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Experience Harrison Hot Springs: A Perfect Getaway

A perfect getaway is what everyone needs. The place where everything is available is inside the resort or the getaway hotel. The place has all the safety measures, facilities, relaxation, spa that can help people relax the stress. A resort is a good choice to have a relaxing holiday because it has many facilities and amenities that are available inside the place. If the resort is at a place where the popular attractions are nearby that is a plus point for the travelers. Harrison Hot Springs is a village that has all the popular attractions that a traveler can enjoy and get to know more about the place.

About Hot Springs:

A hot spring is a hydrothermal spring or a geothermal spring is a spring produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater onto the surface of the Earth. By using the shallow bodies of molten rock (magma) or by circulation through faults, the groundwater is heated to hot rock deep in the Earth’s crust.

In any case, radioactive decay is an ultimate source of heat with naturally occurring radioactive elements for the layer beneath the crust. Hot springs water often contains a large number of dissolved minerals. The chemistry of hot springs ranges from acid sulfate springs with a pH as low as 0.8. Some springs contain abundant dissolved iron.

The main purpose of hot springs for humans is relaxation, bathing. Sometimes the doctors advised the patients to use the hot springs as a therapy for about a thousand years. But as the groundwater is heated with the help of minerals therefore sometimes the hot springs can be very hot which can lead to harmful acts.

Hot springs have been used by hand for thousands of years. Mainly it is used for the relaxation process. Hot springs can be found in resorts, hotels, and even people’s houses in the form of hot tubs but not too intensely. Too many excess hot springs can be problematic for humans. Therefore, a proper guide and precautions should be maintained by the people to be safe.

Harrison Hot Springs
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6 Must Visit Places In Harrison Hot Springs:

Harrison Hot Springs is the village of the small community at the southern end of Harrison Lake in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Harrison Hot Springs as the name says is famous for its hot springs and has a population of over 1500 people in the resort community. The village of Harrison Hot Springs has been a small resort community since 1886.

The Harrison Hot Springs resort was quite old-fashioned for years but after the fashion evolved around the community people the Harrison Hot Springs became a famous attraction for hot springs as the tourists came for the nearby attractions like the villages’ spa resort. The population of Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia is increasing day by day.

There are so many attractions like hotels, a sandy beach, a public pool, and a restaurant that serves amazing food, different kinds of spas, pools, and marvelous mountain views. Harrison Hot Springs is a package of so many beautiful attractions that can be enjoyed by travelers. Harrison Hot Springs is worthy of your time and money.

In July, the tourists can enjoy the ten-day celebration of world music and art that Harrison Hot Springs hosts as the Harrison Festival of Arts. The annual outdoor festival consists of free outdoor beach concerts, ticked evening performances, a children’s day, various workshops, and two-weekend art markets.

To reach Harrison Hot Springs the nearest airport to the resort is Vancouver international airport. If the person is from Abbotsforst city or near it, then they can travel through many different means of automobiles which are available like taxi, bus and even plane from Abbotsford international airport.

Hot Springs in Harrison
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1. Harrison Hot Springs Resort:

Harrison Hot Springs Resort is what you call a basecamp for scenic beauty, natural attractions, and outdoor activities of Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Among the gardens on the shoreline of Harrison Lake the pet-friendly rooms, relaxing resort with beautiful charm, modern but best amenities is what a tourist can experience in a Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

Since 1886, the Harrison Hot Springs has become a comfort and healing place for tourists in the form of healing springs spa, hot spring pools, and places that inspire the tourists. The hotels vary from the high budget to the low budget depending upon the travelers. The hotel room is all about comfort and the place to feel safe.

The hotel and hotel rooms have all the facilities that come with a hygiene bathroom, pet-friendly rooms that can make the travellers have a good comfort place. The Harrison Hot Springs Resort is filled with amenities like great spa features, a fitness center, pools, great parking, a public pool, an indoor pool and a park to walk around. Also, the Harrison resort golf course is a very popular and mandatory activity to do in Harrison Hot Springs.

There are guest reviews about Harrison Hot Springs Resort as the hotel room consists of two queen beds super comfy, good air conditioning, an opportunity of spa offer, free WIFI and there is a free cancellation service which is an amazing thing for the travellers. The check-in and check-out process is very smooth with the amazing cooperation of the staff. The check-out time is suitable according to the surroundings.

The Harrison Hot Springs Resort also has fun activities for tourists who want to enjoy to the fullest. Around the resort, there are many tourists sightseeing like Harrison Lake, beach, park, mountain views. Harrison Hot Springs Resort has been taken very seriously about their guests’ safety so the priority of the resort is to give people their best time with a safe and serene feeling.

