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10 Furniture Stores in Toronto You Should Check Out

Whether you are moving houses, starting a new company, or tired of your current home decor, knowing where your area’s best furniture stores are is always useful. There are hundreds of furniture stores Toronto, making it hard to decide where to shop.

There are several different furniture stores in the Greater Toronto Area, stretching from Castlefield’s warehouse furniture to the modernist design of King East.

If you need some new interior design, keep reading ‘The best furniture stores Toronto: everything you need to know!’ Whatever your style may be, there is sure to be a furniture store for you.

The Best Furniture Stores Toronto

Here are the best furniture stores Toronto that you can consider visiting for your next furniture shopping!

1. Kendal and Co

Kendal and Co
Photo from Kendal and Co website

If you like quaint, kooky, and whimsical furniture, Kendal and Co are perfect for you. The store is renowned for its seasonal window displays, full of quirky accent pieces and cosy furniture.

One unique feature of the emporium that separates it from other furniture stores in Toronto is its custom, in-house design services. The store will help you with your interior design, so you will not worry about matching furniture and building an aesthetic.

The store also offers custom upholstery services to help make your existing furniture match your new design better.

The best time to visit this furniture store is during Christmas time. The store has the greatest variety of Christmas ornaments and trinkets you will find in Toronto!

Exquisite drapery, rustic rugs, and soft furnishings make for the perfect Christmas atmosphere. The storefront completely metamorphs into a magical, mystical Winter Wonderland.

The store is located on Parliament Street in Cabbagetown, Toronto, so make sure you check this place out!

2. Cornerstone

Photo from Cornerstone website

The best way to describe Cornerstone’s furniture design is rustic with a modern twist.

The store seems perfect for contemporary cottage living, but it could be modified to suit apartment-style living with a cottage-core design scheme. The pieces are classic, and elegant, and will never go out of style.

However, it should be noted that the pieces in this emporium tend to be larger than the pieces in other furniture stores Toronto. This makes it harder to find appropriately sized pieces for small apartments.

Cornerstone has great promotions and seasonal discounts, so you should try to buy your furniture in the off-season (avoid holidays like Christmas and New Year).

Cornerstone is one of the many furniture stores in Toronto located in The Junction’s heart, on Dundas street. If you are looking to furnish your home (or a charming coffee shop, for that matter), look no further than Cornerstone Home Interiors. 

3. Elte Mkt

Elte Mkt
Photo from Elte Mkt website

Elte Mkt is your go-to hub for all things sleek and modern. The emporium is contemporary yet comfy, pristine yet practical. The luxurious padding and silky upholstery perfectly complement the clean edges and geometric shapes. 

The layout of the store is also quite convenient (when compared to other furniture stores Toronto). The store allows you to walk in and pick up a piece of furniture right off the showroom floor. No assembly is required if you choose not to deal with the hassle of the extra step.

It’s similar to fast-furniture mega-corporations like Ikea, without the confusing labyrinth structure! No mazes, no assembly, just pure shopping bliss. 

So, whether you are designing a practical home office or have a clean, minimalist, and modern design aesthetic, take a trip down to the Elte Mkt warehouse in the Castlefield design district in Toronto.

4. V de V

V de V is one of the trendiest furniture stores in Toronto. The window display itself is to die for. There is no furniture store in Toronto more Instagram-worthy than V de V.

The store’s style is a contemporary fusion of industrialist and retro looks. So while the accessories may be chic statement pieces, the furniture itself is plush and luxurious.

V de V has also ventured into the world of lifestyle products, making this store your one-stop shop for all your home needs. The store is also perfect for gifts and presents for the holiday season. The pieces are versatile, beautiful, and reasonably priced.

You can find this furniture store in the Ossington area of Toronto, so do not forget to check it out this holiday season.

5. Guff

If you want to get away from the oversaturated, mainstream trends of the day, then you should check out Guff. This store is one of the unique furniture stores in Toronto.

