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Tobermory Cottages – Explore Your 12 Best Options!

Experience the serenity and peace of the Tobermory cottages and unwind more than ever.

There are several places to go in Tobermory;  lounging or loafing, gazing into the impossibly cerulean Lake Huron rivers. Savour a magnificent meal on a lakeside deck or many others. 

But before that fun, you need to get yourself a quality cottage to stay in Tobermory.

These cottages give you the best possible experience; some are adorned with beautiful views and bed and breakfast places, some are located near or in front of the sea, and some have free parking services.

The 12 Best Cottages in Tobermory

Needless to say, If you are planning a trip, here you need to be. Here are the 12 Best Tobermory Cottages to stay.

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1. Cedar Shoals

Cedar Shoals is a smaller establishment with a single storey and a wider step. 

The chambers in the cottage will be appealing to crowds desiring a little more seclusion. An extended concept layout was their goal. 20-foot-tall roofs cover the rooms. 

They provide an amazing route that descends to the water’s edge from the elevated outside deck. It has plenty of room for a gathering with family and friends.

They offer a different set of rooms. They offer small children a secure area. They also feature a swimming entry to 6-foot-deep water on the opposite side. 

One of the top locations to stay in Tobermory is this one. After the stony banks on the water’s edge, the cabin is reportedly there. Their facilities include free parking.

2. Orchid Trail

It is one of the best Tobermory bed and breakfast optionsThe cottage highlights a spacious open-concept pantry. It also has a dining and a large bedroom. 

It has a three-level landscape of Youell Island and Lake Huron, 200 ft beside the shore. The Orchid Track is a crossed standard a Post, and a Beam structure.

This cottage catches dusk in the morning and dawn through the hidden gallery. It has excitingly covered Douglas Fir comfort and ridge support. This cottage highlights three rooms. They have the leader in the chief room, a queen bed in the secondary room, and queen/king berths in the last room. 

Most of these cottage bedrooms are decorated with local stuff. They have cedar roofs from Manitoulin IslandsThe Red Pine wooden floors are from Crane River. Wall landscapes and wooden doors are from the unique field, as well as a small cottage. 

tobermory cottages
Photo by Sebastian Staines on Unsplash.

3. Tobermory Cottage

The cottage highlights a limestone chimney and pine boards and walls. It is isolated, and the lots on either side are pretty much empty. The adjacent cottages are only visible from the shoreline.

The cottage emphasizes three bedrooms. All are on the uppermost level (king, queen, two counterpart beds). There is a three-piece bath on a higher level and a half washing on the lower level. 

The lower living area highlights a contemporary, large notion kitchen. It has a wood-burning chimney. It also has a common reef. 

It is created from recycled boards from a bowling alley (listen for the ball holes in the ceiling). It is a cozy, affordable bead and breakfast option. 

4. Grass Roots Bunkie

The Grass Roots Bunkie is a part of the Bruce Peninsula National Park. The place is calm, surrounded by trees and nature, and away from the midtown organization. 

But it is restricted to one of the excellent ten sites to visit. They enjoy bestowing their home with family and colleagues. 

They aspire to make all the guests feel like a part of the family on one of the best Tobermory cottage rentals.

The Guests will have a sufficient opening to the Bunkie and the backyard porch. Guests will be thankful to use the Owner’s sponging and washroom facilities. 

5. The Bird House Tobermory Ontario

The Bird House is a wonderful miniature cabin less than 2 km from the harbor town of Tobermory. It is one of the best Tobermory hotels and vacation rentals. 

They are just trails off the Bruce Trail and coming to all amenities. They have pubs, eateries, and grocery shops. Their amenities include LCBO, washing mesh, National Parks, boat tours, buying, 

Beloved Grotto and shingles. A sand shore 15-minute walk on Bruce Trail or a 2-minute journey. Bruce Trail is an excellent option for challenging hikes. 

The BirdHouse Cabin is gripped in the trees in a tranquil space. The cabin is private. A peaceful gathering of 4 lives on the bases in a separate dwelling.

6. Buena Vista Lake Front Toblemory Cottages

Find this exotic cottage on the beautiful Myles Bay; it is one of the best Tobermory cottage rentals. The cottage rental is provided for families or couples to spend quality time collectively. 

