12 Best Things To Do In Canada Wintertime With Your Family

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Winter is the time for all things to curl up into a bundle. It is time for hot coffee and snacks. Above all, it is also the time to enjoy various winter activities. 

The extreme winter in Canada is during December, January, and February. It can start as early as November and last until the end of March to April in the far eastern regions. The Canada wintertime is a treat for the eyes and a time for winter activities.

Many places in Canada are worth visiting and enjoy during the wintertime. Let us take a look at some of the sites and their activities. 

12 Things To Do During Canada Winter Time:

1. Visit the Quebec Winter Carnival

The Quebec Winter Carnival is an attraction during Canada wintertime. It is a pre-Lenten festival celebrated annually since 1955. Previously it was celebrated intermittently since 1894. Later it was considered an annual event. The mascot of the carnival, Bonhomme Carnaval, made his first appearance in 1955. 

The famous attractions of this carnival are the day and night parades lead by Bonhomme Carnaval. The city is decorated uniquely for this festival with lights and ice sculptures, and the Parade marches through these roads. Many public and private parties are held in and around the city and some even in the cold outdoors. 

Along with this, there are many significant events taking place at various spots in the city. A ball with more than 300 participants takes place in the grand ballroom of the Château Frontenac. Many outdoor sports events like snowboarding, ice canoe, dog-sledging, and hockey are held inside and outside the city. Also, there is a free outdoor banquet with breakfast and brunch. 

The festival begins and ends with ceremonies at the Ice Palace with thousands of attendees, including the mayor of Quebec. The competitions of the events include snow sculpture at the Plains of Abraham, which is the primary setting of the carnival. The Plains are a public area for leisure, and during the time of the festival, a part of them is transformed into winter amusement parks for families. The snow sculptures made in the contests are displayed here. 

The outdoor activities include dancing outside the Ice Palace and drinking Caribou, a hot beverage to keep yourself warm. There are public auctions held for the fundraising of the carnival. 

The race and tournaments of the carnival include sleigh race, ice canoe race, Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament, snowboard international world cup, and so on. 

2. Skating in Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal, also called Rideau Waterway, connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River at Kingston, Ontario. The canal, which is 202 kilometres long, is run by Parks Canada. 

During the Canada wintertime, a section of the canal passing through central Ottawa becomes the world’s largest skating rink. It is a famous tourist attraction. A fried dough pastry, Beaver Tails is the most sold snack in the skate way, along with other beverages. It is an experience for skaters to tour the whole city, taking the path through the canal. Some people even use this way to go to school or work. 

The best time to experience the beauty of the place is to go skating at night. The whole route will be illuminated with lights, and the skating experience will be out of the world. The site is open 24 hours, and you can take the tour anytime when the crowd is less. Other than skating and sleighing rentals, the facilities include heated washrooms and changing rooms. 

The Fairmont Chateau Laurier is the headquarter hotel of Winterlude, located between the Rideau Canal, Parliament Hill, and the Ottawa River. The hotel provides various offers during the festival like a one–night package including room, sleigh ride, and Beaver Tails for four people. Also, they include other packages. The hotel also has an indoor Art Deco pool. 

3. Dog sledging

Dog sledging is a fantastic and fun way to experience Canadian wintertime. It is available in many provinces and territories during the winter season. The dogs used in dog sledging are treated very well and taken care of. But it would be best if you were careful while selecting dogs. Check whether the dogs are treated well. 

There are many places in Canada where they offer dog sledging. The dog sledging in Newfoundland and Labrador is found in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Here the opportunities are few as the industry is slowly dying down. Dog sledging in Alberta is found mainly in areas like Calgary, Lake Louise, Banff, and Jasper. The view in these areas is very stunning to watch. 

Quebec is the busiest area for dog sledging, and it is available in most of the regions of the province. There are many options for dog sledging here, and it is available in some main spots like Quebec City, Montreal, and Mont Tremblant. The dog sledging in Ontario is mainly concentrated in an area between Ottawa and Toronto. It is called Explorer’s edge, and many tourists come to this spot for dog sledging. This is also an easily accessible spot for dog sledging. 

The dog sledging in the Arctic region of Canada is extra special. This region includes Yukon and Nunavut. In Yukon, dog sledging is found in the capital region of Whitehorse and other small towns. Like Dawson City, Haines Junction, and Marsh Lake. The dog sledging in Nunavut also includes more extended travel for experience sledders. In these regions, dog sledging is highly regarded. 

Dog sledging would be the first winter activity you would hear about in the northwest territories. Home of the Canadian Championship Dog Derby, the place has become a tourist destination for dog sledders. It is a part of their culture. 

4. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is the best way to explore more areas of terrain than you can do with regular boots. During the Canadian wintertime, snowfalls are all over the Canadian Rockies, and this is when most people come around for snowshoeing. The snowshoe trails run around many other parks and provinces across the country. 

