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Discover the Best Restaurants in Barcelona: 10 Most Famous Restaurants to Treat Your Apatite

Forget the six and a half kilometers of golden sand beaches and the magnificent buildings designed by Gaud; the best reason to go to Barcelona and Barcelona- restaurant is the city’s cuisine.

And despite the recent dismantling of the Adrià culinary empire, which was home to a number of illustrious chefs, the tradition of El Bulli continues to be carried on by the city’s most accomplished cooking spots like Tickets, Pakta, and Enigma), there is so much fantastic food prepared by so many talented chefs that it is nearly impossible to try everything. Very few towns in the world can compete with the gourmet offers of the capital of Catalonia.

These options include everything from restaurants with Michelin stars to modest tapas cafés and everything in between. The following is a list of Barcelona’s very finest restaurants, broken down by cuisine type, occasion, and price point. Forget the gorgeous buildings designed by Gaud and the stunning three miles of beaches covered with golden sand; the cuisine is the most compelling reason to visit Barcelona.

Despite the recent closure of the Adrià culinary empire, which would have included renowned establishments like Tickets, Pakta, and Enigma, the legacy of El Bulli still lives on among the city’s best restaurateurs, but there is so much fantastic food produced by so many great chefs that it is practically impossible to taste everything. Although the legacy of El Bulli continues to live on, it is nearly impossible to try everything because there is so much fantastic food created by so many great chefs.

Over the last several decades, the reputation of Spanish cuisine has gone from being synonymous with cliches like tapas and sangria to dominating the world of gastronomy. Nowadays, Spanish chefs and restaurants are often listed among the greatest on the globe. The country’s exceptional variety and excellent quality of products give it a natural advantage when cramming as many flavors as possible onto a plate.

There aren’t many cities in the world that can compete with the culinary alternatives available in Catalonia’s capital, ranging from restaurants with Michelin stars to simple tapas cafés and everything in between.

Every visitor should try Spanish cuisine at least once, and Barcelona is a dream destination for foodies. High-end restaurants located all across the city provide diners with the opportunity to partake in unforgettable culinary adventures. The following is a list of the best restaurants in Barcelona, organized by occasion and the kind of cuisine preferred by diners.

Barcelona restaurants
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1. Where to Find Barcelona- restaurant?

Where can we find the city’s most acclaimed dining establishments? When planning our trip to the Spanish city of Madrid, we sought the advice of our knowledgeable and well-fed coworkers at Condé Nast Traveler Spain on the best places to dine during our stay there.

This guide contains recommendations for the best tables in Barcelona, including establishments that have received Michelin stars and are included in global rankings. These eateries cater to vegetarians and vegans, informal restaurants, and hidden gems.

It’s possible that the previous year was the worst in the history of contemporary hospitality, but 2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year for traveling and dining out in restaurants and cafes. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, where not only do pubs and restaurants play an essential role in day-to-day living, but they also play an essential role in the city’s economic recovery.

2. Barcelona: Foodie City

On the city’s bustling food scene, a group of recent immigrants is whipping up a storm simultaneously as natives are beginning to emerge from their houses. While this was happening, those with hardly any time to open before being forced to close were getting serious attention.

When planning your next vacation to the paradise for food lovers that is Barcelona, make sure you stop at each of these restaurants, ranging from those that are spanking new to others that have not yet opened their doors.

A visit to Barcelona is in no way complete unless it has at least one meal at one of the city’s many delicious and well-regarded restaurants. Because there are so many eateries, markets, and other places that specialize in food all across the city, Barcelona is undeniably one of the most delicious cities in the world.

In all seriousness, it doesn’t make a difference what kind of cuisine you like since Barcelona will have a place for you no matter what. It is a bustling hub of activity, and there are hundreds of eateries from which to pick.

