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Mount Logan: 7 Fascinating Facts You Should Know!

Mount Logan is located in Canada. It is Canada’s highest peak and highest point to date. Mount Logan named after Canadian geologist Sir William Edmond Logan, stands the second highest peak.

Geological National Park Reserve, or GSC, was founded by Sir William Edmond Logan. In the southwest of Yuken, Mount Logan is situated within Kluane National Park Reserve, set less than 45 kilometers of the Yukon Alaska border in the North.

The main source of this Mountain is Logan and Hubbard glaciers. It is believed that Mount Logan has the largest base circumference of any other non-volcanic mountain on Earth.

Since the active tectonic plate below the mountain is uplifting, Mount Logan continues to rise in height. Before the year 1992, it was estimated that the height of this mountain ranged from 5,959 meters to 6050 meters.

Gerald Holdsworth, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Afterward, a GSC expedition team climbed the Mountain, and using GPS; the expedition team announced the actual height or elevation of Mount Logan is 5,959 meters (that is 19551 feet). Talking about the climatic condition and weather, the temperature is extremely low, and it is covered by glaciers all around. This is why glacier travel is very common in this beautiful Mountain.

The summit plateau of this mountain is 5000 meters high. In the winter season, the temperature above there is -45 degrees Celsius or -49 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice cap is formed due to the melting of snow, which reaches up to 300 meters above sea level. It is considered that Mount Logan massif has all the other peaks less than 500 meters or 1640 feet. They are:

  • The main peak of Mount Logan is 5,959 meters high.
  • Philippe Peak, set on the West, is 5,925 meters high.
  • Logan’s East Peak is 5,898 meters high.
  • Houston’s Peak is 5,740 meters high.
  • Prospector Peak is 5,644 meters high.
  • AINA Peak is 5,630 meters high.
  • Russell Peak is 5,580 meters high.
  • Tudor Peak, set on Logan’s North Peak, is 5,559 meters high.
  • Saxon Peak, set on the Northeast, is 5,550 meters high.
  • Queen Peak is 5,380 meters.
  • Capet Peak, set on the Northwest, is 5,250 meters high.
  • Catenary Peak is 4,097 meters high.
  • Teddy Peak is 3,956 meters high.

The first ascent to Mount Logan is the Alpine Club of Canada. Subsequent attempts and ascents made by include:

  • On July 19, Gil Roberts, Don Monk, and three others reached the summit.
  • The first ski made was in 1967 in this mountain by Daniel C. Taylor in two-stage of the Kluane Glacier.
  • Rene Bucher, Jay Page, Fred Thiessen, Frank Baumann, and Dave Jones reached the summit in 22 days.
  • Roger Hurt, George Sievewright, Jon Waterman, and Steve Davis reached the summit in 27 days.
  • John Wittmayer, John Wittmayer, John Howe, Paul Kindree, and Michael Down reached the summit 22 days on June 19.
  • John Lauchlan, Jim Elzinga, Alan Burgess, and Raymond Jotterand reached the summit in 15 days, 30 June and 1 July.

Many other people reached the summit, but the above mentioned are some famous groups of personalities who reached the summit in a limited time. You can also reach the summit, but the expedition will be long for you.

Instead of preferring Mount Logan, you can prefer Other peaks or mountains such as King Peak, the fourth highest peak in Canada. The high altitude and the ridge of Mount Logan are very tough. The rescue team may not help you in a difficult situation.

Expeditions are experienced by many in different ways to Logan Mountain. Therefore you need to be very careful in terms of climbing and your insurance. The best way is to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Logan Mountain by taking a flight. This may cost a high, but the expeditions will be worth it.

You will find to enjoy every outdoor activity at a very effective cost. So your expeditions will be worth the value.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Lesser-Known Mount Logan Facts

Mount Logan is beautiful and is visited by millions of people each year. But there are many interesting facts you are unaware of. Any barely knows facts about Mount Logan. So if you are looking for Mount Logan, the facts listed below are the fascinating and lesser-known facts about the beautiful Logan Mountain.

1. King Trench Route

It is considered that the King Trench Route is the fastest and easiest way to reach the summit of Mount Logan. You can prefer many other routes, but according to the hikers, they prefer you to follow the King Trench route. They say you need not take any rescue team. You can climb the peak even alone.

2. Non-Polar Ice Field

Mount Logan
image source- Zhaocan Li, pexels

In the world, Logan Mountain is part of a large-scale non-polar ice field. The non-polar glacier is found at the top of this mountain. This is the reason for the formation of snow and very low temperature at the summit and summit plateau. Tourists enjoy the base Of the mountain. Base camp is very ordinary tourists prefer.

3. Climatic Condition

Mount Logan
image source- eberhard grossgasteiger, pexels

The climatic condition near Logan Mountain is very low. The Mountain is covered by glaciers all around. This is why glacier travel is very common in this beautiful Mountain. The summit plateau of this mountain is 5000 meters high.

In the winter season, the temperature above there is -45 degrees Celsius or -49 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice cap is formed due to the melting of snow, which reaches up to 300 meters above sea level.

