Best St John’s Restaurants: 12 highlights

Fine dining is a speciality of all the restaurants in St. John’s. So, you don’t need to think much when you arrive at this intriguing place for food.

The wide variety of restaurants is famous for their special Atlantic seafood dishes and places offering specialised food like dishes made with traditional Chinese recipes or indian restaurants style spices.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, drench yourself in this culinary delight. You will not fall short of it. Here is a delicious list of some of the best St. John’s restaurants to start your journey.

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1. The Ground’s Cafe

If you are a nature lover, this place is right for you.

The interior decor of this eatery is well-known. It lives up to its intriguing name. To begin with, it is a somewhat peculiar setting, thanks to the addition of much greenery in the setting.

Its name suggests that it comprises a diverse array of plants and flowers. They indulge in gardening. Additionally, they have a sizable space for growing these indoor plants.

It serves freshly farmed veggies that they grow themselves! This cafe in Portugal Cove serves brunch and lunch dishes fueled by the rich vegetables of their garden center.

The cozy Grounds cafe menu is something that no one should miss. The place has everything from the spicy pulled pork flatbread to the sweet and tangy lemon tart.

The restaurant has a good amount of space. The dining room’s split level, separated from the Grounds cafe, gives the space its supreme elegance. You may even peek inside their unique greenhouse, which houses a variety of unusual flora.

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2. St John’s fish exchange kitchen: A Fine Dining space

One of St. John’s must-visit restaurant’s thanks to the high quality and diversity of the food, most locals consider this the best spot to eat out. You shouldn’t pass up this luxury.

The interior is extremely classy, and its décor is not too bright or dim. It provides the perfect lighting for the space and ensures a hip and urban dining atmosphere.

St. John’s Fish Exchange Kitchen boasts a very attractive private dining room space. The private dining room arrangements are meant for all groups, from small to big. They make it special for everyone!

The dark furniture and golden lights give the restaurant the essence of prim and proper dining. The black dining room decorations imbue the place with a romantic feel.

Now, for the menu, It has an unending variety of items. They have the facility of pre-set options for food. One can also discuss their food preferences with the hosts to add a unique flavour to their dish.

All these are mouth-watering gourmet dishes that you can swoon over. Lunch dishes with seafood paella and chicken pesto pasta make a delightful platter.

The seasonal bistro menu includes fish tacos and fried chicken, among other lip-smacking entrées. Craft beer is also served here. This is one of the best restaurants in St. John’s. So, visit this place as soon as you can!

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3. Boutique Jag Hotel: Experience a Fine dining food scene

The Boutique Jag Hotel’s variety is much greater than any other restaurant in St. John’s. Fish and chips, grilled pork loin, and beef tenderloin are some of the great varieties.

It has fine furnishings and famous artwork to portray a first-class dining room. Check it out here:-

This Rock and Roll Themed Restaurant opened in December 2014. The name got its inspiration from a Rolling Stones album. The comfortable dining room with brunch and lunch dishes makes it an excellent spot to visit.

According to the locals and visiting foreigners, their wines are perfect. These are home-quality beverage offerings that one should not miss out on.

Despite being a hotel, this place functions just like a restaurant. It is equally as good as the others. Therefore, visit this oasis quickly!

4. Georgetown Cafe and Bookshelf

This is the best place to acquire the finest selection of freshly brewed coffee. These drinks are incredibly organic and contain a special Georgetown blend. Excellent Location for Cafes and Coffee Lovers.

It has a tiny dining room. However, the atmosphere is highly amiable. With the supply of books, you can now taste your favourite tea or coffee and brush away boredom.

An interesting fact about this cafe is that it does not only mean coffee and books. It has a pretty good variety of freshly baked goods.

Also, it’s a great place for vegans. These baked foods are also suited to the preferences of vegans. Its gypsy tea room is something not to be missed out on. Awake yourself and get the best service possible out of this place.

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5. Adelaide Oyster House

It is worth mentioning on the list thanks to Adelaide Oyster’s special menu. It is special for its fresh oysters servings. This makes it quite a unique food spot in St. John’s.

These oysters are freshly made according to the customer’s preferences as provided on the menu.

Pork and mushrooms, gyoza, and falafel are some of the unique delicacies the place comes with. You can also enjoy the amazing beers from the bartender’s choice. And how can we miss fish and chips?

Undoubtedly, Adelaide Oyster House restaurant will provide the best fine dining experience. Craft beer and Kobe beef lettuce wraps are its specialties. So, make your reservations now!

6. Oliver’s Restaurant

A Delight in Downtown St. John’s This restaurant will serve just the right way. This place is situated on the roadside and will give you the perfect view while having your fish and chips.

This Restaurant is a Very Diversified One. Yes, it is a restaurant serving fish and chips.

But, it also serves Asian dishes like butter chicken. When concluded with a garden salad, these delicacies end the dinner well. Now, isn’t that unique?

Undoubtedly, all of St. John’s restaurant’s interior is highly maintained. The interior of this restaurant is pretty spacious. The furniture is luxurious, and the lighting is commendable.

Fine Dining
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7. The Merchant Tavern

Need a delightful food course? Visit Merchant Tavern.

The Merchant Tavern is famous for the authenticity of its workers. The Merchant Tavern serves lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Under the supervision of the top chef, Jeremy Charles, the restaurant is creating wonders.

The dining room that the restaurant offers is highly spacious. The walls are decisively decorated with great paintings. This increases the aura of the place.

It is to be noted that The Merchant Tavern also serves lunch and brunch dishes. And, there’s the highlight.

