Escape Room Calgary: Live an Exclusive Game World

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Escape Room Calgary: Live an Exclusive Game World 1

An escape room, also known as an escape game, is a physical and psychological game where players solve puzzles from given clues present in a closed place to escape from it. The game is timed, and in limited time, one has to get out of the room. The game became popular in 2010s first in Asia but now have permanent rooms worldwide in many countries. The game has been modeled from a PC game with the same name.

In the analogous PC game, players had to solve clues to move out of a closed room in a given period. The indications of the game were puzzles and similar mind-bending problems, and the team had to figure out how to open the lock of the door. If the team escaped in time, not only were they out of the room, they were also rewarded with some goodies.

In the beginning, there were other similar games like the haunted house or interactive theaters, which had similar themes like the escape room, which lead to the making of this game. The earliest game, which was like the present-day escape rooms, was “True Dungeons.” It had a similar notion of finding clues and solving puzzles to open the locks of the room.

Four years after the production of True Dungeons, another game, “Real Escape Game,” was made in Japan, which continued the spirit of True Dungeons. And then, the concept of the game took off and had different versions made in Singapore, Australia, and San Francisco, and then later, about 60 such centers opened up by the year 2015. The games comprised of logical-mathematical puzzles and grew popular.


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Popularity And Storyline

The popularity grew so much that even scientific problems were added to the game, not just mathematical problems. By 2019 end, there were about fifty thousand escape rooms opened worldwide. This has led to numerous competitions in the field of escape rooms, and the world savors it, and expectations have grown – from the games. Today, the popularity of escape rooms is so high that TV shows like- “Now get out of that” have been created.

Nowadays, the game has puzzles like searching hidden objects, Algebra and other mathematical questions, Riddles, Ciphers and patterns, etc. The themes of the games vary from Detective games, airplanes, dreams, horror, military, and many more.

Now let’s shift our concentration to escape rooms in Calgary (Escape room Calgary). There are a few escape room Calgary built in Downtown Calgary. Each one is carefully and meticulously made.

One will experience dynamic storytelling along with the flair of mind-bending problems. The time frame for solving each is different. You will have to deduce meaning and figure your way out of the room. The games also improve reasoning powers and decision-making skills to some extent.


Some Examples

There are many escape room Calgary, one of them being Max Baker vs. the Game. And the theme works like this- In 1989 and Max Baker, your friend, got sucked into a magical game. And the goal is to get him out of the game before he is lost forever. Another adventure is to save the world from a mad scientist where you have to switch his device off before the world is blown into pieces.

The game is the right spot for family meetings and other team events. In Calgary, about 25 to 35 people can enter escape room Calgary in one go. Generally, it costs about 30 $ per person in Calgary. Reservations can be made online. The games require no physical strength, only mental abilities. And mostly the games require children above 13.

Escape Room Calgary: Live an Exclusive Game World 2

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Some More About Escape Rooms

The success rate of the escape room Calgary is less than half. The rooms here include a room having magical powers that keeps you inside, and you must solve the puzzle to get out. Or there could be zombies, and they would catch you if you don’t escape within an hour.

Some rooms provide 3d glasses too for a 3d experience, which is provided in the place. Sometimes themes like harry potter are also popular.

A few more major escape rooms are “lost jewel Zanzibar.” Here the contestants need to deactivate the bomb before it explodes. Another game sets you on a mission to escape the genie’s lamp ghost by removing the curse of the lamp. Another one is an adventure to break into the Nazi office and get the secret war documents. There are many murder solving cases too.

Sometimes you have to find clues to run from a forbidden temple, and escape the angry mob, try to steal money from the bank. Or to get out of a blood-stained cage. Or diffuse a bomb before it explodes and shred the city into pieces.

The games are sometimes hosted- meaning a trained professional guide you through the game and see you don’t go off track. You will also be solving multiple puzzles at the same time. So it’s suited for groups of over five people.


Escape Room Calgary

There is an escape room in Calgary called Level 1 Escape. They have elegant and sophisticated game designs with multiple rooms and good intense puzzles. They also have superior light and sounds that track your progress through the game.

“The locked room” was the first escape room of Calgary (escape room Calgary), now they’re set up in 3 different locations. They have beautiful and some of the most creative themes, which include prison breaks and likes. They have puzzles that also require physical strength.

Another room in Calgary is Breakout Calgary, known for well-made rooms, challenging puzzles, and highly advanced technology. It has select buttons that set the puzzles in motion. You can choose from several puzzles with many different themes. The story becomes clear as time passes.

The rooms here are popular because of the well-designed storyline and good graphical themes, and lastly, the mind-bending puzzles that the escape room Calgary offers. The fun here is endless, and everyone who goes to solve puzzles here leaves with a profound impact of adventure. The memories one makes here are everlasting. People from all walks of life should try these if they want to experience newness and variety.

The game begins with the video of the storyline or the narrator or the host explaining the storyline and what to do. The price is nominal, with about 30$ a person. Life takes you to such an adventure, to free your minds from the dust of monotony and boredom, one must make the decision.

The escape room Calgary offers a splendid way to both nourish the mind as well as the spirit. People from around the world can come and relieve their stresses. The rooms are beautifully crafted and painted according to the theme they endorse. The gameplay is a bit tough at times and, at other times, comfortable, and the people enjoy the fun of it while savoring the challenge, which is both relaxing and reviving.

The escape room Calgary is made for people of ages above 12, ideally above 13-14. This is because of the mental abilities needed to solve the game. However, sometimes there are puzzles that are tough and can be played by people of ages 18 above, and so they are accommodated that way.

Yet sometimes the puzzles require mathematical as well as scientific knowledge and are mad with these specifications in mind, and so they are crafted that way. So the gameplay depends on for whom the game is made, i.e., the niche of the room that was kept in mind before making it.

What the games provide every visitor is different to different people – for some, it’s an adventure; for others, it’s variety, for other people, it’s a way of testing their mental muscles; for others, it’s a way to connect with other people. The games are incredibly fulfilling and help every human being to grow and challenge their minds.


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Some Final Thoughts

In the end, we can say that the escape rooms are a fun way to relieve stress and enjoy ourselves with our friends, family, and colleagues. The puzzles to solve are mind-bending and help us learn the meaning of team-work and help us connect on a different level.

The storylines and the themes vary from bomb diffusions to magical spells and curses, to bank robberies to mad science experiments and maybe hundreds of ideas which have been thought and played by far. This is where the test of mind comes.

The escape rooms are an adventure in themselves. However, they come with a flair of storytelling and creative ideas, which makes this game become an absolute must for people to try it at least one time. The adrenaline rush is endless, and so is fun in breaking and solving the puzzles and ciphers.

The escape room games are very supportive of the overall fun of an individual, and the memories one brings along after the game are always worth reminiscing. The people you are close to or want to be closer to can be brought here, and you could all have days you’ll remember and treasure.


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