxiety with their service. The smile of a customer showcases the sign of satisfaction.

9 . Hometown Furniture and Mattress

Address: 182A Chain Lake Drive, Halifax, NS B3S1C5, Canada

Open: Monday- Friday( 12pm- 7pm) Saturday(12pm- 8pm) Sunday( 12pm-5pm)

Since 2010, they have offered high-quality furniture at low-cost prices beyond customers’ expectations. The store also provides us with large volumes of furniture and mattresses for both professional and private spaces.

They collect designer furniture from worldwide factories which are unique and affordable.

10 . Bed Bath and Beyond


Address: 208 Chain Lake Drive, Halifax, NS B3S1C5, Canada

Open: Monday- Saturday( 9am-8pm) Sunday( 10am- 6pm)

The store itself is spacious, clean, and well organized and also has a nursing room which is very convenient and unusual. The experienced sales staff suggest suitable and designer accessories that best fit our home decor.

Accessories include mattress pads, bed in a bag, rugs, furniture slip covers, Etc. It is an excellent place for a luxury visit if you are ready to spend.

11 . Rusty Hinges

Address: 5513 Young Street, Halifax, NS B3K1Z7, Canada 

Open: Tuesday- Saturday( 10am- 5pm) Sunday- Monday( closed)

The business got its inspiration from old traditional stock. The store focuses on restoring old stock by re-designing the appliances with stylish details. This process increases the capacity of old stock, improves quality, and carries the tradition to the coming generation.

The smell of scented candles, beautiful traditional lamps, and reworked wooden furniture reminds us of our childhood. The use of designer fabrics and leather gives more details to the accessories. The price may vary with product materials.

Rusty hinges was inspired by lost tradition and culture and now uses reviving techniques. They are trying to revive the lost dreams of past generations through new ones.

12 . Atrium Home Furnishing Centre

Atrium Home Furnishing Store

Address: 60 Highfield Park Drive, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4R9, Canada

Open: Monday- Saturday( 10am-6pm) Sunday( 11am- 5pm)

The Atrium Centre’s location resides with three other stores: Worldwide furniture, Gallery 1 Furniture, and Ashley Home Store; more convenient for the customers to choose one or the other. The store offers appliances best suited for one’s personality.

Their collection comprises designer furniture and mattresses we usually search for in our home decor. A designer mattress is best suited for the docile bedroom. Get quality furniture at affordable prices and satisfy your dreams with incredible products.

 13. e3 Office Furniture and Interiors Inc

e3 Office Furniture - Collaborative Workplace Design

Address: 61 Raddall Avenue, Unit R, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T4, Canada

Open: Monday- Thursday( 10am- 4pm) Friday( 10am-2pm) Saturday- Sunday( closed)

This location is perfect if you wish to include a professional setup in your home decor project. The store offers you exclusive studio-sized furniture at an affordable price. They also have a design team to create customized furniture.

Its installation team deals with special seating arrangements for guests. The fastest-growing independent suppliers all over Canada; well acknowledged by the customers due to their helpful nature. The store creates a room in the hearts of Halifax’s people because of its environment-friendly nature. To know definite details browse their website or contact them directly.

14 . Ashley Home Store

Address: 60 Highfield Park Drive, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4R9, Canada

Open: Monday- Saturday( 10am- 6pm) Sunday( 12pm-5pm)

The location resides near Atrium Home furniture Centre and Worldwide Furniture. The store got inspired by a retail chain that displays a series of signature home furniture, decor, and accessories. The furniture style and prices vary with brand names.

The style and comfort offered are suited for every room. If you are searching for affordable chairs and couches, this location is the best. Even carry out virtual shopping ventures during this pandemic period.

15 . The Independent Mercantile Company 

Address: 2091 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS B3K 3B2, la z boy Canada

Open: Monday( closed) Tuesday- Wednesday( 11am-5pm) Thursday- Friday( 10am- 6pm) Saturday- Sunday( 10am- 5pm)

A home-good store in Halifax offers curated home decor, designer furniture, electronics, wall prints, and other accessories. If you are planning a special surprise, this location suits you the best.

You can find a huge selection and collections of dining sets, comforts, bed frames, mattresses, bedroom hangings, simple but designer chairs, Etc. to evoke the hidden beauty of every room.

Closing Thoughts

 The store above offers furniture collections with unique designs which differ from other stores in nova scotia or bayers lake. The business owner and sales associate of these stores always ensure you have excellent service positive experience.

So What are you waiting for? Visit these stores today!

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