11 Places To Eat The Best Poutine in Montreal

11 Places To Eat The Best Poutine in Montreal 1

The town of Montreal likes to rise up in arms over who’s producing the simplest bagels and also the best-smoked meat sandwich. The best Poutine in Montreal is the most hotly contested food.

Canadians love Poutine—especially the people of Montreal.

Making the best Poutine in Montreal may be a consequential business. However, sometimes it is challenging to acknowledge where to appetite the best deal.

We have a week-long festival -the annual Great Poutine fest Montreal in August that celebrates it.

A platter of French Fries topped with smoked meat, squeaky cheese curds, and brown gravy are the fundamentals on many local restaurant menus.


11 Places To Eat The Best Poutine in Montreal 2

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Hardly any idea where to eat Poutine in Montreal?

Fortunately, you can calculate on these restaurants to serve the consistently delicious Poutine that will definitely get you addicted.

Restaurants making the best Poutine in Montreal classified:-

With crispy fries, brown gravy and fresh cheese curds, here’s where you can eat the very best Poutine in Montreal.

1.  La Banquise

11 Places To Eat The Best Poutine in Montreal 3

Image Source: La Banquise website

La Banquise has assembled the recognition fairly, making its designation approximately identical with the Montreal Poutine.

Indeed, a trip to Montreal is incomplete without a stop at La Banquise for good Poutine.

With a menu choice of over thirty different varieties of Poutines and smoked meat and vegetarian gravy options, La Banquise is the superior restaurant on our list.

These vary from the foremost classic cheese-and-gravy mixtures to additional creations like La Taquise (guac and bitter cream), La Paul Pogo (pogo, onions & bacon) or La Royale (pulled pork, apples & bacon).

Also, they even serve Poutine for vegan alternatives, one thing not several Poutine places in the city dare suppose of.

If you are searching for bars that serve the best Poutine in Montreal, La Banquise is that spot. This eating house is open 24/7, creating it an excellent late-night snack to relish with a brewery beer.

Hope lineups here as it’s 100% the best place for Poutine in Montreal.

2.  Patati Patata – Best Poutine in Montreal

Corner of St Laurent Blvd and Rachel E (Montreal) -Patati Patata Friterie de Luxe

Image by: Jason Thibault
flickr/Copyright 2021

Patati Patata may be an active and colourful counter right at the intersection with Saint Laurent Boulevard, another iconic town street.

Inside, you’ll realize that seating is sort of limited. However, somehow everybody perpetually appears to be in sensible spirits.

Maybe, it’s as a result of the grasp they’re obtaining from the best Poutine in Montreal.

It’s Montreal culture perfected along with crispy French Fries, squeaky cheese curds, and flavorful gravy.

Patati Patata additionally has superb burgers, beer, a breakfast menu and vegetarian poutine; all of that is implausibly affordable. If there’s one place you go for actuality Montreal Poutine experience, this can be it!

Their signature dish is the ‘Patatine,’ Poutine with sautéed mushrooms, peppers and caramelized onions.

3.  Poutineville- Best Poutine in Montreal

Poutineville- poutine in Montreal

Image by: Guilhem Vellut
flickr/Copyright 2021

Poutineville, a native chain, could be a Montreal favorite for customized poutines. Customers can build their own alternative of Poutine with over forty ingredients, including eleven completely different kinds of cheese and four types of potatoes.

Thanks to multiple locations, you can get your Poutine fix anywhere in the city. They even supply the most effective delivery Poutine you’ll be able to notice within the city.

The house creations are all a good choice further with the Montrealer one standing out with its smoke-dried meat, cooked mushrooms, Swiss cheese cooked and a cooked pickle.

If you’re particularly hungry and backed by a military of hungry friends, order the Heart Attack: A 15-pound concoction of chicken, bacon, Michigan hot dogs, seasoned ground beef, ham, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and their signature gravy.

Poutineville is noted for its “La Poutineville,” Poutine created with hand-smashed fried potatoes, fresh cheese curds and mozzarella topped cheese with succulent cooked beef and red wine gravy.

4. Montreal Pool Room – Best Poutine in Montreal

Poutine @ Montreal Pool Room @ Ville-Marie

Image by: Guilhem Vellut
flickr/Copyright 2021

A mile-end institution on “The Main” (Saint-Laurent Boulevard) for over a hundred years, the Montreal Pool Room is a local favored pilgrimage worthy dish for “greasy-spoon” expense.

The steamies are exceptional, and so is the poutine. However, what makes them exquisite is the taste of nostalgic iconic dishes with each bite.

If you need traditional Poutine from a time-commemorated institution, look to this finest restaurant that’s been status for over a hundred years.

However, they might not be making Poutine for that long. The hot dog steamé being their utmost specialty—they’ve emerged as a well-known bearer for sincere Poutine that is an irreplaceable standby with inside the city.

The Montreal Pool Room is a local restaurant preferred among all locals for Montreal-flair hot dogs and French Fries.

Unfortunately, you won’t locate any pool tables here. However, you may locate a number of the exceptional Poutines in downtown Montreal.

