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What are the Mountain Spots Around Vancouver that are Worth a Visit?

Vancouver,  surrounded by rivers and mountains, is your go-to place for mountain biking trails, hiking areas, major trails, and whitewater activities. It’s also home to some amazing parks like Cypress Provincial Park, Indian Arm, Golden Ears Park, and Mount Seymour Park.

Wildlife refuge like mountain goats, dear, beavers, resident grizzly bears, and various bird species is sure to wow you. And if you’re looking to view them in their full glory, it’s time to explore mountains around Vancouver.

1. Your Top Choices when it Comes to a Day Out in the Mountains

In Metro Vancouver Regional District, we can find about 107 mountains.

Mountains in Vancouver
Picture by Luc Tribolet / Unsplash / copyright 2020

1.1. Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain, the peak of Vancouver, is a part of the North Shore Mountains in North Vancouver and is just 15 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. Its height is about 4100 feet.

The name of this mountain came from the bird sooty grouse which you can see mainly in this region. Visitors can watch a wide variety of wildlife refuges in their natural habitat.

What to Do and See

There are varieties of thrilling outdoor activities in Grouse Mountain throughout the four seasons. Some of them are –  Eye of the Wind, Mountain Ropes, and Ziplines, daily ranger Talks in Grizzly Bear Habitat, Super Skyrides, Theatre in the Sky, live Owl Interpretive Sessions, “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” the Grouse Grind trail, etc.

In winter, you can enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding, Light walks, Sleigh Rides, Snowshoeing, Night Skiing, Outdoor Ice Skating, etc.

Moreover, In the other seasons, you can get the amusement of Skyride Surf Adventures, Birds in Motion Demonstrations, the world-famous Lumberjack Show, Paragliding, the Peak Chairlift Rides, Disc Golf, and many more.

Finally, we can say that Grouse Mountain is the most attractive destination in Vancouver.

Mountains in Vancouver
Picture by Scott Wilkinson / Unsplash / Copyright 2021

1.2. Coquitlam Mountain

Coquitlam, about 16 km away from downtown Vancouver, is situated north of the Fraser River in South Coast region. Its elevation is about 5194 feet and full of natural hazards. Coquitlam Mountain is surrounded by the Coquitlam watershed so it is closed to the public.

1.3. Meslilloet Mountain

Meslilloet Mountain is located in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada, and is the highest point of the Coquitlam Mountain ranges in the Coast Mountains. Its elevation is about 1990 meters.

This is Pinecone Burk Provincial Park’s second-highest peak featuring a steep rise, forested slopes, and glaciers.

The most suitable time to climb Meslilloet Mountain is the month of July to September.

1.4. The Five Fingers

On The divide between the north of Widgeon Lake, Coquitlam Lake, and Pitt Lake are five mountain peaks called The Five Fingers. Those summits are:

  • The Thumb:  1815 m (5955 ft)
  • Middle Finger: 1890 m (6201 ft)
  • The Forefinger: 1741 m (5712 ft)
  • The Ringfinger: 1824 m (5984 ft)
  • The Little Finger: 1732 m (5682 ft)

1.5. Cathedral Mountain

Cathedral Mountain, a part of the Coast Mountain ranges, is located in North Shore Mountain just 25 km away from Vancouver.

This mountain is also not accessible to the public as lies within the Metro Vancouver Watersheds from where drinking water is supplied to the city.

1.6. Mount Seymour

Mount Seymour in Vancouver
Photo by edb3_16 from Depositphotos

Mount Seymour is one of the most popular destinations in the district of North Vancouver, BC. Part of the North Shore Mountain range, Seymour Mountains are situated in Mount Seymour Provincial Park. Its elevation is about 1449 m.

You will get so many things to do here. Some of the enjoyable recreational activities are hiking, skiing, trailing, mountain biking, tobogganing, picnicking, snowshoeing, camping, and many more.

The picturesque vision from the peak of this mountain is truly unmatched. You can get a view of the Coastal Mountain Range to the north, part of the Indian Arm to the east, Vancouver to the south, and Grouse Mountain to the west.

1.7. Mount Bishop

Situated on the northern border of Mount Seymour Provincial Park, Mount Bishop or Fannin Range is one of the most challenging trails in north Vancouver.

The 1509 meters high Mount Bishop got its name from the first president of the BC Mountaineering Club, Joseph Charles Bishop.

1.8. Peneplain Peak

Peneplain Peak is about 1707  meters high and located in the Coquitlam ranges in the coast mountain. The peak is 35 km away from Vancouver.

Pitt River comes from the east slope of this mountain through Widgeon Creek. The best time to climb Peneplain Peak is July to September.

