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10 Reasons to Visit Lake Louise Ski Resort

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, is home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America. Lake Louise Ski resort is a beautiful getaway among the valley of Banff national park.

A great variety of terrains and slopes makes skiing even more exciting. Lake Louise ski resort not only caters to skiers but also encourages more winter and summer sports.

The ski resort has beautiful landscapes, gentle slopes, numerous terrain parks, ten lifts that carry around 14000 skiers every hour. Lake Louise ski resort offers comfortable accommodations at the resort and fine dining with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Lake Louise Ski, Banff National Park Guide For You

Address: 1 Whitehorn Rd, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0, Canada

Phone: +1 403-522-3555

Website: Lake Louise Resort Website


Situated in Alberta, Lake Louise ski resort is near the Calgary international airport, lake Louise, and the town of Banff. Covering four mountain faces, the resort is located on the slopes of the Slate Range.

There is a lot of choices for accommodation, a variety of packages, and lodge options for the guests. With spectacular views, this is a perfect place to enjoy the winter and summer with your family.

There is a ski area for all ability levels, events hosted by the resort, and a beautiful view of the mountain; the Lake Louise ski resort is a complete vacation package.

Seasons At Lake Louise Ski Resort

Surrounded by four major mountains, Lake Louise ski resort is a treasured gem among the quiet mountains. Although the area with supreme serenity looks heavenly all year along, the resorts are not open year-round.

The Lake Louise ski resort opens around the end of October and closes in May. Receiving 180 inches of snowfall every year, Lake Louise ski resort gets ready for the ski season in the winter and lush green landscapes by the summer.

The resort is a great place to enjoy mother nature, sightseeing, skiing, and other activities. There are several to visit the Lake Louise resort; we can only discuss a few.

10 Reasons to visit the Lake Louise Ski Resort

1. Winter At Lake Louise Ski Area

Lake louise ski resort
Image by Chris Holder on Unsplash 

Winter is the busiest season at Lake Louise resort. One hundred eighty inches of snow every year, Lake Louise has a wide ski area equipped with lift services and other resources for activities.

Tourists have access to the parks during the season. The location of the resort enables the tourist to enjoy mountain tours and ski areas. Guests can rent gear and learn from the instructors of Lake Louise, Alberta.

Snowshoe tours to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Canadian Rockies, sightseeing the beautiful peaks covered with snow in the gondola, sunny tube park, and skiing events to enjoy the snow.

2. Summer At Lake Louise Resort

Lake louise ski resort
Image by Johannes Andersson on Unsplash

Summer is a beautiful experience in the landscapes of these mountains. The summer gondola takes you on a journey to witness one of the breathtaking views of the mountain in Canada.

Spring, wildflowers, wildlife, and fine dining, the summer in Lake Louise, Alberta is a wonderful experience. During summers, the place offers activities for the guests to endure the natural beauty of Banff park.

Hiking trails are open for guests, guided hikes, and a gallery that portrays one of the most magnificent pictures of Lake Louise.

3. Winter Parks

The Lake Louise ski area parks are designed to be a natural playground for skiers, snowboarders, including adults and children.

There are two types of parks at the Lake Louise ski area to fill your vacation fun. The terrain park is for skiing and snowboard to test their adventurous spirits. Sunny tube park is for all.

The terrain park has various parks under it with different levels of obstacles to test your limits. From beginners to professional skiers, all levels of players can test their skills in these parks.

Lake lOuise Ski resort
Image by Jörg Angeli on Unsplash

Terrain Parks

  • Boulevard Park ( Expert level)
  • Easy Street Park (Intermediate level)
  • Triple Bridge Park ( Intermediate level)
  • Elbow park (Beginner level)

These parks are one of the biggest parks in the world with the best design to help you enjoy the snow.

Sunny Tube Park

One of the most enjoyed parks in the area is sunny tube park. Everyone enjoys to the fullest, from adults to children, while sliding in a tube on the natural snow slides.

You can go to the sunny tube park with your family, or enjoy the park with your friends. The sunny tube park brings unlimited fun.

4. Skiing & Snowboarding

Lake louiseski resort
Image by Valmir Maia Junior on Unsplash

Lake Louise is the most famous for skiing as well as for snowboard. The establishment has become the first stop to enjoy the colder months. Amenities offered by Lake Louise enable visitors to enjoy the snow blanket.

Natural Features Of Lake Louise

With a top elevation of 8650 ft and a base elevation of 5400 ft, Lake Louise offers ten lifts to carry riders. With over 160 runs, players can explore endless chutes, remote bowls, long cruising runs, and much more.

