A view of the entertainment district of Toronto with high-rise buildings in the background and a waterbody in the front. A view of the entertainment district of Toronto with high-rise buildings in the background and a waterbody in the front.

7 Best Things to Explore in the Entertainment District of Toronto

Toronto in Ontario, Canada, named ‘T-Dot’ or ‘6ix’, comprises six cities Old Toronto, East York, North York, York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough. Toronto is much more than its concrete jungle, symbolic poutine, and maple leaves. In fact, it shares cosmopolitan vibes and a welcoming atmosphere from both visitors and residents.

Do your adventure and fun-seeking heart crave a trip to Las Vegas, but your budget is holding you back? Let’s get into it and find out what you can do at Toronto’s Entertainment District. .

1. About the Entertainment District of Toronto

 In Downtown Toronto, Canada, each neighbourhood is unique. However, there is a district that promises to keep you entertained always. This place is known as Toronto Entertainment District, and it never sleeps. It is famous for nightlife, nightclubs, festivals, bars, and clubs.

It is sandwiched between Queen Street West in the north, the Waterfront, and the Gardiner expressway in the south, Spadina Avenue in the west and University Avenue in the east. Moreover, weekends fill up with cultural and family attractions, as well as music concerts.

Toronto's Entertainment District from a drone

Formerly known as the Garment District, Toronto’s Entertainment District is accessible by public transit or a street car. Make sure you grab your loonies (Canadian Dollars) and spend an unforgettable time in Toronto’s Entertainment District.

2. A List of Things to Explore in Toronto’s Entertainment District

2.1. Theatres

King Street West is a boulevard of theatres. Stroll along the streets and also watch a musical from Mirvish Productions. Notably, they share an incredible legacy with two esteemed theatres: the Royal Alexandra Theatre and the Princess of Wales Theatre.

A theatre hall with red chair is one of the highlights of the Entertainment district Toronto.
By Paolo Chiabrando/ Unsplash/Copyright 2021

They also have incredible acoustics, stage design, comfortable seats, and incredible thespians. Enjoy watching classics like Mamma Mia, Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King, to present-day hits like Hamilton and Mean Girls magically right before your eyes.

Furthermore, Theatre Lovers will be in for a treat to see the lives of Henry VIII’s wives, as “SiX” an upcoming musical production will hit the theatres.

The Scotia Bank Theatre, with its distinct red cube landmark, screens hundreds of movies. It promises to enrich your movie-watching experience with Dolby and IMAX. It also hosts the annual TIFF: Toronto International Film Festival. This Festival is held every September in the Entertainment District of Toronto.

2.2. Explore the Regal Queen West

A happy human needs a pampering day of self-care and retail therapy to recoup after spending all that energy. Therefore, head to Queen Street West and recharge!

Queen Street, aptly named, will make you feel like a Royal as you embark on a shopping journey fit for a queen. It’s a perfect getaway to find chic designer labels and quirky vintage finds. You can collect souvenirs, or get bamboozled with dozens of artistic inspirations.

ByJulia Dorian/Unlimphotos, Copyright:2019

Unlike other neighbourhoods in Toronto City; arts, creativity, and expression adorn this place. It is a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable snapshot. Make sure to visit the Graffiti Alley in Queen West, too. It is a sanctuary of skill, colour, and imagination, and guarantees a visual feast. So, let the captivating art and murals displayed on the walls stun you in awe.

2.3. Music, Fests & Sports

A visit to the Entertainment District Toronto puts you at the advantage of unlimited entertainment.

Particularly, Rogers Centre located next to the CN Tower stirs the emotions of thousands of fans. They celebrate and cheer their hometown artists like Drake, Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd and so on. The night fills up with performances and concerts.  So plunge in the joy, allowing the guitar riffs to resonate with your chest as you sing the lyrics along with.

A very large building of Roy Thomson Hall with a very tall tower in the background.
By Ronin/ Unsplash/ Copyright:2023

Can you spend hours listening to a beautiful classical piece of music? Spend a night in the Roy Thomson Hall, located on Toronto’s Simcoe Street. No matter where you sit or whether it is a comedy show, talk or live band, the acoustics of the hall help the crowd enjoy and have a wonderful time.

During the game season, the Entertainment District buzzes with a lot of energy and excitement from sports fans in the Rogers Centre. You don’t have to miss the games of your favourite teams, especially on your trip. Head to the Rogers Centre and grab tickets for Canada’s home baseball team: The Blue Jays!

A view of Rogers Centre building, home of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.
By bellafotosolo/ Unlimphotos/Copyright : 2013 

2.4. The Amazing Food of Toronto

Thinking of leaving Toronto Entertainment District, Canada without trying their amazing food?  Order a plate of Toronto’s own version of loaded french fries called Poutine. It has layers of beef gravy and Canadian curdy cheese.

