Roy Thomson Hall – Best Facts To Know!

Roy Thomson Hall, named after the late Mr. Roy Thomson, is an auditorium built for events like an orchestra.

It’s a place where people from all around the world come to relax their minds and rejuvenate their spirits, listening to some of the finest pieces of the orchestra this world has to offer.

It’s a sanctuary to dive into the beauty of music and fathom how mystically soothing it could be. What this majestic architecture provides to its tourists is not just a place to visit but a place to remember and take back their memories.

Roy Thomson Hall, which began its operations in 1982, is not only a place to listen to music, but it also serves as a tourist attraction because of its superior architecture.

The Hall is circular in structure, and it covers its outer portions with finely glittering glass. The overall look of this gigantic auditorium is captivating and is a sight to behold. The inner parts of the auditorium are just as fine as the outers.

Roy Thomson Hall is located in Canada, Toronto. And it adds tourists from all over the world to the city, every year. People fly by to Toronto to enjoy the city, and they seldom forget to visit the RT hall.

It’s a sweet blend of the old culture with the new one that runs the hand in people’s imagination. They savor the spice of the city, which has an essential ingredient- the RT hall. It’s a unique tourist attraction there.

 Roy Thomson Hall
Benson Kua, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Functioning and Popularity

The RT hall has some of the finest orchestras in the world that are performed here. It has been like this way since it was first inaugurated in 1982. The vocalists and the orchestra are of the highest quality one would see anywhere.

The hall is spacious, with a seating capacity of about 2360 people. The pieces of music are exceptional, and the children, as per reviews, enjoy the orchestral ride as the adults do.

They are mesmerized and awe-struck. People usually comment, “it’s a beautiful venue with beautiful music.” And sometimes with “It’s a mixture of acoustics and music.”

The hall is so famous because of the high-quality orchestra and its highly appreciated architecture. It has excellent service, by what people who attend these events narrate.

The popularity is more a consequence of how the authorities keep the hall’s standards, both as a sightseeing place and as an orchestral extravaganza.

Peter Oundjian - Conductor of Toronto Symphony Orchestra
PersianDutchNetwork, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The History and Feedback

The history of this eminent hall goes back to 1982 when it was first inaugurated. It was earlier named Massey Hall, which was changed to Roy Thomson Hall because of the generous donation of about 4.5 million $s from the Thomson family that helped pave the way for it coming into existence.

The architect who built the plan during that time was a man named Arthur Erickson. It was his architectural plan that still boasts its glory.

People love going to these concerts. It has been this way since it was first inaugurated in 1982. People enjoy music and acoustics here.

They come here with family to fill up their weekends, and many times weekdays, with an orchestral epiphany.

The performance of the orchestras is top-notch, and the listeners feel the same thing. The songs are melodies of both the older times and the times now.

The hall, since it started, has been doing good business, with tourists paying nominal costs and enjoying the acoustics here.

The stats reveal that the hall has been doing profitable business, with people still coming to concerts and attending the orchestral journey. The pace of the growth of the hall is consistent.

The time of a concert is about 2 hours with a break halfway in between, so the show lasts for about two and a half hours.

The music played here these days is mainly titled “classic albums.”

Specialties and Tid-Bits

The people going to the concerts here, like specifically the vast collection of music ranging from the new pieces while sometimes it’s a play of vintage songs that are just as good.

The people also like the way resources like sitting seats are well maintained and the way the staff behaves conducts themselves and attends to the listeners’ needs.

As per the attendees, the staff are careful about their conduct and are a plus for the people going there.

Now let us discuss some of the pros and cons of the RT hall. The parking lot of the hall is a convenient one and seldom disappoints.

However, sometimes exiting from the hall through the parking lot is a bit slow. According to a few attendees, even though the seats are well maintained, they don’t have sufficient foot room.

The lobby area is an attraction. The cost is nominal, ranging from about 3000Rs to about 10,000 rupees. The hall is usually clean and meticulously organized.

The music is transcendent and mesmerizing. Lesser known facts about the hall are that it hosts orchestras and hubs its space for Debates, Women empowerment lectures, and even TIFF movies.

There are plenty of restaurants nearby, so they can grab something to eat if they sits on an empty stomach. Even the washrooms are clean and spacious. Symphonies are a unique attraction here too.

The hall is owned by the Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall. It has been this way for about 38 years now. The hall has been renovated about 3-4 times since then.

The corporation sees the hall’s operations, the building of the hall, and the staff. The hall is a landmark of a superior quality that has preserved its way through the years and has grown better and better since, and the hallmarks its establishment in quality because of the attendees’ satisfaction.

The attendees’ average rating of the RT hall is from about 3.9/5 to about 4.5/5, making it a “must” visit.

More About the Hall

The core concept behind the making of this hall was that it was meant for different shows like debates, plays, talks, and of course, acoustics.

The hall also premiered movies like black swan, and Slumdog Millionaire and had a few scenes in the movie x-men. The architect’s journey to Japan influenced the building.

The safety of people is something that’s of importance and is not overlooked by the authorities. Every person entering the hall has his bags checked, making it a safe venture to listen to music keenly.

The hall has several bands performing, and all kinds of songs are played- from the new to the 80s and 90s.

The eatables and the drinks are not allowed inside; however, one can grab a bite from nearby restaurants, which are plenty. There is a Wine Bar, which is situated in the lobby.

The first opening of the hall was on 13th September 1982. The Elmer Iseler singers were the first to perform in the opening show.

The hall also provides free performances to children from ages 8 to 18. The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall is not for profit charitable organization.

So now we can conclude that RT hall is a special and many a time an unforgettable experience.

We’ve seen everything it offers- from orchestras to Jazz music, from Debates to TIFF movies, and even free performances to children aged 8 to 18.

We’ve known about the security that doesn’t fail to the good and spacious seats and the staff that is cheerful, well-conducted, and pleasing. We’ve learned about the clean and spacious washrooms and the parking lot that is of good quality too.

We’ve seen how the idea came through by the generous contribution from the Thomson family, which helped Arthur Erickson’s plans to change to the hall that it is today.

We’ve seen that it’s a tourist attraction for everyone and anyone going to the city of Toronto and is a place for high-quality acoustic sessions.

The landmark authority in orchestral shows, the RT hall, began its operations in 1982, 38 years back, and has seldom been disappointed since then.

We’ve seen that the hall has been a place to premiere movies and shows. And by the reviews of the attendees, it’s a fascinating place to venture out for. The people seldom complain and mostly always give positive feedback.a

The hall is crafted beautifully and hosts all kinds of music- from jazz to vintage albums and shows- from debates to educational shows, from free shows for children to concerts with very nominal pay.

Apart from its architectural excellence, the most beautiful thing about the hall is that it has maintained its quality from the day it was first inaugurated and that the listeners are awe-struck by the performances.

The Massey Hall and Roy Thomson hall corporation, a non-profit organization, which is the patron of the RT hall, exercises its power to keep the hall the way it’s functioning and helps it grow in every way possible.

In the end, it’s easy to say that the Roy Thomson Hall is a mesmerizing and memorable visit and is a must for any orchestra-lover.

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