This cabin will take you backward in time with beautiful wood vaulted roofs and a warm wood stove. Yet, it is equipped with satellite TV, Wi-Fi, Xbox, and a great TV. 

It has three bedrooms, a barbecue, two fireplaces, a whole kitchen & 4 piece bathroom. Adjacent to Tobermory and several other small cities! It has its separate vessel launch & waterfront.

Encounter the tranquillity of the area. Acknowledge the remarkable sceneries of each season. Guests have free parking and full house access.

7. Breezes by the Bay

This private cottage rental is one of the best Tobermory hotels and vacation rentals. It is positioned near the end of a channel of Lake Huron. Therefore, it is very shielded from the warmth and has become a famous place to kayak and dive.

They have three kayaks and one canoe that is loose to practice while you’re renting the cottage. There are quality life jackets possible at the cottage as well.

You’ll have complete access to the property. It has a beautiful dock to relax on in one of the best Tobermory hotels.

8. Lakeside Landing

Recently refurbished, very reliable. It just levels into the lake and is one of the best Tobermory hotels. You will appreciate the stunning sunsets over the upper or lower deck trees. You can stargaze by the campfire at night

The cabin is 20 minutes from Singing Sands. It is 15 minutes from the National Park (Grotto) and the Bruce Trails. It is close to Lindsay Tract Trails and Tobermory, fathom five national marines.

If you’re a scuba diver, Tobermory is world-renowned for its wrecks.

9. Four Season Vacation Villa Private Room, Tobermory

You can find a private bedroom with a separate entry. There is a bath in a contemporary cottage. It is huddled on a small peaceful lagoon.  It lies just 15 minutes south of Tobermory near the Bruce Peninsula. It is one of the best Tobermory cottages.

Also incorporated on this 3-acre estate is a small lakeside bunky. This listing is for 1 separate bedroom with a separate entry in a contemporary lakeside home.

It lies on a 3-acre timbered home. It has a chimney, a kayak and paddle boat, and 2 bicycles for your entertainment. 

It incorporates the usage of a comfortable lakeside bunky. It has a chimney, canoe, paddleboat, and campfire space. Full access to complete estate and lake.Separate admission to the room with a separate bath. Maximum 2 Adults and 1 miniature child will receive 1 queen-size bed. 

Pets will be granted a supplementary charge if presented in progress. We guarantee a one-of-a-lifetime experience in one of the best Tobermory hotels.

10. Canada Moose Cottages Lakeside Getaway

View the most excellent sunsets Lake Huron has to advance. It lies close to Singing Sands, The GrottoIt is a short drive to midtown Tobermory to experience one of the best Tobermory hotels. There is a recently built waterfront cottage

The cabin is located immediately on the river—the large body of water for swimming and kayaking. It has large bedrooms, a gourmet pantry, and a full in-home Gym.

Wonderful recently constructed cabin positioned immediately on Lake Huron. Three bedrooms, great gourmet cuisine, and 2 complete bathrooms. 64-foot glassed-in deck with conversation arrangement. 

Spacious outdoor deck with a whole sitting area and brand-new BBQ. Experience an outside fire by the pool and relax on the Muskoka chairs. 

Kayak Dorcas Bay or Bike to Singing Sands (Kayaks and Bikes equipped) 2 kayaks and 2 bikes are possible – travel Tobermory by water or by the way. This one has a Lakeside deck with a fire pit and Muskoka furniture. There is a full veranda with outside living space and a lakeside panorama. 

On-site fitness room with a treadmill, loose weights, and much more. Bikes and kayaks are possible for customers to practice.

Located directly on the waters of Dorcas Bay. Kayaks and bikes are available for guests to use. A 5km bike ride to singing sands to one of the best Tobermory cottages.

tobermory cottages
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

11. Starlit Cove Cottage

Starlit Cove Cottage is one of the best Tobermory cottages. It welcomes you with an enchanting environment, inspirational and relaxing. 

It offers a peaceful, welcoming place with a beautiful view of Bradley Harbour. This Cape Cod cottage has four comfortable rooms and two showers.

