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Best Vegan Accessories Canada – 5 Amazing Brands

Looking for the best vegan accessories Canada brands? Well, environment-friendly and cruelty-free is the new trend, and rightly so.

We have always been surrounded by products that are harmful to the environment or aren’t recyclable and glorify animal products. Still, it is our social responsibility to take care of our planet and not lose fashion trends and style.

People are becoming more conscious and are choosing to buy accessories made of faux leather or vegan leather. The Canadian vegan accessory brands like Pixie mood, Jeane & Jax, Lambert are working on products and designs keeping in mind their customer’s choices and well being of the environment and the animals.

So, here are the top 5 brands that offer vegan leather accessories and are reliable and impressive. These vegan brands not only make you look chic and sophisticated but also fit right into your busy lifestyle.

We are excited to introduce you to these brands, so let’s dive in –

Best Vegan Accessories Canada Brands:

1. Vegan Accessories Canada Brand: Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood believes style can be on-trend, as well as socially responsible, at the same time. Therefore, Pixie Mood is committed to designing bags that have your and the planet’s best interest in mind.

Pixie Mood | FW19 Collection

Pixie Mood creates keeping in mind the well-being of our precious fauna and designs products without harming any living creature. They strive to be sustainable in their design process and always keep their views and choices in mind.

They use recycled vegan leather, a more sustainable and eco-friendly product made from recycled plastic bottles. Their initiative and products have stopped over 94,414 plastic bottles from entering landfills, minimizing environmental impact and being kinder to the earth.

Their vegan materials are chosen with carefree vegan leather, linings made from recycled plastic bottles, and 100% plant-based packaging. And lastly, they are PETA-Approved Vegan.

Now to mention the Pixie mood designed a range of products which includes –

Bags, Backpacks, Bucket bags, Clutches, Cross-Body bags, Fanny bags, Shoulder bags, Tote bags, Wallet, Cardholders, Jewelry cases, Air pod cases, Masks, and Chains.

The Pixie Mood stores can be found in all 13 states of Canada. But if you don’t feel like getting out of bed but still want your favorite vegan leather accessories or vegan trend bags, you can also shop online on their website.


2. Vegan Accessories Canada Brand: Jeane & Jax

Jeane & Jax is a Montreal-based luxury vegan handbag brand that encircles ethical fashion principles while also creating quality, style, and affordability handbags. Their products are made of eco-friendly material to show consumers that one can be just as fashionable and on-trend with cruelty-free credentials without using animal products.

jeane & jax Spring 2018

The Jeane & Jax company believes in Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. We say that well because their linings are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and are PETA-Approved Vegan.

Now let us talk about its sophisticated range of women’s and men’s bags and super convenient laptop bags that will blow your mind –

First, in line are the impressive compact backpacks carefully designed for your convenience yet not losing out on style. Another fantastic addition to the range of backpacks is unisex diaper bags and Boho snap backpack.

Next up is Bucket bags available in shoulder and cross body options. Then they have beautifully designed Clutch bags, cross-body handbags, Hobo bags, Men’s bags, Regular handbags, Satchel bags, Shoulder bags, Tote bags, Laptop bags, wallets, and a rage footwear that won’t disappoint.

You can also shop online from their website. If your cart is empty, fill it now and get gift cards and other benefits.


3. Vegan Accessories Canada Brand: S-Q

S-Q was founded in 2002, and it stands for Simplicity and Quality. S-Q’s main office is located centrally in Ontario. And the products that you will find in S-Q are all made using synthetic materials by skilled artisans.

S-Q uses 100 percent cruelty-free materials, that use Vegan leather that is strong and flexible and can also last during cold weather. They create a range of vegan leather products that are creative, of distinct style, and functional fashion.

The incredible advantage of shopping at S-Q that you will love is they provide you with the highest quality minimal bags and delicate accessories made up of the most eco-friendly material at an affordable price.

They have 9 different handbags – Hobos, Crossbody bags, Convertibles, Clutches, Belt bags, etc. Then they have 7 different types of wallets, including – clutch wallets, passport wallets, crossbody wallets, smartphone wallets. And then they have a delicate and impressive range of accessories – Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, and Necklaces.

If these stellar ranges of products take you at S-Q, you can get your favorites online order now and get free shipping.


4. Vegan Accessories Canada Brand: Poppy and Peonies

Designer Natalie Dusome is the founder of Poppy & Peonies. In 2016 the inspiration for the brand’s name came from her daughter Poppy, and Natalie started this brand also keeping in mind the idea that is taking storm and is in rising demand – Functional fashion.

Holiday 2019 | Poppy & Peonies

Designer Natalie Dusome, before opening her brand has worked as a designer at brand names like the Banana Republic, Fossil, and Aldo Shoes.

Natalie wanted to create bags that fit the needs of a new mom. So, she designed diaper bags that look like regular handbags but have enough room to keep a stash of baby clothes and breast pumps. Their bags also have the option of interchangeable straps.

Poppy & Peonies carry a wide range of larger bags, jewelry, and accessories made of straws, canvas, and leftover material. All of their products are 100% vegan leather.

Who wants to be cruelty-free while still retaining high-quality products without any comprise in style and comfort?

The range of Handbags includes clutches, crossbody bags, wallets, backpacks, etc. Still, it’s not only the range of products they have a variety on, but you can even find a variety of color palettes for all these fantastic products. Then they have jewelry, hats, masks, glasses, hair accessories, and a clothing line worth falling in love with.

Go check out for yourselves!


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5. Vegan Accessories Canada Brand: Lambert

Mélissa Lambert is the founder and president of the Lambert brand. They believe that it is possible to combine comfort with elegance.

Lambert’s mission following the cruelty-free trend is to simplify everyday life by offering the most fashionable and innovative vegan backpacks to customers. Their bags are unique, multifunctional, chic, and comfortable and meet the needs of everyone.

Lambert is based on three values – Authenticity, Determination, and Innovation.

Now, to talk about their range of products –

They have Vegan bags- Handbags, Backpacks, totes, multifunctional bags. Then they have a variety of Accessories like Wallets, Keyholders, bag, cases, pouches, etc.

They also have unisex backpacks and fantastic gift boxes just right for any occasion. These boxes consist of various essentials from their range of bags and accessories that will make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Address -5085 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal


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