Top 10 Best Trek Canada Guide

Are you planning to trek Canada?

Canada is a country that covers most of the northern part of North America. It is the second-largest country globally in terms of an area covering around 10 million square kilometres.

The border that Canada shares with the USA is the longest land border in the world. Myriads of trails, lakes, and mountains in Canada make it a good place for trekking and hiking.

Why Trek Canada?

If you stay in Canada or visit there, you are in a brilliant place, especially if you are fond of trekking. There are various mountains and trekking trails present for trek lovers, so get ready to trek Canada.

It doesn’t matter whether you like to trek too much or like short treks. You can go on various kinds of trek Canada expeditions. This is because all the trails in Canada vary from each other.

If you are planning to trek Canada, there are many options for you with various difficulty levels. So when you decide to trek Canada, there must be an ideal trek for you as per your choice.

No matter which trail or mountain you choose to trek in Canada, they are all amazing in their own way.

If you are on a trek Canada expedition, you may find some treks that take just a few days, while some take months as well. It all depends on the difficulty level of the treks.

When you go and trek Canada, you will witness a spectacular, awe-inspiring, and picturesque view of the country along with its mountains, lakes, trails, and valleys.

Most of the trails there are located amidst the wilderness to enjoy the greenery and nature.

If you love thrilling experiences and adventure, you will have your fun dose when you trek Canada. It’ll give you a kind of peace as you will be in the lap of nature.

Canada is one of the most famous countries for trekking and hiking, so it is a wonderful idea if you decide to trek Canada with your friends, families, or even alone.

Top 10 Trek Canada Guide For You

If you are planning to trek Canada, here we have prepared a list for you to get to know about the best trails and mountains where you can go on trek Canada expeditions.

1) Alexander Mackenzie Heritage

Marino14 / shutterstock

Where: British Columbia

If you trek Canada here, you will be starting from Quesnel, British Columbia, and this will end in Bella Coola, BC. It can take you around 25 days to even a month to do complete trekking here.

It needs a lot of willpower, determination, and time to trek here, but if you love adventures and are up for these many days of trek Canada expedition, this trail is surely for you.

Many people don’t love trekking much or have enough time to devote but like to have a little taste of adventure.

If you are one of such kind but still want to trek Canada, you can trek on a small section here, going through the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, which will take you around one week.

While you trek here, you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You will get to see meadows, dense woodlands, and interesting river crossings. This is one of the best options if you are planning to trek Canada.

2) Newfoundland T’Railway Provincial Park

Where: Newfoundland and Labrador

This former railway line goes across The Rock, which begins from St. John’s and ends at Port Aux Basques. When you are planning to trek Canada, you can choose this one for an exciting experience.

While you are on your way trekking here, you will get to pass through 55 towns and 150 bridges. You can choose to trek for a kilometre as well as for a few days.

It is interesting that out of various people who came to trek Canada, only a few have travelled the full length of this trail. Most of the people do overnight treks and return.

If you are going on a trek here, you must be aware that some trail areas are combustion-free. If you love peace and adventure simultaneously, this is a good option for your trek Canada expedition.

3) Waskahegan Trail

From the Waskahegan Trail website

Where: Alberta

Are you planning to Trek Canada? If your answer is yes, this interesting 309 km trail is surely a good option. It includes around 40 routes. The trek here ranges from 5 to 15 kilometres. This trail passes through the whole city of Edmonton.

When trekking here, you will find out that Waskahegan Trail runs across public and private land. This trail is maintained by the volunteers most of the time.

If you love to explore nature, this is a great option for you to trek Canada. While trekking here, you will get to witness beautiful and spectacular scenery.

If you want to go on a trek for more than one day, even then, this trail is an excellent option, as this trail runs across various public campsites. Moreover, you will get to see wildlife as well when passing through Alberta parkland.


4) Rideau Trail

Fiona M. Donnelly / unlimphotos

Where: Ontario

This trail is even longer than the Waskahegan Trail, as it stretches to 400 km. Rideau Trail consists of a beautiful network of trails that starts from Kingston and ends in Ottawa.

It can take you one or two hours to even two weeks to choose this trail to trek Canada.

When you go on a trek here, you will be able to enjoy a serene view. You will get to see historical places, mixed-wood forests, lakes, beautiful towns, and a variety of birds on your way.

When you choose to trek Canada by this Trail, it’s a good idea to begin from the trails present in Rideau lakes and then go ahead from there.