3. Top Barcelona- Restaurants

3.1. Besta

Catalan Carles Ramón and Galician Manu Nez came up with Besta. They have created a new culinary style by combining the best of what each area offers throughout each season. This union was created in paradise, and the end product is ethereal. Risk-taking is second nature to Ramón and Néz, who are not hesitant to combine marine and land elements in unconventional ways.

There are a number of eateries in the neighborhood that provide unique pairings of ingredients, such as chicken and shrimp or meatballs with squid. However, Besta goes a step further by combining dishes like market-fresh octopus with a suckling pig’s ear or Galician oysters with thinly sliced dry-aged beef.

The wines are organized by color and country of origin and come mostly from independent wineries. Using algae and oysters, it creates its house brand of gin.

3.2. Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter, restaurant, housed inside the Sir Victor Hotel, has quickly become a favorite and happy hour among the It crowd because of its impeccable service and trendy atmosphere. Although it is advertised as a delicious food steakhouse, the wood-fired oven produces excellent fish and vegetable options.

You’ll be vying with one another for the final bite of the sweet and spicy big shrimp salad that also has corn and avocado. Still, the roasted whole leek, fresh seafood, paella Barcelona, goat cheese, the smooth as-sin beef carpaccio, vegetable paella, the cocktail menu, and the luscious Japanese Wagyu steak are all highlights.

Ribera del Duero red wine and the cocktail known as “It’s About Thyme,” which consists of thyme infused Casamigos Reposado tequila, orgeat syrup, and citrus mix, are two of the most popular alcoholic beverages. the Rib Rye is a cocktail that is made by mixing Bulleit Rye that has been infused with rib eye with Ruby Port, Campari, and olive bitters.

3.3. Cocina Hermanos Torres

The work that the twin brothers Sergio and Javier Torres did at the restaurant that was awarded a Michelin star and is housed inside the Meliá Barcelona Sky Hotel brought them a great deal of notoriety. Hermanos Torres, a restaurant considered riskier and more avant-garde, the dining room was awarded two coveted stars within two years of its establishment of excellent service.

Experimenting with contrasts, including dramatically different temperatures and textures, ultra-modern interpretations of traditional Catalan “grandma” recipes, outdoor seating, and surprising taste combinations. When it comes to pairings, people found that restaurants that offer tasting menus and wine pairings don’t always provide value for the money.

Alkimia Restaurant  ·  Barcelona, 2016

3.4. Alkimia

Alkimia has, for some inexplicable reason, managed to fly under the radar even though it has been awarded two Michelin stars. The tasting menus crafted by Chef Jordi Vila are comprised of a harmonious succession of courses whose tastes and textures are harmoniously integrated into one another.

With great pride, Alkimia presents the most outstanding examples of Catalonia’s many culinary traditions in a manner that is uniquely it’s own. The head chef of the restaurant, Jordi Vila, is not afraid to innovate traditional dishes like cured meats, fried dough, live music, draft beer, red sangria, wheelchair access, valet parking, sourdough croutons, dining room, and outdoor seating. Because of this originality, Alkimia has been awarded a prestigious Michelin star.

Fans of fish and crustaceans will be glad to learn that chef Vila has a solid connection to the sea, which guarantees that a variety of fish and crustaceans are featured prominently on the restaurant’s varied menu.

The ceilings, decorated with exquisite frescoes, contrast the contemporary seats and wall art installed in the restaurant, which has a contemporary design aesthetic. However, this is inherent to Alkimia, where the experimental and the conventional coexist. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a company whose name translates to “alchemy,” defined as “the act of taking something ordinary and making it exceptional.”

3.5. Aürt

The menu at Aurt, which is exclusively available as a tasting menu and is located in the lobby of the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona and was created by Artur Martnez, is picture-perfect and adapts with the changing of the seasons. Each dish vies for your affection, and Artur Martnez runs the restaurant.

Because of the time required to consume all 15 dishes, this restaurant best suits diners who take a calm approach to their afternoon routines. During a recent trip, the cuttlefish tartar was incredible; the cuttlefish was delicate, and the dish had the ideal amount of seasoning.

