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Top 35 Best PEC Restaurants That Should Be on Your Culinary Radar

Pec restaurants are restaurants located in Price Edward County. Prince Edward County is based on the east of Lake Ontario. It has a beautiful lakeside view and makes for a great getaway.

Knowing about Prince Edward County helps us understand everything it offers besides its food. So, let’s discuss a bit the basics of Prince Edward County.

Prince Edward County has historic homes and buildings, a peaceful and quirky set of vintage shops and boutiques, and Pec restaurants are among the world’s best.

You can do a lot in Prince Edward County, such as sightseeing, eating meals, spending time with alpacas, and forest walks. Outdoor enthusiasts can make the best of the parks, beaches, and hotspots like Lake on the Mountains and Sandbanks Provincial Park. Prince Edward County also hosts festivals like Ice Box, Comedy Country, and Festival Players.

Prince Edward County has a lot of beautiful sceneries to offer and a great number of local restaurants to check out.

After learning about Prince Edward County, let’s discuss some Pec restaurants to die for!

1) Pec Restaurants

After spending many hours sightseeing and playing with animals, you might crave some delicious food, and pec restaurants offer the best! Pec restaurants have everything from food trucks with local favorites to seasonal menus served with fresh ingredients!

1.1) Merrill House

One of the best Pec restaurants is Merrill House, built in 1878 for judge Edwards Merrill. It’s been described by TripAdvisor as ‘Best of the Best: Number One Hotel in Prince Edward County.’

Merrill House is a venture which places social care above everything else. The restaurant owners are founders of Venezuela Educational and Medical Supply Relief. It is a charity supported by their funds and the earnings of the Merrill House. This way, you support needy and vulnerable children whenever you eat at this Pec restaurant.

Merrill House is also a hotel. Each hotel room is designed to give you the best boutique experience Canada has to offer. Each room has a bathroom, a television, a small library, and minibars. Personal service, modern technology, and five-star amenities help this place stand out from other Pec restaurants.

Merrill House is furnished with fine antiquities, artifacts, and contemporary art. You can have a great fine dining experience with French cuisine and an excellent wine collection. You’ll also enjoy a great complimentary breakfast full of fresh food and juices. Finally, this beautiful restaurant has a museum filled with rare butterflies, birds, and insects. It also has a history exhibition.

This great Pec restaurant has five-star amenities. When you enter the House, you get a complimentary welcome photograph. You can also decide which scent you want on your pillows. You can have your fire lit and an hour-long private sauna session. You can enjoy private picnics, wine tasting, and complimentary yoga sessions.

1.2) La Condesa

La Condesa is a Pec restaurant serving Mexican cuisine. It is probably one of the most popular restaurants in Prince Edward County, serving tequila and mezcal-based cocktails. It’s located in Ontario and is a few minutes from local wineries, breweries, and beaches. They use local produce and makers whenever possible.

This restaurant, like other Pec restaurants, has a bit of history. It’s inspired by the Mayan belief that places the earth, sun, and stars in the centre of all things. The ‘O’ in Condesa represents the sun, the line underneath represents the earth, and the dotted circle represents heaven.

Their menu is full of gluten-free options, and they also have vegan options. A best-seller in their menu is Flautas Des Res, crispy beef tacos with salsa verde, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. It also has all the great wines from the list.

pec restaurants
Image by stina_magnus from Pixabay/Copyright 2015

1.3) Parsons Brewing Company

One of the best pec restaurants which serve as a brewery is Parsons Brewing Company. It has a unique history and was made from scratch. Its beer list is full of authentically crafted beer and has options for wine lovers. It’s family owned and operated. It has free shipping to Prince Edward County, Napanee, Trenton, Deseronto, Belleville, and Kingston, if you order over $50 on Friday. It also has Ontario-wide courier services on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

1.4) The County Canteen

The County Canteen is amongst the best Pec restaurants offering the best burgers and locally produced meals. You can dine in and take out. County Canteen is Picton’s center of authentic craft beers. It’s called the friendly center of craft beer and has over two dozen of Ontario’s finest beers on tap. If craft beer isn’t your favorite, you can check out some of this restaurant’s luscious wines. They also have live events like Live music night, which everyone thoroughly enjoys.

1.5) Stella’s Eatery

Stella’s Eatery is one of the best Pec restaurants showcasing the family spirit and encouraging female involvement. It was located on Picton Main street but has now moved to Waupoos.