 Algonquin Park is the famous snowshoeing trail in Ontario. This long trail of 1.3km provides good exercise and information on the long history of the region. If you wish to have a longer trek, you have the Old Railway trail, 16km long. Even though trekking takes longer, the path is stable and more accessible for smaller children. You can watch moose, wolf tracks, foxes, Black-backed Woodpeckers, martins, boreal chickadees, and many other creatures on your way. 

Whistler in British Columbia is one of the best snowshoeing spots in Canada, as well as a place for you to practice snowshoeing. For a remarkable experience, you can take the Rainbow falls trail, which would take you to the base of the frozen Rainbow Falls to witness the astonishing and marvellous view of Canada wintertime. 

If skiing is not your thing, you have the ideal place for snowshoeing. Mont Tremblant, in Quebec, is the perfect spot for skiing. Ski-de Fond In Mon Tremblant welcomes the tourists for the wintertime snowshoeing. They also provide a memorable mountain adventure with a fondue dinner in the right middle of the forest. 

The Kootenay National Park in British Columbia receives a large amount of snow every winter and becomes the ideal space for snowshoeing. The most famous winter trail here is the Paint Pots trail. It takes the travellers over the frozen Vermilion River and between the mountains to a large group of orange-tinted ponds. The concentration of iron oxide in the area makes the lakes look orange in colour. The terrain is mostly flat, and you may see some moose on your way to the trail. 

5. Ice Fishing

The best cold recreational activity during Canada wintertime is Ice Fishing. Due to the temperature in the northern region, Canada has plenty of spots for ice fishing. Some of the best among them are the following. Lake Simcoe in Ontario is the most popular ice fishing spot in North America. The fishing season usually happens between January and March, and there will be a large crowd coming for fishing. But still, you would get a spot for your own in the 280 square miles of the fishing area along with a hut for rent. Every year the lake is stocked with fish in addition to the already existing ones. 

Tobin Lake is an excellent spot for catching large fish. The lake is 40 miles long and 60 miles wide. It isn’t easy to find the best place. Many resorts around the lake provide accommodation for tourists. They offer heated huts and a full tour of the lake to explore its various parts and find the best spot for fishing. 

Large fishes of 10lb are caught daily in the Bay of Quinte, and 12-14lb walleye are caught every week. Here ice fishing begins in December and goes throughout February. Even though the Bay is famous for its walleye, it is also the spot for fishes like northern pike, bass, perch, and many other small fishes. Lodging and guided fishing are provided by Prince Edward County, a hotel 2 hours east of Toronto. 

6. Watch the Northern Lights

Due to the northern latitudes and minimal pollution, it is straightforward to watch the lights of the north during Canada wintertime. This is mostly seen between October and March. There are some unique spots where you can easily view the northern lights. 

The Takhini hot pools in Yukon gives a refreshing and enjoyable viewing experience. You can dip yourselves in the heated pools to experience the beautiful northern lights. The lights make the region look magical in the cold climate. The Athabasca University Geophysical Observatory is another place located in Alberta where you can watch the northern sky. Even though the observatory is closed to the public, you can walk around its surroundings and watch the sky. 

Lake Superior is another spot that makes the viewers look in awe at the lights. With the Canadian Shield on one side and an expanse of water on the other, the north shore of Lake Superior looks mesmerizing as ever. 

As a place located beneath the Auroral Oval, Churchill has the best view of the beautiful northern lights. The tourist can enjoy an experience of viewing in a multi-terrain vehicle that traverses the north part of the lights. Also, get ready as you may even spot a polar bear! This trek is worth it as you could witness views that are only once in a lifetime.

7. Pond Hockey

Pond Hockey is similar to ice hockey in appearance but is more simplified and played on a natural water body that is frozen. It is the favourite pass time activity for Canadians during Canada wintertime. The game is tied to the Canadians” sense of being themselves and their icon of identification. 

It is one of the most massive pond hockey games in the world. In two weekends, an average of around 300 games is played. Teams from the United States and many other countries come to participate. An average of 700-1000 players attends the competition held every year.

The Pinestone Resort in Haliburton is chosen as the location as the pond in front of the resort is shallow because of which it would freeze quickly. If there is an ice surface strong enough to hold an event, this is the perfect place. The resort is very close, and all the participants are given accommodation here. During season time, the resort gets filled with participants. 

Also, the trophies made out of wood for the winning team are made from Haliburton itself. One award takes an average of two hours in the making. 

8. Enjoy Ice Wine

Even though most of us, including me, prefer a hot cup of coffee during winter, the Canada wintertime is given for sipping some icy wine. Ice wine is a dessert made out of frozen grapes and is famous around Canada. 

The critical event that celebrates the drinking of ice wine during Canada winter time is the Niagara Ice Wine Festival, which takes place for over two weekends. Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Queen Street changes into a winter wonderland for this event. All the people in the town come together to celebrate the ice wine festival and make a grand event out of it.

 Along with freezing ice wines, you have ice wine-inspired culinary to tempt your appetite. There are also many shops nearby where you can pick up the essentials. The entry to the village is completely free. The harvest time of ice wine is usually from December to late February and go even go up to March. 

