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Discovering Nita Lake Lodge: 4 Must-Know Facts

In this article, you will be getting all the things you need to know about Nita Lake Lodge.

Looking for a place to stay in Whistler? Do you want to know the difference between Whistler Village and Creekside? Hopefully, this will help Everything you need to know about Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler Creekside.

nita lake lodge
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Whistler mountain is a magnificent mountain town in British Columbia Coast Mountains, the country’s most western province. Do you want to reside near a creek and have a relaxing stay? Nita lake lodge, Whistler’s only lakeside lodge, is located in Creekside, roughly 7km south of Whistler village.

The Nita Lake Lodge is tucked away near the base of Whistler Mountain, but it’s only a short walk from the lovely Creekside area’s restaurants and sights.

Valley trail connects the Nita lake lodge to Whistler Village, Alpha Lake (5 minutes south), and Alta Lake (5 minutes north), a 20-minute walk to the north. The hotel’s complimentary shuttle takes you to Whistler Village in six minutes. Guests can also ride their bikes there in around 15 minutes. Whistler Airport is a 10-minute drive away.

It slightly takes over 2 hours to get to Vancouver International Airport by car.

Nita Lake Lodge

The Nita Lake Lodge is a four-star building in whistler, BC. Located on the quiet shores of a glacial Nita lake overlooking a spectacular snow-capped Whistler mountain, it’s a perfect place for a vacation. The building of the Nita lake lodge is styled as per the contemporary mansion-style, but the inside of the lodge is just royal.

Entering the Nita lake lodge, one can experience a luxurious hall styled in British Columbia style where the reception is there. In the lobby area, one can find various modes of entertainment like the pool table, a common sitting area with a standard iPod docking station, a bar, the breakfast area, etc. One can experience a uniquely modern take on the whistler hospitality at the Nita lake lodge.

nita lake lodge
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  1. Nita Lake Lodge Rooms

Nita Lake Lodge provides a vast range of suites, starting at 500 square feet and going up to 1415 square feet. The Nita lake lodge offers a variety of suites like the one-bedroom suite, two-bedroom suite, studio suites, Nita suite, rainforest suite, and the glade suite. So with this large amount of options, everyone can find their perfect suite and enjoy a hotel experience.

In the future with the suites, firstly we talk about the one-bedroom suites which sound small but ain’t. It is a spacious 600sq. Ft suite with premium amenities like 42-inch flat-screen tv, a queen-sized royal bed, free wi-fi, air conditioning, iPod docking station, spacious bathtubs, and a balcony to enjoy the mountain vistas while having their tea or coffee. The Rainforest and Glade Suites have a fantastic mountain view.

Moving towards the two-bedroom suites, these are spacious suites recommended for a 4 people family visiting Nita lake lodge. This beautiful room also has the amenities mentioned above, but there are some more to it. The two-bedroom suite consists of king size beds instead of queen size, a fully equipped modular kitchen, a luxurious bathroom with a double soaker bathtub, a living room, a balcony with small hot tubs, and heated floors where one can enjoy the comfort of hot water with the astounding scenic beauty of the Whistler mountains.

But the main attraction of the suite is the boutique amenities like the basalt gas fireplace by which one can sit down during the chilly nights and enjoy the winter hue.

Nita Lake Lodge
by Whistler

Next is the Nita suite, the most luxurious suite offered by the Nita lake lodge. It is one of the oversized suites that have all the amenities of the two-bedroom suites but is more luxurious. These suites are placed in such building locations where one can cherish the tranquil lake, and the Whistler mountains views are perfect for your revitalizing ski getaway.
The Nita suite also comes with its perks like the complimentary meals offered by the lodge, complimentary gym and spa, private parking, late check out, and butler services to make ourselves feel royal.

A giant multicolored impressionist mural brightens the room. A library with dark woof cladding and lighter wooden columns, soft cushion chairs, and sofas in various hues of charcoal is also available.

Lastly, we talk about the beautiful Glade suite of the Nita lake lodge. The glade suite is the only suite in the Nita lake lodge, double-storeyed with spectacular views of the Whistler mountain and the creekside gondola. The vast double-height ceiling provides a lot of natural sunlight in the living room during the daytime. The room also comes with a private rooftop patio to upscale the mountain comfort of the lodge.

