Silhouette of mountains and trees. Silhouette of mountains and trees.

Kelowna Mountains: Your Ultimate Guide to High-altitude Escapades

Kelowna Mountains is a beautiful picturesque landscape where you can see mountains, valleys, parks, oceans and many more. Kelowna is also home to many mountains and valleys. These mountains are considered a heaven for hikers.

Kelowna, BC

You can enjoy camping and photographing the stunning view of Okanagan from the mountain top. Surrounded by the Okanagan Valley, the city of Kelowna has a lot of sights to enjoy.

1. History of the Residents

On the edge of stunning Okanagan Lake lies the beautiful city of Kelowna. The city of Kelowna was incorporated by the Municipal Corporation of Canada on the 4th of July in 1905. The first batch of Native Americans migrated to this area around 9000 years ago. They are commonly referred to as the Sylix people and are also known as the first inhabitants of Okanagan Valley. You can find these people still living here.

Although the Kelowna people had farmland, they had to rely on neighbouring communities in the Okanagan Valley. David Stuart was the first European to travel to the Okanagan Valley in the late nineteenth century. But now almost 15% of the inhabitants are Chinese.

1.1 Navigating the Routes to Reach Kelowna’s Spectacular Mountains

Previously, the Kelwona Mountains could only be visited via Okanagan Lake. This made it hard for anyone to reach them.  In 2005, the Government of Canada and other national leaders signed a treaty.  A lane bridge was built in the same year, which was finally completed in 2008. It was built to solve the traffic problem during the summers

A highway goes towards the Kelowna mountains with Okanagan Lake in the distance.
By Kate Joyce/ Unsplash/ Copyright:2020

The Kelowna area today has proper metro and road transportation. Proper transportation has helped travellers immensely. The two major highways in the province of Canada also pass through it. Besides, it is easy to reach by flight to the city of Kelowna. Due to the easy access and stunning landscape, the tourism industry is thriving in Kelowna.

1.2 Geography of the Region

It is located near the beautiful Okanagan Lake. Okanagan Lake is 396 km far from Vancouver.  Kelowna is almost 891 km distance far from Edmonton. Kelowna City is located in the southwest of Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Although Kelowna generally has a humid climate, but winters are quite cold.

If you are in Kelowna, the cities which you should visit are Summerland, Pentinclion and Peachland. They are located towards the south of Kelowna.

West Kelowna city lies in the western region, across the Okanagan Lake. Vernon and Lake County are located in the northern region. Towards the east of Okanagan, travellers can find many dry forests of pine and grasses.

2. 8 Must-Try Ways to Explore Kelowna’s Peaks

Kelowna Mountains are famous among Instagrammers travel bloggers and photographers. Some of those mountains are Terrace, Black Night, Big White, Spion Kop, Sugar Loaf, Mount Baldy, Knox, Boucherie and Pincushion. There are many sights to see in Kelowna. The majestic view of the mountain ranges and valleys always mesmerized its visitors.

Restaurant Patios lining the famous Bernard Avenue in downtown Kelowna.
By: Harry Beugelink/ Shutterstock/ Copyright: 2020

Food lovers and bloggers can also travel to Downtown Kelowna. You can enjoy delicious local cuisines in restaurants, and drink wine in local breweries. If you want to look around, take a peaceful walk in nearby playgrounds and parks. Most of these properties are owned by locals.

2.1 Mount Boucherie

You can hike to the top of Mount Boucherie. It has a volcano, which erupted 50 million years ago. The view still intrigues the many visitors who to travel this place. You can easily find a gravel trail, which allows you to climb to the top easily. When you are on top, take your camera out and record the birdseye view of the region.

2.2 Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park is famous among locals for its campsite. The trails and the landscape provide the best place for adventurous sports. Wear an appropriate outfit and go skiing, biking, hiking, as well as badminton, tennis and many more.

Knox Mountain is popular among locals and is also considered the best place for relaxing. Enjoy bright sunshine and warm breeze while having a picnic with family. If you don’t want to hike, consider going for a short drive. So, put your glasses down and enjoy the fresh breeze. Have a memorable ride while looking at the greenery all around the road!

A view from the Knox Mountain Park, Kelowna, Okanagan Valley.
By: travel life 18/ Shutterstock

2.3 Okanagan Mountain Park

You can find beachside campgrounds on the top of Okanagan Mountain Park. These parks have creeks, canyons and playgrounds. Children can also enjoy water sports, swimming, boating and other games on the shores.

