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Discovering the Manitoba Museum: 8 Captivating Details

Museum architect Herbert Henry Gatenby Moody of Moody and Moore completed construction near City Hall in 1965, 17th century.

The museum’s mission is to preserve, interpret, and disseminate Manitoba’s history, culture, and environment via the collection, study, latest space discoveries, space program, and exhibition of artifacts, documents, giant tracks, and data (including its Planetarium and Science Gallery show).

In 1994, the Manitoba- museum received the greatest corporate grant when the Hudson’s Bay Company gave the museum its historic collection dating back 300 years, along with supporting cash. The Canadian Institute of Stained Glass has cataloged the stained glass at the Manitoba -museum.

In 1996, work began on a new wing on the museum’s eastern side to accommodate this collection. In September 1998, the wing would open to the public, and on May 2, 2000, the Hudson’s Bay Archives would welcome the public.

Artifacts at Manitoba -Museum

MEME, 23/6/12, Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba- Museum is home to over 2.9 million items and specimens relating to Manitoba’s human and natural history. These are shown to visitors in nine different museum galleries with an exploring science zone, imaginative children’s shows, lake Winnipeg, interactive multimedia experiences, engineering skills, and corresponding explanatory materials.

These exhibits take visitors on a journey through the province’s past and present, from the Arctic coast in the north to the prairie plains in the south. Exhibits shown in these halls include nine interpretive galleries:

Manitoba museum
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Bristol Museum & Art Gallery in England is huge. The museum is located in Clifton, 0.5 kilometres from the city center. Bristol Culture runs it for free.

The national government protects excellent museums with recognized museum status. Geology, Eastern art, Bristol history, and English delftware are the collections. One of sixteen Arts Council England Major Partner Museums since January 2012.

The museum features natural history and local, national, and international archaeology. Many renowned painters and current Bristol artworks are at the art gallery.

2. Welcome, Galleria! (renewed 2021)

Manitoba museum
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Alloway Hall, added to the museum in 1995 by Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Inc. to make room for more temporary exhibitions, took up a substantial portion of its courtyard and Main Street entrance. Alloway Hall doubled in size in 2017 with a 4,000-square-foot addition, increasing the total usable area to 9,750 square feet (906 m2).

The Canadian federal and provincial governments, together with The Winnipeg Foundation, paid for the whole CA$5.3 million project. Modern lighting fixtures and windows measuring 13 feet in height provide stunning panoramas of Steinkopf Gardens and the Manitoba Centennial Centre.

3. Museum of Earth’s Past (1973)

The big plan for a museum to depict Manitoba’s human and environmental history was finished when the Parklands / Mixed-Woods Gallery opened in September 2003. The “Touch the Universe” gallery was replaced by the “Science Gallery” in 2008. The proposed structure would have stood apart from the Manitoba- Museum.

With the ‘Bringing Our Stories Forward’ gallery renovation project, the Nonsuch Gallery received updates and improvements in 2018. The gallery will reopen on the 350th anniversary of the Nonsuch’s trip to Hudson Bay in 1668.

4. Winnipeg Gallary (2019)

Manitoba museum
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The Winnipeg Gallery, the museum’s first new permanent exhibition space since 2003, opened on November 1, 2019. The Manitoba- Museum was also working on updating its aging HVAC system in 2019.

The Manitoba has been providing virtual tours and activities, such as the weekly ‘DOME@HOME’ session with Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young, every Thursday at 7 p.m. since 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions in Manitoba.

5. Art from the Prairies (2021)

RE ORG Canada (Prairies and North) 3-day Workshop - 2019 at the Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg (MB)

The Prairies Gallery’s opening on April 8, 2021, marked the end of the museum’s $20.5 million ‘Bringing Our Stories Forward’ Capital Renewal Project, which also included the renovation of the museum’s Nonsuch Gallery and the construction of its new Winnipeg Gallery. The project also included the renovation of the museum’s Boreal Forest Corridor and its Welcome Gallery.

Fossils from the Ordovician Sea, which covered Manitoba 500 million years ago, are on exhibit at the Earth History Gallery to illustrate the province’s geological past. Giant trilobites, plesiosaurs, and mosasaurs all lived in what is now Manitoba, Canada, over 80 million years ago, and their fossils serve as indicators of the region’s geological history and progression.

6. Polar and Subarctic Art Exhibition (1976)

The Nonsuch Gallery is where the museum’s most famous artifact is: a full-scale model of the ship that sailed in 1668 and ultimately inspired the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) creation. After the ship “docks,” the remainder of the Nonsuch Gallery recreates a scene from a harbour in 1669 Deptford, England.

On November 1, 2019, the Winnipeg Gallery opened to tell the narrative of the city’s growth over the previous century, combining Indigenous heritage with Manitoba’s 150 years of immigration.

Winnipeg’s stained-glass city emblem, formerly housed in the historic “gingerbread” City Hall and has not been seen publicly since the 1960s, is featured in this building.

On April 8, 2021, the Plains Gallery opened, intending to illustrate the geological evolution of the prairies in Manitoba. It explores the interdependence between humans and the flora, fauna, and fungus, the ultimate dinosaurs that inhabit the area. The Museum’s Newcomers to Manitoba Community Engagement Team and the Museum’s Indigenous Advisory Circle collaborated on the development of this exhibition.

7. Planetarium

The Provincial Museum of Manitoba On May 15, 1968, the Planetarium first opened its doors. The live programming at the Planetarium consists of pre-recorded visual sequences of the sky and space, as well as commentary and question-and-answer parts from the show presenter.

Full dome performances often include a section of a live show before or after the film is shown. These shows are designed to appeal to families with young children.

At each display, the scientific principles underlying the experience are explained.

In 2016, the Science Gallery underwent some renovations and welcomed two brand-new permanent displays. The Brickyard, where you may construct using LEGO bricks. The Engineered for Speed Racing Track exhibit allows guests to design and build their toy race vehicles, which they can then use to compete against those built by other guests at the Engineered for Speed Race Track.

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