 It also has a kitchen-living room and a kitchenette-games bedroom. The cottage is a universal mix of luxurious beauty and countryside beauty.

Individual and unique, Starlit Cove Cottage is individual and unique. It includes the pleasant use of social and sustainable green elements. Rooms are decorated with pine roofs and cedar trim

They are accentuated with pavement and slate. Natural components are meticulously combined throughout. It includes the Douglas Fir beam work and wool area carpets that cushion pine and bamboo rugs.

Explore local lakeside vegetation. It includes Fringed Gentians, Pitcher Plants, Water Lilies, and Orchids. Renew yourself while stealthily kayaking the lagoon. 

Wander half a kilometer down the road with the kids to find a sandy public beachfront. As the skies become starlit, warm up the BBQ and remain at the courtyard bar with a cocktail. 

Sit peacefully, and you may see flying squirrels running for sunflower seeds. You will love the brightness of flickering fireflies. Discover the lyrics of the frogs as the campfire crackles.

12. Fireside Toblemory Cottages

Depart the city to this wooden escape. This contemporary log cottage has an intimate, fireside dusk vibe. It was established on 25 acres of deciduous woods.

Travel separate paths on one of the best Tobermory cottages. Go kayaking on nearby Miller Lake. Take in numberless nearby national parklands and shores. 

Come homeward to all the contemporary conveniences. Decide something changed by unwinding in the screened open-air shower. Create a fire in the shimmering night.

This one has simple contemporary decor. It has lots of simple light gushing in from cathedral roofs and shutters.

Coastal cottages in Canada
Image by Erik Mclean/ Unsplash

Closing Thoughts

Carry your camera for a weekend of vacationing that you won’t regret! Book a gorgeous cottage and spend your vacation day purchasing and roaming in charming neighborhoods.

You Spend some time in the nearby church and go on a swift journey outside town. This magnificently renovated resort is full of simple elegance.

Also, It is near the five national marine parks, which is superb for a nature retreat or a simple picnic.

On weekends, spend the day in the famous Walkerton. It is an eatery that can never offer dishes that will please your tastebuds. Visit the farmers’ fields to experience the beautiful shades of fall or the Saugeen river.

For Hotels, many other Tobermory vacation rentals, vacation homes, and resorts exist in the area; Blue Bay Motel, Harbourside Motel, and Escarpment Heights Motel.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your ideal cottage today!

Pro tip: for Budget warriors! If you are planning a visit, the cheapest recommends cottage spots are five national marine parks, Georgian bay, flowerpot island, and northern bruce peninsula. 

5 Things to do in Tobermory, Ontario (Grotto, Flowerpot Island & Scuba Diving)

Now that you know where to stay in Tobermory, you can relax and explore! Tobermory house rentals are plenty and affordable. Big Tub Harbour Resort and Trails End Lodge are nice Tobermory resorts. Of course, Tobermory resorts are more comfortable than motels.


2 days – Personally, a drive up a bit later on Friday afternoon and booking three nights at a Cyprus Lake campground in Bruce Peninsula National Park is the best way to undertake this vacation.
Alternatively, you may come up on Saturday morning. Don’t believe the skeptics: Tobermory can be completed in just two days on the weekends!
3. What is Tobermory known for?

The community is recognized as the “freshwater SCUBA diving center of the world” due to the abundance of shipwrecks in the surrounding seas, particularly in Fathom Five National Marine Park. Tobermory and its surroundings are popular holiday spots.

4. Should you book a cottage rental for your trip to Tobermory?
Consider arranging a cottage rental from a reputable source while you plan your trip to Tobermory. Booking a vacation rental, such as a cabin or a beach house, provides the space, privacy, and conveniences you’re accustomed to at home, all for a fraction of the cost of a regular hotel.
5. Where are the best places to camp in Tobermory?
Tobermory Village Camping Area “The campsite is perfectly positioned between Tobermory and Bruce Peninsula National Park, where we spent the majority of our stay.
“Beautiful home and guest houses – Captain’s Quarters were very clean, comfy, and pleasant.

Infographic That Presents 7 Best Things To Do In Tobermory

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