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Best Wineries In Kelowna: 13 Amazing Wineries You Must Experience!

Kelowna is in British Columbia, a fantastic and beautiful place to visit for various reasons. It doesn’t matter whether you go in the summer for some days at the beach or in the winter for some days on the slopes; there are a lot of outdoor activities to choose from. Exploring its many outstanding restaurants, best wineries in Kelowna, pubs, and stores can also be great fun in this city.

When we visit a new city or town, one of our favorite things is to go out and check out the local breweries and vineyards.

However, the best wineries in Kelowna in the area are the primary reason.

Within the city boundaries of Kelowna and tucked away on the slopes of the hills surrounding Lake Okanagan are just two of the many places you can locate wineries in this city.

It’s fair to assume that those who like wine, such as myself (and maybe you), will feel quite at home in Kelowna.

However, since Kelowna is home to such diverse vineyards, deciding which one to visit might take time.

The following is a list of the best wineries in Kelowna, British Columbia, that you need to see for yourself!

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1. How to Travel to the Best Wineries in Kelowna

It is important to make arrangements for reliable transport while going to vineyards in the Kelowna area since you will be sampling wines and maybe consuming alcohol.

Even while hiring a cab or any automobile service is feasible, taking a tour or driving yourself will be your best wineries in Kelowna bet for getting about. Pushing oneself is a less expensive alternative, but it does need at least one person to keep their faculties intact for wine tasting.

On the other hand, in Okanagan wineries, if you and everyone else in your group are interested in tasting wine, a wine tour in Kelowna is your best bet.

Everyone at your party will be able to take advantage of the opportunity without being concerned about how they will get home from Okanagan valley.

In addition, wine tours are undoubtedly among the most enjoyable, and you can get the best wineries in Kelowna.

This trip will take you to many of the West Kelowna area’s vineyards, so if that’s something you’re interested in doing, sign up! This trip takes place in the afternoon and lasts around four hours.

The cost starts at CAD 159 and includes wine tastings, light refreshments, and tours of four vineyards. You have a choice between the following nine wineries, of which I have listed 5 of them:

Try out this tour to take things to the next level and get a feel for both East and West’s best wineries in Kelowna simultaneously. The trip may go up to six hours, and it visits all of the top vineyards in a single outing.

You will take advantage of the breathtaking views from wine lovers and, of course, the delicious wine. The price of $216 includes transportation to and from your accommodation.

1.1 Mission Hill Winery Tour

The Mission Hill Winery has a breathtaking view, looking out over the Okanagan Lake and surrounding vineyards.

The tasting fee area, the cellar, and the winery’s surroundings are spectacular. I always recommend this vineyard among the best wineries in Kelowna when going somewhere classy to spend the day at an estate winery.

The wines produced at Mission Hill have also been recognized with prestigious awards. The winery is the only one in all of Canada to have been named “Winery of the Year” on five occasions.

I am partial to their Merlot in east Kelowna wineries, but during the warm months, nothing beats a glass of their Reisling while taking in the view of the lake.

There is a restaurant on the premises known as the Terrace Restaurant, which provides regional cuisine intended to be enjoyed with wine.

Additionally, the restaurant offers seats in the open air, from where patrons may take in picturesque vistas of the surrounding vineyards.

Prince Edward County Wineries
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1.2 Quails’ Gate

The Quails’ Gate winery has been operating in Kelowna since 1956, and the same family still employs it.

This vineyard is in a very exceptional location since it is nestled on acres of lush land just below the dormant volcano of Mount Boucherie.

Quails’ Gate is proud of its viticulture, or grape farming, on this site because of the richness and diversity of the soil.

The vineyard offers tastings to guests for CAD 10 per person, with the fee refunded upon making a wine purchase.

Their wine is so fantastic that you probably won’t leave without buying anything, so the tasting is free.

Stay for lunch at Old Vines Restaurant, a grey monk estate winery, a farm-to-table eatery that serves exquisite dishes with a focus on local ingredients.

Their beef striploin for two will satisfy your hunger, and their steamed mussels are a great lighter option that goes well with their white wines.

Vines at Quails’ Gate reach almost to the water’s edge, providing one of the greatest vistas of the lake. Even if you don’t enjoy wine, you should visit Kelowna for the landscape since it has some of the top wineries in the world.

