7 Interesting Canadian Provincial Flags And Symbols To Know

Canadian provincial flags & symbols

Are you interested in knowing the backstory of the Canadian provincial flags and symbols?

When we hear of Canada, certain symbols or icons directly come to our minds, such as hockey or the beavers. Because these are a few of what represents Canada, they are known as Canada’s official symbols.

Another such symbol that represents Canada is the national flag of Canada. Other than the national Canadian flag, the Canadian provincial flags and symbols represent a larger part of Canada.

Each one of Canada’s provinces has its own flags and symbols. These wide varieties of Canadian provincial flags help represent every aspect of Canadian history and culture.

Canadian Provincial Flags & Symbols: Everything You Need To Know

Each province of Canada has adopted or has been granted specific symbols representing its history and identity or dignity. Each province or territory expresses its values, aspirations, people, and flora & fauna through the Canadian provincial flags.

This article lists the Canadian provincial flags & symbols and their backstories.

1. Alberta

Coat of arms

Coat of arms Alberta

The coat of arms of Alberta was first granted in 1907.

The symbols in the coat of arms represent Alberta’s historical heritage. It consists of five elements, the crest, supporters, shield, base, and the motto. Together these five makes up the complete coat of arms, and each has its significance.

The base portrays Alberta’s varied landscapes with wild roses, which happens to be the official flower of Alberta. And the supporters lie on either side, which is a lion and a pronghorn antelope.


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The design for Alberta’s flag was authorized in 1967 and was officially adopted a year after that on June 1, 1968. The background of the flag is royal ultramarine blue with the coat of arms right in the centre.

The flag has the proportions of 1:2, 2 by length, and 1 by width. The top of the crest is featured by a symbol of England, the Cross of St. George.

2. British Columbia

Coat of arms

British Columbia's coat of arms

The coat of arms of British Columbia reflects the local symbols of BC. At first, it only consisted of the shield.

The shield features the union flag and a half-sun in the bottom setting into three blue waves. The blue waves represent the Pacific ocean, and the sun signifies BC as the most westerly province.

Two supporters on either side of the shield are a wapiti stag and a bighorn sheep. And the top of the shield stands a golden lion wearing a garland of the provincial flower.


British Columbia Flag

The flag of British Columbia was designed during the activist reign in 1960. The flag’s design is nearly similar to the design of the province’s shield.

The rising sun on the flag symbolises ‘how the sun never sets on the British Empire’. The flag is topped with the Royal Union Flag and a crown in the centre. The Union flag represents the British heritage, and the crown symbolizes British Columbia becoming a crown colony.

3. Manitoba

The next province for the list of Canadian provincial flags & symbols is Manitoba.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms Manitoba

The coat of arms of Manitoba features the original shield in between with two supporters on either side. It was originally granted in 1905 and later augmented in 1992.

The shield features the Cross of St. George and a buffalo standing over a rock. The two supporters are a unicorn and a white horse, representing the province’s early Scottish settlers and the First Peoples.


Flag of Manitoba

The flag of Manitoba was first granted for use in 1965. The flag is quite similar to the Canadian Red Ensign. And it consists of its provincial shield on the right fly-half and the Royal Union Flag on the upper left end.

4. New Brunswick

Next on Canadian provincial flags & symbols is New Brunswick.

Coat of arms

New Brunswick coat of arms

The coat of arms of New Brunswick was registered in 1989. The shield in the centre displays water and ship, referring to its shipping industries. And the supporters on either side are the white-tailed deer, which a native to the province.

And the motto underneath stands for Hope was restored.


Flag of New Brunswick

The design of the flag is entirely based on the coat of arms. The flag consists of a golden lion at the top representing New Brunswick’s relationship to the Duchy of Brunswick and England.

And the ship below it represents the shipping and shipbuilding activities.

To know more about the symbols, you may click here.

5. Northwest Territories

And next is the Northwest Territories for the list of Canadian provincial flags & symbols.

Coat of arms

Northwest Territories coat of arms


The arms of Northwest Territories was granted in 1956 and represented the geography of the province. The upper white portion crossed by a wavy blue line symbolizes the polar ice pack and the Northwest Passage.

The lower portion is divided into two green and red areas, representing the forested areas and the tundra to the north.


Flag of Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories flag consists of the coat of arms in the middle with blue panels on either side of the flag. The blue panels symbolize the waters and lakes of the territories of Canada.

The background of the arms is a white panel representing snow and ice of the North.

6. Nova Scotia

Next is Nova Scotia, on the list of Canadian provincial flags & symbols.

Coat of arms

Nova Scotia arms

The Nova Scotia coat of arms is the oldest of any province or territorial flags or symbols. It was granted back in 1625. The arms feature the cross of St. Andrew in blue and white and the shield of Royal Arms of Scotland.

On either side of the shield stands a unicorn and an aboriginal person symbolizing the native Indian population.


7 Interesting Canadian Provincial Flags And Symbols To Know 2

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Nova Scotia’s flag is an extension of its provincial shield present in the ancient coat of arms. And the flag was authorized in 1929.

7. Prince Edward Island

Next on the list of Canadian provincial flags & symbols we have is Prince Edward Island.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms Prince Edward Island

The coat of arms is based on the design of the first seal of the province. The shield in the middle displays three saplings representing the three counties, and the large Oak tree represents the Oak of England.

The supporters are two silver foxes symbolizing the importance of fur farming in the province.


flag of prince edward island

However, the flag is a rectangular extension of the coat of arms with borders on three of its sides by bands of red and white in an alternate fashion. And it was granted in year 1905.

So these are the 7 unique Canadian provincial flags and symbols you might find interesting to know about. Apart from the flags and coat of arms, other provincial symbols, such as flowers, animals, emblems, and plants, click here to know them all.

Let us know what you think about these 7 Canadian provincial flags and symbols over the comment section.

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