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Top 14 Toronto’s Best Pubs To Relax This Weekend

When you realize that weekends are not too far away and it is time for fun, Toronto has kept reserved the very best for you from its nightlife. Toronto’s best pubs are all you need for such an experience. If you want to spend time with your loved ones, there is no better place than pubs. Even though pub culture has changed over time, the Brits have left their traditions and culture worldwide. And the famous course of classic British pubs in Toronto has become a favorite place for locals and tourists worldwide.

Canada keeps an authentic way of providing a warm atmosphere in and out of their pubs. Especially, Toronto is one the biggest city and is famous for its nightclubs, lounges, pub, and lively nightlife with parties of all sorts. People gather at dawn for exciting events and wild insights into the city as they come to life. Experiencing the culture of other countries is the best thing for people traveling around.

Exquisite pubs in Toronto are famous for their refined craft beers and original homemade menus. They tend to have a welcoming attitude toward their customers and are not only for drinking but also exhibit shows and events on special occasions. They intend to bring out a rich heritage of English to Irish variety through their excellent food menus and drinks from their homeland.

If you are wondering about Toronto’s best pubs to choose from, this is where you have to start your adventurous hungry self to feed with the best bar food and comfort drinks to finish off a day.

Toronto’s Best Pubs: 14 Best Pubs

1. Queen & Beaver Public House

Queen & Beaver is one of the famous pubs in Toronto. It provides the original “taste of Britain” through classic English meals and craft beers. Queen & Beaver is located in the heart of Toronto and has a rooftop bar with 2 patios that set the mood for a good selection of pints or a glass of wine.

It is the place where you can imagine finding yourself in a cozy corner with a warm tap beer or even chilling with your friends! Enjoy a nice decorous English brunch, relish over some of their famous pies, and mushy peas with mouth-watering sweet puddings. Hyped about watching some high-quality TV over cocktails and enjoying the late-night classy canapés menu inside the exotic atmosphere is all Queen & Beaver Public House is for. If you want to try out a real British-style pub, Queen & Beaver is the best place.

Toronto’s Best Pubs with Craft Beer on Tap

2. C’est What

Toronto's best pubs
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The name represents “It is What,” which sounds classy and French, as that also describes a unique site for an exciting time.

C’est What pub is located at 67 Front St Lawrence Market, Toronto. It is also a historic chamber-style building with a creative exterior patio that exquisites a summer beauteousness with an enduring creation. This is where they have recently started a beer garden outside that provides fresh and original ideas to attract their customers with a neighborhood gem. It is all about the typical beer on tap, fine craft beer, and wine with delightful comfort food, board games, and pool tables. The house lives up to its natural outdoor setting with a great selection of menus from different cuisine styles. It is the perfect spot for a summer day evening.

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3. The Oxley Public House

This bar/pub has a charming exterior of a cherry-red wall that showcases a classic Victorian-style townhouse. The Oxley suggests a great range of traditional British dishes and fare. Their bar menu includes great burger selections, kettle chips, fish pie, classic English scones, and fish & chips. The bar presents a relaxed mood for vintage British cocktails, fine whisky, wine, and more. Oxley is the place to be for those who wish to taste a bit of English cuisine on the weekend with family and friends.

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4. The Dog & Tiger

The Dog & Tiger pub has a great atmosphere and is now a hot spot for the town. Its classy sign, with an elegant interior that can fit more than 70 people at a time, makes it more interesting.

The place has a bright setting with a restaurant vibe, where they serve delicious food that ranges from seafood to great burgers with fries and European cuisine. Besides options for tap beer, or it can be in a bottle & can, if preferred, make the bar feel more like a feast with all their dessert, beverages, refined cocktails & martini with “class” wine on the table. The bar always tends to emit a party vibe where there is live music in the background. The Dog & Tiger is one of the best bars to hang out at and has late-night brunch alongside drinks, parties, and DJs to have an exciting weekend.

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Toronto’s Best Pubs with Local Beer

5. The Imperial Pub

The Imperial House is one of the oldest among other best pubs in the city. Their family members from the 1940s have carried it down.

A hazy craft beer
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This downtown pub has been revolutionary through the years as it started as a hotel that has changed over time. It still has the sign “The Imperial Library and Tavern,” where now they have the same ‘library lounge’ and patio that views Dundas square over the rooftop. They have a huge selection on their menu, Canadian craft brews, wine, bottle, cocktails, limited desserts with great burgers, and more. Lately, they’ve started virtual pubs to stay on the trend. It’s for anyone who wishes to go to a library around the neighborhood to have a lovely time over jazz music in the background.

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Best Neighborhood Bars and Pubs

6. House Of Parliament

This versatile public house is a British-style community pub located at 454 parliament st, Toronto. It’s one of the best gastropubs in the city and a neighborhood gem.