5. Gibeau Orange Julep- Best Poutine in Montreal

Gibeau Orange Julep (Montreal)

Image by:
Jason Thibault
flickr/Copyright 2021

Travelling through Quebec?

The Gibeau Orange Julep is a Montreal benchmark that may be visible at the Décarie Expressway.

The Orange julep appears like a lyric to an earlier era of drive-ins and edge attractions, catching the attention of weary drivers once hours on the road.

Its iconic orange-shaped concrete building is unquestionably exhausting to miss.

Fortunately for us, not solely will the Gibeau Orange Julep serve the creamy orange drink; it additionally serves up some smart Poutine!

This distinctive orange sphere of a restaurant is called for its signature orange drink, simply don’t raise what’s in it! That’s a high secret.

Whereas a visit here is well worth the expertise alone, the Poutine is nostalgic and adds an ideal bit of taste to the present unique city attraction; rest assured.

6. Au Pied de Cochon – Best Poutine in Montreal

 Foie Gras poutine-au pied de cochon montreal

Image by: Rudy
flickr/Copyright 2021

Searching for Poutine that trails out all the stops? Au Pied de Cochon extends the city’s humble dish- poutine.

The ‘Au Pied de Cochon’ restaurant is one of all Montreal’s best and number one destination for contemporary Québécois cuisine.

Token of appreciation points are due for their classic poutine.

Their Poutine dish options foie gras gravy(made with duck or goose’s liver) and chunks of foie gras on top of skinny fries.

Reservations are extremely suggested as this spot fills up fast.

Drawing in locals and travelers from across the country, this dish is sort of a right of passage within the Poutine world in Montreal.

7. Paul Patates-Best Poutine in Montreal

‘Paul Patates’ is known for two specific offerings: its homebrew spruce beer and its signature style with potatoes.

Since 1958, the family-run restaurant has typically surfaced in blue and yellow checks. It has been a severe fixture of Pointe Saint-Charles.

The most effective seat in the home is at the bar. You can relish the classic poutine with its slightly sweet french fries and flavorsome gravy.

Their style’s in spades unfussy and straightforward, a top-quality example of classic casse-croûte price.

They even serve Poutine for vegan alternatives who need a plant-friendly experience.

8. Le Garde-Manger- Best Poutine in Montreal

If you are residing in old Montreal, head over to le Garde-Manger.

Placed in a very historical building in picturesque old Montreal, le Garde-Manger is one of Montreal’s most happening places. Reservations are typically created weeks in advance.

This classy restaurant (where celebrity cook Chuck Hughes helms the kitchen) is widespread among all locals and visitors alike. Le Garde-Manger claims lobster Poutine as their iconic dish.

Fries, Quebec cheese curds and brown gravy flat-top with giant chunks of tender lobster delivered the clout over cook officer peel once Chuck competed and won on Iron cook America.

9. Frite Alors- Best Poutine in Montreal

Poutine spicy chez Frite alors

Image by: So_P
flickr/Copyright 2021

Frite Alors seems like a Tintin-themed restaurant. However, its Belgian founder Jean Jurdant is enthusiastic about the  cartoonist Hergé.

Started with a location on Park Avenue in 1991 and has since expanded to France, delivering Belgian-style french fries at a reduced price – by our count: more than 15 types of Poutine to eat that are available at the same time.

These range from General Tao chicken Poutines to side dishes for tacos like avocado and beef, but the original is a great choice in itself.

10. Chez Tousignant- Best Poutine in Montreal

A Québecois delicacy- poutine

Image by: Joe Shlabotnik
flickr/copyright 2021

Chez Tousignant is in the spirit of a classic Quebec casse croûte or snack bar completely furnished with retro dining room decor.

However, what they serve isn’t just old-fashioned fast food. Chefs run the place-Chez Tousignant, and every food on the menu is made from scratch.

Their Poutine is pristine, no-frills and even stands out among other forgiving options. This classic casserole is the perfect way to reconnect with the true Quebec heritage and try authentic, undeniably delicious poutine!

11. Ma Poule Mouillée- Best Poutine in Montreal

Ma Poule Mouillée is one of the utmost admired Portuguese chicken restaurants in Montreal.

The fast-food fries are garnished with grilled chicken,  cheese curds along with São Jorge cheese,, and chorizo sausage.

The final outcome is a mouthwatering classic dish that’s ample yet crispy, spicy, smoky, and seasoned perfectly with their special Portuguese sauce.

The ‘regular’ food size can feed a family, so order wisely. The Poutine chunks are incredibly generous, so come with your friends and overcome  hunger!

Also: Have a look at the popular Portuguese chicken—Dining on a Dime, Ma Poule Mouillee, Montreal.

Wrap Up

Montreal has tons of Poutine places to find this delicious Canadian favorite! Enjoying Poutine is one of the many things you can do when visiting Montreal – don’t forget to add a smoked meat sandwich and some time to explore Old Montreal for the full Montreal experience.

Still hungry? Try out these Top amazing restaurants!

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