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Offbeat Bites: Top 10 Unique Restaurants In Vancouver

There is no doubt Vancouver is the food heaven for food lovers. So if you want to be a part of it, don’t miss out on the unique restaurants in Vancouver.

Do you want to have a unique dining experience in Vancouver? Then you’re at the right place. Vancouver is food heaven for foodies & it is known as one of the top cuisine cities in the world, with several award-winning restaurants and simple local locations to explore.

Besides the internationally acclaimed restaurants, a great interior design and features make it a pleasant experience.

Vancouver’s food scene is just amazing, and in this article, we’ll talk about the Top 10 unique restaurants in Vancouver.

Here Are the Top 10 Unique Restaurants in Vancouver-

1. The Dark Table Restaurant

Eating in the dark is Popular in cities like London, Paris, and New York. Blind dining is now also a big hit in Vancouver. The Dark Table restaurant in Kitsilano is a fine dining experience in complete darkness. Guests are led to their table in the dark by blind or visually impaired servers.

With a 70 percent unemployment rate amongst the blind and visually impaired, this inventive idea is a great way to offer much-needed jobs and to provide a different kind of dining experience based on savoring – not seeing. The Dark Table restaurant is one of the unique restaurants in Vancouver. 

How Does It Work?

Each reservation has a server’s name. The server comes out and greets you with the outside of the light, so once you place the order, your server will come out and tell you ins & out what you can and not do. You got to turn off your cell phone electronics, and then basically, you rely on them. They are called guide servers.

myVancouver Eats The Dark Table

It’s a really unique experience because your senses are focused on smell and taste. Many visitors say that they absolutely hate something and absolutely love it after eating it in the dark. Because you could not really see it, so you’re focusing on texture and how it tastes without seeing it. Would you like to experience this unique dining room?

CUISINES- American, Canadian

DIETS- Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan, Gluten Free

MEALS- Dinner

ADDRESS– Kitsilano, at 2611 W4th, Vancouver, BC

2. D/6 Bar & Lounge

D/6 Bar & Lounge has to be on the list when we talk about unique restaurants in Vancouver. If you’re visiting Vancouver, you must check out the D/6 Bar & Lounge for its truly delicious offerings.

A premier rooftop garden offers year-round patio dining in one of the hottest and trendiest spots in Vancouver. They have a unique cocktail menu & you can create your own Caesar. My favorites are the Avocado Crunch Roll, the Brant Lake Wagyu Burger, the Dungeness Crab Cake, and the Boozy Popsicles.

D/6 Bar & Lounge Sunday Funday Cocktails and Food

D/6 Bar & Lounge, British Columbia

The bar is open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 10 p.m. until closing, they offer a late-night happy hour drinks menu.

CUISINES- Mexican, South American

SPECIAL DIETS-Vegetarian Friendly

MEALS- Lunch, Dinner, Drinks

ADDRESS– 39 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC

3. Hello Nori

Welcome to Hello Nori

Sushi bars & restaurants are a highlight if visiting Vancouver and Hello Nori is one of them. It is the first Vancouver Japanese hand roll bar in BC and one of the unique restaurants in Vancouver. Hello Nori is all about enjoying a hand roll. The menu includes Ora King Salmon, Yellow Tail, Maguro, Toro, Unagi, Crab, Lobster, Spicy Shrimp, and many more. You’ll get customized beverages to complement your meal at Hello Nori. It’s the best upscale restaurant with Japanese food.

They made hand roll exactly the type you like. Besides serving delicious seafood dishes from sustainably sourced seafood, Hello Nori also offers a variety of unique and unforgettable sushi dishes.

CUISINES- Japanese, Sushi, Asian, Bar, Seafood, Pub

MEALS- Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks

ADDRESS– 1165 Robson St, Vancouver, BC

4. Gringo

Great Mexican food off the beaten track!

Gringo Restaurant in Blood Alley, Vancouver


There is no better place to get cheap drinks in Downtown Vancouver than Gringo. It is one of the funky & unique restaurants in Vancouver known for its upbeat, bold, bright, and irreverent vibe. Vancouver’s favourite cheeky taco joints where you will find neon-coloured stools, bright lights, and dazzling electric funky pink buckets of margaritas.

It’s a great place for a quick bite and drink in this part of Vancouver, thanks to its attentive service and delicious food. Super cool & friendly service, tasty Mexican food at affordable prices, and gift cards are also available here.
Starting in 2013, this tiny spot is the best place to hang out with friends if you can get a seat.

CUISINES- Mexican, South American

SPECIAL DIETS- Vegetarian Friendly

MEALS- Lunch, Dinner, Drinks

ADDRESS- 27 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver, BC

5. Blue Water Cafe

When we discuss the most distinctive eateries in Vancouver, Blue water cafe has to be on the list. Creating innovative and memorable West Coast dishes is a specialty of Blue Water Cafe. Blue water cafe is consistently awarded Best Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver.

There’s an active view of the “East meets West” kitchen and raw bar from the eye-catching dining area. The grand main bar opens onto the heated patio and private dining areas, which house our extensive and diverse wine collection. Here you can also get an epic seafood tower.

If you want to surprise you’re loved ones with incredible food, you can buy or send an e-gift card. It’s easy, convenient, and fast to send an e-gift card. Toptable’s Gift Card gives you a chance to explore award-winning restaurants across the country. A variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices are available.

Vlog 117: Blue Water Cafe Review: 2 drinks and 3 food

CUISINE- Seafood, Sushi, Canadian

MEALS- Dinner

ADDRESS– 1095 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC

6. Liuyishou Hot Pot

Next on the list is Liuyishou Hot Pot. Liuyishou Hotpot was founded in 2000, but its interactive nature has made it immensely popular all over the world. Liuyishou Hotpot is one of the unique & fun restaurants in downtown Vancouver, most suitable for Chinese food.