The best time to go on trekking at Rideau Trail is during the autumn season. This is because during that time, the landscape there appears even more beautiful.


5) The Great Divide

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Where: Alberta/British Columbia

This is one of the longest trails in Canada, which extends to 1200 km. If you are planning to trek Canada, this is a great option for you.

The Great Divide roughly follows the continental divide going through British Columbia and Alberta’s mountains.

If you are thinking of going on trekking here, you must be well aware that most parts of this trail are for experienced trekkers.

Though the spectacular view that this trail offers makes it hard for people to resist going there, be fully prepared before going.

This trail has various jumping points, including Jasper, Blairmore, and Waterton. If you love adventures, this trail is surely for you as it offers 1500 meters between its highest and lowest point.

How you will be trekking here is a bit dangerous, so be cautious there. As a whole, this is a good trail to choose from for your trek Canada expedition.


6) Confederation Trail

tokar /shutterstock

Where: Prince Edward Island

Just like Newfoundland T’Railway Provincial Park, this is also a former railway line. This has been converted into a trekking and cycling path now.

If you plan to choose this trail for the trek Canada expedition, you will get to witness a flat topography there.

If you love to go on exciting treks, this is an excellent option, as it offers more than 1600 geocaching sites all across the trail.

Not just this, you will pass many towns while trekking here and all those towns are well known for their hospitality.

You must know that this trek is not that adventurous, but this trail is perfect if you are up for a sweet walk or trek.


7) Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Amy K. Mitchell /shutterstock

Where: British Columbia

This is another former railway line, converted into a cycling and trekking trail. It was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway 105 years ago.

Kettle Valley Rail Trail has been converted into a 600 km long route that goes through the Okanagan.

If you are planning to choose this trail for your trek Canada expedition, you can choose various lengths of trekking as per your choice.

If you like to go on short treks, you can go for a 5 km trek here. But, if you are into long interesting treks, you can go on treks that take more than one day.

This trail passes through 18 trestles. Not just this, you will also get to pass through two historic tunnels on your way. If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy the beautiful and serene view here.

You will get to witness beautiful lakeside views as well. So, if you are up for trek Canada, choose this one.

8) Bruce trail

Bruce trail /shutterstock

Where: Bruce trail dyers bay, Ontario

If you plan to trek Canada, this is one of the best and most popular trails for trekking in Canada. This trail is 900 km long and starts from the Niagara Escarpment to the Georgian Bay.

When you go on a trek here, you can choose to trek for 1 or 2 hours and a week or two.

If you are fond of long adventurous treks, this trail is perfect for you as it needs a complete month if you want to take the whole journey.
One of the best things about this trail is that it is well maintained and marked.

You will get to witness a spectacular view on your way, which includes forests, beautiful towns, lakeside cliffs as well as waterfalls. Choose this trail for your trek Canada expedition, and you’ll enjoy your time there.

9) East coast Trail

chrisontour84 /shutterstock

Where: Newfoundland and Labrador

If you are planning to go and trek Canada, this is an excellent trail situated in Newfoundland. This trail extends in the southern direction. It goes from Cape St. Francis towards the Atlantic coastline. This trail is 265 km long and well maintained.

If you are a trek lover, then this trail will prove to be quite adventurous for you. Not just this, you will also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery on your way.

One of the best things about this trail is that you will get to witness lighthouses, puffins, and even big whales while trekking. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to trek Canada through this trail.

10) Canol Heritage Trail

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Where: Northwest Territories/Yukon

If you are looking for a short yet challenging and adventurous trail to trek Canada, this one is excellent for you. When we talk about difficulty level, this is one of the best treks in Canada.

If you go on a trek there, you better be cautious, as getting your ankle sprained is quite common here. Moreover, you can get to witness black bears as well, so be ready with bear sprays.

This trail is a former industry route that hasn’t been looked after since 1945 or 1946.

When you choose to go there for your trek Canada expedition, you won’t just see oil barrels and rust, but you will also get to enjoy the spectacular view.

You will get to see beautiful mountains on your way. One thing that must be kept in mind while choosing this trail to trek Canada is that Canol Heritage Trail is only for experienced trekkers.

So, are you planning to trek Canada? Were you not able to decide which trails are good for you? Well, after going through this article, you will be able to make a good decision.

Get your boots ready. What are you waiting for? Go on your trek Canada expedition.

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