The foods are the top concern of the travellers but the Harrison Hot Springs Resort gets it all covered very nicely. From the menu of breakfast to lunch and then dinner everything is as according to the travellers. One can order from their hotel room or can eat at the restaurant of the resort or the buffet as per the wish.

The Harrison Springs Resort guests who truly want to get away from the stress, so the resort provides them with the pinnacle of all the relaxation activities like spa, pools, restaurant, beach, shops, and park. The tourists can live or stay the night in luxurious private rooms, villas, or apartments that are provided at Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

Harrison Hot Springs travel guide: The weekend getaway

2. Harrison Lake:

Harrison Lake is the largest lake in the southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia Canada is about 250 square kilometers in area. The Southern end of Harrison Lake is at the resort community of Harrison Hot Springs which is 95 km east of downtown Vancouver which is in the lower mainland, British Columbia. There are three hot springs along the shores of the lake or near it, including near Port Douglas at Clear Creek, a tributary of Silver River, and Harrison Hot Springs.

The Village Centre runs parallel to its southern shore with the Province of Harrison Hot Springs BC, District of Kent, Fraser Valley Regional District, and Sasquatch Provincial Park. Water and weather play an important role in the travellers safety on the water. While going to Harrison Lake make sure to check the area and the latest forecast as a measure of safety.

It is advised by the village people of Harrison Hot Springs that Harrison Lake is known for its unpredictable weather and like many other lakes in Canada, the water of the lake varies throughout the year. The lake offers a serene sandy beach, a beautiful pool, a picturesque park, and fun adventures and water activities along the beach area and there is no limit to the number of the site seen that travelers can enjoy.

The summertime is said to be the most fun time to visit the lake. The lake does not feel crowded with all the tourists and the events that are held during the summertime. The tourists and the local people can enjoy BBQ picnics at the beach or dine out at the patios with the beautiful mountain view and lake views. The nighttime is said to be the best with the cool breeze flowing around.

There is a private bathroom in the hotel near the lake as well as the lakeside which is said to have good hygiene as well according to the guests. There are many business centers near Harrison Lake in Harrison Hot Springs. The business center contains malls, various beaches, a park, pool, fitness center. The Harrison Lake and the various site seen in Harrison Hot Springs, one can spot various vending machines spread out throughout the village community.

The main water sports activity of Harrison Lake is the Jet Skis which is also busy with tourists trying them. If the tourist wants to drive the Jet Ski by themselves, then the diving person’s minimum age should be 19 years with a verified diving license. There are other water sports activities like the bumper boat, boats, and paragliding.

Bald Eagles Festival is known to be one of the most prestigious festivals in Harrison Hot Springs. The month of November is said to be the festival event month because that is the time when the eagles are mostly seen. The Harrison Hot Springs is filled with this event in November and can be seen that the tourists are very excited about it.

Harrison mills are said to be the main point of the bald eagles that can be seen from November to December months and some people carry the camera and look around to see the eagles.

Harrison lake
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3. Harrison Beach Hotel:

Harrison Hot Springs is very famous for its beach and lake atmosphere. So it is mandatory to have a hotel that represents the atmosphere and for the tourists to live up to the name of the place. The Beach hotel is located across the road from Harrison Lake. The hotel is known for its great accommodation like free WIFI in rooms, easy-going check-in as well as check out.

There is a free cancellation policy that is appreciated by tourists. The Harrison Beach Hotel also offers amenities like a gyms center, indoor pool, spa relaxation, a restaurant with delicious food from breakfast to dinner, parking, and the facilities are up to date that every guest enjoys their stay in the hotel.

The hotel also provides a hot tub as well as hot spring pools with seasonal offers at a restaurant. The Harrison Beach Hotel facilities like a pet-friendly room with cooking areas with all the necessary kitchenware for the guests. The rooms have queen beds with proper air conditioning.

There is also a Harrison resort golf course nearby the hotel as well as around the Harrison Hot Springs resort for all the golf lovers. The people from the nearby hotels come along to play the golf game. The Harrison Beach Hotel provides facilities that are suitable for the whole family to come along and enjoy their stay in Harrison Hot Springs as there are activities that are suitable for all age types.

The famous attraction for the tourists to choose the Harrison Beach Hotel other than the Harrison Lake which is across from the hotel is the CanWest Art Gallery which is situated on the lake and beside the Harrison Beach Hotel. CanWest Art Gallery has about forty Canadian fine artisans which are featured in the gallery.

4. The Copper Room:

Every tourist wants to enjoy the vacation from having the best quality hotel rooms to amazing food. So there is a place in Harrison Hot Springs known as The Copper Room which is famous for its traditional fine dining and cocktails with live music and dancing.

