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Explore the Largest Indian Buffet in Vancouver: Experience the Taste of India

There are many varieties of Indian food present In Indian buffet Vancouver, Canada. Whenever one wants to feel the burst of various flavors in their mouth, the best cuisine to go for is Indian cuisine. The amazing part about Indian food is that you can find it worldwide now.

So that we don’t have to visit India specially to experience that, instead, you could visit a nearby Indian restaurant in your area, which we guarantee that you will find. There is a wide variety of veg and non-veg food that anyone can enjoy according to their taste and preference.

Some famous dishes include butter chicken, lamb curry, tandoori chicken, naan tandoori, fish curry, mango lassi, shahi paneer, gulab jamun and much more. If you love authentic food, then you sure will love Indian food as well.

Indian food is immensely tasty because it is a blend of various spices mixed which makes the food extremely aromatic. Its presence is widely spread amongst many countries. But it is highly popular in some countries like the US, South Korea, France, Thailand and more. Such Indian cuisines have Indian buffets. In this article, you will see the largest Indian buffet in Canada, Vancouver.

largest indian buffet Vancouver
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1. Largest Indian Buffet in Vancouver

Restaurants which serve a wide variety of buffets are nothing less than heaven. Entering into a place where you can find numerous dishes which are well-presented and gives out an aroma which you can never forget instantly lights up the mood of a person.

And these qualities could be found none other than in Tandoori flame restaurant. Which is the largest Indian buffet in North America. Let’s find out how this restaurant gained its deserved rank and recognition among the people of Vancouver, Canada.

1.1. Tandoori Flame Restaurant

North America's Largest Indian Buffet - Tandoori Flame Dinner

The largest Indian buffet in Vancouver, Canada is Tandoori flame restaurant. They offer their customers a wide range of dishes, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and have a spacious dining area and an incredible vibe to the place.

The Tandoori flame restaurant is a popular restaurant in Vancouver that offers a variety of Indian dishes. The quality of the restaurant’s food and service can vary based on individual experiences, but it is generally well-regarded by customers for its diverse menu and flavorful dishes.

The Tandoori flame restaurant offers a buffet section as one of their dining options. The restaurant is a popular choice among diners looking for a diverse and flavorful meal. The restaurant provides a unique dining experience to the customers with an undescribed ethnic taste.

The restaurant serves more than 150 items in its “Grand Indian buffet” section. From street food to organic and vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The restaurant is located on Scott road in the north delta. The restaurant can seat up to 450 customers at a time.

The restaurant is a family-run restaurant owned by the Gulati family. Aman Gulati, Gajendra Prabhjot, and Shraye. The restaurant has the capacity to hold over 500 customers. The taste promises the customers to eat such delicious items with a mouth-watering experience.

If you ever want to experience and taste a wonderful experience and a delicious feast. The Tandoori flame restaurant is the place for you. Here is the website to book your reservation now.

1.2. New India Buffet Restaurant


New India buffet is a restaurant plus bar located in Vancouver. The restaurant has over 70 items in the buffet menu section. Which is immensely tasty and is approved to eat. The restaurant isn’t the largest Indian buffet in Vancouver, but they have a good variety of food and curries.

They have the option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes which you can select based on your own preference and taste. The restaurant has an affordable price with great taste. It has the option of dining in and takeout. So, if you ever want to eat Indian food but not dine in you can always takeout.

The restaurant has a great interior, and it can seat up to 200 people inside. Not just the restaurant but they also have a bar if you ever want to catch a drink and watch a match. Coming to the drinks they start the night off with a mango lassi which will cool you down after eating all that Indian spice.

Compared to the Tandoori flame restaurant they don’t boast much but they do have great varieties you can go for. Each time you can go for something new in the line of the buffet. The New India buffet is a great option for an affordable rate of Indian buffet with an immensely amazing taste. Highly recommended for those who would like to try new food and new experiences. Here is the website to book your reservation now.

2. Tandoori Flame Restaurant VS New India Buffet Restaurant

Since both restaurants are serving quality food. So, let’s put it under a comparison to know which turns out to be the best.

2.1. Seating Arrangement

While Tandoori flame restaurant can seat up to 500 plus customers in one go, the New India buffet can only seat 200 customers at a time. Sometimes serving fewer customers in a go can turn out to be efficient for improving the service rate as there are fewer customers to focus on.

2.2. Food Variety

Having a wide variety of food helps everyone. To choose the dish which matches their taste and preference. And even it is a good option for picky eaters. And this wide variety you can find in Tandoori flame restaurant where they serve more than 150 dishes.