This is also one of the best bars that uphold authentic British fare, great burgers, the obvious fish and chips, traditional & global beers, and cider. It also has the setting of tables ready for a bright drunk discussion about life. The house also represents a vintage-style classy yet homely feel. Beautiful patios, great beer, wine with a Sunday roast alongside a dessert, and friendly service is what “House On Parliament” is all about.

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Scottish Pubs In Toronto

7. The Caledonian

A charming Scottish pub located near 856 college st, Toronto. This restaurant/pub is eager to show a way into its heritage through the best Scottish malt whiskeys, wine, and enduring bar foods that bring the “taste of Scotland” in their scotch eggs and sausage rolls. Scottish pipers walking through the living space make the setting entertaining. Its warm and chatty atmosphere cheers the crowd and makes them even more comfortable.

It’s a great pub that makes visitors come around. The decor has a welcoming fireplace, patio, exotic drinks, and books from their homeland, making the place a home for the scots visiting their bar. If you want a Scottish pub experience, it’s the best place to start.

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8. Scotland Yard

The Scotland Yard pub
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Scotland Yard public house is also one of the best and oldest pubs in the St Lawrence Market area, Toronto.

This pub presents homemade burgers, a wide range of food selections with draught beers from the famous Guinness to Molson Canadian, spirits, cocktails, classic wine selection, and more. It has a refined interior exhibits a classy outlook for the locals and tourists. It is the best place to pass the time with dart board games, snacks, and fun hangouts with your mates.

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Canadian Craft Brews

9. The Wren Pub

The Wren is a unique lounge pub on Danforth, Toronto, which brings in new and exciting sud-ouest cuisine with some fresh craft beer, whiskeys, and wren sausages.

The bar has taken the attention of locals for its beer and friendly spirit within a pleasant space. Even though it is new to the area, the pub gets packed over the weekends. They attract people through their hearty service with bar food, beverages, and great beers. If you are looking for a cozy pub with quality food and drinks, Wren sets the right mood to spend time with family and friends.

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10. Hair of the Dog Toronto

The Hair of the Dog sounds funky and adorable simultaneously as their pub and restaurant vibe. One of Toronto’s best pubs with a rich history and has been one of the best bars in town for many years. Its multi-level corner and sidelong patios with vine give a soft summer esthetic that attracts locals to stay for a beer. The house represents the best nachos in the city and has a dog-themed menu where people can come along with their dogs to enjoy the house’s best food, Belgian beers, and more. Share your memories with local beer and backyard patio dinner in “Hair of the Dog.

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11. The Abbot Pub & Fare

A local’s best pub located at Yonge St, Toronto. It emits the downtown Toronto style through its refined pub fare and classic Canadian craft beers, a tasty menu of fried chicken, a great selection of English pie, and live music.

Like other restaurants, they also serve a good brunch menu and dessert, along with the great staff this pub receives appreciation for. The wholesome quality with beautiful lighting sets the mood for a dinner night over the perfect patio hangouts with friends and family. Abbot has it all if you are craving some English-style and Canadian mixture of bar food and drinks.

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Irish Pubs in Toronto

12. Stout Irish Pub

A quintessential Irish pub at Carlton St, Toronto. The sturdy name of the pub shows its way through Irish aspects of drinking culture. It has also won many local awards for the best local pub.

Stout makes its customers feel at home by providing homemade Irish food, craft beer, bottles & cans with excellent boozy warmers, beverages, and board games and patios to spend the day. The pub also improvises its doggy menu for them to eat with their owners. It is the fancy spot to drive away the night with ice-filled beer to sip and watch old vintage space with your date or family.

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13. McVeigh’s Irish Pub

Guinness beer
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This old Irish pub has been around in Toronto for a very long time. It stays true to its sign and the typical Irish food that brings in the crowd after a long week.

Basic appetizers with Irish sausages, pork poutine, and fries that match well with the cider, cans, beer on tap, fine whiskey, cocktails, and famous Guinness beer from their home country are a feast in your mouths. It has an affable mood to the house, so people tend to stay over for more beer or soft side whiskey, an affordable meal, and a chatty room as all goodies in one at McVeigh.

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14. Black Dice Cafe

Black Dice Cafe is a Japanese rock-n-roll pub at Dundas St W, Toronto. The pub’s exterior sign has a dark theme that attracts most youth. The atmosphere is oddly Chucky with vintage jukebox music. It serves Japanese beers, cider, beverages, and snacks and has limited room space that brings the crowd in. The likely downtown Toronto experience within walking distance can always be a perk. If you are feeling funky, it’s never too late to grab a beer or drink at Black Dice.

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Final Words

These were some of Toronto’s best pubs. To experience the inside of Toronto’s nightlife within a roundabout corner at an affordable price to enjoy a drink can always be a pleasure.

And now is the time to cross off your bucket list and dive into it. Finding new people, welcoming service, great food with hands down “another” for a beer every time; some places here are great for parties, a lovely time with family, or a date. Some are to absorb the music and vintage aesthetic and even admire the best cultures from around the world.

Note: Some places here have take-out, delivery, and reservations but not all. Check out their official websites and other social media for more information.

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