9. Stay at Quebec Ice Hotel

If you cannot stand cold, stay away from the Quebec Ice Hotel! Because the cold facts would chill you. Still, a visit to the Quebec Ice Hotel is necessary during Canada wintertime. It is 20 minutes out of Quebec City and is a simple lodge where people check-in and check out and keep their belongings in the locker room. 

The temperature inside the hotel is between minus 3 degrees Celsius and minus 5 degrees Celsius. It looks more like an igloo. Tour of the inside of the hotel is available only until evening. Only those who have brought an overnight package could visit at night. 

The ice hotel is like a fairy world where the ice glows at night due to the lights in the interior. The rooms do not have a door, but there is a curtain for privacy. The hotel includes outdoor hot tubs, male and female changing rooms, flush toilets, dryers, and lockers. If food is included in your tour package, you will get it served at the Auberge Duchesnay, a nearby resort. 

If you decide to stay at the hotel overnight, make sure that you don’t expect the luxury and warmth of a conventional hotel. Before sleeping, you can take a bath in the outdoor hot tub. After this, you can snuggle into the sleeping bag provided. You must remember that the bed is laid on a large piece of ice with a wooden box spring and mattress on top. 

The tour package includes dinner and stays at the nearby Auberge Duchesnay. So you can decide whether to stay at the ice hotel or the resort at night. This can also vary according to the price. The overnight stay includes an Ice Bar cocktail, access to hot tubs, sleeping gear to sleep in the ice hotel, and a warm morning beverage. They also include themes like romance or adventure. 

10. Enjoy the Winter Light Festival

12 Best Things To Do In Canada Wintertime With Your Family 10

Photo by RSNY/Flickr

The Canada wintertime is not to snuggle inside but to celebrate the warmth of the season. It is to enjoy Canada’s largest festival of illumination, the Winter Light Festival. 

The festival is organized by the Ontario Power Generation, which illuminates the whole of Niagara Falls into a pool of sparkling lights. This festival attracts over 1.8 million visitors every year. It was founded in 1982 to develop tourism in Niagara Falls during Canada wintertime. It was coordinated by the Niagara Falls Canada Visitor and Convention Bureau, the City of Niagara Falls, The Niagara Parks Commission, and some local business groups. 

Until 2013, the program was held by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. 

11. Enjoy Local Seafood of the season.

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Photo by Alpha/Flickr

The first thing one feels to eat during Canada wintertime is a hot meat stew. But, the unique type of comfort food of the season are oysters and sea urchins. And Vancouver and British Columbia are the famous spots for this. 

 Pacific oysters harvested in British Columbia and Vancouver are famous internationally. Try eating them during cold months, because that is when they get tastier. You can enjoy the most famous oysters on half-shell with some grated horseradish or some lemon juice. If you are not a fan of raw oysters, deep-fried oysters are also available. And the enormous variety available during the season is Fanny bay. 

The next local seafood is sea urchins, which can be found around the coast of British Columbia. Even though menacing in appearance, they are a delicacy. The creamy roe inside the shell has the best flavour and richness in taste. 

During Canada wintertime, many urchins, especially the red and green ones, are sold in the Steveston Fishermen’s Wharf and at Granville Island, from where they end up in some Japanese restaurants. 

The best of local Canadian seafood can be found in Blue Water Café + Raw Bar in Yaletown. Here, the guest can have the best of British Columbia’s oysters. For sea urchins, you can visit the Miku restaurant or other Japanese restaurants like Minami in Yaletown. You have options in Chambar in downtown Vancouver, Wildebeest in Gastown, and Exile Bistro in the West End for traditional food. 

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12. Spend Christmas in Montreal.

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Photo by Caribb/Flickr

What is winter without the best Christmas? Canada wintertime is also Christmas time, and you will get to experience the best Christmas you ever had. And Montreal has the best activities for you. 

The Jacques Cartier Square in Montreal is all light up and set to welcome the people during Christmas. It is the ultimate place where you can find fantastic music, delicious food, outdoor bars, and mascots along the street. 

Christmas in the parks begins in the corner of Cartier and Mont-Royal. Here, you can come with your friends to enjoy, buy Christmas trees and sing carols while sipping some wine. Also, many shows and events are happening in the park during the Canadian wintertime. 

Christmas in Montreal is incomplete without the Santa Claus parade. This has been a tradition since 1925 and is locally known as the Defile du Pere Noel. There will be thousands of small kids delighted to see Santa Claus passing by. The Parade goes through downtown till Catherine Street. 

During Christmas, the night sky of Montreal is filled with firecrackers. It has been a tradition for years, and during Christmas, there are some Saturday nights picked to do the fireworks. It begins on the 15th of December and is one of the main highlights of the season. 

The celebration of the cold and warmth of Canada wintertime is not limited here. There are many more festivals and events held all over Canada. If you know the other activities of the Canada wintertime, let us know in the comments. 

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