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What to See in Banff Alberta: 10 Amazing Places

Everyone loves peace and beauty in their life, and what could be better than visiting a place that contains all of it and even more. Banff is the best place for vacations and tours, as well as nature and beauty. Here you will know about what to see in Banff Alberta.

Banff is the most beautiful, adorable, and highly visited place located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Surrounded by big and magnificent mountains, Banff is very much loved and appreciated by tourists all over the world for its natural beauty, hiking trails, and fantastic turquoise blue-coloured lakes reflecting the savage mountains which get covered with snow during Winters and everything seems like the solution for what to see in Banff Alberta.

There is beauty in every element associated with this mesmerizing place.  So Banff is a collection of such excellent sites, and we will see and admire the top 10 of them here and add them to the list of what to see in Banff Alberta.

What To See In Banff Alberta:

1) Lakes of Banff:

When it comes to Lakes, Banff is rich enough as it has a list of amazing lakes to cheer you up and to give you the pleasure of beautiful mountains and waterbodies you would have ever seen.

Lake Louise:

Lake Louise by Yuhki Kuramoto

Amon, all the lakes of Banff Lake Louise, is the most famous lake and most visited. Lake Louise is well known for its turquoise green lake, the Victoria Glacier, rising mountain, magnificent hotel, and adventurous hiking and skiing. Just a look at this beautiful water body is soothing and peaceful enough to make you forget about your chores.

Lake Louise is surrounded by 3000 meters high and incredible snow-covered mountains. The water of the lake is beautiful to look at, but it is freezing for swimming. But canoeing is the best and more exciting alternative one should surely try at Lake Louise. Along with sightseeing, canoeing, skiing, and hiking, you also have innumerable choices for hotels to stay in and restaurants to dine in, which provides you with a 24*7 beautiful lake view.

Lake Louise is the first place that should be considered for what to see in Banff Alberta.

Moraine Lake:

Moraine Lake, Alberta Canada

Moraine Lake is located in the valley of Ten Peaks and is as unusual and eye-catching as Lake Louise but attracts fewer tourists than Lake Louise. The lake is located 13 kilometres beyond Lake Louise, and the road trip climbing from lake Louis to lake moraine is like watching back to back amazing views.

Moraine Lake is surrounded by ten peaks from all sides and Wenkchemna Glacier; thus, it is an astonishing scene and a must-watch moment. Like Lake Louise, Lake Moraine also has limited parking. Your reservation to Moraine Lake also includes a shuttle from Moraine Lake to Lake Louis. So you should absolutely add it to the list of what to see in Banff Alberta.


Bow Lake:

Bow Lake - Canada (HD1080p)

Bow Lake is located below the crowfoot glacier and the bow glacier, part of Waputik Icefield.

There are lovely walks along the lake to the waterfall at the foot of the bow glacier and Helen Lake and Catherine Lake.

It is good to visit this lake to have some spectacular views of lakes and glaciers and one of the ultimate solutions for what to see in Banff Alberta.


Peyto Lake:

Flying over Peyto Lake in HD 2016 - Banff National Park - Drone Video

Peyto Lake, named after the Mountain guide Bill Peyto is the turquoise-coloured lake filled with the glacier. Peyto Lake and Bow Lake are connected with a path of 2.5 kilometres.

The Peyto Lake viewpoint is believed to be the most awesome place, which gives you a glimpse of a perfect amalgamation of mountains and lakes.


Lake Minnewanka:

LAKE MINNEWANKA, Banff National Park

Lake Minnewanka is situated northeast of Banff and also the largest lake of Banff. Lake Minnewanka is the perfect place for mountain biking and even the only place where motorboats are allowed.

There are no limits to the beauty of this place. The frequent spotting of the bighorn ship adds to the beauty and popularity of the lake. If you are a true nature lover and love adventurous mountain biking and motorboat rides, then Lake Minnewanka is a must-add to the list of what to see in Banff Alberta.

2) Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel:

Fairmont Banff Springs - Banff Summer Vacation

Fairmont Banff Spring is a historic hotel established in 1888 and is considered an essential representative of Banff. The Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel is surrounded by lovely nature and greenery from all sides, and below the hotel at its foot flows the Bow River, which overall is a jaw-dropping view.

The hotel is well constructed by keeping the historical culture, tradition, and customs in mind. Today also hotel has well preserved its traditional architecture, which is a great thing to experience. In those days, this hotel was harmful, not less than a castle and only well to do people could afford to experience the glamour of the Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel.

Fairmont Banff Spring hotel is the second appropriate answer to what to see in Banff Alberta.


3) Sulphur Mountain:

Sulphur Mountain in Banff Alberta Canada

Sulphur Mountain in the town of Banff provides a spectacular and eyes soothing view of the fantastic city. It is also one of the most popular destinations for visitors to visit in Summer. On a no fog and no cloud day, there is a magnificent view from the three terrace decks and the top of the mountain.

Moreover, you have innumerable options for nature, admiring walks like the Banff Skywalk (Vista Trail), an easy one-kilometre trail leading to the Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site of Canada and the Sanson’s Peak Meteorological Station.

The most appropriate way to witness this mountain is the four hours long Banff city sightseeing tour where you get complete knowledge of the beauty and nature of the Sulphur Mountains and many other beautiful places. Thus, Sulphur Mountains is the third recommendation for what to see in Banff Alberta.

