Nakusp Hot Springs: 4 Charming Facts

Nakusp Hot Springs

Hot Springs are a great way to relax your body and mind when it gets too much. The Nakusp Hot Springs offer you the perfect opportunity to do just that, with it’s setting in beautiful British Columbia. The hot springs here are a very well kept secret! You would be stumbling upon something special if you choose to spend some time at the base of the Selkirk Mountains. 

The Nakusp Hot Springs can be compared to the hot springs in the province of Alberta as well. I’m talking about the hot springs in Banff. While Banff is located at the base of the Canadian Rockies, the Nakusp Hot Springs are located at the base of the Selkirk Mountains, in the Kuskanax Valley.

If you live in British Columbia already, then a weekend at the Nakusp Hot Springs can be just what you need to get the spring back in your step. If you live abroad, then a trip to the Kuskanax Valley can be a great way to feed your wanderlust while enjoying the hot springs here.

Let’s take a look at all the things that make the Nakusp Hot Springs worth paying a visit to!

Nakusp Hot Springs: 4 Charming Facts

1. The Hot Spring Pools

Let’s get right into the fun part. The Nakusp Hot Springs are community-owned. They are also operated by the very same community. Much like the hot spring pools in Banff, the view from the hot pools of the Nakusp Hot Springs is quite simply breathtaking. 

The Nakusp Hot Springs claim to have the clearest waters of any mineral spring in the area, and few can challenge that claim.

There are two different pools here, the warm pool and the hot pool. Both the pools are supplied with natural mineral water from the forest, which is a fair distance from the pools themselves. The hot pool is at a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius during the winter and 38 degrees Celsius during the summer.

Nakusp Hot Springs: 4 Charming Facts 1

Fil.Al from Comox, Canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As common sense suggests, the warm pool is kept at a lower temperature than the hot pool. When the hot pool is kept at 41 (winter), the warm pool is kept at a temperature of 38. When the hot pool is at a temperature of 38 (summer), the temperature of the warm pool is 36 degrees Celsius.

The hot pool is the smaller of the two, and its water is recycled every half an hour. The bigger warm pool’s water is changed every two hours. The waters of the Nakusp Hot Springs receive only the basic filtration treatment to ensure that the pool water isn’t harmful to the people who use the service.

A detailed list of the minerals present in the water can be found here.

The cool thing about the Nakusp Hot Springs, in particular, is the fact that they serve their customers pool noodles while they soak themselves.

There are many great lodging facilities around the Nakusp Hot Springs as well, but let’s come back to it later, shall we

2. The Village of Nakusp

Although it’s a very small village, Nakusp has quite a bit to offer. Size only matters so much, you know. It is located on the shores of the Upper Arrow Lake. The Upper Arrow Lake is a part of the Columbia River, which in turn is located in the West Kootenay region of the province of British Columbia.

Nakusp Hot Springs: 4 Charming Facts 2

Kevstan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The village is located at a height of 457 meters or 1500 feet above sea level. It is very thinly populated. This is shown by the stats of the last population count in 2016, which showed that the population of the village of Nakusp was only about 1600 people.

3. Things to Do at Nakusp

While I could only talk about the hot springs in this piece of writing, I do like to think that people won’t spend their entire day in the warm water. Enter: all the other great things that you can do while you’re at the village of Nakusp.

Have a look at the Alpenglow Mountain Escapes near the Nakusp Hot Springs here.

Have a Stroll at Waterfront Walkway

Nakusp Hot Springs

Kevstan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A very short walk from the main street of Nakusp, the waterfront walkway offers an excellent view of the Arrow Lake. While you’re taking a stroll along the walkway, you’ll also have a chance to view the famous Spicer Gardens. You’ll also find beautiful flower beds around the lake that offer the best of the serenity of nature.

Explore McDonald Creek Provincial Park

No, it’s no Jasper or Banff but it doesn’t have to be. That is because the McDonald park is unique in its special way. It is located on the edge of the Arrow Lake and is a brilliant place to go camping or hiking if you’re in the area. It’s very accessible and is also very well maintained by the staff there. It is a 10-minute drive from the village, so you won’t get caught out without supplies.