The lower level features the first bedroom with king-sized beds and a luxurious bathroom. We go through the grand staircase to the second level, the main bedroom with a four-poster, king-size bed, and a stone fireplace. The bathroom of this main bedroom also consists of a double soaker tub and a plate glass rain shower. This suite is a perfect choice for party-type guests.

Whistler Village

The Nita lake lodge is just a short walk from the Whistler village. We can spend some time exploring and enjoying incredible dining at famous restaurants like the aura restaurant, fix cafe, cure lounge patio, and the pacific northwest. You can experience the modern alpine cuisine in these restaurants.

  1. Restaurants

Aura Restaurant combines Northwest cuisine with a hint of French cooking tradition and provides a prestigious menu with wine pairings and a vegan menu once a week. Breakfast is not included in the accommodation rates and is provided a la carte. Cocktails, burgers, sandwiches, and vegan specialties are available at the Cure Lounge & Patio. Breakfast items include sandwiches, pastries, gluten-free options, coffee beverages, pick-up lunch items, juices, and smoothies.

Aside from all these, Winter Den, an award-winning restaurant that serves dinner and breakfast and provides super delicious, well-presented nutrition meals, and Cure Lounge, which serves an Apres Ski drink and snack and is perfect for resting and talking about the day. The restaurant had a good selection of vegan and vegetarian food, which are fantastic.

Talking more about the vibrant Whistler village, it is located 500 meters from the lodge so that one can access the complimentary shuttle service provided to all the lodge customers or take a cab for it. But If they want some adventurous options, they can opt for mountain biking to the creekside village.

nita lake lodge
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On the way, one can enjoy the glamourous views of the Nita lake and the adjacent snow-capped mountains and the forest area on both sides. Entering the Whistler village, we can experience the classic Whistler hospitality. We can explore the Whistler village by visiting local handicrafts, local music places, and the classic monuments of history.

  1. Activities at lodge

One can also take a free shuttle ride to explore whistler mountain and enjoy skiing. Skiing is a beloved sport for the customers visiting the Nita lake lodge. Also, the place offers ski storage lockers so that we can store our valuables and enjoy skiing on the Whistler mountain.

These are all things that can be done outside the premises of the Nita lake lodge, but there are some other attractions inside the premises. As the Nita lake lodge is located on the shore of the glacier-fed lake, the lodge also offers its customers some adventurous sports like kayaking and paddle boating in the lake itself. But what about the non-adventurous customers?

The Nita lake lodge has an arrangement for them too. The nonadventurous customers can enjoy the outside plunge pool area and the spa facilities provided by the lodge. Firstly about the outside pool, the Nita lake lodge has a decent-sized swimming pool and a hot pool adjacent to it so the customers can enjoy their comfort. Also, the lodge has started a new concept called the pool breakfast, where the customers can have their breakfast inside the pool with the help of a floating basket tray.

nita lake lodge
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The Nita lake lodge provides a central outdoor plunge pool area with a modest hot tub off to one side available to guests of all ages. The spa is lovely and refreshing and offers a full range of beauty and health treatments, focusing on organic products and environmentally friendly procedures.

  1. Facilities

The lodge also has a fully equipped gym where one can look after their daily dose of exercise with personal training by the gym trainer. The gym is decorated with synthetic grass mats and outdated equipment that can also be upgraded. Personal training services and yoga and fitness classes are also available for a cost.

The Nita lake lodge offers an organic spa where one can relax after the adventurous activities and the outdoor visits. The spa consists of two saunas where the body can relax in the steam and loosen up a little. It also has a massage center where the experts can enjoy the famous Thai massage. After the fantastic session at the spa, it would be wonderful to sit on the balcony near the basalt gas fireplace and enjoy the beauty of the Nita lake and the Whistler mountains.

One wishes they had more time to explore whistler and whistler village with various walks and use all the facilities they provide. It will undoubtedly be a very inviting experience based solely on its surroundings.

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