For sweet tooth, try Nanaimo Bars; unbaked squares of layered creamy custard, a perfect chocolate ganache, and a coconut-y graham crumb base. A food item that is a crowd-pleaser looks the same as it is named: Beaver Tails. Fried till crispy, seasoned with cinnamon, and enjoyed with whipped cream or Nutella.

Enjoy your culinary tour escape, and awaken all your five senses with the rooftop patios that dot all over the district. Certainly, a few of Toronto’s restaurants, which have garnered positive reviews from customers, are:-.

2.4.1. Fox on John

For the early birds among us, Fox on John is a must-visit. Arrive as early as 9 AM and have a delightful brunch valued at $9 only. Have a memorable start with a drink from the mimosas tower and also smoked salmon food.

2.4.2. Pai and Khao San Road

Craving Thai cuisine in Ontario? These restaurants gain the reputation of serving the best Thai dinner food near Lake Ontario. With well-seasoned curries that are so flavourful, you won’t regret coming back again.

2.4.3. Little India

Enjoy the flavours, diversity, and richness of Indian food in Toronto’s favourite place. They serve an Indian dish that has conquered the world’s food map and captured the hearts of food critics: Butter Chicken. Be captivated by the rich and velvety flavours of butter, cream, and tomatoes, by pairing it with soft naans.

2.4.4. Lobster Burger Bar

Seafood lovers must visit this place near Royal Alexandra Theatre for an amazing dining experience.

2.5. Aquarium, Trains, and Escape Room

2.5.1. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Imagine, if we moved beyond the aquarium glass, we could be mermaids. What’s truly amazing about Ripley’s aquarium is the conveyor belt that lets you stand and watch the beautiful sharks, seahorses, turtles, and varieties of aquatic creatures, making you lose track of time.

A display of jellyfish swimming in the Ripley's Aquarium, Canada
by Sinan Helfenstein/Unsplash/Copyright:2017

Avoid peak hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and watch one of the major attractions: the jellyfish show. Indeed, the best part is that one gets to touch a stingray, which makes it worth buying the tickets.

2.5.2. Toronto Railway Museum

Are you a train lover, but only have an hour to spare? Then a visit to the Toronto Railway Museum, Downtown is a must. Not only does this small museum take you through the social history of the trains, but it also displays models that ran through the city. If riding a train was a childhood dream, then hop on the museum’s train simulator.

2.5.3. Escape Manor Toronto

Do you also love challenges and puzzles that keep you on your toes? Have an adventure with your friends that won’t disappoint you. Probably one of the best escape rooms in downtown Toronto, Ontario, this venue promises a fun experience.

Furthermore, if you think that your adrenaline rush of survival instincts has simmered down, why not try your hand at axe-throwing? In the meantime, you can also dance, and have tasty food and drink too.

2.6. The Edge of CN Tower

As soon as you step into the glass elevator of the CN Tower you can witness a breathtaking wide view of the district. The CN Tower boasts of being the 3rd tallest tower, from where you can have a stunning landscape view of Toronto City, in Lake Ontario, Canada.

The CN Tower with high-rise buildings on the side of the road in Toronto.
By: Diego Grandi/Shutterstock

Apart from this, it also has three observation levels; Look-out, Glass-door, and Sky-pod. If you are lucky, you can have a bird’s eye view of Niagara Falls and New York City from the Sky-pod.

Securely harnessed, and suspended 1000 feet above the ground, walk on the edge of the CN Tower for tickets worth $195. Surely, enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world.

2.7. Stay

When it comes to finding the best place to stay, the district ticks all boxes. Irrespective of the neighbourhood, you can find esteemed hotels, like the Shangri-La Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Residence Inn Hotel, and Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Hyatt Regency Toronto sign. Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is an American multinational hospitality company.
by JHVEPhoto/Shutterstock/ Copyright:2020.

Hotels of the Entertainment district have spa treatments and fitness centres too. Nevertheless, it is perfect for travellers and white-class workers looking for comfort and convenience.

Toronto’s Entertainment District, Canada, has lots of houses on rent with lofts. It has well-equipped kitchens that cater to those seeking a longer vacation. Moreover, they are affordable and give a home away from home experience.


Toronto’s Entertainment District is a complete package, especially if you look forward to enjoying the nightlife. Explore solo or with your loved ones, the city’s famous attractions.

Firstly, this city has loads of entertainment options. For watching live concerts and sports, go to the Rogers Centre.  Secondly, dig into the delicious foods prepared by restaurants on Toronto’s waterfront, especially in the districts of Toronto. Finally, it’s also a perfect travel destination to be unapologetically yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

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