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Hot Springs NC: 10 Best Things to Do

Okay, you booked tickets for Hot Springs, NC, but what to do when you reach there is a really very confusing question if you’re visiting it for the first time.

Well, there are a lot of amazing outdoor adventures and activities you can do here.

You can give hiking a try. The Southeast region here has some amazing treks, which vary in difficulty levels, or you can walk around the place.

You can also enjoy a lot more activities here, some of which include fishing, horseback riding, rafting and such. You can also attend driving tours which are usually hosted in the leaf season. You can also explore the dining places, and restaurants as well shop till your heart overflows!

Let’s See Top-10 Things to Do at Hot Springs NC

1. Come to the Biltmore House, Asheville

If you think of a road trip to Asheville from Hot Springs, NC, a halt at the Biltmore House is a must. It’s the biggest personal residence in America (more than 8,000 acres!)

This house has over 75 acres of gardens and a winery as well. The descendants of George Vanderbilt now own this estate. The Biltmore House is also among the top 25 attractions of the USA for visitors.

2. Enjoy Local Shopping at Tailgate Markets of Asheville & Hot Springs, NC

Farmers and Tailgate Markets in Asheville, NC

If you love trying out local and fresh food, fruits and berries, vegetables, poultry and meat, baked stuff, décors, crafts, pottery, and many such stuff, you have to visit these markets.

There’s a period from April to October when Hot Springs NC organizes a Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

The region around Asheville is famous for the movement it created in sustainable agriculture. It is also one of the best areas for local farmers and markets for their fresh produce.

In the growing season, you’ll find at least one farmer market full of fresh food, fruits, and veggies on sale, and it takes less than 30 to 45 minutes of drive to reach.

3. Shop Til You Drop!

hot springs nc
adventure activities at Hot Springs, NC, Bluff Mountain Outfitters will offer you a huge range of outdoor gear, clothes, drinks, gifts, food, coffee and chocolates, and well.

The trip to downtown Hot Springs is totally incomplete without visiting Gentry’s Hardware Store. It’s full of history and amazing tools, gifts, and hardware.

If you want some wine or beer with some snacks, you can try out Tobacco Road. Their service is really nice.

In the Hillbilly market, you’ll get good quality groceries and some fresh local produce. You can also get fresh meat which you can enjoy after grilling on your picnic.

4. Enjoy A Picnic at Hot Springs NC

hot springs nc
French Broad River.

Another picnic place is the Rocky Bluff Recreation area on Highway 209. It has grills, picnic tables, a historical cemetery, and campgrounds. It also is the starting point of some beautiful hiking trails.

Don’t worry if you forgot your lunch basket at home, and the Mosaic Gourmet can make you either a basket or food (you can even have both!) and enjoy it in your cabin or camp.

5. Try Dining in Hot Springs, NC

hot springs nc
A vintage hotel image by freepik

Hot Springs has got a lot of options to choose from for you. It can be a wholesome breakfast fare or gourmet dining, or more!

Downtown Hot Springs NC has 3 pubs. If you’re looking for some fine beer, Dory’s and the Spring Creek Tavern would be a good choice. The wood-fired pizza of the Spring Creek Tavern is a must. You can also have fun with your friends while playing pool games.

The Iron Horse Station gives you an amazing surrounding with an awesome selection of food and wide choices of wine and beer.

All of the places mentioned above usually have live music on weekends. The Smokey Mountain Diner has offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week for a long time.

They set wonderful and full of variety menus that have daily specials, which is one reason it’s the favorite place of AT hikers.

Consider going to the Mountain Magnolia Inn for your romantic date. Their delicious appetizers and entrees are just too delightful. One good thing about this place is that they make a hero of their local food specials, including rainbow trout and grass-fed beef.

6. Enjoy The Leaf Season

The fall season here is pretty long so you can plan your trip accordingly. Hot Springs are situated at an elevation of 1200 feet and are surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are around 3500 feet. This setting makes the fall pretty cinematic.

The first fall usually starts around late September and lasts till early October.

Whilst the main leaf season starts at around mid-October which lasts till the first week of November.

You can have a short drive to some of the region’s tallest peaks to witness a better and prolonged fall season.  These high-altitude places make the leaf season stay over a month.

7. Drive Round The Beautiful Hot Springs Region

We all know that vacations or trips, picnics aren’t about working out, maintaining your diet strictly, and all right? We take a break from that cyclical routine to charge ourselves up.

Similarly, vacations aren’t about a couple of outdoor activities either. You can even enjoy your trip while you drive from one place to the other. What’s new? Same car, old music or radio; but roads are new, so is your mood; rather it should be! You aren’t driving to work, and you’re driving for fun now.

Drive past the stunning natural beauties and feel grateful to be in the moment.

8. Have Fun with Horseback Riding in the Hot Springs NC Area

Today’s generation might hardly have seen real horses as a child. This can be a great chance to show them the beautiful, royal animal.

If you know horse riding you can enjoy it while going through beautiful hilly trails and get views of the valleys of the splashy and flowy French Broad River. This is such an aesthetic adventure in itself!

9. Leave Your Hooks Down!

There are plenty of amazing fishing places in the region you can go to.

You can go to the pond at Broadwing Farm Cabins, which is an amazing choice. You can easily get some bluegill, bass, and catfish.

You can also go on the French Broad River, where you can catch more varieties of fish like bluegill, channel catfish, white drum, large and smallmouth bass, rock bass, gar, and walleye. You can even expect to catch a musky or giant yellow catfish on some good days.

Apart from this, there are streams miles long for fishing enthusiasts. Laurel River and the Paint Creek are some of the streams which offer you a huge stock of fish to hunt.

If you want to explore more and deeper, brown, brook, and native trout are concealed in some coves and the hollers. You can ask locals about it for more information. Guided fishing trips and tours are available as well.

10. Hiking in Hot Springs, NC

I believe Hot Springs NC, can definitely be the hiking capital of the southeast region. The popular Appalachian Trail in fact includes the main street which goes through the town. It’s a 2,180 miles long trail that spreads across Georgia and Maine.

Moreover, there are more than a dozen hikes near the Hot Springs NC area, each unique in its characteristics.

If you want to have a short and leisurely walk around a rapid and loud stream, you can choose Laurel River Trail.

If you want a short but challenging hike that will give you some amazing shots to capture, you can pick up the Lover’s Leap Trail.

Want to discover a deep stream studded with wildflowers, butterflies, herbs, and birds? You have to go on the Betty’s Loop Trial.

There are many more such great trails like Round Top Trail, Max Patch, and more. There are some cabins near the Pisgah National Forest as well. If you don’t want to hike, you can even take a stroll through the forest around Hot Springs NC.

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