1.9. Cypress Mountain

Cypress Mountain is located on North Shore Mountain and just 30 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. This prominent ski destination of Vancouver is in the southern part of Cypress Provincial Park. On the northern slopes Cypress Mountain Resort manages Ski runs. Plenty of snow in the winter is the main attraction of tourists.

Two categories of the 2010 Winter Olympics, freestyle skiing and snowboarding, were held in Cypress Mountain. You can take experience some overwhelming outdoor recreation here.

Cypress Mountain in Vancouver
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1.9.1. Things to Do in Winter

1.9.2. Things to Do in Summer

  • Axe Throwing
  • Eagle Coaster
  • Dining
  • Scenic Riding

1.10. Crown Mountain

One of the most challenging hiking trails in Vancouver, Crown Mountain is situated behind Grouse Mountain in Lynn Headwater National Park. You can enjoy this mountain’s spectacular view of the Lions, the Capilano watersheds, and the beautiful Vancouver City.

The most suitable time to visit Crown Mountain is July to October.

2. Types of Attraction at the Mountains in Vancouver

There are so many tremendous attractions and eye-catching sight-seeing spots in the Vancouver Mountain area. Some of them are:

  • The North Shore
  • Whistler Golf Club
  • The Fraser Valley
  • The Sunshine Coast
  • Sea to Sky – Whistler
  • West Coast Canyoning Adventure
  • Squamish Rock Guides
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
  • Fazakas Gallery
  • Landsea Tours and Adventure
  • Rockwood Adventure
Mountains in Vancouver
Photo by Jeffrey Eisen/ Unsplash / copyright 2020

You can visit some exciting and spectacular parks and resorts in the Mountains in Vancouver. They are popular for their outdoor activities and peerless natural beauty. Some of them are:

  • Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
  • Mount Robson Provincial Park
  • Kootenay National Park
  • Strathcona Provincial Park
  • British Columbia Ski Resort
  • Yoho National Park
  • Mount Seymour Provincial Park
  • Garibaldi Provincial Park
  • Golden Ear Provincial Park

3. Food and Accommodation

You can enjoy varied cuisine, fine dining, and lavish peaceful staying in the region of the Mountains in Vancouver. A few well-known hotels and restaurants are:

  • Blue Lake Resort
  • Glacier Lodge
  • South Garden Bed and Breakfast
  • Harrison County Club RV Resort
  • John Henri’s Marina and Resort
  • Sunny Side Campus Ground
  • L’Hermitage Hotel, Downtown
  • Shangri-la Hotel, Vancouver
  • Wedgewood Hotel, Downtown
  • Exchange Hotel, Vancouver

4. Visitor’s Guide to the Mountains in Vancouver

Here you get a complete visitor’s guide to exploring Vancouver’s north shore mountains.

mountains in Vancouver
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4.1. What to Know

Before planning your tour, always get updates about current traffic, the visiting hours of the resorts and parks, air travel, provincial health recommendations & orders, and weather forecasts for the next few days from official sites.

As per the latest updates, in most areas of the region, wildfires are prohibited. For a safe and secure journey, be well aware of the responsibilities and protocols of the significant places.

4.2. Plan Your Trip

Vancouver’s north shore mountains are scattered around a vast area. Therefore, you have to plan and define your route map minutely so that you can cover the main attractions and destinations in your limited time.

Be well prepared with the Passport and know how to adhere to the customs etiquette. Keep handy with your Federal Travel Documents and currency.

4.3. How to Reach

  • Rail Route: You can choose any one rail route like Toronto to Vancouver or Edmonton to Vancouver.
  • Air Route: Including some small airports, the main Airport to reach BC is Vancouver International Airport. Helicopter and Seaplane services are also available to reach some islands of Vancouver.
  • Ferris Route: Moreover, the main provider of Ferry service – the BC Ferries, you can utilize Inland Ferries also provided by the BC government free of cost.
  • Electric Vehicles: Currently there are six main networks of electric vehicles available in BC Tesla, ChargePoint, Petro-Canada, BC Hydro EV, Greenlots, and Flo.
  • Bus Services: British Columbia has so many bus services networks like Translinks, Pacific Coach, SNOWBUS, Silver City Stagelines, Ebus, BC Transit, Rider Express, Adventure Charters, etc.

Final Words

If you reach the North Shore, you cannot resist yourself to visit this world-known kingdom of Mountains. The homely hospitality of the mountain resorts, the mind-cooling greeneries of the Provincial Parks, the eye-catching sceneries of the snow-covered mountain peaks, and many more seasonal events of this region can wow you forever. So, what are you thinking?

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