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5 Best Restaurants In Mont Tremblant

All the Best restaurants in Mont Tremblant are available in this article.

Mont Tremblant has excellent eateries with a distinctly European atmosphere. There are a number of fantastic restaurants at the resort, in the Old Village of Tremblant, and Downtown St. Jovite.

Best restaurants in Mont Tremblant
by NatureFriend/pixabay, copyright 2017

The best restaurants in Mont Tremblant are no exception to the region’s reputation for great cuisine and French influences. While it won’t be difficult for you to discover a spot that sells burgers and fries, many eateries also offer exquisite dining and have won countless culinary accolades.

Mont Tremblant restaurants range from the “fancy and expensive” to “distinctive local favourites.” Mont-Tremblant has numerous nice informal eateries, with only a few chain restaurants. These laid-back establishments are ideal for enjoying both local and visitor favourites. These are also some inexpensive foods that must be explored!

Moreover, to mention because Mont-Tremblant lies in Quebec, restaurant names are frequently in French. Menus are normally provided in English and French, and the staff is also fluent in both languages.

People are pleasant. Summer is often regarded as the most popular season for visiting Mont Tremblant. The mountains and lakes are breathtaking, and there are several outdoor activities and events to enjoy. Furthermore, there are several opportunities to get delicious food in Mont-Tremblant!

So let us hop in and check out some best restaurants in Mont Tremblant.

5 Best restaurants in Mont Tremblant

1. La Maison de la Crepe

To start with the best restaurants in Mont Tremblant, the first one on the list is La Maison de la Crepe, one of the most popular restaurants in mont Tremblant, Quebec.

best restaurants in Mont Tremblant
by RitaE/pixabay, copyright 2019

One of the most well-liked dining establishments in Mont Tremblant is Maison de la Crepe. When you go, provide plenty of time because there can be a line due to their popularity. A pedestrian hamlet at the foot of the mountain is situated in a wonderful old village house that has been converted into a restaurant.

La Maison de la Crepe has a lot to offer

This restaurant serves tasty modern French and Canadian cuisine. Come here and order some delicious bacon, Greek salads, and French onion soup.

If you’re attempting to stay to your vegan oath or have certain limits for non-vegetarian products, start with a wonderful Escargot, tomatoes, and vegetable dish sitting on 2 Baguette slices. Plus, the Frites are delicious with just the correct amount of salt.


The chefs here make delectable mango desserts, banana splits, and crepes for dessert. You can choose from delicious wines, beers, or ciders. For delicious lattes, fresh juices, or hot chocolate, visit La Maison de la Crepe.

An elegant French restaurant that serves more than just crêpes with sugar and chocolate sauce (if you are not staying with something more traditional). All of their Crêpes, both savoury and sweet, sounds like marvels. It is quite difficult to know where to begin.

Kid’s Meal

A fantastic kids’ meal will be offered to your kids. Here, guests can unwind in a serene setting with wonderful decor. It is said that the table service is competent here. Visitors comment on the amazing service in their reviews. You must pay reasonable pricing for your dinner.

Address : 127 Chemin de Kandahar // +1 819-681-4555

2. Microbrasserie la diable

This laid-back eatery and microbrewery are well-known for their lively ambiance and homey, cozy setting in the pedestrian village at the foot of Mont-Tremblant. The meal is excellent despite the menu’s simplicity.

best restaurants in Mont Tremblant
by Microbrasserie la diable

Orders for well-prepared salmon, fish and chips, and pork ribs are accepted. Enjoy tasty cheesecakes, parfaits, and desserts offered in this bar. Don’t miss the chance to sip some delicious artisan beer, pale ale, or French beer. You can get a fantastic americano at La Diable.

Food of La Diable

Visit with friends and family to sample their 100% natural craft beverages, produced on-site, and devilishly wonderful cuisine in a friendly and casual environment.

