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15 Best Patios In Toronto To Enjoy A Memorable Supper

The patios in Toronto that provide a respite from the city’s bustle are the nicest ones. These are spots where you may unwind with friends, eat, drink, and breathe in the fresh atmosphere.

Nothing sounds better as summer approaches than taking a leisurely afternoon to relax on one of Toronto’s many patios. No of your budget, there are many outdoor eating and drinking options here. 

Based on ambiance, location, and cost, we selected 15 of Toronto’s top patios<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”>. There is a suitable patio for everyone, from stylish rooftop patios to undiscovered jewels in the city’s neighborhoods.

Check out our selection of the top decks in Toronto, whether you’re searching for somewhere to enjoy a special supper for two or meet up with friends for a drink.

What Patio Type Should You Pick?

Every one of Toronto’s various neighborhoods has a typical patio scene.

Here is a simple guide to assist you in selecting the ideal patio for your requirements:

  • One of Toronto’s numerous rooftop patios is the ideal location to spend a romantic evening with your special someone while sipping wine and watching the sunset.
  • A neighborhood patio is a great place to meet up with friends for drinks or dinner with new people.
  • Relaxed lunch venue: A park environment is perfect for a simple, outside lunch with coworkers or friends.
  • The greatest city views may be found on Toronto’s rooftop patios, which offer expansive vistas of the city’s skyline. The finest deck for people-watching is one of Toronto’s many sidewalk patios, where you can observe city life.
  • These are only a few things to consider while picking a patio in Toronto. There is a great patio for you whether you’re searching for a place to meet with friends or a romantic setting for two.

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15 Best Patios in Toronto to Look Forward to:

1. Chotto Matte

In Toronto’s Financial District, there is a restaurant and pub called Chotto Matte. It features a streetside patio with lovely ferns and greenery near the CN Tower.

Chotto Matte was motivated to create original, expansive designs covered in a graffiti-style painting by the metropolitan vista of Tokyo.

 The method of this restaurant, which Andy Martin made, is 10,000 square feet and has a capacity of about 425 people. It can seat about 220 people.

You’ll have the impression of being in the jungle as soon as you reach this location, with a hint of luxury, just like when you stroll through the jungle and come across a lovely lagoon on an island.

As a Japanese Peruvian restaurant, you can expect to receive only the best cuisine, with the Nikkei menu and sushi bar being two of the most popular options.

2. Rendezvous

The return of Rendezviews promises to be fun. It’s difficult to avoid stopping by with so much delicious food and events.

You may choose from a wide variety of mouthwatering various pizzas and pub grub at The Ballroom, which is sure to delight your palate. 

Additionally, you can enjoy the pleasant springtime weather on their terrace or see live musical performances. Meanwhile, unwind at The Fifth Social Club with tasty new food items and reviving summer beverages.

Rendezvous provides everything with the cuisine and beverages you could want.

3. The Porch

The Porch is situated in the heart of the entertainment district, above the Rockin’ Horse Saloon

As a bonus, you’ll receive access to one of the city’s greatest rooftop patios with an amazing view of the CN Tower and the city skyline, which makes it the perfect location for a city patio.

Since most patios in Toronto are closed in the winter, this establishment stands out with its top-notch terrace, where SkySkate, a skating rink, debuts in December. 

If you enjoy skating, reserve a space right away for a fresh atmosphere!

They even offer a bar within the ice rink where you may have fun with loved ones. They also have a fun menu with favorites like smash burgers, coconut shrimp sandwiches, and spiced hot chocolate.

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4. Baro

The rooftop patio at the Latin restaurant Baro, which is well-known for it, can be found in the fourth story. This setting is perfect for a dining experience with a Latin influence.

To try new BBQ menus, this terrace also offers a rooftop grill all to itself. The way that Baro’s interior design is built and decorated is what distinguishes them from other hotels.

You’ll notice indoor track lighting, plant pots hanging from the ceiling, and plant decorations all over the place as you walk in. You’ll have the impression of being in a magical garden here.

Baro features expansive spaces with numerous sections dispersed over four stories. Up to 25 persons can eat seated meals in the dining area on the main level. 

A lounge and pub that can be leased for occasions with up to 70 guests are located on the second level; they are great for private meetings and cocktail parties.