While standing on the top of the mountains, you can see a panoramic view of Okanagan Lake, the beach, the valley and the mountains. You can find many campgrounds to settle down. So, just take a breather and camp. You can even explore the green space of Okanagan through walking and bicycling. Also, don’t forget to miss out on the opportunity of horse riding!

2.4 Fruit Cultivation of Okanagan

The Valley of Okanagan grows many fruit orchards. Such as cherries, nectarines, grapes, apples, peaches, plums. Due to intensive agriculture, it is recorded that almost 96 % of the soft fruits of British Columbia are grown in Okanagan. The locals sell these fruits in the carts. You can find them selling on both sides of the road. So, don’t hesitate and buy some of this freshly picked fruit. Enjoy its freshness while sightseeing.

Visit to Okanagan Valley - the land of sun and wine.

It has over 200 vineyards where visitors can find delicious wine. You can not only go for wine tastings but also take a stroll in these beautiful vineyards. Enjoy the smell of the freshly grown berries while taking a sip of freshly brewed wines.

2.5 White Mountain

Big White Mountain is the highest summit of Okanagan Valley. It is the best place to visit during the winterA ski resort is located on the top. The ski area is best for tubing, skating, snowballing, and sleigh riding. It is a must-visit place during winter.

2.6 Lakes at Kelowna

Okanagan is home to many lakes, and you can find some of the beautiful, crystal-clear water lakes and falls here. Some of them are Crawford Falls, Layer Cake Hill, Maude-Roxy Wetlands, Myra Canyon, Knox Mountain, Osoyoos, Mission Creek Falls, Okanagan Lake, etc.

The Beautiful Okanagan Lake with a wooden trail alongside Peachland at sunset.
By: mrdoomits/ unlimphotos
  • Osoyoos is located in a semi-dry region of Kelowna and is also known as ‘Canada’s warmest lake’. So, just leave your shoes on the shore and feel the warm sand on barefoot. As it also has many swimming spots, take some time and enjoy swimming.
  • Okanagan Lake is the main lake of Kelowna. It is the most visited place by tourists and travellers. The weather of Kelowna is generally humid throughout the year, which allows you to enjoy many water sports.

2.7 Parks at Kelowna

There are many beautiful parks in Kelowna that could be seen. You can visit parks like Myra-Bellevue, Okanagan Mountain, Trepanier, Greystoke, Eneas Lake, Fintry, etc.

Recreational Park on Okanagan lake shore.
By: imagenet /unlimphotos
  • If you want to have a good time with children, visit Parkinson’s Recreation Center. You can find green lush grasses, public toilets, rubber-floored playgrounds, tennis courts, etc.
  • Mission Creek is locals’ favourite and is best for outdoor adventurers. The playground is fully equipped for gravel trails for hikers.
  • If you want to play volleyball and have a delicious meal, Boyce Gyro is the one for you!

Enjoy your vacations while visiting these parks, and have fun.

2.8 Animals of Kelowna

Kelowna is home to majestic mountain ranges, lush green wilderness and sparkling clear pristine lakes. All these factors allow several wildlife to thrive in this region.

two deers visible at the Kelowna mountains.
By : Songbird 839/ unlimphotos
  • Some of the animals found are deer, elk, caribou, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, grizzly bears, wolves, and hoary marmots. These forests are heaven for wildlife photographers.
  • Freshwater fishes, such as whitefish, burbot, and rainbow trout, are also found over here.
  • Due to the abundance of fresh fish, rare birds like Ospreys can be seen near the lakes.

So, while hiking or swimming, don’t forget to look out for these wildlife! If you want to see these animals in daylight, take your binoculars and visit places like Evelyn Island, Rotary Marsh Park, Jackpine Lake Wilderness Resort etc.

3. End Note

Although Kelowna Mountain has seen many seasonal wildfires. However, it still serves as a major attraction of Canada, and Kelowna’s ecosystem is a heaven for travellers. It is a fantastic place for families, for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities. Moreover, the climate remains perfect throughout the year, which allows you to enjoy Kelowna in every season.

Kelowna’s ambience is calm and peaceful, where you can reconnect with nature. You can have memorable moments and have a relaxing vacation with family and friends.

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