The copper room has dinner and drinks after it and live music performed by the bands and a light dance floor for the best experience for the tourists. After seeing Harrison lake beach park it is nice to go to a restaurant that offers so much. The best time is to go at night for a better experience. The food is world-class and there is no complaint about it from the other travelers.

5. Hot Springs Resort Spa:

Who doesn’t want a place where Mother Nature blesses the world with its wonders and natural mineral water? People always find the most relaxing way to remove their stress is a spa. Harrison Hot Springs is famous for its spa and resort with different relaxing activities for the tourists. The main motto of the people is to go and relax their way out.

The Harrison Hot Springs Resort Spa is situated on the Southern shore of Harrison Lake and surrounded by Coast Mountain, the Hot Springs Resort and Spa is the destination of the full-service resort. The resort is famous for its three courses and is a restaurant and a bar, a healing springs spa, and five spring-fed hot mineral pools.

Water is what sustains us, the earth is almost covered with water. So the natural mineral water that comes from the crust of the earth has its way of therapy to heal people by relaxing. That’s why people like going to Harrison Hot Springs as the place is soothing for them. The Springs Resort and Spa has a package from the spa to the whole resort filled with different amenities like a pool, hot springs, beach.

The place where the spa is located is around the whole healing hot springs and has a mountain view from one side and on the other side is just water which looks surreal and beautiful during the day as well as night time. Springs Resort and Spa even have an indoor pool which has its spa with amenities to the fullest. If you are not living in the resort, the public pool is the only way for you and your family to relax in a safe environment.

The Hot Springs Resort Spa in Harrison Hot Springs is said to have a healing power within the springs resort and spa which is filled with geothermal waters containing minerals that are good for the healing of people having problems. In Hot Springs Resort Spa, the tourists will have 24-hour excess in the resort for pools, spa, and the rooms have the best accommodations from queen beds to good conditioning air for the tourists to have the best stay they could have.

In Harrison Hot Springs everything is close to each other as an easily accessible getaway to the resort which is 90 minutes away from Vancouver. At Harrison Hot Springs most hotels have the policy of free cancellation this too is involved in it. The Hot Springs Resort Spa also has an easy check-in and check-out policy. The parking system is said to have great service.

The spa resort also offers on-site dining, a marine with powerboat rental, and free WIFI in rooms. The spa resort also has a large spa bath with a 30-foot high pavilion. The Hot Springs Resort Spa has three outdoor pools, and one pool is about 1,000 square feet for adults only.

Overall the Harrison Hot Springs is said to have great services up to the expectations of the tourists in every hotel and resort-like Hot Springs Resort Spa.

Hot Springs Pool
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6. Harrison Hot Springs Pools:

The Harrison Hot Springs is known for its pools and all the water it is covered in. The tourists while settling in the pool which have all the mineral water in it feels the essence of the natural water and the experience is mind-blowing. The pools are located in every corner of the Harrison Hot Springs from the Harrison Hot Springs Resort to Harrison Springs Resort and Spa.

The pool is said to have medicinal therapy for the people and relaxation they need. That’s why the doctors themselves suggest they visit the place which has a healing mineral water pool. The atmosphere around the pool is so overwhelming to the tourists that they just want to spend their entire time inside the pool, especially at night time it looks very beautiful.

Every pool in the Harrison Hot Springs Resort has a different temperature and the tourists can enjoy it however they want. The indoor pool has a cool temperature which is good for general ache and relaxation. The outside pool has a hot temperature but can be cooled down to 32-35 degrees C for the tourists to sit in.

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Top 7 Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs:

1. If you are a person who likes hiking then you can go in search of natural hot springs.

2. You can rent a BBQ boat with your friends and family and enjoy it in the middle of the water.

3. A good sunshine ray with you on Harrison Lake is a good relaxation time.

4. You can learn natural healing power in Harrison Hot Springs.

5. A visit to Sasquatch Provincial Park is a must.

6. You can pay a visit to the art galleries around the village.

7. Without stepping inside the public pool your vacation cannot be completed.

Final Note

Nobody wants to miss out on the place where everything comes in a package. The main point for anybody to go for a vacation is to remove all the stress and relax the whole time. The Harrison Hot Springs is all about people’s needs. The healing water is the main attraction for the tourists as well as everything that Harrison Hot Springs provided to their tourists from a different hotel, lake, pool, facilities, spa in which tourists can come and enjoy to their fullest.

The activities in Harrison Hot Springs are never enough for the tourists to not visit it again. From hiking to boating the tourists want to experience everything. From day to night every time the place is lit up it feels like a homey vacation.

A place that can be suggested to go is Harrison Hot Springs and a reminder to go again because it is the perfect getaway a person should never forget.

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