The rooftop patio offers a sophisticated eating experience rather than merely bar food. They provide Latin-inspired food, popular drinks, and desserts like coffee and helado.

The rooftop patio is a terrific spot to unwind after a long week, available on Friday and Saturday.

5. El Catrin Destileria

The Distillery District is home to the Mexican restaurant <span data-preserver-spaces=”true”>El Catrin. They have a fantastic patio where you may eat! You might feel like you’re dining in Mexico, thanks to the interior decor!

A large round fireplace is in the center of the room, and the lights are framed in gorgeous grey metal with a border that resembles lace. The furniture is a brilliant yellow. There is no doubt that the vibe here is unique.

They have a year-round patio, a sizable outdoor space, and plenty of room inside. They also offer a heated patio during the winter.

You can enjoy a range of tastes and aromas from many parts of Mexico by dining at El Catrin, which provides classic and contemporary Mexican cuisine. The fish tacos and avocados are among the crowd’s favorites.

6. Drake Sky Yard

Drake Sky Yard, a portion of Drake’s Queen Street West hotel, is well-known for its rooftop patio. This palace may brighten a dark day because it is colorful, with nice warm pastel tones and bright yellow for mental visuals.

There is seasonal artwork on the walls and 360-degree panoramic views for your enjoyment. Louise Reimer, an artist, created this patio, drawing inspiration from Marfa, Texas’s visual culture and color scheme.

Additionally, Drake Sky Yard includes multipurpose spaces where they may host non-exclusive bookings for up to 12 to 60 visitors, host private functions for up to 175 attendees, and have a covered room that can accommodate up to 140 guests in case of adverse weather.

The best part is that if this location is full, you can check out additional patios within the Drake Hotel. This includes the mini bar, a covered streetside patio restaurant, and Drake’s One Fifty, located on York St in the heart of the Financial District and is ideal for gatherings with friends or as a couple.

Additionally, you can savor some delicious beverages like Sangria. We also suggest trying their avocado toast because the enormous serving size will fill you up quickly.

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7. Hemingway’s Restaurant

Hemingway’s Restaurant in Yorkville is your best option if you want a fantastic patio experience. 

No of the season, you may enjoy a great outdoor retreat on one of its multi-leveled patios, each with its special characteristics. 

Whether you’re needed to cool off in the summertime with a foggy ambiance or feel warm and cozy in the winter with heated seating spaces, Hemingway’s restaurant is the place to be.

Its landmark setting in one of Toronto’s most wealthy neighborhoods elevates the entire experience. 

So go to Hemingway’s Restaurant and stroll outside into paradise if you’re ready for a leisurely and revitalizing patio vacation.

8. Leslie Jones

A cozy little restaurant with excellent food and a welcoming ambiance is called Leslie Jones

In contrast to the back patio, enclosed by trees and other vegetation, the front terrace is on Queen Street. The food is prepared with regional ingredients, and regional artists create the artwork.

Both the food and service are varied and welcoming. As you eat, you may people-watch on the front patio, which is located on Queen Street. 

If you wish to sit on the rear deck, make a reservation in advance because it is frequently crowded with people waiting for tables.

An enjoyable date night or informal meal with friends can be had at Leslie Jones.

9. Boxcar Social Harbourfront

Boxcar Social is the only place to go if you want a fantastic cup of coffee. Recently, the third site of this well-known Toronto coffee shop opened; it is now found inside the lovely Harbourfront Centre. 

The best coffees in the world are featured on a rotating list in their coffee program, and each was carefully chosen to ensure superior taste and flavor.

However, it might be challenging to choose which coffee to try with so many excellent options available. Fortunately, Boxcar Social also offers a variety of specialty beers, whiskey, and wines that are ideal for unwinding on their lovely patio area.

This area is one of the nicest places in the city to relax and hang out with friends, day or night.

10. Kasa Moto

One location that works for any occasion is Kasa Moto. Kasa Moto won’t let you down, whether you’re searching for a spot to have a romantic meal with your special someone or a night out with buddies.

One of the menu’s highlights is undoubtedly the A5 Wagyu beef, prepared on a hot stone at the table and is truly melt-in-your-mouth tender.

The interior topiary, expansive rooftop patio of Kasa Moto, and overall design all exhibit a sophisticated yet playful elegance. Kasa Moto is definitely worth a visit, whether you’re craving Japanese food or are simply seeking a special dining experience. 