Discover their rich food with healthy alternatives, as well as our environment befitting of the greatest and most recognized pubs. In the centre of Vieux-Tremblant, at the foot of the slopes of Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort.

The Ambience of La Diable

This location has a chic ambiance and contemporary furnishings. A sizable kids’ menu will be offered to your kids. Most guests comment on how lovely the staff is. The quick service attests to the establishment’s excellent standard of quality. There are rumours of democratic pricing here.

One should try to order the pretty good basic burgers. The food is tasty, and portions are generous.

Please bear in mind that this establishment does not accept bookings.

Address : 117 Chemin de Kandahar // +1 819-681-4546

3. Restaurant Antipasto

Up next on the list of best restaurants in Mont Tremblant is Restaurant Antipasto.

best restaurants in Mont Tremblant
by Restaurant Antipasto

Despite being in the Mont-Tremblant region, Restaurant Antipasto is only a 10-minute drive from the resort community in the heart of St. Jovite. However, it’s worth the quick trek to visit this neighbourhood restaurant, especially if you want to browse the adjacent boutiques.

What is Restaurant Antipasto best known for?

Dine on Italian food at this establishment. You can sample delectable pizza salads, pasta dishes, mushroom pizza, and French onion soup.

A distinctive feature of Restaurant Antipasto is its excellent crème brûlée and parfait. Seize the opportunity to sample some wonderful wine or fine draught beer. According to the customers, the servers provide excellent lemonade.

The Antipasto restaurant, bar, and patio are in the centre of Mont-Tremblant, previously Saint-Jovite. With its stunning architecture and the delightful fragrances emanating from the wood-fired oven. For gatherings, business dinners, birthdays, and other occasions, two reception rooms are available.

Restaurant Antipasto’s Open-Air Kitchen

The meals are cooked in an open-air kitchen, allowing anybody who chooses to observe our team of chefs at work to do so. Aside from pizza and spaghetti, one of the house’s major specialties is the Veal Cutlet, which is offered with all of the sauces.

Traditional Pizza Oven

A magnificent red brick wood-fired oven lies in the centre of the kitchen at Antipasto. The warmth and smells it emits permeate the restaurant’s many areas, inviting clients to experience gastronomic relaxation. This is the traditional method of baking pizza. The oven is solely fuelled by maple wood; this ancient approach is greatly treasured by our clients, who perceive it as a quality guarantee.

Ambience prevailing in Restaurant Antipasto

Visitors to this establishment feel at ease and enjoy themselves because of the cozy atmosphere. This place is amazing because of the hard work, optimism, and friendliness of the workers. Customers enjoy the pleasant service provided here. From the perspective of the visitors, pricing is fair. The decor at this restaurant is decent, as many reviewers have noted.

Address : 855 Rue de Saint Jovite // +1 819-425-7580

4. Restaurant La Savoie

La Savoie is not a cheap restaurant but a popular fine dining restaurant, with costs starting at about 50 CAD per person (about USD 35), but it is well worth the cost for the great food and distinctive dining experience.

best restaurants in Mont Tremblant
by Restaurant Le Savoie

This quaint restaurant serves French and Swiss cuisine and is situated at the foot of the pedestrian village in Mont-Tremblant.

What is La Savoie Best Known For?

It provides a variety of fondues, dessert coffee, and raclette, a regional delicacy. Finish your dinner with some chocolate fondue if you have room. Please call for reservations as this restaurant has two nightly seatings.

This will be an unforgettable dining experience, and you will search for restaurants in Mont Tremblant similar to this one.

Exceptional Food

The secret ingredient of success is La Savoie’s delectable cheese fondue, raclette, and salads. Many reviews find that the pound cakes, chocolate fondue, and parfaits are expertly prepared here. Many guests request white wine, calvados, or other delectable wines. Come here for fantastic coffee.

Excellent menu selection and drink selections (all quality drinks, of course). The food was excellent, and the working personnel was courteous and efficient.