1.3 Off-the-Grid Organic Winery

Off the Grid Natural Vineyards is the destination if you are looking for a winery or wine store with a little personality (think goats and some other farm animals roaming the property!).

Organic, biodynamic, and made in small amounts, these wines are the focus of this winery’s efforts.

There are sheep, goats, pinot Gris grapes, chicks, rabbits, and turkeys at Off the Grid’s property. Visit the farm and meet the animals, including Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe, the goats, who have been dubbed “The Friends.”

1.4 The Hatch

Down The Hatch

The Hatch is a vineyard that exudes personality and has a hipster vibe! Take a look at their wines with names like “Gobsmacked,” “Bury the Hatchet,” and “Lifecycle of a Hobo,” simple vineyard wines, for example.

Most of their offerings can be offered for less than $30 a bottle, and even their priciest selections retail for no more than $70.

They have a limited range of wines made in small batches, allowing you to taste something that is one of a kind.

Wine tastings are provided on a first-come, first-served basis for a price of ten dollars; however, the fee is fully reimbursed with the purchase of a complete bottle of wine.

Additionally, among all the best wineries in Kelowna, the rolling vineyards welcome your four-legged friends. They will even provide them with a bowl of fresh water infused with the flavors of the Okanagan.

1.5 Little Straw Vineyards in Kelowna wine tours

If you prefer visiting smaller, more intimate wineries than those located in bigger institutions, then Little Straw Vineyards is the place for you, among all the best wineries in Kelowna, along with a gallery-style tasting room.

Little Straw, situated higher up on the slope, provides a panoramic view of the lake and the region in which it is located, along with world-class wines.

In addition, the winery is very proud of its extensive record of award-winning wines, which total over 60 accolades since 2004.

Little Straw had the wine selection I liked the most overall since there was nothing I didn’t like. You can taste some of these wines during a tasting, which costs just $7 and is quite reasonably priced.

After that, you may take one with you and have that sampling cost deducted from the price of one of their already affordable bottles.

1.6 Rollingdale Winery Inc

Welcome To Rollingdale Winery In The Okanagan Valley

West Kelowna is home to the Rollingdale Winery; a little winery run entirely by its founding family. You are welcome to stop by for a tour and tasting at this local winery, one of the most intimate wineries in Kelowna and one of the finest.

You may be taken aback when you first come, but even though the establishment is not very posh, the wines are tasty. Collingdale Winery crafts a range of organically grown fine wines utilizing only the highest quality grapes to produce their products.

It is an excellent location to get further knowledge about producing award-winning wines. They offer a wonderful picnic spot that overlooks a gorgeous vista for you to enjoy.

1.7 Ciao Bella Winery


The fact that Ciao Bella Winery produces wines in an Italian style sets it apart from other wineries in the region.

This denotes that the award-winning wines are dry, fresh, and crisp. The nibbles contribute to the authentic atmosphere of Italy that pervades this establishment.

Ciao Bella is known for its delectable charcuterie boards, also known as Sputnik platters, which may be enjoyed over a glass of iced wines.

This energizing snack is perfect for enjoying the picnic area while taking in the breathtaking views of the vineyards.

If you’ve been to Cia Bella, the owners will converse with you while you are there. They are such nice people, and I concluded one of my journeys here after I spent the rest of the day chatting with Roberto.

1.8 The Vibrant Vine Winery

The flavor, the colors, and the atmosphere of The Vibrant Vine all live up to the restaurant’s moniker.

They have a deep appreciation for artistic expression, as seen by the unique bottle designs and the art gallery housed inside the vineyard.

When you arrive, they will offer you a pair of 3D glasses, and you can have a guided tour around the gallery before you taste some wines.

In addition to that, they demonstrate their support for the arts by holding live music performances and events on Friday and Saturday evenings.

In addition, there are art workshops and seminars offered here on-site, so you can get your creative juices flowing!

You may choose to have a taste for $10 or upgrade to a more elevated tasting experience for $20, which includes wine and a few small morsels of food. Snacks and beverages may be purchased at the on-site Snack Shack at the Vibrant Vine Winery, which can be enjoyed on the winery’s lawn.

