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Kelowna Camping Guide: Top 10 Spots for a Memorable Trip

To connect with nature and savor its glorious beauty, camping is an amazing experience. It is stress relieving and keeps you at ease.

Kelowna, a city in British Columbia, is surrounded by the Okanagan Valley and a variety of parks, wineries, golf courses, orchards, forests, and mountains, making it one of the best camping locations.

There are multiple places for Kelowna Camping, and the top 10 are listed below.

1. Holiday Park RV and Condo Resort

The Holiday Park RV and Condo Resort is a well-furnished luxurious location for Kelowna camping. A golf course, basketball, and tennis court are on its perimeter.

Photo by Kolby Milton on Unsplash

This 3- star hotel is surrounded by beautiful wineries, ski hills, and snow sleds. The 67 acres of land have a variety of activities and seasonal mini-adventures. Kids can enjoy their day at the playground reserved for them.

Visitors can have a great swim in the pools and relax in the hot tubs in the area. They can also admire the amenities and facilities the high maintenance staff provides.

The scenic Okanagan Rail Trail runs alongside the Holiday Park RV of Duck Lake. This trail leads to places worth exploring in the north, such as Wood Lake, Kalamalka Lake, Oyama, and Kangaroo Creek Farm.

2. Orchard Hill RV Park

The agri-tourism park Orchard Hill RV is one of the famous places for Kelowna camping. The 13 acres of land have a tranquil environment filled with orchards, vegetable fields, extraordinary walnut trees, and beautiful gushing Glenmore Valley.

Orchard Hill RV

The immaculate farmland of downtown Kelowna is an ideal setting for camping. At a distance of 10 to 20 km, there are wineries, beaches, and golf courses. Fresh produce from the place is available for sale for breakfast. Dogs are allowed, and they, too, have enough space to play.

Camping in kelowna comes with a spectacular view of the valley and also provides all the essential amenities like cable and WiFi.

This well-cleaned and maintained Orchards Hill RV Park is close to Okanagan. Only adults above the age of 13 are permitted entry. No tenting is allowed here.

The famous attractions near Orchard Hill RV Park and Farm are Okanagan Foodie Tours, Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure, and Xperience Kelowna Escape.

3. Canyon Farms RV Park

Canyon Farms RV Park gives an excellent experience of country life as it is situated on the edge of rural East Kelowna. It carries out multiple agricultural activities and, as a result, has a variety of fruits, berries, vegetables, and large poultry.

Canyon Farms RV Park

As you wander away from the farm, you come across the scenic Canyon Regional park entrance, which leads to 17 km Mission Creek Greenway. It depicts the scenic landscape abounding with flora and fauna and the captivating beauty of Layer Cake Mountain.

The Kettle Valley Railway has a historic and scenic beauty further up the Canyon Farms RV, the Myra Canyon. It offers a wonderful view of Lake Okanagan and Okanagan valley.

The wooded forest of Canyon Farms RV Park is best suited for hiking and biking. One of Canada’s best 18-hole championship golf courses, the Gallagher’s Canyon Golf and Country Club, is in front of this campground.

Canyon Farms RV Park is a perfect location for Kelowna camping as it provides all the basic amenities among the four walls of nature.

4. Apple Valley Orchard & RV Park

Apple Valley Orchard is one of the best agri-tourism destinations in British Columbia and is suitable for Kelowna Camping. This camping ground has the best RV hookups, and the orchard offers u-pick seasonal fruits produce all year round.

Apple Valley Orchard Park is an ideal getaway as it displays a picturesque view of Glenmore Valley and Okanagan Lake. Since Okanagan is well known for wine and wine tasting, you can savor the finest ones here.

Golf courses are located around 10 minutes away, where you can enjoy your golf play.

This campground provides comfortable amenities and is pet-friendly. It is a family-oriented ground, so both kids and adults have a great time.

5. Kelowna Urban Farm and RV Park

Kelowna camping can be best enjoyed at the latest upgraded RV destination, the Kelowna Urban Farm and RV Park. It is located only a few minutes from the city center, making it special.

The RV experience offered at this park is enthralling as it is surrounded by the serenity of nature and agricultural land. This prime farmland has vegetables, acres of berries, egg-laying hens, along chicken meat.