Lake Louise ski resort offers diverse terrain to experience the best of snow in Canada. The wide ski area includes everything from expert runs to beginners level.

LAKE LOUISE Ski Resort Mountain Guide SkiBig3 Banff Alberta Canada | Snowboard Traveler

Sports Amenities Offered

The variety of lifts includes six chairs, one triple chair, quads, a gondola, and a carpet lift. The long run-inn in the area is 8km, and riders can choose from 160 runs that are across one of the four mountain faces.

The variety enables everyone from a beginner, intermediate, and even children to enjoy skiing. Many tourists have learned, skied, and made memories at Lake Louise.

Rentals & Ticket Booking

You can rent gear for sports; beginners can sign up for lessons from instructors and book tours. Full-day and half-day lift tickets, sunny tube tickets are available for booking online.

5. Sightseeing

Lake louise ski resort
Image by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash

Being situated at 10,000 ft above sea level, Lake Louise looks heavenly all year round. Covered in white snow, Lake Louise completely freezes in mid-November; frozen lake, white peaks around Lake Louise can truly take your breath away.

The sightseeing is as beautiful in colder weather as it is in summer. During spring, the landscapes grow lush green filled with wildflowers. Sightseeing is an all favorite activity for tourists from all around the world in Lake Louise.

Winter Sightseeing

Snowshoe tours are available during colder months, and these tours cover everything around the place. There are various tours available you can choose according to your comfort.

Snowshoe Tour Offered

Along with Snowshoe tours, sightseeing through gondola is also available. You can see beautiful peaks, glaciers, and landscapes surrounding the region.

Summer Sightseeing

The area takes a new form when summer arrives. The gondola offers one of the most mesmerizing views in Canada.

Along with the beautiful view of the area through a gondola, you can also go hiking on trails to experience witness the beautiful color palette of nature.

6. Wildlife

Lakelouise ski resort
Image by Devon Hawkings on Unsplash

Along with spectacular scenery, Lake Louise is also known for its wildlife. The region is known to be home to many species of animals, including grizzly bears, black bears, moose, mountain goats, elk, deer, lynx, and much more.

Wildlife viewing is only available during the summer season. Along with wildlife viewing, the place also has a wildlife interpretive center.

You can see them roaming in their natural habitat while riding in a gondola above them. It is advised to go looking for them early or evening. These are the timings when they are most active due to the colder weather.

7. Guided Hikes & Hiking Trail

Lake louise resort
Image by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

Lake Louise also offers hiking as one of the summer activities. The hiking trails are between 2.5 km to 1.7 km. Round trips are included, along with hiking trails. Hiking trails are located above the summer gondola and wildlife corridor.

The hiking trails include

  • Kicking horse pass viewpoint ( 1.7 km round trip)
  • Pika trail (2.5 km round trip)
  • Ptarmigan valley viewpoint ( 3.4 km round trip)

You can also book a guided hike. A guided hike helps tourists understand the natural surroundings better.

8. Events

Lake Louise ski resort
Image by Victor Bystrov on Unsplash

Along with activities, Lake Louise ski resort also hosts many events throughout its open season. The establishment plans many exciting events throughout the year. The tourist can always count on these events to make their vacation more memorable.

Upcoming Events Hosted By Lake Louise Ski Resort

Parkway to Pint

Parkway to a pint is a challenge to ride a bike along the bow valley parkway, heading toward Banff park. The challenge states to complete the 58 km with a bike and win a package by banded peak base camp, including free beer 355 ml and a T-shirt.

Beer Vs. Wine Lunch

Held at Whitehorn bistro patio, beer vs. wine lunch provides a four-course meal with Blindman brewing beer and Cedar Creek wine. You are supposed to be put down among beer or wine, which one pairs the best with the food. The one that wins maximum votes wins.

Wintertime Opening Day

Opening day is also one of the upcoming events starting from Oct 29, 9 am. The event includes sports and activities for skiers and other players.

9. Dining

Lake louise ski resort
Image by Matheus Frade on Unsplash

Lake Louise has multiple dining options, including

Summer season Dining Options

Colder Season Dining Options

10. Lodging Packages & Hotels

Lake louise ski resort
Image by Ian Keefe on Unsplash

Along with all the luxuries, Lake Louise does not fail to provide the best lodging packages for its guests.

Lodge & Hotel Options

There are many more options regarding accommodations in Lake Louise.

Lake Louise ski resort is full of excitement, fun, and adventure. With serenity, wilderness escape, adventure, sports, and much more. You can expect to have a great vacation here at Lake Louise ski resort.

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