Stella Marshall raised her family on the shores of Pickerel river with nothing but a small general store for supplies. Her community had to forage, hunt, and depend on nature for food. Stella received these techniques from her ancestors and created comfort food in small batches to avoid wastage.

Chef Leah, the great-granddaughter of Stella, now runs the menu with the menu items honoring the legacy of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who would come around a fire and gather to eat together.

Using fresh ingredients and local produce, Leah prepares comfort food for all who come to eat at Stella’s Eatery. Their wine and beer list is constantly changing, with some of the best local wines and good brews to pair with your great food.

Stella’s Eatery is solely based on a feeling of community. They will give you comfort food, friendly service, and nice drinks. Mostly, you’ll never feel alone at Stella’s Eatery. It’s a place you can come to if you’re missing home.

1.6) The Marans

The Marans is one of the best Pec restaurants. Chef Guerin Sykes and Jessica Sykes own it. It opened its doors in 2019 and is located at 222 Main street. In 2021, The Marans shifted to a larger space at 165 Main Street. It’s a restaurant that serves international dishes using fresh and local ingredients.

The Marans make the best use of local suppliers, farmers, potters, breweries, and wineries. The dining room has a ceiling with large windows, chandeliers, and eclectic décor. They also accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. It’s also one of the few restaurants in Prince Edward County which is wheelchair friendly and has wider spaces, making it an accessible restaurant.

1.7) Sand and Pearl

Sand and Pearl is an oyster bar in West Lake, Prince Edward County, just down the road from Sandbanks provincial park. They work with producers who fish and farm sustainably, with winemakers, distillers, and brewers. They’re one of the best pec restaurants. Their specialty is their lobster roll.

lobster roll
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1.8) Bloomfield Public House

Bloomfield Public house used to be a restaurant, but because of the pandemic, it now sticks to being a prepared food market. It’s now called Bloomfield Public House Market. Even though it now functions as a housing market, its quality is top-notch, with excellent food.

There are many reasons to visit Bloomfield Public House market. The food here is locally sourced, and the location is easy to find, with a convenient ambiance and live music.

1.9) The Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel dates back to 1879 and has been restored by a local family. The hotel is deeply rooted in Prince Edward County and focuses on connecting with the community.

Picturesque wineries, charming restaurants, and beautiful natural attractions make The Royal Hotel one of the best pec restaurants. They have a farm-to-table ethos encompassing the rich Prince Edward County of artisans, producers, and friends. It’s located on Picton Main street.

It is housed in two neighboring buildings: The Hotel, which has accommodations of warmth and sensuality, and The Annex, a set of roomy, Scandi-inspired studios for extended stays. They have 33 guest rooms, adjacent suites, a peaceful library, a private terrace, and a grand swimming pool.

1.10) Sujeo

Sujeo is one of the Pec restaurants that provide a taste of Korea. Its wild leek dumplings are what makes it a favorite spot. All the food at this restaurant is homemade, even the pickled radish and soy sauce. Its dining room provides an aura of Korea, and its traditional drinks are also a favorite. Sojeo has recently been opened for indoor dining, too.

1.11) GOOD Place

Pec restaurants
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One of the favorite places for healthy vegan and vegetarian options is the GOOD Place, Wellington. The Red Dahl Soup and the Toasted Naans are great food items to try! With one of the best decaf Americans in the area, the GOOD place is great to sit down, grab a bite, and get some groceries at affordable rates.

GOOD Place has vegan and gluten-free options. They also have a wide range of organic beverages and teas. GOOD Place has shelves with specialty groceries, supplements, and beauty products. It also has many juices made with fresh fruits, superfood smoothie bowls, and organic smoothies.

GOOD Place’s mission is to improve the well-being of its customers. They work towards attaining healthy standards of living for their customers. They contribute to a healthy and sustainable living for their employees, suppliers, customers, and the community they serve.

GOOD Place sells products of Natural Factors, the largest manufacturer of nutritional products. It originated in 1950 and has always been committed to making its products correctly. Nature’s Aid understands the care and protection you want for your body and keeps that in mind while creating its products. Many of their products have Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Rosemary, and Tea Tree Oil. These products provide healing and nurturing and are gentle on the skin. These products can also be used on infants and children.

1.12) Drake Devonshire

Another amazing Pec restaurant is The Drake Devonshire. Its blueberry scones will melt in your mouth, and its waffles will surely make your taste buds explode.

