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yoho national park

The Yoho National Park is located in the Rocky Mountain of Canada, along Southeast British Columbia of the western slopes at the continental divide.

The Yoho National Park is boarded by Kootenay National Park in the South and Banff National Park in Alberta. The word Yoho means an expression of Cree language of awe or amazement.

This is apt for Yoho National Park’s spectacular mountain peaks and landscape filled with massive ice pieces, ranking the highest in the Canadian Rockies.

Some of the contiguous National Parks include Banff National Parks, Kootenay National Park, Jasper National Park, some of the provincial British Columbia parks, Mount Robson Provincial Park, Mount Assiniboine Hamber Provincial Park.

The provincial parks of British Columbia are together known as Rocky Mountains Parks World Heritage Site. Yoho National Park’s visitor and administrative center are just behind the Trans Canada Highway of Field in British Columbia.

The Yoho National Park was established by Prime Minister- John A. Macdonald and his wife Agnes on 10 October 1886. Since when the Glacier National Park was found on the same day, the Yoho National Park and Glacier National Park became the second and third known national parks in Canada, respectively, after Banff National Park.

In 1984, all the national parks of Glacier National Park were recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Common species found in Yoho National Park are:

  • Black bear

  • Grizzly bear

  • Lynx

  • Pika

  • Cougar

  • Wolverine

  • Hoary marmot

  • Rufous hummingbird

  • Golden-mantled ground squirrel

  • Mountain goats

  • Mule deer

  • Moose

  • Badger

  • Coyote and

  • Timber wolf

Some of the Mountains found in Yoho National Park are:

  • Page Peak

  • Mountain Burgess

  • Mount Field

  • Wapta Mountain

  • The Vice President

  • Odaray Mountain

  • The President of President range

  • Cathedral Mountain

  • Mount Stephen

  • Chancellor Peak

  • Mount Balfour

  • Mount Vaux and

  • Mount Goodsir

Also, many amazing and beautiful waterfalls such as laughing Falls, Takakkaw Falls, and Twin Falls. These waterfalls are considered to be the national historic site of Canada.

The Canadian government is in charge of all National Parks, including Yoho National Park. Yoho National Park consists of many waterfalls, heritage sites, parks, and beautiful lakes.

For entering Yoho National Park, you need to purchase the park pass from Yoho National Park. At first, you will come across the Yoho Valley. You will observe many turns with hoodoo creek and spiral tunnels in your way through the Yoho valley road.

You are not allowed to take your vehicles. The Yoho National Park provides their visitor with bus offers seats according to a first-served basis, and you need to purchase a bus ticket provided.

The inside of the park is very beautiful and stunning. You can take off your eyes from the mesmerizing view of nature and glacier-filled area. There are many camping grounds where you need to buy a wilderness pass to see a guided tour that will help you figure out the best places to visit in Yoho National Park.

The Yoho National Park is a diverse national park that includes numerous flora and fauna with many beautiful natural features, which is the main reason for tourists’ attraction.

List of 5 Reasons You Should Visit Yoho National Park

If you are looking for useful information about the beautiful Yoho National Park, your search ends here because you are on the right page.

Mentioned below are the 5 beautiful places you must visit and witness the beauty of nature from a different angle and different perspectives.

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1. Emerald Lake

Emerald lake is the most beautiful place and lake in Yoho National Park. It is the main attraction in Yoho National Park. If you drive for about 10 minutes from the Trans Canada Highway, you will get to see the stunning emerald lake, including Emerald Lake’s lodge.

There are over 61 ponds, and lake Emerald is the biggest pond or lake in Yoho National Park, Canada, which is a worth well paddle ground. You can paddle in Emerald Lake.

Paddling in this stunning lake gives you a super mystifying and bizarre experience. Due to opaque and deep green water, you will feel swimming through a liquid glass. Before tom Wilson, an explorer discovered Lake it was known as Lake Louise.

Canoe Rentals are available on the shore of lake Emerald which costs $70 per hour. The views of Emerald Lake are the main reason people visit Yoho National Park, Canada. Emerald lake lodge is the best lodge to stay in rent. The rooms are very clean and not much luxurious. Therefore, looking for a good place to stay and enjoy the lake does not matter.