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11. Amsterdam Brewhouse

Looking for a fantastic location to sip a craft brew and eat some regional food this summer? The Amsterdam Brewhouse, which is nearby on the Toronto waterfront, is the only place to go. 

With its fantastic location right on the pier, you can enjoy fine dining while 

taking in a breathtaking 270-degree panorama of Lake Ontario.

In case that wasn’t spectacular yet, Amsterdam Brewhouse also has a 14,000-square-foot facility, which includes a microbrewery and open kitchens, real wood-burning ovens, retail beer stores, and much more.

Amsterdam Brewhouse is the ideal location for you whether you’re searching for a nice place to have a frosty one or want to take in the views and sounds of Toronto’s waterfront.

12. Kost

Another fantastic location to see the entire city is The Kost, 44 stories higher. It is located atop the Bisha hotel in the entertainment district.

The view is breathtaking, and as soon as you step out of the elevator on the 44th floor, you’ll notice an outdoor cafe with an endless pool, lounge seats, and a mind-blowing sight of the CN tower. It’s well worth seeing the lookout over the city and the lakefront!

The grilled prawns and smoky short ribs are among the favorites on their menu, which also offers a variety of selections. Check out this location; you’ll appreciate it.

13. Trattoria Nervosa

In addition to being a trattoria, Nervosa offers an unforgettable experience. You can tell you’re in for something exceptional as soon as you walk into the house with its stylish yet laid-back atmosphere.

The traditional Italian dishes are nicely prepared and presented. And the beverages! Oh, the drinks. They are unquestionably worth the cost.

However, the entire experience at Nervosa makes it unique, not just the cuisine and beverages. The expansive patio area provides a magnificent skyline view, and the neighborhood is ideal for a walk after dinner.

Trattoria Nervosa is the place to go if you want a memorable dining experience.

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14. The Federal

In the center of the city is a hip restaurant called The Federal. The ambiance is laid-back and stylish, and the menu features modernized Canadian cuisine. 

There are many healthy options on the menu in addition to some luxuries. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind with a mug of coffee or savor a tasty dinner.

A bright day is perfect for unwinding in the backyard beer garden. The Federal is a good option whether you’re searching for a fast snack or a leisurely supper. The wine list is superb, and the cocktails are well worth trying.

15. Allen’s

When you want to go somewhere with a wonderful atmosphere, amazing food and beverages, and a genuinely lovely feel, Allen’s is the place to go. 

The Irish-themed saloon’s excellent rear terrace is ideal for warm days or evenings, and the menu offers comfort food worldwide.

Aside from the fantastic beer and wine options, the scotch collection is excellent. Additionally, everything on the menu will be great. A show can be seen after dinner at the Danforth Music Hall, right around the corner.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of patio locations in Toronto, whether you’re looking for somewhere to unwind and enjoy the hot sun or want to have a few drinks with friends. 

We have everything you need, from quaint patios, tucked away in peaceful nooks to expansive rooftops with breathtaking city views.

Therefore, find one of these 10 top patios in Toronto, grab a chair, drink, and enjoy the summertime atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Question

1. In the cold, do Toronto patios have heating?

Yes, there are a few heated patios in Toronto, including those at Aura, Patria, King Rustic, and even El Catrin!

2. In Toronto, are dogs permitted on patios?

The Ontario government has allowed you to bring your dog to a restaurant patio where you can sit and stay together, guaranteeing a wonder-fur experience.

3. Are reservations necessary for patios in Toronto?

Although not required, reservations are strongly encouraged. Some patios only allow walk-ins.

4. What time must patios close in Ontario?

The last call for beer is at 10:15 p.m. on patios that face local side streets. But some locations, like roofs, stay open until midnight or later. Visit their website to learn more, depending on where you are!

5. What kind of patio is best for me?

Your tastes will determine the ideal patio type for you. A private patio hidden from the people is a great option if you’re searching for a romantic place to enjoy a bottle of wine with someone special. 

Alternatively, pick a popular restaurant with plenty of outside space if you wish to eat while admiring the spectacular Toronto cityscape. It all ultimately comes down to the atmosphere you’re searching for on your upcoming outing, in the end.

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