10 Best Family Vacation Spots In Montana

10 Best Family Vacation Spots In Montana 1

We all love going to amazing places for vacation. But do you know where to go with your family? Here is an article on some of the best family vacation spots in Montana. The state of Montana is magnificent and is also family-friendly because of many reasons.

There are beautiful destinations here, like a world museum that displays dinosaur fossils. There are several national parks and state parks that are worth your time and money. You can find some of the best family vacation spots in Montana. Sleigh rides, hiking, and skiing – everything is amazing in the state of Montana.

When you visit these amazing family vacation spots in Montana, you might also get a tour at reasonable prices too! This article will throw light on some of Montana’s prepossessing places Montana as well as amazing outdoor adventures.

10 Best Family Vacation Spots In Montana

Montana is undoubtedly a wonderful place. However, when it comes to family vacation spots in Montana, you might want to choose places that go with the taste of your family.

Here is a list of the top 10 best family vacation spots in Montana.

1. Whitefish- One Of The Most Amazing Family Vacation Spots In Montana

This resort town is located in the rocky mountains of Montana. It has beautiful places like the glacier national park and other amazing attractions. There are also many family resorts in Montana.

The Whitefish Mountain Resort is also an amazing place to stay at.

Whitefish has many other things that you can surely explore with your family.

1. Food

This place has really good places to eat. Some of the best places to eat at Whitefish are-

1. Boat Club Restaurant

The Boat Club Restaurant is one of the best in terms of food. If you have gone to Montana to relax and eat, you must try this one! This restaurant is famous for the food and for the scenic view that you can see through its windows.

2. Loula’s Café

This is one of the most famous cafés in Whitefish Downtown. The best thing that Loula’s café offers is a tasty brunch.

2. Shopping – One Thing To Do With Your Family

We all love to go shopping. Here are a few shops that will give you the best products in Whitefish, Montana.

1.Mum’s Flowers

The name itself suggests that this shop is famous for its flowers. You can go and buy some beautiful, fresh and bright flowers for your kids or your parents. The best thing is that there is a huge variety of flowers in Mum’s Flowers.

2. Meriwether

If you want to get gifts for your friends and relatives from Montana, you can come here. This shop will give you the best ideas for buying amazing gifts.

2.  Family Vacation Spots In Montana: Glacier National Park

This is located in Whitefish but is known for its own unique beauty. This is one of the most suitable family vacation spots in Montana. It is magnificent. The glacier-covered places here are totally worth your money and time.

Here are a few awesome things that you can do when you go to this place –

1. Biking And Hiking At Glacier National Park

Biking and hiking are two things that you can enjoy at this incredible place. The best thing is that it is cost-effective and fun as well. The cost of the camping sites begins at $5.

2. Wildlife

This amazing place has some of the best animal species. Children generally enjoy watching animals here. There is also a special $80 pass that includes many activities. Other than that, the entry fee is generally $35.

3. Rock Creek – One Of The Amazing Family Vacation Spots In Montana

One of the next best family vacation spots in Montana is Rock Creek. This is another place with prepossessing natural beauty and uncountable adventurous activities.

Rock Creek Montana

Photo by James St. John/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

Fly fishing is something that is really famous here. You must try it if you visit Rock Creek with your family. This place also has some perfect places to stay.

The river is divided at many places on the basis on the amount of fish that can be found there. It would help if you chose yours wisely.

The roads around Rock Creek are great for traveling. They have a scenic view. There is also a lodging place at Rock Creek where events can also be organized as per your wish. You can have an amazing time at this place.

4. Places In Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls is another alluring place in Montana. You cannot miss out on the Great Falls if you go to Montana. The tours in the city are great and reasonable as well.

The Great Falls Park can have a perfect time. You can spot out some of the earliest canals of the nation.  There are 3 falls that you can view. This park opens at 7 am every day and is open till dark.

The waiting time can extend up to 45 minutes. The parking place starts getting full from 10:30 or 11 am. It is, thus, better to plan your trip well in advance.

It is located near the Missouri River. You can also go and enjoy the Missouri river when you go to Great Falls, Montana.

5. Enjoy Adventures At Big Sky

Big Sky is a place located on the South side of beautiful Montana. It is a must-visit family destination of Montana.

This place is particularly known for its adventurous activities. Young children, as well as adults, enjoy these adventures at Big Sky, Montana.

6. Family Vacation Spots In Montana – Cut Bank

Cut Bank at Montana is a stunning place to visit with your family. It has a glacier museum, which is worth watching. There are some amazing outdoor sports and entertainment that you and your family will surely enjoy.

Bird watching and camping are two very famous things that you can do at Cut Bank, Montana. You will be surprised to know that this place also offers some great events.

There are several downtown murals that you can visit when you go to Cut Bank. Moreover, there is an option for outdoor recreation that your family and you will surely enjoy a lot. Boating, waterfowl-hunting, and the Golf and Country club are some things worth trying.

7.  Missoula

Missoula has some of the most amazing places to visit. The best part about this city is that it is among the most beautiful ones in Montana.

It has some exclusive attractions that are enjoyed by a wide range of people. May it be the ghost town adventure or the national parks at Missoula, everything is great.

Missoula Montana

Photo by Emma Smith on Unsplash

You can also enjoy unique flavors of ice-cream and go for a live music show. Touring this town is among the best things that you can do with your family on your visit to Montana.

You can also visit the Carousel for Missoula events if you have some extra time left.

Don’t forget to book the resort at Paws Up for the most relaxing vacation with your family. Missoula is very family-friendly and would not fail to give your amazing surprises.

8. Yellowstone National Park – One Of The Prettiest Family Vacation Spots In Montana

This place is the best for seeing rare wildlife. If you have kids, they will surely enjoy this place. Yellowstone has an amazing range of animals. This is the next best family vacation spots in Montana.

This place has some of the most amazing range of animals to see. However, this place is seasonal and cannot be visited all throughout the year. The best months to visit this national park are June, July, and August.

Planning your trip to Yellowstone is the  best idea. The lodges might get full very soon. One another thing to keep in mind is safety. There are bears all around, and so care must be taken.

9. Paradise Valley – Out Of The Relaxing Family Vacation Spots In Montana

A majestic mountain view is something that you can exclusively get in the Paradise Valley. This place is more of the relaxing family vacation spots in Montana. There are some other things that you can see and do at this place.

You can try dining at the Hermosa Inn. This place is gracious and gives you a perfect feel of vacation. Other than this, there are some family-friendly shops at  Paradise Valley. You can also go to the Paradise Valley Mall, which has a huge play area for your children.

10. The Museum Of Rockies

The Museum Of Rockies

Photo by Tim Evanson/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

When you visit the Museum Of Rockies in Montana, you can see so many historical things. This museum is also deeply related to science. It gives you a glimpse of uncountable events of the past and of the world of science.

Many tourist kids loved this museum. This museum is generally open all over the year except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year. You must carry your passport, visa, and other identification cards with you if you are a tourist.

The Museum of Rockies also has parking so that you can park your vehicles. In case you have a bike, feel free to lock it up on the bike rack.


Montana is one of the best places for road trips. The sun road near the glacier national park is amazing. You can add horseback riding and road trips to your Montana family vacation.

Another thing to add to your list of places is the whitewater rafting, Lewis and Clark interpretive center, and the hots springs. These are also some of the best family vacation spots in Montana.

Everyone in the world is busy with their work every day. However, let us not forget about our families and go out with them for trips. We should always take out some time from them.

When we finally go out for trips with our family, we must never compromise on their taste of destinations. Now that you know such amazing family destination spots in Montana go plan a trip with your family now!

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