4) Sunshine Village Ski Resort:

Take a ride through our Ski Cross course | Sunshine Village | Ski & Snowboard Banff, Canada

As the title narrates, Sunshine Village Ski Resort is a perfect spot in Banff Alberta, for all ski lovers. Sunshine Village is very close to the town of Banff and stands second for Skiing after Lake Louise. You can enjoy the gondola journey to the Sunshine Village during Summer.

Earlier, travelling to the Sunshine Village was more fun because of the dusty, wavy old bus rides, which are no longer available. The resort has full ski passage for all, starting from the beginners to the advanced.

From the base, there is a wide range of hikes available, which on the way will acknowledge you with the spectacular, heartwarming beauty of Banff, like the vast open meadows enlightened with spring flowers and bushes, fantastic park views and wildlife encounters.

Sunshine Village Ski Resort is the best recommendation for what to see in Banff Alberta.

5) Johnston Canyon:


The spectacular entrance of Johnston Canyon consists of nature and two lovely waterfalls. It is located 26 kilometres along the Bow Valley Parkway, leading to the opening of Johnston Canyon. The trail leads to the bridges with cliff walls and finally pleads to Ink Pots after 6 kilometres, which is a hot water spring in Banff.

The walk-on Johnston Canyon seems very adventurous and pleasure-giving and receives the highest number of visitors during Summer. Apart from Summer, Johnston Canyon is an evergreen visiting trail whose charm is never reduced based on the season.

People have a way to discover this lovely experience. Most of them stick to the lower parts and enjoy the beauty from the small, but the one with a significant amount of energy and time prefers to discover the entire path and ends up in the Ink Pots group.

Well, whatever height you prefer but the charm of the place remains constant throughout the path. Johnston Canyon is a very appropriate suggestion for what to see in Banff Alberta.

6) Banff Upper Hot Springs:

Banff upper hot springs are many years old, very well-loved, and admired tourist destination and the ultimate answer for what to see in Banff Alberta. The springs have been attracting visitors since 1893.

The water source for the hot water springs is 3 kilometres underground, which comes up with an extreme force, which is unbelievable. The Rundle Mountains can be seen very clearly from the hot water springs, and the view is spectacular.

If you ever visit this place, remember to bring your swimsuit and towel, and this place is open from early till late.

7) Cave And Basin National Historic Site:

Cave And Basin First Look - Banff, Alberta - June 2017

Cave and Basin National Historic Site is considered the birthplace of Banff Alberta. It was established to protect all historic and valuable places present in Canada. This place consists of various adventurous and amazing hikes.

Two famous hikes, namely Marsh Trail, is known for their beautiful flowers, and Sundance Trail, known for its mesmerizing views, is known better than others.

The place consists of a self-guided trail to a 1914 bathing structure and a former hotel. It also has the 4D movie feature describing the beauty of Banff and other national parks.

8) Admiring Wildlife:

WILDLIFE SPOTTING in Banff National Park

When it comes to wildlife seeing, then, in my opinion, there can be no other place better than Banff for this fantastic experience. Banff provides shelter to more than 50 species of our wildlife, and you can even witness them and their activities during your tour to Banff.

Some of the most seen species are the elk, bighorn sheep, moose, deer, woodland caribou, mountain goats, and black bears. Large animals can be seen during the morning and evening, and many times the trails are cancelled due to the wildlife in this area.

Banff is very well known for savage grizzly bears. It is advisable to keep your eyes wide open for an unknown encounter with some of these buddies. Banff is known for its rich and dense forest area, perfect for wildlife to survive and suffice their basic needs. Many of the black bears are also spotted on the hiking trail and in many other regions in Banff.

I would advise you not to approach them when you see one. The reason is though these animals have weak eyesight, they can sense humans from a very far distance through the receptors, and you definitely should not expect something friendly from their side. It can be very dangerous.

It is a matter of concern because the bears often come out in public near the lakes, and of course, it is a scene worth watching, but it is better to keep a distance. Now it is also possible that you would not even see a small trace of the fantastic wildlife of Banff if you wish to witness the wildlife. It is advisable to opt for the Wildlife Tour by professional guides, generally available during the Summer.

9) Chateau Lake Louise:

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Alberta Canada

The first-ever Chateau Lake Louise hotel was built in 1890 by the Canadian Pacific Railway at the end of Moraine lake, which soon developed and tended to attract many tourists.  Not only today, ut the hotel has been a centre of attraction since the historical era.

If you ever wish to wake up by the side of the fabulous lake views and scenery of mountains and everything naturally impressive and luxurious, then you must visit the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel. The present-day hotel was established in 1924 as the old one was destroyed in a fire incident. Chateau gives you all the pleasures that Banff is filled with, starting from taking lunch by enjoying the lake view to be blessed with the trees ad a fantastic atmosphere.

Thus you must add this to the list of what to see in Banff Alberta.

10) Icefields Parkway:

Driving the ICEFIELDS PARKWAY (from Lake Louise to Jasper Alberta)

The Icefield Parkway of Canada is considered to be one of the most famous and blessed nature highways. It crosses the northern part of Banff National Park and the southern part of Jasper National Park and forms a link between Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Yellowhead Highway 16.

Throughout the highway, there are beautiful huge snow-peaked mountains, magnificent trees, and the water of the Mountain Lakes, as well as the atmosphere to the top, gives you the best experience of your life you will ever have. Moreover, the sporting of specific mountain animals peeping through bushes on the sides of the road is quite adorable.

Make sure to definitely add this to the list of what to see in Banff Alberta, and enjoy the beautiful ride.

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