5 Amazing Halfway Hot Springs Temptations

Halfway Hot Springs

Haven’t you imagined dipping into a hot mineral water pool for relaxation? A 4-hour drive from downtown Kelowna takes you to Halfway Hot Springs, a rustic place that reconnects you with your roots, where you can enjoy a hot mineral bath.

British Columbia, Canada, can boast of the most beautiful mountains, exciting trails, stunning lakes, perpetual rivers, and vibrant natural hot springs. Halfway Hot Spring is one of the natural hot springs which are wild and untouched by human interference.

It is a natural mineral water spring, loved for its wilderness. Halfway Hot Springs is specially designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, being closer to nature. Developed by BC Parks, it lies halfway between Nakusp and Revelstoke.

Robert Moody hosts this forestry recreation site, offering some amazing recreational activities. You can dip into the hot mineral water pools or erect a tent at the camping sites. This place has many pleasant surprises for you.

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Let’s See What Halfway Hot Springs Has For You!

1. Hot Mineral Water Springs

When you reach the Halfway Hot Springs recreation site, a network of stone-lined mud-bottomed pools leads to the main mineral springs. This wild hot spring is an incredible place to avail comfort within the impression of backwoods.

Direction from Kelowna:

The easiest way to get there is Nakusp drive through Highway 23. There is also a way from Navestoke, but the Galena Bay Ferry might create problems for you.

Drive North on 6th Ave on Highway 6 to reach the recreation site. When you reach the Halfway Bridge, you meet a few forks on the road. Keep driving on the logging road. At 11 km Fork, some signs indicate the road to the recreation site.

Once you arrive at the Halfway Hot Springs, numerous clean and maintained rocked pools entice you to take a dip. They are situated at the banks of Halfway River, which is a tributary to St. Lawrence River.

Some mentionable hot pools at Halfway Hot Springs are:

  • Main Pools are three in number and located near the main trail base, with a semi-private change room.
  • The River Pools are just a few steps from the main area, having a range of pools with varying temperatures.
  • The Gorge Pools are situated near the Halfway Waterfalls that are reached after a 7-minute hike.
  • The Waterfall Pools are known for exquisite mineral water pools and scenic views.

The temperature varies from one pool to another, but the experience is equally sensational. The wilderness and the cozy river water make you feel rejuvenated.

2. Camping At Halfway Water Springs

Before 2016 this recreational site was a wild area with occasional human intervention. Today, BC Parks has developed it for commercial camping and other adventurous activities. A well-maintained parking lot, a sand tent pad, fire pits, tables, and outhouses make the experience comfortable and secure.

The camping area accommodates 12 vehicle-accessible campsites where you can enjoy private camping near the Halfway River. 10 more hike-in tent sites are situated in the forest for a better closeness to the vibrant wild creatures.

Before planning for an exciting camping experience, take a look at the necessary guidelines:

  1. All the campsites are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. You can stay for a maximum of 2 weeks.
  3. Per camping site accommodates only 1 vehicle.
  4. The camping sites have a lot of poison ivy. You must be careful.
  5. Bring your own drinking water, firewood, and toilet paper.
  6. A garbage facility is not available at the campsites. Pack out what you pack in.
  7. The camping operations take place from 1st of May to 31st of October each year.

To know more about camping at Halfway Water Springs, follow Camping@Halfway Hot Springs.

3. Hiking

Halfway Hot Springs Recreation Site has held numerous surprises to its kitty. The Hiking Trail is one such worthwhile attraction.

This 1.6 kilometers long trail runs through Hot Springs and offers worth-seeing glimpses of the wild forests. It is a moderately trafficked trail that provides hiking and camping facilities.

It is a beautiful and quiet trail, good for all skill levels. The beautiful Halfway River and the pools create a soothing hiking experience.

The best time to use this trail is from May to September each year. In winter, you can hike this trail on snowshoes.

4. Halcyon Hot Springs

Another place to enjoy the hot spring activities is Halycon Hot Springs Resort, located at 5655 Hwy 23 North.
Nakusp, BC.  A two and half hour drive from the Halfway Hot Springs takes you to this resort, where you enjoy the restaurant, spa, and comfortable accommodation.

If you are not ready for a camping experience at the Halfway Hot Springs Recreation site, you can stay at the family-styled cottages in this resort. It is located on Upper Arrow Lake, where the Monashee Mountains peek at you with surreal beauty.

Facilities Include:

  1. Mineral water hot spring
  2. Cool pool for Cryotherapy
  3. Spa for inner well-being
  4. Hiking and Mountain Biking
  5. Arrow Lakes Adventures
  6. Fishing and Canoeing

Halycon Hot Springs offer exciting recreational activities throughout the year. Activities are season-based.

5. A Secret Hot Spring

Besides Halfway Hot Springs, there is a secret place, untouched and situated in the deeper woods. Located at the Halfway River valley, it is also known as Wholeway Hot Springs.

Upper Halfway Hot Springs, is one of the best places to explore the real wilderness of the Central Kootenay area in a non-commercial way.

The uneven roads, poison ivy, and dense forests might hurdle your expedition. Once you reach these springs, all the discomfort eventually turns into a precious gift, with the scenic views of the mountains.

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Reaching the Halfway Hot Springs might be tedious, but the reinforcement is memorable. When you dip into the hot pool water filled with sulfur and other minerals, it comforts all your senses. Erecting a tent at the beautiful campsites with the calm starry horizon to see brings a sense of spiritual accomplishment.

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