Learn About Local History

You can visit the Nakusp Tourist Centre for detailed first-hand information about the village. They can also tell you a lot more about the local history of the village. Another step towards learning about the past is paying a visit to the Prima Materia Gallery and the Nakusp Rail Society.

Explore Art

The Studio Connexion Gallery is a great place to check out works from artists across Canada, as well as all across the globe. If you’re looking for a gift shop in the area, then Spiritwood is the best. They have a great collection of baubles, a special type of jewelry, along with greeting cards and the likes.

4. Lodging Facilities

I had you thinking I forgot about the lodging, didn’t I? Well, as it turns out I didn’t.

If you took the advice I gave you and explored all the other awesome things that you can do in the village, then you must be tired and would like a nice, comfy bed for a peaceful nap.

Nakusp Hot Springs: 4 Charming Facts 3

Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash

And as knowledge is power, I shall give you the knowledge of the best lodging facilities in the village while laying out some of their best features.

1. Ainsworth Hot Springs

The Ainsworth Hot Springs follows a fair amount of historic traditions laid down by the Ktunaxa First Nations people. Their hot spring facility is what makes them special. It’s set in a cave, and you get the feeling that you’re chilling out in a very real hot spring in a cavern setting. Access to the cave and the hot spring is complimentary along with a stay at the resort. Have a look at the rooms here.

2. Leland Hotel

This historic structure is known to be the oldest operating hotel in the province of British Columbia. It started welcoming people in 1892 and has been doing the same for well over a century now. There are beautiful flower beds in front of the hotel, which connects it to the waterfront walkway. The view is killer. You can see the Arrow Lake and Saddleback Mountain from the hotel.

3. Harmony Hot Springs

“A little piece of Paradise” is what they call the Harmony Hot Springs. And rightfully so. Located on the shore of the Arrow Lake, this 1300 square feet cottage has a six-person hot pool, which is fed by natural spring water. The facility is open all year round. They have a private natural healing hot spring tub which is what makes them special. Check them out here.

Harmony Hot Springs

Photo from Harmony Hot Springs website

4. Halcyon Hot Springs Resort

If you’re looking for the premium lodging experience during your stay near Nakusp Hot Springs, then the Halcyon Hot Springs Resort is where your search comes to a drastic halt. There are numerous varieties of chalets and king-sized cottages along with a special studio suite. The healing pool here is amazing, and so is the dining experience.

Nakusp Hot Springs

British Library, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

You have a great view of the pool as well. The Monashee Mountains sprawl across the skyline.

5. Bear Ridge Cabins

Located in the Kuskanax Creek near Nakusp, the special thing about the cabins is the fact that they are handcrafted. Surrounded by the Arrow Lake and the mountains, the cabins are a cozy facility not too far from the Nakusp Hot Springs.

6. Brouse Creek

Of all the lodging facilities mentioned above, Brouse Creek has to be the most kid-friendly. It is located in a beautiful country setting, with pony rides for kids. They offer cottages for families and single rooms as well. Among the other great facilities they offer, is the bike rental that they offer so that you can explore the surrounding area. Have a look at them here.

7. Three Island Resort

The Three Island Resort is one of the most highly rated resorts around the Nakusp Hot Springs. They are a fair distance away from the hot springs themselves, though. Located 16 kilometers south-east of the village of Nakusp. The resort is only open during the summer months of May through September, so try and look elsewhere during the winter.

A lot of the resorts in Nakusp have their hot pools, but few come close to the Nakusp Hot Springs and the Halcyon Hot Springs Resort. Although the Nakusp Hot Springs do offer onsite accommodation, you might want to look at all the other options in case you need a backup, because they might get booked due to the popularity of the springs themselves.

Plan your trip to Nakusp well, and you’re bound to have the experience of a lifetime. As you can tell by now, it is one of the best places in BC!

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