4. Base Circumference

Mount Logan
image source- Emre Can Acer, pexels

The circumference of Mount Logan is the largest among any non-volcanic mountain present on Earth. The base of the mountain is very large. It is situated in Kluane National Park.

Base camp is very common, and you will be able to see camping every year. Many tourists prefer Base camp due to the moderate temperature compare to the temperature above.

5. Ice Plateau

Mount Logan has numerous summits that rise almost above the snow. This is because the ice Plateau at the top of the mountain is still rising and extends up to 19 kilometers.

Very few tourists are attracted to the plateau. This is why very few groups of people have only climbed Mount Logan through 13 different routes.

6. Location

Logan Mountain is set in St Elias Mountain of Yukon T’s. St Elias Mountain is the largest block mountain in the whole world. Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon.

7. First Ascent To Mount Logan

Mount Logan
image source- Flo Maderebner, pexels

H.F. Lambert and A.H. MacCarthy are the first two climbers who reached the top of the mountain on June 23, 1925. The expedition was hard, and they took the Kings Trench Route.

Geological Survey Of Canada

Mount Logan
image source- Daniel Joseph Petty, pexels

The Geological Survey of Canada is part of the federal Canadian government. This agency is responsible for controlling surveys in terms of geological and environmental effects in Canada. The survey develops the environment and Canada’s natural resources.

Every person or member of this survey is responsible for any dispute. The Geological survey operates 14 network which is under magnitude observations all over Canada. They are:

  • Labrador and Newfoundland: St. John’s
  • Ontario: Ottawa
  • Manitoba: Churchill, Brandon
  • Alberta: Meanook
  • British Columbia or BC: Victoria
  • Northwestern Territories: Yellowknife
  • Nunavut: Sanikiluaq, Resolute Bay, Iqaluit, Eureka, Cambridge Bay, Baker Lake, Alert

Kluane National Park

Mount Logan
image source- Cinimod Photo, pexels

Kluane National Park is a reserved park set on the territory of the city of Yukon. This park was established in 1972. Kluane National Park became the national park in 1993. The park borders British Columbia, also known as BC.

The park reserve borders Alaska in the United States and British Columbia, also known as BC. Kluane National Park also reserves Canada’s highest peak called Mount Logan. The glacier and the mountain cover 83% of the area of the park. This is why trees grow at the ground level of the park.

The main trees present in this park are trembling aspen, balsam poplar, and white spruce. Activities to do in Kluane National Park are Rafting in Kluane lake, Hiking, boating in Mush Lake and Kathleen Lake, fishing, and many more exciting things you can do in Kluane National Park.

Fauna in this park includes bald and golden eagles, rock ptarmigan, arctic ground squirrel, mountain goats, Wolverine, beaver, Dall sheep, red fox, marmot, snowshoe hare, muskrat, Yukon Moose, caribou, river otter, Lynx, mink, coyote, bear, and Yukon wolf. In 1979, UNESCO declared the Kluane National Park as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Kluane National Park is beautiful, with different types of flora and fauna. Tourists too, enjoy the Kluane National Park and perform different types of outdoor activities. The icefield and ridge of the mountain enter a park. There are many mountains in Canada, but no other mountain has such a beautiful view which includes a park.

Kluane Lake is very beautiful. Therefore it is suggestive to make a trip to the park for spending your vacation with family and friends. You can ski, perform climbing to Canada’s highest point. Tourists sometimes sit along the lake and enjoy the beautiful view.

The park does not allow any reserve vehicles. You can make a group and tour this amazing Kluane National Park. Your visit to this place will make your day more worthwhile, enjoyable, and even memorable.

Mount Logan is one of the most beautiful mountains you will ever visit. The high altitude of this amazing mountain gives the perfect view of Canada. Very few people have overcome the high altitude of this mountain, but there are many other peaks you can reach and enjoy. In North America, Mount Logan is the best place to visit all around the year.

Climbing this mountain is not much tough. But due to the high expedition, the trip would be very hard. You can even make the team and trip this Logan mountain. You can even ski and have fun with your group. Skiing is one of the most common activities to do on this mountain.

You can trip to other peaks of the mountain and ski there as well. Canadians prefer this mountain to enjoy the snow and ski a lot. You will also see many climbers mountaineering and resting in camps. They climb through different routes. The elevation of the mountain is very high.

Mountaineering is not as easy as it seems to be. For beginners, training is a must before any activity. Without training, you cannot do any activity in the glacier. The topmost point of the mountain is Mount Logan, whose altitude is rising still now. Climbers train themselves every day.

The climbers are usually Canadian. The Kings Trench route is said to be the easiest route to climb. If you are determined to climb and trip the mountain for miles, you must take equipment with you. In an emergency, you will need equipment for climbing, such as gear, tents, and many more.

That equipment will support you to climb at any elevation. Skiing, mountaineering, and camping are all activities you can do every year. Contact the person who is in charge of these activities for a better experience. For more information and data, you can search and visit the official site of Mount Logan.

There you will find links that will help you through your journey. Your expeditions through the mountain will be great. Located to the western side of the massif, skiing is mostly performed there. There are few remote places of Logan Mountain, but you will be aware of this as soon as you visit. So Canadians, grab your gear and get to visit Mount Logan this year.

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