Guff’s aesthetic can be described as mid-century Scandinavian design. This means you will find an abundance of dark teak wood and tapered lines in the furniture selection.

Not only will you find elegant furniture at Guff, but you will also find an assortment of lamps, light fixtures, art, and various other accessories.

Guff’s furniture is known to be sturdy and durable, so not only will your furniture look timeless, it will be timeless! 

Guff furniture emporium is located just East of the peaceful Don River. So whether you live near the area or love Scandinavian design, take a trip down to Guff furniture store today.

6. Studio Pazzo

From homeware to furniture accessories, Studio Pazzo has it all. This is one of the best furniture stores Toronto to visit if you love designer pieces. The store is full of amazing collections from reputable designers like Fornasetti and Littala.

The pieces can be used as subtle accents in a neutral environment or as bold statement pieces at the centre of a space. The designer looks do come with a higher price tag, though not an unreasonable one! The make and quality of the furniture mean that the extra dollars are well worth it.

The pieces at Studio Pazzo are endlessly customizable, so you can adapt them to fit in a living space or an office area. The emporium is located on Queen East and is well worth the visit.

7. Mjolk

Photo from Mjolk website

Even more than Scandinavian furniture, Japanese interior design has taken social media by storm. The lo-fi, centred living of Japanese culture provides a much-needed contrast to the oversaturated North-American furniture design.

Mjolk offers the perfect balance between Scandinavian and Japanese furniture that will fit seamlessly into any western space.

Mjolk furniture highlights functionality and practicality above all else. Their love of function has not compromised their form in the slightest.

Mjolk is definitive proof that you can have practical, sensible furniture with a gorgeous design. Enjoy a paradise of pale wood and rose-tinted accents every time you walk into the emporium.

Mjolk Furniture can be found in Toronto’s famous ‘Junction’ neighbourhood. Like all furniture stores in Toronto located in The Junction, Mjolk can be a little pricey. However, the splurge is worth it if you want an authentic and unique furniture experience.

8. Style Garage

Style Garage
Photo from Style Garage website

Style Garage is the heart of all the trendiest hipster decor in the furniture stores Toronto. Leather and light wood have made their home in this contemporary furniture emporium. Style Garage stocks everything you could need to spruce up your home, from the light fixtures to the artwork.

If you like flannel and fir, then you have to check out this furniture store. All their lumberjack-chic pieces are made locally in Canada,  so you know they ate of the highest quality. The store even provides an in-house design service so you can achieve the interior design you have always dreamed of! 

A modern and refreshing furniture store like Style Garage could only be found in Ossington- Toronto’s hipster capital. Do not forget to explore this store the next time you are in the area.

9. EQ3

EQ3 is another of homegrown furniture stores Toronto. The store produces and designs all of its pieces in Canada. Unlike some other furniture stores Toronto, EQ3 offers a range of classic furniture fit for any home.

The store has always put comfort first. While the styles may not be pushing any boundaries, their commitment to relaxation certainly is innovative. EQ3 also has a range of designer furniture from celebrated artists like Herman Miller and Marimekko.

EQ3 has two Toronto locations, so you can be sure that you will never be out of reach of one of their fantastic furniture emporiums.

10. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware
Photo from Restoration Hardware website

Restoration Hardware is a furniture store like no other! The store has created its design category. This emporium takes luxury to the next level.

Shopping at Restoration Hardware will make you feel like a celebrity. Bold colours, plush designs, and artistic flair make Restoration Hardware one of Toronto’s best furniture stores. The store has been used as style inspiration for many other interior designers and style blogs.

You can find this ground-breaking store in York Mall. The convenient location and stunning design mean that you should visit Restoration Hardware today!

Furniture Stores Toronto: An Overview

Toronto is the style capital of Canada, and its furniture stores are no different. The warehouses of Castlefield are contrasted by the hipster boutiques of the Ossington area.

Furniture Stores Toronto has everything you could want! Whether you want understated, Scandinavian furniture or timeless, practical pieces- there will be an emporium for you.

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