Apart from the hotel rooms, the food provided by Emerald lake lodge is super delicious. Each room is a fine place, including a communal hot bathtub. So you can enjoy the view of Emerald lake by simply taking a walk while having your favorite food. The Natural Bridge is also often visited.

It is about 1.6 kilometers long from Emerald lake Road. From the Natural Bridge, the Emerald lake looks beautiful and outstanding.

2. Kicking Horse River

The Kicking Horse River is located in Hector of Yoho National Park, British Columbia, in the Canadian Rockies. The Kicking Horse River is named after James Hector, who is a surgeon and a geologist.

The Kicking Horse Pass connects the Rockies through the Bow River valley. The Bow River is the route to the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Kicking Horse Pedestrian River Bridge is the longest golden authentic bridge covered by timber-frame in Canada.

The Trans Canada Highway crosses the Bow river from many points of the Yoho National Park; the Kicking Horse Mountain resort is named after the Kicking Horse River and is located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains Trench on the other side of the Golden Town.

The Kicking Horse River consists of three waterfalls. The Kicking Horse Cascade is located below the Wapta Lake, the Natural Bridge Falls near the Field, and the Wapta Falls. The Wapta Falls is the largest waterfall by both width and volume located in Canada.

In Kicking Horse River, you can enjoy a lot by playing the most popular game called Rafting, kayaking, paragliding, indoor rock climbing, ATV tours or a walk, golf playing, wildlife viewing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, hang gliding, back and cross country skiing and hiking, backcountry camping, climbing and mountaineering, hiking trails, Iceline trail, and swimming.

Visiting King Horse River is preferable during the winter months that is from early October to mid-October. So on your day trip in the Kicking Horse River. The Kicking Horse Campground will deal with your camp stuff, and also you will enjoy doing those outdoor activities mentioned above.

3. Lake O’Hara

5 Best Reasons You Should Visit Yoho National Park For 3

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Lake O’Hara is considered one of the best sights in Yoho National Park in Canada. Lake O’Hara is a turquoise color lake. Lake O’Hara is surrounded by huge mountains that offer a home to incredible and excellent hiking trails.

This hike leads to the mountain peaks through waterfalls and small water bodies. Rent a home and stay there for the day. The next day you will get to see a daily bus service.

That bus will take you to Lake O’Hara. Don’t be late because the bus takes a lottery system that performs only limited passengers and reservation of seats. Therefore it is suggestive that you must wake early and take a bus ride to enjoy the beautiful Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park.

Once you reach Lake O’Hara, you can walk by the lake and enjoy the beautiful nature but note that riding a bike along the lake is strictly forbidden. Just beside the shore of the Lake O’Hara area, there is a lovely lodge named after this lake called Lake O’Hara Lodge.

Also, behind this lodge, a short distance in the woods, there is a small campground. For reserving a room in Lake O’Hara Lodge and campground, you need to book online in advance, for example, before a year from the time of your arrival.

The advantage of reserving a campground is that automatically a transport is booked especially for you throughout your day in Lake O’Hara. Hiking in Lake O’Hara is the most favorite activity and thus attracts people from all over the world. There are numerous hiking trails provided to tourists.

For example, the simple 2.8 km trail is an activity done along the shore of Lake O’Hara, which requires high skill and takes a day to complete the hike. Some popular routes for hiking include the Morning Glory Lake, alpine routes, Linda Lake Circuit, MacArthur Pass, Opening Plateau Circuit, and the Lake Oesa Trail.

From each route, you will have a different perspective of observing the view of the Lake O’Hara area. Through your hiking trails, you will get to watch beautiful waterfalls, alpine lakes. Sometimes due to grizzly bears, the trails remain closed. It would help if you visited this beautiful lake from mid-May to late June because the hot climate can make your hike more enjoyable.

4. Burgess Shale Fossil Beds

The Burgess Shale Fossil Beds is located to the east field of this Park. These Fossil beds are very important in the field of paleontology. Fossils found in Yoho National Park are about 550 million years ancient, especially the Cambrian trilobites.

