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7 Thrilling Escape Room Calgary

There are plenty of escape rooms in Calgary. Escape room Calgary is a fantastic way to de-stress and have a good time with friends, family, and coworkers. Each of the escape rooms in Calgary is created with great care and precision. 

The idea behind the escape room is simple; a group of people will gather up in a room with a mission to escape the room within 60 minutes. Those missions might be breaking out a prison, finding treasure, or completing a heist. For a victorious escape mission, you will need to solve a series of puzzles with the aid of corporate team building. To succeed in an escape room, you will need to work together, be brilliant, creative, and patient.

Escape rooms are ideal for family holidays, corporate team-building, and simply having a good time with friends. It is always a great method to bring people closer together. You will amuse yourself, even if you lose the challenge. Even if you do not have a large group of friends, you can go all by yourself and have a blast. You might get teamed up with a total stranger and be friends with them for the rest of your life. It is a great social activity combined with indoor adventure. 

Escape Room
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Each chamber in the escape game has its purpose. You get to choose your adventure by selecting the mission you want to take on. Perhaps you are attempting to steal a valuable piece of art from a museum, investigate a dangerous old ruin, or traverse the depths of a research submarine.

As soon as you enter the escape room, you will be taken to another reality, as your surroundings will correspond to the theme of your mission. Perhaps, in a posh art gallery, or behind bars in your prison cell, or the command module of a spaceship equipped with high-tech screens and consoles.

The realistic settings make you feel as if you are genuinely part of the story. When you enter the escape game room, a member of the escape room staff will assist you during the game and ensure that you are clear on the escape room. The staff will explain the rules of the escape room and answer any initial questions you have. Then, you will watch a video that explains the task.

Escape room Calgary
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Your one-hour timer starts once the video concludes! From then on, you will be directly interacting with the objects and props in the room to uncover all the clues to get out of the escape room. If you want a clue or hint, your Game Guide is the one who will give it to you. Escape rooms are designed to be back-breaking but also enjoyable and approachable. 

Top 7 Escape Room Calgary

 Here are the Top 7 escape rooms in Calgary:

1. Trapped

Discover one of Calgary’s Real-Life Escape Room. They specialize in family and corporate groups of up to 120 people in the upscale Calgary neighborhood of Kensington, with a professionally decorated lobby and escape rooms. Choose from their six beautifully designed escape rooms and embark on your journey to escape, where you will have 60 minutes to outsmart their escape game designers through a series of complex puzzles requiring problem-solving skills and team corporation. Trapped is one of the top escape rooms in Calgary.

 Number of rooms: Nine 

Theme: Many unique and immersive rooms with complex challenges are available. You might be escaping a cursed carnival, and in another, you might be escaping a medieval prison. Every new theme offers a dynamic experience with a mixed collection of puzzles, ranging from an ancient pyramid theme to new age science-fiction.  

Accommodation: Between two to ten people. For a larger corporate group, up to 15 people are allowed with pre-booking.  

Cost: $25 per person.

2. Arcadia Adventures Escape Room 

Another top escape room in Calgary is Arcadia adventures. Arcadia Adventures Escape Room offers a very different and unique gaming experience. Their escape rooms immerse you in real-life events, making you feel like you are in a movie. Everything, from the props to the decorations, is meticulously crafted to create an immersive experience that is almost terrifyingly real. Their escape rooms are created with interactive puzzles, riddles, clues, and codes that challenge the mind and promote teamwork. 

Number of rooms: four 

Theme: Themed Escape rooms in Arcadia Adventure are evocative. Escape the grips of a mysterious and ominous dungeon beneath The Wizard Tower. Investigate and solve a suspicious theft onboard the S.S. Allami, a mysterious passenger ship. Time travel to the Victorian era. Find out what happens if you do not get the golden idol or do not get it in time. Travel to the future of an apocalyptic planet where zombies are a threat to your life.   

Accommodation: Between four to forty people (larger group on pre-booking)

Cost – $24.99 per person ( $16.99 for kids aged 12 and below)

3. Confined Escape Rooms 

Confined Escape rooms provide thrilling live-action escape rooms to the general public and corporate clientele. Their escape rooms are artistically and professionally created, with remarkable visual elements and unique gameplay, and a lot of fun! Their artistically and professionally designed escape rooms are regarded as one of the top escape rooms in Calgary.

