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11 Best Furniture Stores in Winnipeg for Quality and Style

Perfect furniture is one of the basic requirements for a beautiful home. 

It is always necessary to select your furniture carefully as it adds up to your home’s outlook. All your indoor and outdoor furniture pieces of furniture need to be well-curated.

When selecting furniture, it is always recommended to look at how well it suits your home. You also need to ensure that it goes well with the atmosphere of the place, be it your home or office.

Here is the list of top furniture stores in Winnipeg for you! We bring you the best furniture stores in Winnipeg that help you find the apt furniture and home decor items.

11 Top Furniture Stores in Winnipeg

1. Kern Hill Furniture

Address: 660 Nairn Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2L 0X5, Canada

Kern Hill Furniture is one of Winnipeg’s best furniture, with over 60 years of experience in furniture retailing. The store was opened in 1952 and has been supplying quality products since then. 

They have everything you need for a perfect home, including bedroom suites, appliances, mattresses, and kitchen sets.

The store carries the best of local and Canadian-made furniture. Be it for your living room, home office, or outdoors. You will also find custom-ordered appliances and products at Kern Hill. They have it all. 

They carry an extensive collection of branded furniture and appliances that add an elegant and stylish touch to your home.

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2. Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse

Address: 990 Nairn Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2L 0Y2, Canada

With five stores across Canada, Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse is one of Winnipeg’s top furniture stores. They own two stores in Winnipeg, which opened in 2002. 

The store stocks up on mattresses and furniture of top brands purchased directly from the factory so that you can find your pick at a reasonable rate.

They reach out to customers with various products at competitive prices. They have an amazing collection of dinettes, home decor, and living room furniture. They also have a great group of furniture perfect for your bedroom.

Their loveseats, sleeper sofas, and ottomans are something that you will fall in love with. They offer a same-day delivery facility to the customers. 

Another advantage of shopping with them is that they provide a 100 percent free layaway.

3. Furniture Villa BrandSource

Address: 1070 St James St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0K5, Canada

Next on the list of top furniture stores in Winnipeg Manitoba is Furniture Villa BrandSource Home Appliances. They carry a wide variety of furniture, appliances, and mattresses. 

They know the customers’ tastes and help them find the best furniture for their homes. You will find an array of furniture, from classic to modern styles.

They bring you all the appliances you need for an ideal kitchen. The store also carries the coolest furniture you need for your home office. 

Another advantage of shopping with them is that their experts give inspirational ideas for decorating your home.

One thing that needs special mention is their financing solution to ease your purchase. They provide convenient payment offers to customers.

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4. Lord Selkirk Furniture

Address: 835 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R2W 3N9, Canada

Opened in 1976, this family-owned business store is one of the best furniture stores in Winnipeg. They manufacture quality furniture for setting up your home perfectly. 

Its top products include sectionals, coffee tables, sofa beds, and loveseats. Their collection of bedroom and living room suites has a luxury touch to it. 

Look at their accent furniture section to make your home stylish. They are open on all days of the week. You can find their store at 835 Main St, Winnipeg.

5. Dufresne Furniture & Appliances

Dufresne Furniture & Appliances is next on the list of top furniture stores in Winnipeg. They are a team of experienced designers who help you style your personal spaces according to your tastes. 

The store has a wide range of products, including furniture, home appliances, and mattresses. If you are looking for customized furniture, you must walk in directly.

You can either go for in-store or online consultations with their design professionals. They ensure that the customers can choose from an extensive selection of styles. 

It offers classic, elegant, and luxurious products to style your living space per your interests. The store also carries a great collection of Canadian-made furniture. They provide free delivery on orders over $ 250.

6. Bella Moda Home Furnishings

Address: 645 Century St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0L9, Canada

Bella Moda Home Furnishings is next on Winnipeg’s list of top furniture stores. The store carries an exclusive range of curated furniture for your home and workspace. 

All of their furniture is hand-selected from different parts of the world. Bella Moda is an excellent choice for stunning hand-designed furniture or a statement product.

The best brands in their store are Natuzzi Italia, Calligaris, American Leather, and Palliser. They bring products that satisfy your current needs and blend with the classic form. 

Specializing in personalized interior design, they can assist you with home decor. They also work to bring you quality customized furniture.