There is a vast, sophisticated, and easy-to-navigate wine list courtesy of sommelier Mara Fanni, who is glad to help your pick. The onion royale is delicious enough to alter your perspective of onions for the rest of your life.

3.6. Dos Palillos

One of the reasons why this little tapas restaurant in El Raval was awarded a Michelin star is the expert tasting menus prepared by Albert Raurich. These menus combine Japanese ingredients with the flair of Spanish cuisine.

A limited number of visitors arranged in a circle around an exposed central kitchen creates a warm and friendly environment for everyone involved, including the employees.

3.7. Solomillo


At this paradise for carnivores, where the name of the restaurant is the same as the dish you’re about to have, you may indulge even your most primal desires to consume meat (solomillo means “sirloin steak”). This restaurant serves the most excellent steak in restaurant, and the menu may be tailored to your preferences.

Choose the cut of beef, its weight, and the cooking method you like, in addition to any sauces and accompaniments you would like. Choose the Frisian beef, prepared medium rare, topped with Café de Paris sauce, and served with dauphinoise potatoes and sautéed carrots seasoned with cumin if you are overwhelmed by the variety of options available to you.

3.8. Bar Cañete

Even though it has been included in pretty much every guide to restaurant tapas that has ever been published, Bar Canete has, to its justifiable credit, managed to keep its status as a neighborhood hangout.

If you go too early, you could find yourself surrounded by other visitors, but if you go during Spanish dinner time, most of your other diners will speak Catalan. The tapas served here are the house’s specialty, and you should order as many of them as both your appetite and your finances will allow (all washed down with a local bottle from the extensive wine list).


3.9. Enoteca Paco Pérez

This restaurant dining area is dazzling white and has an impression of definite refinement. Everything is perfect, from the spotless white tablecloths to the comprehensive table layout to the immaculately uniform wait personnel. Even the tablecloths are spotless.

El Bulli alumnus and six-Michelin-starred chef Paco got his start in Ferran Adrià’s kitchen before branching out on his own and becoming a star in his own right. His fondness of “surf and turf,” which is translated from Catalan as “mar I muntanya,” is reflected in many of the recipes that he creates.

Enoteca Paco Pérez include such decadent creations as crayfish served with oyster mushrooms and figs sea or the beautifully balanced sea bass served with wild garlic, mussels, and sausage reduction. Also included on this list are other delectable dishes such as sea bass served with mushroom, mussels, and pork reduction.

These dishes are examples of his love of “surf ‘n turf.” The tasting menu is an absolute need if you want to get the most out of your experience at Paco Pérez.


3.10. Cinc Sentits

The restaurant in Barcelona known as Cinc Sentits does not have any bells and whistles, but the Catalan-Canadian chef Jordi Artal would not be held responsible even if they were there. After 10 years of service as a marketing director in Silicon Valley, he decided to teach himself how to cook and in 2009, he was honored with a Michelin star in recognition of his accomplishments in the kitchen.

He is kind, respectful, and unassuming; he shares his job with his sister, and his mother sometimes assists him in his work as a server. Their restaurant, which was just moved to a new location and renovated in Eixample, has a perfectly modest atmosphere, with plain wooden seats, white walls, and little fuss.

You and your dinner companions are going to fight over which dishes on the tasting menu should be considered the highlights of the meal but take it from us: The pork tenderloin at restaurant, which comes with crispy garlic crumbs, smoked ribs, peppers, and tangy romesco, is also at the next level. It comes with a jamón chip, served with the pan-seared scallop.

Cinc Sentits is a restaurant that solely serves tasting menus, as is customary in Barcelona’s upscale dining scene. Both courses have a recommended wine pairing highlighting regional delicacies from Catalonia and other Spanish regions’ bottles.