1.9 The View Winery and Vineyard

Discover and Experience the View Winery & Vineyard

The View Winery and Vineyard is located in East Kelowna and is a wonderful place to enjoy and visit wineries, some wine that has won awards, delectable appetizers, and a gorgeous view!

The tasting room is housed in a packing house that dates back to the 1920s, and you’ll often run across the family that owns the business there.

In addition, if you want to have a night out with your significant other or a get-together with some friends and family, they offer a gorgeous picnic location that you may rent.

If you want to sample more, you must ask for a double sampling; however, you should know that the charge is not refundable with a product purchase.

1.10 Summerhill Pyramid Winery

【加拿大】 旅遊 VLOG | Kelowna 基洛納 • 十月 • 五天四夜 •去酒莊喝冰酒🥂 •南瓜農場

One of the most prominent establishments of its kind in East downtown Kelowna is the Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

It is a location where one can indulge their sense of taste while also engaging their understanding of spirituality.

Their one-of-a-kind wine cellar is designed in the shape of a pyramid and is a copy of the Great Pyramid that can be found in Egypt.

This one-of-a-kind basement is designed to produce an environment more conducive to preserving wine regions and establishing a spiritual ambiance.

Participate in a tour at Summerhill and use this opportunity to stop, reflect, and take in the wonderful scenery along the way.

Alternatively, you may make a special trip to the Pyramid during the winter solstice, spring equinox, summer full moon, or winter new moon to attend one of their holy meetings.

Additionally, a big monument in the shape of a bottle of champagne comes complete with a glass that may be used for photos.

The Summerhill Pyramid Winery also has a restaurant, which offers organic food and a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding vineyard.

Their wines have been recognized with several accolades, including “Canadian Wine Producer of the Year,” among others.

In addition to this, the tastings at Summerhill are provided without charge and are very liberal. The one drawback is that their wine tends to be priced somewhat more than the wines produced by most of the region’s vineyards.

1.11 Tantalus Vineyards

“Old Vines. Authentic Wines.” is the motto that represents Tantalus Vineyards. It makes perfect sense, given that this vineyard is British Columbia’s oldest and has never stopped growing grapes. Grapes were the first crop cultivated on this land as far back as 1927!

Tantalus is on the leading edge in terms of its facilities, even though its grapes are rather ancient. Because of their dedication to environmentally friendly practices, they became British Columbia’s first vineyard to get LEED certification.

You may pay $15 to participate in a wine tasting and sample some of their award-winning wines, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Reisling.

This is one of the more costly tastings since the charge is only partially refundable with the purchase of the sampled item.

The view is breathtaking; best wineries in Kelowna, and I often come here for a glass of wine on the terrace.

1.12 Frequency Winery

The “Wine and Sound Experience,” which at Frequency Winery combines the production of wine with live music, is the winery’s primary focus.

They feel that the great attitudes and vibes that come from the music make the wine even better; thus, they invite recording artists from all over the globe to utilize their studio.

Even more remarkable is the fact that music is included in the production of the wine. The vibrations produced by the music are utilized to filter the wine by causing the sediment to sink to the bottom of the container.

Visit them in person to determine whether or not this is the case.

They allow samples, but you need to schedule an appointment beforehand to ensure a room for the best wineries in Kelowna.

1.13 Kitsch Winery

Kitsch Winery is an exquisite winery owned by a family in East downtown Kelowna.

They host many activities to get the community involved, such as a charcuterie board class, which I’ve always wanted to participate in.

The best wineries in Kelowna produce amazing wines; even the pickiest customers will find at least one item to their liking in this selection of delicious wines.

They are renowned for producing high-quality white wines, such as Chardonnay, matured in barrels, and Blanc de Blancs sparkling wines.

If you are a fan of red wines, they provide a selection, including not one but two delicious Pinot Noirs, sparkling wine, and organic wines.

Another interesting new offering is their Rose, which can be purchased in a can. You are welcome to examine them in the Estate Garage, which also serves as a starting point for winery tours and provides further information about them.

The experience comes complete with tastings, and they always have excellent music playing in the background and are among the best wineries in Kelowna.

Here are some honorable mention if the above list is not enough for you..

  • cedarcreek estate winery
  • volcanic hills estate winery
  • indigenous world winery




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