Every night, a large number of Chinese and even locals come for dinner. It’s the perfect place for a weekend brunch. Traditionally, hot pot is served in a large metal pot containing a flavorful broth. Soup is brought to the table when it starts boiling and simmers during the meal. There are many ingredients that go into hot pots, including thinly sliced meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, vermicelli, sliced potatoes, bean products, egg dumplings, tofu, and seafood.

To ensure consistency, raw ingredients are presliced into thin sections before simmering in the broth. Hot pots are capable of preparing most raw foods, although each dish may require a different cooking time and must be immersed in broth before being removed.

At Liuyishou Hot Pot, they serve fresh meat or beef that has no odour and tastes good. The colours of the vegetables are brighter. It means that less water is lost. The preservation work is very good. The best part about hot pot is that it can be made with whatever ingredients you want.

CUISINES- Chinese and Asian

MEALS- Lunch, Dinner

ADDRESS- 1542 Robson St, Vancouver, BC

7. Elisa, Vancouver

In the heart of Yaletown in Vancouver, Elisa offers a unique and feminine take on the signature steakhouse experience. Elisa’s passion for cooking and a love of tradition have inspired her to share memorable moments at the table with family and friends. It’s one of the unique restaurants in Vancouver for weekend brunch, with a nice ambiance and excellent service.

You won’t find a better steak in Vancouver than at this place. With sustainably sourced seafood and fine premium cuts from around the world, the restaurant serves a wide variety of tastes. They have a warm and relaxed setting where you can sit & enjoy the deliciously innovative food in downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver Best Restaurant -Elisa Steak 4K

CUISINES- Steakhouse, Canadian

OPENING HOURS- Bar daily from 4:30 pm, Dinner daily from 5 pm

SPECIAL DIETS- Gluten-Free Options

ADDRESS- 1109 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC

8. Glowbal Restaurant

Excellent restaurant with a class!


Telus Garden, Vancouver’s newest architectural landmark, is where stripped-down North American cuisine lives and breathes. Using ingredients from across the continent makes Glowbal restaurant unique from the others. This place reflects the modern interior.

Located in the West Coast seafood capital of the world, Glowbal Restaurant boasts an outdoor patio decorated with dazzling details, accents, luxury furnishings, lush greenery, florals, and various photo opportunities. Seafood towers are a must-try at Glowbal Restaurant.

The VIP birdcage booths are decorated with colourful foliage and delicate ambient lighting, while the luxury banquette seats are set among verdant green hedges. In the installation, an oversized mirror is illuminated by vanity-style lights against a dramatic floral backdrop. It’s a trendy and stylish spot for weekend brunch. There is a selfie station where you can strike a pose with your besties.

A fully private dining room and gift cards are available with multiple arrangements and group menus. If you are looking for unique restaurants in Vancouver then you must check out this place for a unique and fun dining experience.

SPECIAL DIETS- Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan, Gluten Free

CUISINES- American, Bar, Seafood, Grill

ADDRESS- 590 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC

9. Brix & Mortar

Brix & Mortar is one of the city’s most talked-about restaurants, thanks to its innovative food, fantastic wine list, and upbeat, funky ambiance. Brix & Mortar combines modern Canadian cuisine, a commitment to fine wine, creative cocktails, and personalized sitting.

It is popular for weddings and other small events to hold small ceremonies and receptions in the unique glass-covered courtyard in the upstairs dining area. The restaurant offers guests a city dining experience on the newly renovated outdoor patio, which is illuminated by seven-tiered glass chandeliers.

It is one of the unique and fun restaurants in downtown Vancouver known for serving incredible food. The Brix & Mortar restaurant is a seafood icon dedicated to using sustainable seafood and preparing innovative dishes.

A unique dining room is available on both floors of the restaurant for groups of any size and taste. Eat, drink and listen to the very best of Vancouver’s live music. It’s also Vancouver’s well-known wedding hall.

SPECIAL DIETS- Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free

MEALS- Lunch, Dinner, After-hours, Drinks

CUISINES- Seafood, Wine Bar, Canadian

ADDRESS- 1138 Homer St, Vancouver, BC

10. H Tasting Lounge

H Tasting Lounge is a seafood lover’s ideal pick in downtown Vancouver. The Westin Bayshore Hotel’s H Tasting Lounge is a lovely beachfront restaurant with unique drinks and tasting plates inspired by Vancouver’s sustainable seafood scene.

Their trademark cocktail menu features effervescent gins, aged rums, and shareable punch bowls. Every detail, from glassware and serving temperature to the ice cut, is performed thoughtfully and deliberately by the experienced staff of premium bartenders, ensuring that each sip is prepared precisely right. If cocktails aren’t your thing, their range of BC wines, local brewers, and spirit-free mocktails will.

Infusing each dish with global flavors and seasonings, chefs source quality ingredients from local artisans. Seasonal influences and the bounty of Vancouver’s seafood scene rev up the chef’s menu. Asian and European delicacies are served during weekend afternoon tea. Loose-leaf tea selections at Tealeaves, as well as cotton candy bonsai trees, provide a unique experience one would never forget. H Tasting Lounge is one of the fun restaurants with a unique ambiance and top-notch service.

SPECIAL DIETS- Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan

MEALS- After-hours, Drinks, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

CUISINES- French, European, Canadian

ADDRESS- 1601 Bayshore, Vancouver BC

Other Unique Restaurants in Vancouver You Can Visit:

I) Sushi Aboard- Here, the sushi is delivered to you by sushi train.

II) Captain’s Boil- Depending on your spice preference, you can select Mild, Medium, or Hot.

III) Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market- Known for serving fresh oysters.

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