6 Best Places To Live And Work In Canada

If you are looking for the Best places to live and work in Canada, then you have reached just the right article. Moving to Canada has also been one of the most discussed topics among people planning a move.
Canada is one of the best countries one can opt to live and work in. The people who live in Canada are already proof of the statement. Even if you are not going to live and work in Canada, you must visit Canada at least once in your lifetime. 
After Switzerland, Canada is the second-best country. It is also the second-largest country in the world. Canada shows exemplary performance in Sustainability, Cultural Heritage, Entrepreneurship, economics, and other factors.

Some other fascinating facts about Canada are:

  1. Canada is the 14th Largest in terms of economy all over the world. Therefore we can include it in the list of wealthiest nations of the world.
  2. Unemployment is comparatively less than that of other countries.
  3. Canada also makes the list of peaceful nations in the world.
  4. They have huge contributions to medicine, technology, scientific innovations, and more.
  5. Same Gender Matrimony has been a part of Canada’s culture for a long time.

These are some of the features of Canada that you will get during your stay in Canada. But what if you get to stroll at the famous Cape Breton Highlands National Park, scout Nova Scotia, and Banff National Park, and check out the fishing villages or whale watch time and CN Tower? Isn’t that amazing?

Top 6 Places To Live And Work In Canada

Check out this specially curated list of the Best Places To Live And Work In Canada.

1. Calgary

Calgary Alberta is one of the best places to live and work in Canada. People in Calgary Alberta have many perks to living there.
It is also considered in the fifth position as “The World’s Most Livable City”. This rank was given by the International Weekly edition of The Economist. The rank was maintained for seven straight years.
Calgary Alberta is famous for its annual Stampede. It brings the best of Educators, Entertainers, and Hosts from around the world. Calgary is a cultural hub for Canadians.
The art scene in Calgary, Alberta is magnificent. They have the Glenbow Museum with its impressive North American art collection.
Contemporary Calgary is another piece of this famous art scene. It is going to be a temple of contemporary modern art. Calgary’s rich art scene makes it one of the best places for artists and connoisseurs. 
Click here to know more about the 2021 Annual Calgary Stampede in detail. Learn more about this interesting Canadian Culture.

Some of the Perks of Living in Calgary

1) Calgary Is The Cleanest City In The World

According to a Forbes Magazine survey in 2007, Calgary was The Cleanest City In The World. They retained the same honor in 2014.

It houses excellent sewage systems and drinking water facilities. It has a low air pollution level. Calgary Alberta is known for being a really beautiful Canadian city in North America.

2) Low Sales Tax

One Major Advantage of Living in Calgary is that a person only has to pay a 5 percent tax on Federal Goods and Services.

It is much less compared to Ontario and Quebec, where people spend 15 percent. This ultimately lets one save a fortune, thereby reducing the cost of living in Calgary.

3) Feasible Public Transportation System

Calgary has a huge network of trains and buses. It becomes easier for the people living in Calgary to travel to and fro to places of work and other purposes.

4) Calgary Is Quite Close To Other Destinations

It is easy to travel to other places like Edmonton and Toronto. You can visit Glacier National Park, Vancouver whenever you want.

2. Vancouver

Ever wondered what life in Vancouver is like? What day-to-day activities take place in the city? We are here to guide you through it all and tell you all you need to know about The beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver.
Vancouver is located on the mainland of British Columbia. Vancouver ranks high as one of the Best Cities To Live And Work In Canada.
Vancouver is one of Canada’s most gorgeous cities. It has beautiful scenic locations and diverse metropolitan experiences to live in permanently.
Moreover, those who live in Vancouver can make frequent trips to Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island has a typical Canadian climate.
Water sports and skiing are popular attractions on Vancouver Island. So you know where to go for a relaxing vacation! Considering settling down on Vancouver Island? There are quite a few public and private schools and universities too!

Some of the Perks of Living in Vancouver 

1) Good Food Availability

Vancouver has a great collection of Diners, Restaurants, Cafes, and Buffets. This beautiful Canadian city is a major attraction to people who like seafood. The mixed climate of the town also lets its residents buy fresh seasonal fruits and veggies.

2) Diverse Cultures

It is exciting to see people from different cultural groups living together. The city offers your neighbors from all over the world. It expands your social circle.

3) Excellent Education System

Vancouver has one of its kind public education system with significant funds. It has some of the world’s best public elementary schools.

4) Low Rate Of Unemployment

Vancouver records the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at 4.5%. It provides its residents and immigrants with great employment opportunities. You can easily find work here.

3. Toronto

Toronto is an International beauty. It is the most popular city in North America. The citizens come from diverse cultural backgrounds. and many industries provide great job opportunities to all their residents.
Toronto is a great attraction to young professionals planning a move. They can make it to the Best Places to Live and Work in Canada.

Advantages of Moving and Living in Toronto

1) Toronto Is The Largest City In Canada

Toronto is one of Canada’s largest cities. The Great Travelling Mediums, Cultural Diversity, and many more added perks are there.

