Furniture Stores Ottawa: 12 Best Places!

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Furniture Stores Ottawa

Are you looking for some Furniture Stores Ottawa? Have no worries because we have listed some best furniture stores Ottawa!

The number of Furniture Stores Ottawa is high; you can spot many at any street corner, but we have listed a few best recommended and high rated furniture stores Ottawa. So please sit back, relax, and allow us to guide you through the journey.

The presence of good furniture stores Ottawa is only a handful, which offers the best quality and reasonable prices. Visiting a good furniture store is vital for enhancing the overall look of your house or workplace. The furniture adds essence to an empty home or place, and its an important part of a house.

And not only the furniture adds a feeling to the place but also decides the aura and makes a statement about the owner of the home. Either you are shifting to a new home or just trying to renovate your old house with furniture, and you can visit these best furniture stores Ottawa!

Furniture Stores Ottawa: 12 Best Places!

1. Blueprint Home

Located at Wellington Street, you can easily reach to Blueprint Home furniture store Ottawa, and the things that you will find here is one of the best in quality. The store specializes in the sofa variants. You can find lots of designs, patterns, seating capacity, and size of sofas here.

Some other furniture that you can shop for includes a variety of sofas, beds, chairs, ottoman and benches, media units, workspace tables, accent tables, dining table sets, storage, shelves, beds, dressers, etc.  Before you visit the Blueprint Home, remember that they are one award-winning furniture store Ottawa.

2. Leon’s Furniture

Leon’s Furniture is almost a century-old store present in Ottawa, which is run by the family of Leon’s who has maintained a quality standard of their products and services. The stores have been expanded, and many retail chains can be spotted all over Canada, as they employ over 10,000 employees.

This retail furniture store Ottawa offers not only elegant furnishing options but also products like home electronic appliances and major merchandises. Mostly you are likely to find some lavish collection of sofas, living room requirements, recliners, coffee tables, dressers, bed frames, and lights.

You can even order your furniture on their official website and get it delivered within 60 days in Canada.

3. Upper Room Home Furnishings

Upper Room is a very reputable furniture stores Ottawa region, and it is operated as the family business. Here you will get personal assistance and special care while you shop here. The shop has furniture that fits every type of décor taste of an individual, from elegant to contemporary.

The best quality of this store is you can explore thousands of fabrics here and a wide range of leather choices. The store provides delivery options, financing facilities, interior designing consultation, and customer satisfaction is their top priority. You can buy some elegant bookshelves, cabinets, benches, stools, tables, and lots of other furnishing options here in the Upper Room home furnishing.

4. Cadieux Interiors

When you want to shop a lot of stuff for your house, if you are moving to a new house, then Cadieux Interiors is somewhere you should visit. Opened in 1962, the store has expanded and impressively improved its business. Their products reflect the amount of experience it has been made with.

You can find a wide range of items here as the categorization has been made into accessories, including pillows, curtains, rugs, and lighting. In the living and bedroom section, you can find all kinds of furniture with a classy and timeless feel, and office furniture.

5. Dufresne Furniture & Appliances


Photo from Dufresne Furniture & Appliances website

The Dufresne Furniture and Appliances were opened in the year 1986 in Ontario, Canada. From then on, the store has expanded all over Canada because of its superior quality products, and today it has become a brand in the region and the furniture industry.

You can avail of a wide range of premium quality furniture from this shop and even get a customized set for your house. But you will also find all kinds of home appliances and electronics, and even mattress and sleep accessories.  Complete home décor can be completed just by visiting the shop.

6. MYHome Furniture

This retail furniture store Ottawa was started in 2001 to provide best in class furniture which has total comfort and worthy of its price. The store offers over 150 variants of furniture for you to take home with yourself.

Apart from visiting their store in Terry Fox Street, you can contact them for the interior design of your home. From furniture to rugs, lightings, and paintings, you can get everything you need for your house to make it homely. The store offers a facility for small to large spaces and even office furniture as well.

7. Urban Barn

The Urban Barn furniture stores Ottawa was founded in the year 1990, and the kind of furniture you will get here can be guessed from the name. You will find rustic style wooden floorings and barn looking doors at Urban Barn furniture.

The store is present in four locations in Ottawa, and they also provide customization options as well. If you like that rustic feeling in your house with a touch of modern elegance, then visit Urban Barn. You have a diverse option for you here as they have some cool tables, sofas, beds, and lighting along with fabric and leather options.

8. EQ3

Located at the Byward Market, this furniture store Ottawa is one place where your entire furniture hunt can put to a stop. The store is known for its superior quality, affordable pricing, friendly staff, and design advice, which is all you need at the moment.

The kind of furniture you will find here won’t be trendy. It will be timeless and long-lasting; the exclusive products are made in Canada and are local, which is a plus point. A wide range of home décor items can be purchased here, starting from furniture for the living room, dining needs, office requirements, outdoor area, rugs, pillows, mattresses, and lights.

9. Homesense

furniture stores Ottawa

Photo from Homesense website

Home Sense has several retail stores present across the city and nation, so spotting one won’t be a task for you. This is one of the furniture stores Ottawa where you can avail great products at a great discount, which is what almost every buyer expects when he goes out for shopping.

Apart from their wide range of branded items, you can get kids decor and toys and pet accessories from the shop. Everything trendy or the classic collections are available here. If you are one person who keeps updating their home decor, then this is the spot for you, as their collections keep upgrading from time to time.

10. Alteriors Contemporary Furniture

Alteriors Contemporary Furniture stores Ottawa is the place where you will find some crafty and creative furniture which have an aesthetic appeal to it. They handpick and work on the design of the furniture to give it that elegant look and charm that is required for a modern-day home.

The store opened in 1997, and since then, they haven’t stopped experimenting and exploring new ideas for their collection of home decors. They have made some of the accessories that are only available in larger cities. You can visit the showroom for personal experience or shop online to get huge discounts and clearance sales.

11. Polanco Home

furniture stores Ottawa

Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash

Another popular furniture stores Ottawa is the Polanco Home, established in 1999 at the Richmond Street. The family runs the business, and they have produced some best Canada made furniture for the people.

Their products are long-lasting, and customer satisfaction is their priority. You can find a wide range of products like elegant sofas, ottoman, dining and coffee tables, bed, cushions, and lightings as well. Apart from the products, you can consult them for home staging, decorative services, and customization of furniture.

12. The Modern Shop

This is one very new and freshly opened furniture store Ottawa; founded in 2010. The Modern Shop is purely Canadian. As the name suggests, if you want everything modern, then this is a one-stop destination for you. It has located itself nearby the Prime Minister’s residence.

You can shop for everything modern here, including the children’s accessories, home, and office requirements. The best thing about the new shop is you can shop online, and anything above $99 can be delivered at your place.

So far, we saw some of the best furniture stores Ottawa, and whatever your decore sense is, there’s a store for your fulfillment and satisfaction. The best part is you can customize furniture according to your taste and needs. And after your furniture shopping, you must be tired, so for your refreshment, we have listed the 15 best Spas in Ottawa!

So, explore some of the best furniture stores Ottawa and try to give your home a new makeover because if you cannot change or buy a new house, you definitely can give your old house a beautiful makeover.

This was an article on ‘Furniture Stores Ottawa: 12 Best Places!’ if you have anything to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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