Prepare to be confined in a room and immersed in a suspenseful thriller set against the clock! Being confined in a room will push you and your group through their paces and put your talents to the test. Your game master will launch you on your road to an exciting and engaging story, unique and interactive puzzles, critical thinking, visual and sensory clues, and a mystery that can only be solved by working together. 

Number of Rooms: Four 

Theme: Sneak out of trump tower before warning anyone of your presence in the tower or Escape the frantic and crazy world down the rabbit’s burrow and reconcile with your lost pals at this ominous and secret cabin in the woods or utilize doctor’s undiscovered technology to make your creation come to life.  

Accommodation: Around three to eight people and a larger group of 16 to 22 people on request.  

Cost: $25 to $35 per person.

4. Escape60 

Escape60, owned by two enthusiastic brothers, is one of the highest-rated escape rooms in Calgary. Their escape rooms consist of high-quality craftsmanship and modern technology that provides a realistic experience within 60 minutes. They offer one-of-a-kind escape room games that are all custom-built in-house. This is Calgary’s only escape room that sells alcohol. They also have a full-service wet bar and lounge area. 

Number of Rooms: Eleven 

Theme: Complete your final tasks of the Carderloth championship and find the championship cup in the Harry Potter-themed escape room, or Find the DNA and Genetic code of dinosaurs in the Jurrasic park-themed escape room before the volcano explodes. Find the Correllian YT-1300F Light Freighter in a galaxy-themed escape room. 

Accommodation: Between four to twelve people and larger groups of around 90+ people.  

Cost: $25 to $35 per person.

5. Esxoss Manway 

Esxoss Manway is one of the top escape rooms in Calgary because of its best and most technologically advanced escape room experiences. Sound, lights, lasers, video, hydraulics, mechanics, sensors, fog machines, and a variety of other technologies are used by Esxoss Manway to immerse players in the world they are experiencing.   

Number of rooms: Three 

Theme: Unveil the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of a chief physician or solve the murder mystery of Hughes’s youngest son or sneak out in the office of the Nazi’s general to steal important documents.

Accommodation: Between two to eight people.

Cost: $25 per person. 

6. Escape hour 

Next on the list of top escape rooms in Calgary is Escape Hour. In escape hour, Each group is allocated with a Game guide to aid them in solving clues and giving hints throughout the session. Participants can inform the Game guide if they no longer want to receive clues or hints at any point in time. As soon as they inform, there would be golden silence. They are soon launching Virtual Reality escape rooms through Escape hour, which will be available for video game lovers and escape room fans. 

 Number of Rooms: Four 

Theme: Break out from the genie’s lamp, retrieve a space investigation to seal the warm-hole, or locate the missing jewels of Zanzibar before anyone else does. 

Accommodation: Between two to ten people and a larger group on pre-booking.

Cost: $25 per person. 

Escape Room
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7. Escape Capers 

Last but not least in the list of the top escape rooms in Calgary is Escape Capers. They will provide you with an experience just as how you want it to be. It also takes pleasure in being one of the city’s only hosted escape rooms.

Hosted rooms are those where an actor, in character, will provide you with clues when you get stuck at any point. Keep an eye on what the person does or says if your group is stumped. It hosts theatrical escape events for a limited time at various places throughout the city each year, but you’ll have to hurry because they sell out quickly.  

Number of Rooms: One. 

Theme: Intrude the Quizzers’ mystery lair to retrieve the lost M.E.G.A. bomb before it blasts.

Accommodation: Between two to eight people.

Cost: $28 per person.  

Escape Games provide excitement and entertainment for those who wish to unwind and do something different and adventurous. To complete the objectives in the Escape Room, you must work together as a team. The numerous riddles in a Live Escape Room necessitate a great deal of patience, skill, and intelligence; the game is a fun brain workout. Escape rooms are ideal for team-building exercises and other corporate gatherings. The most thrilling team event you have ever witnessed will bring you closer together. There are plenty of escape rooms in Calgary; we have tried to include some of the well-known and reliable escape rooms.

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