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Kananaskis Camping – Consider These 11 Best Tips!

Kananaskis, a park system located to the west of Calgary, Canada, is a place where people from all walks of life go on a camping vacation called Kananaskis camping to calm and soothe their minds and enjoy the serene nature and all the beauty the park beholds.

The Kananaskis camping trips have served as a tourist attraction for years. The wilderness in some parts of the park adds adventure to the trip.

There is a wide variety of sites where one can choose to camp inside the park. Every year, thousands of tourists venture to the Kananaskis to enjoy the Kananaskis camping trip and feel the joy of living a simple life far from the technological distractions of the world we live in.

The park was named after the Kananaskis River, which is located there, in 1858. The Kananaskis country’s major attractions are a golf course, two ski areas, and a few hotels, which serve as the rest spots for the Kananaskis camping here.

The Kananaskis country is located at a distance of about 46 miles from Calgary. The people from neighboring countries and distant patches of land find their minds mesmerized by the awe-inspiring nature present here while enjoying the Kananaskis camping.

One can enjoy horse riding, whitewater rafting, golf courses, and Mountain Biking.

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What’ll One Find While Doing Kananaskis Camping Here?

When one goes on a  Kananaskis camping trip, one will find a splendid mix of rivers, mountains, and rocky terrains.

The weather can be challenging, with snow filling the Kananaskis grounds until late May, making the Kananaskis camping more challenging.

The solitude that the camps here provide is endless. One can go with their families or friends and enjoy the sip of the waters of raw nature that boast their glory every moment. The citizens here are friendly and are acquainted with the tourist visits.

The name of the park- Kananaskis, comes from the word of an old warrior who survived an ax blow to the head. The park is filled with u-shaped valleys and ancient glaciers.

The mountains here have journeyed to today for about 200 million years. In older times, the hills were even higher than they are now.

The rocks are made up of limestone that came into existence from fossilized sea animals, and there are coral reefs and oyster beds all around the place.

Sometimes people come here to hike and camp and sometimes to live the solitude and enjoy the place’s scenery.

The number of people in Kananaskis country is a bit lesser than in other parts of the world, serving as a recreation spot people crave.

There are about 2300 campsite spots here to choose a place to camp. There are a lot of picnic areas and campgrounds here.

There are bike rentals available if one wants to enjoy mountain hiking. The campgrounds here have playgrounds too. There is a camper’s center here, which serves as a unique tourist attraction.

We find facilities like a lounge, game room, groceries, and laundry in the camper’s center. Outside it is tennis courts and picnic areas alongside the river and biking trails. It is a very popular campground. People here don’t want to miss seeing it.

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Tips For Camping in Kananaskis

Here are 11 tips that you can consider before stepping into the Kananaskis camping.

1. Choosing the Right Parking Spot

The camping begins with first the camper hiking to get to the right camping spot. One has to leave their vehicles in the North Interlakes day-use area.

The parking lot is between the upper and lower parts of the lakes. It’s always full on the weekends due to the numerous amount of visitors.

2. Beginning of the Hike

One begins the hiking from the lands of the Upper Kananaskis Lake and then goes west from there. After a trek through the forest, one will come to a fork in the road.

The left side of the fork would have rough terrain, and the right side will have a decent landscape.

3. Where to Camp at the End?

Once you’ve reached the campground, choose a place to camp. The campgrounds have a camper’s center, which serves as a unique entertainment spot.

It has game rooms, groceries, a concession area, and a laundry room. Outside it has tennis courts and hiking trails.

If one doesn’t want these luxuries, one can continue south, where there is less luxury and more nature.

4. Learn to Make Campfires

Learn to make campfires. Before one visits the Kananaskis to have fun in Kananaskis camping, one must learn to make campfires to cook meals and keep themselves warm through the night.

One must ensure the campfire fire doesn’t turn into a forest fire.

5. Carry Recreation Items

Carry games and other recreation items. Carrying some games will help the campers have fun with each other amidst the majestic nature of their Kananaskis camping trip.

And they will not only enjoy nature but the company of their loved ones too.

6. Carry Eatables

Carry good eatables. It is an essential rule for camping. One must carry the right eatables and not the ones which spoil in heat quickly. Store food well, for it can come near moisture and rotten soon.

7. Utilize the Available Facilities

Take advantage of the facilities there and enjoy your days throughout the trip. Amenities like free Wi-Fi, and hot showers are excellent ways to pass the time.

8. Camping Instructions

Please get to the tent as soon as possible to choose a good campsite to camp in. Use the instruction list provided by the authorities about the rules of camping to have a good and safe camping time.

Camp not on lower grounds so that if it rains, your campsite doesn’t become more of a pond. Keep the tent warm at night so that you can feel comfortable and enjoy your trip.

9. Carry Your Earphones

Pack your earplugs along- When in nature, it’s highly rewarding to listen to music. So it pays to carry earplugs along so that one can listen to music alongside a cherishing spirit.

10. Remember to Carry a Torch

Remember to carry a torch or two. When the sun sets, it becomes difficult to see the surroundings, so take a friendly torch.

11. End of the Hike

Then comes the last section of the hike. After finishing this part, one reaches the campground. There is a park near Trans-Canada Highway with many picnic areas, large campgrounds, and even a grocery store.

The campgrounds are excellent and full of high-quality facilities. There are kitchens and adequate quality washrooms that the visitor is guaranteed.

The campground also possesses a coin laundry and a playground.


In the end, it pays to conclude that Kananaskis is one of the best places to camp and hike in, with numbers ever rising. The days and nights one spends in this place provide a knapsack of memories to treasure.

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Time flies like the wind, and the moments pass by as gusts while sitting and savouring the natural colours and beauty.

The days and nights spent in nature, best during summer vacations or winter vacations, are a place of memories one will go back in her mind all the time.

In the end, it’s ecstatic to say that the journey to the Kananaskis is less of a physical and more of a mental and spiritual one.

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