The head chef of Cinc Sentits, Jordi Artal, is devoted to only working with artisan suppliers that share the same degree of respect for products as he does. As a result, the menu at this restaurant is updated frequently to suit the ever-changing seasons. Additionally, this restaurant can provide a dining experience that encompasses all five senses, contributing to the meal’s overall quality.

4. Traditional Foods in Barcelona

When it comes to food, Spain is a significant player. Nevertheless, every region’s area, city, and hamlet have distinct qualities!

No matter where you are in the nation, you can go to a Barcelonian restaurant and taste genuinely traditional meals that you may not be able to get elsewhere in the country. Traditional dishes from Barcelona include crème Catalana, the precursor to cream brûlée, and fideuà, which is similar to paella but made with noodles instead of rice.

This list could be up for many days! Nevertheless, here is a quick introduction to some of Barcelona’s most distinctive meals and also adhere to its long-standing traditions.

4.1. Escudella d’Olla

365 - Día 357 -  Escudella solidaria

You are most likely to come across Escudella D’olla, a hearty stew native to Catalonia, between October and May. This classic meal consists of an appetizer and an entrée. First, a liquid base, followed by a variety of different kinds of solid additives.

These may consist of anything, from various veggies and pasta to a substantial amount of meat. In addition, botifarra, also known as Catalan sausage, and botifarra Negre, also known as blood sausage, are often used in the preparation of this wonderful delicacy, which will warm both your body and your spirit.

4.2. Esqueixada

If Escudella D’olla is a meal served during the colder months, then Esqueixada is the dish offered during the warmer months of the year.

The Catalan ceviche is another name for this dish that you can hear. This zesty dish has bacalao, also known as salt fish, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and olives in a delicious salad. In addition to that, it is often served with delectable and nutty romesco sauce on top.

4.3. Suquet de Peix


It should be no surprise that seafood plays a significant part in the cuisine traditionally eaten in Barcelona. As a result, it should come as no surprise that one of the most popular dishes in Catalonia is Suquet de peix, a shellfish stew based on potatoes.

It may be prepared using a broad range of fish, virtually anything that can be purchased daily at the market, and then it is finished off with some garlic and oil.

4.4. Fideuà


Many tourists visit Barcelona restaurant without being aware that the locals often prioritize the noodle-based variation of paella known as fideuà above the dish itself. However, there is just one kind of decent fideuà to choose from.

A mouthwatering assortment of delectable seafood, including cuttlefish, prawns, and other delectable seafood treats. You can’t go wrong if you pair it with freshly prepared alioli, a sauce comprised of olive oil, garlic, and other spices.

4.5. Escalivada


It just so happens that one of the region’s most well-known meals is also one of the easiest to prepare. Escalivada is derived from the word escalivar, which means roasting ashes. Escalivar means to roast on ashes.

Typically, eggplant and red bell peppers are the vegetables that make up this smokey vegetable meal. In addition to that, it is often served together with tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Escalivada is often served as a tapa, while it is also sometimes used as a relish for other savory bits of fish or meat.

5. Conclusion

In addition to its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, Barcelona’s culinary sector has garnered considerable attention in recent years due to its widespread popularity.

Although difficult, it must be done by someone. We are more than delighted to check out the variety of restaurants here because it takes a lot of study to compile a list of the best restaurants in Barcelona. There are so many Michelin stars in the city that it’s almost impossible to choose where to eat on a budget. When it comes to food, there is something for everyone here. Take a seat, select your favorite beverage, and relax.

Visitors may feel confident that they will have access to a wide variety of high-quality dining choices throughout their time in the city, ranging from the inexpensive street cuisine that can be found along the city’s winding side streets to the world-famous restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars.

Because Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean Sea, the quality and freshness of the city’s products, notably its seafood, is unrivaled. To top off the experience, the city also has stunning views of the sea, which perfectly accompanies the delectable seafood. Every Barcelonian restaurant takes diners on a gastronomic adventure, distinguished by outstanding cuisine and magnificent interiors and exteriors.

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