1.13) Midtown Brewing

Midtown Brewing is a great place for beer, food, and fun. You can play darts with your friends and enjoy wood-fired pizza and flatbread.

pec restaurants
Photo by Eneida Nieves: Pexels/Copyright 2018

1.14) Koenji Whisky Bar

Serving homage to Japanese cuisine and whiskey, this great bar broadcasts whiskeys from around the globe.

1.15) Saigon

Asian handmade food made in small batches every day makes this place warm and cozy for you and your family.

1.16) Idle Wild

Idle Wild will serve you the best Asian cuisine, and their wild leek dumplings are to die for! They also serve roasted soy and chicken ginger, and this dish will not disappoint you.

1.17) East and Main Bistro

This rustic bistro offers lunch and dinner. Their special is Prinzen Farm’s Chicken breast wrapped in applewood smoked bacon.

1.18) Flame + Smith

This great Pec restaurant infuses undeniable flavors of fire-cooked foods, and the artisans who make them are full of passion. This mix of casual and fine dining gives you a wide variety of dishes. You can order escargot, shrimp, and oysters and pair them with a classic burger.

1.19) Bermuda

Bermuda is a great place to get comfort food. It’s in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County. Good vibes flow in this place with its fried chicken sando, chili cheese fries, and many gluten-free options.

1.20) Bocado

Bocado is a Spanish restaurant that also serves regional wines.

1.21) The Vic Drive-In

Fresh food in a drive-in manner – this great Eatery provides you with dishes like butter chicken, burgers, beer, and chili mac supreme.

1.22) Picton Harbour Inn/ Lighthouse Restaurant

A meal with a great view, Picton’s Harbour Inn is a family-style restaurant that serves homemade food. It’s known for its eggs benedict and other excellent breakfast options.

pec restaurants
Image by lizmitch from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

1.23) Bantam

Bantam is a small plate and wine restaurant. It features an extensive list of wines and uses PEC local ingredients for food.

1.24) Hartleys Tavern

Friendly service and amazing dishes make this family-owned bar a great place to dine. There are dishes of grilled octopus and scallops, and you can enjoy them with wine and beer.

1.25) 7 Numbers

7 Numbers is well known for its authentic southern Italian soul food.

1.26) The Acoustic Grill

The Acoustic Grill serves fresh and local food. The place is full of talented locals and traveling artists who want to cherish the cozy pub experience. This place is known for its best burgers.

pec restaurants
Image by -Rita-👩‍🍳 und 📷 mit ❤ from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

1.27) Blumen Garden Bistro

Food items full of fresh and local ingredients make this one of the most loved Pec restaurants.

1.28) Tabersnack

This restaurant is based on Quebecois cuisine; it features smoked meats, cheeses, cretons, local products, and a menu of eight kinds of poutine. However, this restaurant is open seasonally, so please check before going.

1.29) Stratos Pizzeria

This pizzeria will provide you with a lot of different cuisines. This Pec restaurant will provide flavor and goodness in every bite, whether Greek food and Italian Pizza. They also have amazing desserts, like lime pie and red velvet cheesecake.

1.30) Flossie’s Sandwiches

Flossie’s Sandwiches are made with herbs and big flavors, giving you a great time for an evening snack.

1.31) Waupoos Estates Winery

Waupoos Estates Winery has a restaurant providing great food and an amazing view. They hold sustainability at their core and use only fresh ingredients.

1.32) The County Picnic

The County Picnic sets up your meals without needing to source the goods.

1.33) Adega Wine Bar

Adega Wine Bar is a fresh wine bar. It is a cozy place where friends can spend some time and enjoy themselves.

1.34) AquaTerra

AquaTerra is a great restaurant with a picturesque waterfront view of the Lake and Confederation Harbour. It has menu items that focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

It has an extensive wine list and semi-private large and small groups dining options. It has also been voted in Canada’s ‘Top 100 Best Brunch’ and ‘Most Romantic’ restaurants.

1.35) Red Lobster

Red Lobster has priority seating, and while you wait, you can enjoy a drink from the bar or an appetizer. It is the world’s most-loved seafood restaurant that offers high-quality, delicious, and fresh fish dishes. Their signature biscuits are their specialty.

Prince Edward County has a lot of local food and wine, and the local gems and food truck services of this location beautifully portray everything Prince Edward County has to offer. Even the off-seasonal menus will have many dishes to select from. The above are just a small set of restaurants and eateries in PEC, but it offers much more.

Prince Edward County has the best Pec restaurants if you like local foods with picturesque scenery!


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