Whereas the New India buffet serves around 70 dishes. Well, both are good options. When there is a variety, it is a good option for everyone to choose food to their taste. When having less variety, it is usually expected that each dish is prepared with a detailed orientation which can result in better taste.

2.3. Taste

According to the taste both restaurants are on top. If you review both restaurants, you will see that both of them are having a unique and acquired taste. The tandoori flame restaurant has a different taste to every different dish.

Whereas the New India buffet has a unique taste for all. All in all, both restaurants are having a mouth-watering taste which will boost your mood. Both restaurants are affordable for certain people, but Tandoori flame restaurant might be a little higher.

2.4. Ambience

The ambience and vibe of both places are amazing. The tandoori flame restaurant is really huge, and the vibe is just awesome. Coming to New India buffet restaurant.

It is an astounding vibe with a bar to catch a drink after eating all the Indian spices and even watch a game if you would like to. The ambience and vibe of both restaurants are extraordinary.

indian buffet vancouver
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2.5. Service

Seeing the reviews of both restaurants, people love it by far. All the reviews mostly review it saying that the service is amazing, but of course, it is based on every individual’s own experience and what service they get served with.

2.6. Hygiene

Hygiene basically depends on your luck sometimes. When you are reading the reviews of both restaurants you can see that some people will review the hygiene as amazing while some will have no luck. You can go and experience it yourself and maybe write a review about it to help others too.

Concluding the comparison between both restaurants we can see that both restaurants are unique and amazing in their own way. Depending on reviews we can’t really compare which one is better. It is better when we go as an individual and experience it.

When going to a restaurant these are the 6 main important things which most of us look for. As everybody needs comfort and a green tick on all these 6 main important things we look for. In our opinion, Tandoori flame restaurant takes the dub.

Coming from the taste to the ambience and the variety. Whereas the New India buffet is also very eye-catching and amazing with a restaurant plus bar. We recommend trying both restaurants based on your own taste and preference and individual experience.

3. Are Indian Food Buffets Worth the Price and Taste?

Indian food is arguably very expensive, but it is worth the price and taste. The flavour and taste you get from the Indian spices when you taste the food. You will know why Indian food is very overrated. It always has a unique taste and fabulous aroma. The food quality of Indian food is highly worth it.

Foreigners love Indian food because of its vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and the immense taste of all the spices mixed to form curries which are mouth-watering and tasty. From street food to chaat and from grand Indian dinners with a variety of dishes Indian food is known as the best.

Coming to the Indian buffets, Indian buffets are always having a huge line of a variety of foods. Indian food has an authentic taste to its food. People’s love for Indian food cuisine is only growing. Since the 18th century, it has been everyone’s favorite type of food.

indian buffet vancouver
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4. Final Thoughts

Indian food is very special in its own way. Indian restaurants are now spreading worldwide, and people are craving to taste all the spices and appetizing food. In this article, you saw the largest Indian buffet in Vancouver, Canada.

Although the restaurant is not halal for those who are looking for halal food. But for those who would like to try out the astounding delicious Indian food in the largest Indian buffet in North America. The tandoori flame restaurant is the go for you.

Coming to The New India buffet restaurant plus bar in Vancouver, Canada. This restaurant is also not halal. But if anyone wants to experience a bar with a restaurant with an affordable rate and delicious seasoning of food. This restaurant is also the go for you.

Although many people love Indian food it is known to be quite spicy than other countries’ food. Indian food consists of many local ingredients. You can grab Indian food at a nearby Indian restaurant which can also be Tandoori flame restaurant and New India restaurant.

You can also make reservations at both restaurants. Indian food is all-natural, and you can visit many Indian food restaurants. The services of both restaurants depend on an individual own experience. But from the reviews of both restaurants, we can assure you that you will have a good time.

indian buffet vancouver
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India is very rich in taste. And Indian food is cooked with focus and with the right amount of everything. It is the feeling you get when you eat your own homemade food. Indian food buffets in Vancouver, Canada also have delivery. Canada is a place where many Indian people live.

And it is a must for Indian restaurants to be available there. And you have found it in Canada, Vancouver. Book your reservation at Tandoori flame restaurant and New India buffet restaurant plus bar now.

We can ensure that you will the atmosphere there and you will be very comfortable with the friendly service you get served with. Indian food is all worth it and you should try it out if you haven’t already tried it out. It might be a bit spicy, but we can work it out with a mango lassi after.

Try out the Indian buffet in Vancouver now at your nearby Indian restaurant and enjoy the traditional and authentic taste of the specialty of Indian food.

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