Myra Canyon Trestles is a famous tourist attraction in this place. In Kelowna, many beaches and boardwalks are located at a good distance from Kelowna Urban Farm and RV Park. You can go wine tasting at the nearby wineries – Vibrant Vine, SpierHead Winery, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, and Mission Hill Winery.

Kelowna Orchard Park Mall is the perfect place for shopping here.

6. Mission Creek Regional Park

Mission Creek Regional Park, located in central Kelowna, is an awesome family getaway for Kelowna camping. The park’s main gate is at 2363 Springfield Road, near the Springfield and Durnin Roads intersection.

Mission Creek Regional Park -  Oasis of nature in Kelowna - YouTube

This year-round picnic spot has a fishing pond and playground for kids, a Kokanee spawning channel, and Hiking trails. In this park, the hiking trails range from easy to moderate.

Pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash along the trails. Overnight camping, open fires, and smoking are prohibited at Mission Creek Regional Park. Since it is a regional wildlife Park, bears can sometimes be spotted.

The scenic trails alongside the creeks invite visitors for seasonal fishing. Families often return to this clean and well-maintained park to experience the captivating beauty of nature.

7. Scenic View RV Park

The Scenic View RV Park and wonderful camping ground that gives a picturesque view of the countryside landscape are the serene nature of the Glenmore Valley.

The best and easy route is Highway 97 Harvey Avenue, and it has championship golf courses nearby.  A little distance from the Scenic View RV Park, there are the finest wineries in Canada.

At this Kelowna Camping, fishing activities are normal, and it offers thrilling biking and hiking trails. Better WiFi connectivity, water, electrical services, and taxes are all included in the rates of the park.

Ensure that your RV or campervan has a bathroom since there are no washrooms at the park. It is a perfect spot for those scouting for the tranquillity of nature.

8. MacDonald Acres RV Park

For a day out from the bustling city, MacDonald Acres RV Park offers a peaceful yet glamorous setting in the middle of the woods. The 1600 square feet Property has a two-story suite with three bedrooms and a kitchen. The vast site of the RV park is rented on a daily, nightly, and weekly basis.

Well-equipped RV rentals are available on the site. Canvas bell tents are also provided for a better Kelowna camping experience near the lake and mountains under the blanket of stars.

Kempf Orchards and the Okanagan Koi and Water Gardens are the notable attractions of this park. The panoramic Okanagan Lake and the famous wineries are a little further away from this Kelowna camping ground.

The Orchard Park Mall and Kelowna Airport are 15 minutes away from MacDonald Acres RV Park, and the marvelous beauty of the Big White Mountain is at a distance of 25 minutes.

9. West Eagle Campground

Another best Kelowna Camping grounds are West Eagle Campground. The natural aura that lurks around this neat place often grabs the attention of nature enthusiasts.

An easy drive to different wineries makes it an ideal place for wine lovers who get a chance to taste various savory wines without much traveling.

West Eagle owns two Eagles Golf Course and Academy, and it is 1 km away from the campground. The campground is available for tenting and RV hookups. It is a pet-friendly area.

The popular attraction of these campgrounds are Just 4 Fun Playcentre, Westside Go-Karts, and Monet Meets Merlot.

Visitors cherish and instantly fall in love with this campground for its natural setting and available amenities.

10. Knox Mountain Park

Towards the north of Kelowna city is the recreational but natural park known as Knox Mountain Park. Since it is situated near the Okanagan Valley, it has become one of the famous places for Kelowna camping.


This camping ground takes up 369.34 hectares of forest and grassland with wild animals. The ecosystem of this park is fragile, dry, and prone to erosion.

Knox Mountain Park is an ideal picnic destination on the mountain summit and can be reached by car. The trails in this park display a breathtaking view of Okanagan Lake and Kelowna City. Mountain bikers prefer this location that trails past the mountains.

Closing Thoughts

You can also rent RV parks and RV campers; both come with hot showers and flush toilets. Setting up a tent camping and picnic table at the holiday park resort offered at bear creek provincial park is a great way to spend your memorable trip.

Numerous recreational activities such as hiking, pedal biking through the road, cross country and downhill, sightseeing, winter activities, and many more can be experienced here.

Kelowna is a beautiful place in British Columbia for camping and other outdoor adventures. The list of famous places for Kelowna camping will help you find the perfect campground and make your camping trip memorable

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