Prince Range

La Savoie restaurant invites you to their dining room to discover a fondue menu with prices ranging from $26 to $60. Their ambiance has been regarded as relaxed and welcoming to families. They are also capable of providing private rooms. 


It features a special dining area in a glass room, and the atmosphere is quite nice. The waitresses are quite friendly, available, and attentive. It is difficult to put into words the quality and presentation of their cuisine.

Visitors to this location feel at ease and enjoy themselves because of the cozy atmosphere. Visitors can unwind in beautiful surroundings. This place is fantastic because of the friendly service, dedication, optimism, and hard work. Quick service is important to these restaurant owners. You should expect to spend average pricing for your dinner.

Address : 115 Ch de Kandahar // +1 819-681-4573

5. Ya’oooo Pizza Pub

The last on the list of best restaurants in Mont Tremblant is Ya’oooo Pizza. This is one of the cheap eats, but locals love this place with good food.

best restaurants in Mont Tremblant
by joshuemd/pixabay, copyright 2014

This place is famous for its pizzas and focuses on Canadian cuisine.

Ambience & Services

A lovely restaurant with a welcoming environment. You can notice the gorgeous decor inside this bar. The ideal location for lunch, dinner, or takeaway. After dinner, it transforms into a bustling pub with rock music, unique drinks, and an incredible beverage selection.

Every night, online ordering is available, and the restaurant is open until at least 1 a.m. The pizza here is extremely delicious. A huge pizza is easily shared by two people and tastes as amazing as it looks.

The service was also excellent; they spoke perfect English and French and were courteous and professional. The location was also excellent, and the ambience was ideal for a relaxing meal.

Food of Ya’oooo Pizza

This virtual fast-food pizza shop delivers delicious pizza and a family-style salad at the foot of Mont-Tremblant. Consider getting dinner at Yaoooo and bringing it back to your hotel if you’re staying in Mont-Tremblant.

Or, if the weather allows, eat outside at one of their tables. Better still, purchase a bottle of wine from the establishment next door. You’ll enjoy a delicious, affordable, and informal supper.

The excellently prepared cheese pizza, pizza salads, and waffle fries make this pub worth a visit. You’ll love the cuisine, especially the delicious parfait and excellent waffles. The best beverages at Yaoooo Pizza Pub are superb Sangria or delicious draught beer.

Visitors may unwind here after a long day of work, thanks to the cozy ambiance. The pleasant staff makes this establishment outstanding by working hard and remaining upbeat. You should visit this establishment if you wish to enjoy the service. Prices are reasonable in this location.

Address : 123 Chem. de Kandahar, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1E2

best restaurants in Mont Tremblant
by NatureFriend/pixabay, copyright 2017

Mont-Tremblant has both sophisticated and rustic eateries. This French-Canadian community is home to a number of great chefs/restaurateurs and fine dining businesses. Many of these Mont-Tremblant eateries attempt to keep their menus modest and local.

Favourite FAQs

The most popular restaurants in Mont Tremblant include:

  1. Mille Pates
  2. Le Grill Saint George’s
  3. Restaurant L’Arome

2. What is special about Mont-Tremblant?

Mont-cobblestone Tremblant’s lanes are dotted with buildings that resemble Montreal’s Old City but with bright red, teal, and marigold facades and roofs. The pedestrian village is located at the base of the Laurentians’ tallest peak and boasts some of the greatest slopes in eastern North America.

3. Why do people go to Mont-Tremblant?

Mont Tremblant is most known for its skiing, with two outstanding ski mountains:

  1. Mont Tremblant (the highest peak in the Laurentians)
  2. Mont Blanc

Mont Tremblant is the more well-known destination and is frequently ranked as the greatest ski resort in Eastern North America.

 4. What does Mont-Tremblant mean in English?

The name Mont Tremblant was taken from the Algonquin original people, who referred to it as the “trembling mountain.” The summit is 875 m (2,871 ft) above sea level, making it one of the Laurentians’ highest summits.

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