These old rocks or fossils have yielded a major awareness in developing evolution and life on Earth. Charles Walcott has discovered The Burgess Shale Fossil Beds in 1909.

At present, The Burgess Shale Fossil Beds is the World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. When The fossil beds are near the area of the equator, they reveal a time.

The Burgess Shale Fossil Beds is only an access point for a guided hike. These are demanding hikes physically, which is significant for covering a long distance and gain moderate elevation.

The fossils deposited in the Burgess Shale are located in the cliff, which is 160 meters tall. There are many such cliffs where fossils and deposits are present, which are yet to be discovered.

The Burgess Shale Fossil Beds is one of the reasons people visit to discover such fossils and use them in research. Therefore you must visit this place for adventure and exploring the special area.

Hikes in Burgess Shale Fossil Beds lasts from about 7.5 hours to 11 hours. For further information and data on hiking times and guided hike trails, go through the official website of Yoho National Park.

5. Takakkaw Falls

The Takakkaw Fall is a wonderful waterfall located in Yoho National Park near the Field of British Columbia, Canada. There are many waterfalls in Yoho National Park, but Takakkaw Falls is the largest and the longest waterfall among all other waterfalls in this Park.

This huge fall is 254 meters just over the rock face. Visitors are allowed to stay near the waterfall to enjoy the mystical view and feeling from the bottom. The Takakkaw Fall is fed by the Daly Glacier, which is a part of the Waputik Icefield.

In the summer months, the glacier maintains the volume of the Takakkaw Falls. This is the reason for tourists attraction, and tourists often visit during late spring.

Because of tight switchbacks, motorhomes are not allowed near the base of the Takakkaw Falls up to the parking lot. From the parking lot, the view of Takakkaw Falls is grand and spectacular.

Visitors can easily walk to the stream along the base of the beautiful Takakkaw Waterfall for a full view of it from above. Alternatively, for a different and higher perspective, the Iceline hiking trail will lead you to the opposite western side of the fall, where you will get to observe the mesmerizing view of the Takakkaw Falls beyond the glacier.

It will take a day to reach the other side of the fall, but the view will be worth your effort. So it is highly recommended that you should visit this place to make your day the best.

The Yoho National Park is one of the best Park in British Columbia. The park is beautiful and gains a lot of tourists per year. The Park offers many exciting outdoor activities and trails.

There are bridges such as the Natural Bridge; campgrounds include the famous Kicking Horse campground. Mountain goats are very rare, and therefore, you will get to see them in this particular Park. There are rental houses, and you need to access them by a parking pass.

Note that each rental house makes sure that you flush toilets before and after use. The Parks Canada government is in charge of everything of this National Park. The spectacular and outstanding views from the top of the mountains make your day perfect—many people worldwide visit this park to enjoy nature peacefully.

There are grizzly bears, and many other animals which are rare are frequently found inside the park. Those animals are free, but there are no harmed cases found to date.

This park consists of numerous Falls, such as the Twin Falls. This fall is one of the famous falls and is often visited by tourists worldwide of its specialty. The famous Kicking Horse pass allows you to access the famous river called the Kicking Horse River.

This beautiful river offers a walk all along its shore. Therefore you should take the opportunity of visiting such wonderful places once in your lifetime.

Talking about the park’s climatic conditions, you can visit this place year-round. There is no restriction, but you must remember that no personal vehicles are allowed inside the park. This is strictly forbidden rather the park provides busses for your convenience.

The climate is warm in the summer months, and people enjoy the hiking trails, nature, and sunset from the mountain peaks. Summer months offer variety and exciting things to do in this beautiful park. You can travel a very short distance and get to see many rare and amazing flora and fauna. Skiing is very popular in the winter months.

This National Park is famous for skiing and skating. Every tourist enjoys their time with their family and friends. This park also allows a picnic table throughout the year. You are free to perform any activities, but there are some exceptions. The park is very famous all over Canada and is highly recommended to visit once. This place has over 20 lakes and mountains, including several parks.

Mentioned above are the five reasons or places to visit Yoho Park in Canada. So people grab your pieces of stuff, head towards the beautiful Yoho Park, and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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