You can visit their store from 10 am to pm on weekdays. They are also available on Sundays from 12 pm to 5 pm. Visit their 645 Century Street, Winnipeg store to get extraordinary furniture sets.

7. Luxe Furniture Company

Address: 120 McPhillips St, Winnipeg, MB R3E 2J7, Canada

Here is your perfect store for patio furniture and home furniture! Luxe Furniture Company is one of the most popular furniture stores in Winnipeg

All their products are directly shipped from the manufacturers. The store has the newest and finest furniture for your outdoor and indoor spaces.

The indoor furniture at their store consists of unique pieces of rugs, accent furniture, and accessories. 

Besides the living room and bedroom furniture sets, they carry an amazing BBQ and kitchen set selection. You will be amused seeing their trendy outdoor living sets, chaise lounges, and patio dining sets.

It is located in the downtown market, and here you will also find a similar sign and local competitors. So, be cafeful when you navigate the area. Keep in mind it might not be open on Saturday.

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8. Urban Barn Kenaston

Address: 1585 Kenaston Blvd #7, Winnipeg, MB R3P 2N3, Canada

The next store on the list is Urban Barn Kenaston. The store carries a wide range of modern furnishings, accessories, and home decor items. 

You can visit their website to get interesting and unique ideas on styling your home. They have included several innovative rooms looks for the customers.

Another thing that needs special mention is that they run a virtual design studio. They have designers who help you style your rooms at the studio and guide you in choosing the products. 

Urban Barn offers delivery services for all customers. You can also opt for virtual shopping with them by booking an appointment. If you want to shop in-store, visit 1585 Kenaston Blvd #7, Winnipeg.

9. Faveri’s Wood Furniture

Address: 625 Wall St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 2T5, Canada

Faveri’s Wood Furniture is one of the family-owned furniture stores in Winnipeg. With over 45 years of experience in furniture retailing, they are one of a kind in Winnipeg. 

They bring to the market authentic solid wood pieces of furniture. All their furniture is manufactured in Canada and the United States.

You can shop a great number of furniture in different woods, textures, colours, and sizes at their store. They also carry an outstanding selection of upholstery, area rugs, and window coverings. 

The custom finishing service that they offer is well known in the industry. They are ready to manufacture customized products to benefit customers.

If you wish to have a specific colour look-alike piece of existing furniture at your place, Faveri’s Wood Furniture is for you. At Faveri’s, they only use eco-friendly paints.

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10. Ashley HomeStore

Address: 1000 St James St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0K3, Canada

Ashley Homestore is yet another top furniture store in Winnipeg. They have everything from sofas to home office furniture. The sectionals, accents, and queen beds are the most popular.

 The store has three branches in different regions of Winnipeg. Its lifestyle furniture collection at the store includes vintage casuals, contemporary styles, and refined products. It brings the products to your door free of cost on orders over $ 250. 

Their customer service team is available online to help you answer your queries and clarify your doubts regarding the brand products.

Be an Ashley cardholder if you wish to enjoy their additional customer services. They offer a pay-in installment facility to cardholders. Do shop with them to avail exciting offers from them.

11. EQ3 Winnipeg- Modern Furniture

Address: 1545B Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0W4, Canada

Opened in 2001, EQ3 Winnipeg is one of the top-rated furniture stores in Winnipeg. All of their products are designed and manufactured in Canada.  If you are interested in its regular hours, you can check out their website.

They work with talented partners and use the best materials to produce exquisite furniture. The EQ3 team collaborates with other brands and designers to incorporate newer and richer ideas in furniture making. 

They provide customized furniture by letting you choose from a carefully curated material selection. Their store is open all weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. It has an indoor furniture collection and extensive outdoor furniture pieces.  Also, the store contains different kinds of lamps, such as floor lamps, pendant lamps, and wall lamps.

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Closing Thoughts

All the furniture stores mentioned above in Winnipeg help you set up your home with their furniture collection. 

You can confidently walk to their doors when planning to move into or renovate a new home. Do you shop with them to meet all your furniture requirements?


  1. As we all know Winnipeg is one of the famous places to live in Canada, and their furniture stores are talks among the town ! I would really want to visit Luxe Furniture Company, because I’m fascinated to trendy choices so I think it will be good to go there! Thankyou for sharing this information with us!

  2. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive list of top furniture stores in Winnipeg! It’s a great resource for anyone looking to spruce up their home with quality and stylish furniture.

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