2) Toronto Is A Center For Global Business And Finance

Toronto is the hotspot for business and finance is a good place for entrepreneurs to start. Multi-national companies are in business here. It makes for a strong economy and great career opportunities.

3) Toronto Is A Safe And Economic City To Live In

Toronto is well known for being an economically safe city to live in. It has also been declared the same by The Economist Magazine in 2015. It is also one of the best places to live and work in Canada, with relatively lower crime rates.

4) Toronto Is A Great Collection Of Performing Spaces And Parks

Toronto hosts stunning artistic performances. They have ballet, opera, musical theatres, and so much more. It also has a natural touch around the city, with all the gorgeous green parks adding to its beauty and heritage.

Toronto is one of the most expensive cities globally. But it still makes it to the list of Best places to live and work in Canada.

4. Ottawa

Talk of the Best Places to Live and Work in Canada and Ottawa is sure to be mentioned. Like any other city, Ottawa has its ups and downs.

The median household income of people living in Ontario is $92,579. But the excellent blend of city life and town appeal makes living in this city interesting. It also is home to the most popular city in North America, Ontario.

Some Other Value-Added Perks of Living in Ottawa

1) Ottawa Is An Economically Stable City

A major requirement for a city on the Best Places to Live and Work in Canada is its economic stability. It has job vacancies in many departments.

There are work permit jobs, manufacturing, marketing, education, and sales. But living in this city is expensive. The median household income is $106, 327.

2) Ottawa Has A Low Crime Rate

The crime rate is rising rapidly worldwide. It is highly appreciable that Ottawa has a relatively low crime rate other to Calgary. It is lower than 735, making it an ideal city and one of the Best Places to Live and Work in Canada.

3) Ottawa Has Lots Of Green Space And Areas For Biking

Ottawa holds the highest number of parks in Canada. They are spread all over the city. They make it easier to reach almost all destinations within walking distance.

4) Ottawa Has Great Career Opportunities

We are all aware of the fact that Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. This implies that a lot of Government offices reside here.

It leads to a huge no of career opportunities for the people living there. Hence, Ottawa is one of the top choices among the Best Places to live and work in Canada.

5. St. John’s

On the East Side of Canada is St. John’s city. It is one of the ideal and topmost choices of the Best Places to Live and Work in Canada.

This is one great place for families to move in and settle. You will love the beautiful scenic sites and great facilities.

Advantages of Living in This Beautiful City

1) St. John’s Has A Good Environment For Studying

St. John’s has some of the best schools, colleges, and universities in the world. People move here intending to complete their education in elite educational institutions. A good education leads to great career opportunities.

2) Low Crime Rate In The City Of St. John’s

The City of St. John’s records a relatively low crime rate than other metropolitan cities. This factor ensures the safety and quality of life and property, making the city a better place.

3) Business And Industry Hotspot

Ever since the re-development of St. John’s infrastructure, new business areas have developed.

4) Easy Job Availability

More than 5000 vacancies are available in St. John’s in various departments. You can find jobs in Production, Transportation, Sales, Hospitality, and Healthcare.

The easy availability of vacancies means it is easier to move here and find a job.

6. Quebec City

With the City’s ethnicity still in the picture, Quebec City is sure to take you back on a historic trip from the past. This French Speaking Gorgeous City is filled with innumerable tourist spots.

People from all over the world visit here. It is also home to some of the best Cafes, Restaurants, and Boutiques. One other reason Quebec is loved is its great cuisine.

Advantages Of Migrating to Quebec

1) Quebec Has An Affordable Living Cost

Compared to other cities in Canada, Quebec has a relatively lower cost of living that can go around 900$ CAD a month.

The median household income is $110, 816. This includes all the necessities that come with a well-furnished house. It has all the other benefits that every Canadian citizen gets. They make it one of the Best Places to Live and Work in Canada. 

2) Excellent Healthcare And Transport

Quebec owns a very standardized Healthcare and Transport system. This system gives residents affordable prices in exchange for their great service. They also provide highly beneficial insurance coverage and healthcare loan facilities.

3) Quebec Has Easy Migration Facility For Immigrants

Quebec has an easy immigration process for immigrants. There are certain basic eligibility criteria, though. These qualified candidates get to bring along their family members. They get rights and benefits similar to that of Canadian citizens.

4) Quebec Has One Of The Strongest Economy In Canada

With a potential workforce and great GDP of 19.65%, Quebec is one of the Best Place To Live And Work In Canada. It has a strong, growing economy that makes it an ideal place to settle in.

A strong economy also suggests that all other basic amenities are easily available.


Apart from the ones mentioned in our list, there are other cities that are the best places to live and work in Canada.
This wealthy nation is already home to many immigrants. Those who are planning to move here should do so without much of a doubt.
Hope to have you covered on all of your queries. Now you have everything you need to know about the Best Places To Live And Work In Canada. Besides just living and working in Canada, you get the chance to check out different attractions in Canada.
For instance, you check out a provincial park in your area or go for a Polar Bear photography session, check out Cabot Trail, prince edward island national park, Niagara Falls, Lake, Louise, Canadian Rockies, and West Coast. All of these attractions make Canada a place worth living.

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