In the middle of the Merchant Tavern is the Mammoth Square Bar. Customers swarm this bar in a downtown ancient bank building.

Now, for the menu, they have a huge variety to offer. The dishes range from pork tenderloin to snow crab clusters.

Merchant Tavern restaurant uses special ingredients that come from local purveyors. They use these fresh ingredients and inspiration from several popular sources to create their unique dish.

8. The Duke of Duckworth

How can we leave out this buzzy pub that provides one with classic bar sips? This is one of the best pubs in the town that offers a wide variety of drinks.

This Pub is an Old Gem: Observe the Fine Dining Food Scene. It has been functioning for 24 years.

It’s old in structure but gold in quality and service. So, while taking a sip of your favourite draught beer, you can take a great view from the patio overlooking Duckworth Street.

Their local beer flows endlessly, and they also provide craft beer specialties.

This place is popular for its first-rate drinks and its variety of foods.

They have got their pub grub too! They also have a separate menu for expeditious choices. This includes the famous Ploughman’s Lunch and the classic cold plate.

So, do not miss exploring the pub grub and fine drinks once you get here!

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9. Mallard cottage: One of the Best St John’s Restaurants

First and foremost, the Mallard cottage provides one with a great sight. The national historic site of Cape Spear Lighthouse is visible from Mallard Cottage. Isn’t that worth admiring?

This place is one of the several restaurants in the city that provide high-quality meals.

The special highlight of this place is that they change their menu according to the season. Chef Todd Perrin may prepare Chinese dishes on request too.

Chef Todd Perrin adds life to these dishes. He provides his salted cod with an Icelandic twist and transforms its taste into something unique!

He reintroduces his dishes with his chef skills. The seasonal bistro menu is paired with a variety of cottage-made sauces.

This enhances the food’s flavour greatly. So, come to Mallard Cottage and get a taste of all the seasons!

10. Raymonds Restaurant in St John’s

This award-winning restaurant is popular for its authentic dishes and ingredients grown locally. It has earned its position among the best 50 restaurants in Canada. This makes us delve deeper into learning about it.

This restaurant in downtown St. Louis will provide you with everything you need with the right taste. All of their menus are highly popular. Let us get to know some of them.

Their fun late-night menu ranges from pork to beef tenderloin. The popular restaurant is keeping up with its status under the support of its executive chef, Jeremy Charles.

There is a little story about which Jeremy Charles is pretty popular. Chef Jeremy Charles shot a cow by himself, but after he left it and went after a goose, its heart was eaten away by bald eagles.

Want to explore many more interesting facts? Visit it. It will give you great satisfaction, no doubt.

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11. Get Stuffed: A Gem in Downtown St. John’s

It’s been a decade since chef Rob Somers worked to get a Stuffed restaurant. He has experimented with various dishes to bring out the best in them.

Get Stuffed prides itself on providing comfort in both its dining room and menu when it first debuted in 2006.

The menu offers several delicacies. This includes the popular Antipasto, Arancini, fried chicken, Crème Brulee, and unforgettable seasonal veggies.

The main floor dining room is made up of hardwood floors. Even though it has a tiny dining room, the interior is beautifully designed.

The purple tables and polished mirrors enhance the state of refinement out here.

The yellow hanging lights add a sense of relaxed simplicity to the place. Before the renaissance of St. John’s, the Chinese got in to assist the great Canadian Railway.

They later on also opened local restaurants serving. This was a Canadianized kind of flavorful food from home.

Another amazing thing about this place is that it serves as a la carte-style restaurant. So, you can depend on it even when you want to eat something big! So, do not wait to visit this grand simplicity in St. John’s.

12. Hungry Heart Cafe and Catering

This place serves popular dishes like Thai street fries, Moose Tacos, Smoked Brisket Sandwich, fish, and chips, and the list is unending.

This place is well-known, especially for the seasonal local fare in the dishes. So, get here to satisfy your hungry stomach! These seasonal local fares are what make this restaurant so well-visited.

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Closing Thoughts

Now you know about many popular restaurants and cafes in St. John’s local fine dining scene. So, you will have no difficulty in choosing the best for you.

These 12 restaurants are listed, with the others creating the best collection in the city.  You might even find some very good casual ramen restaurant nearby.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab a bite! St. John’s waits for you.

Some Other Restaurants and Food Shops in St. John’s

The above list didn’t help? Don’t worry. We have got you covered with these options.

1. The Parlour Gelato

This ice cream shop is known as The Parlour Gelato, which boasts a wide collection of ice creams you can try on a hot day. 

It has unique varieties of ice cream ranging from Maple Walnut to Bubble Waffle. It has a great range of cappuccinos too.

So, visit the place to taste all these mouth-watering delights. This is the best ice cream shop in St. John’s.

2. RJ Pinoy Yum

The only Filipino restaurant can be found on the west end of St. John.

But, it is more known for its fine dishes! Fish and chips, fried chicken, pork siopao and pans are some of the names of dishes from this collection.

3. The Gypsy Tea Room

The Gypsy Tea Room is a must-mention. It provides a combination of casual and classic cuisine. 

Their primary goal is to serve an amazing meal option with first-class quality seafood and prime meat cuts. It also has a huge variety of international wines. So, don’t miss it!

Most are not only been operating for more than a decade and offer delicious food but help people build communities and life long friends, so what are you waitiing for? Whether you want merchant tavern, a trendy terre restaurant, or a solid indian restaurant that make good food with fresh local ingredients. These got you covered.





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