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Which Are The Most Popular Hamilton Mountains Worth Visiting?

Hamilton is the biggest town in Southwest Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. It serves as the county seat for neighbouring Ravalli County, and because of its important role, it is a great starting point for exploring this hilly part of Montana.

The Niagara Escarpment divides the city into Upper and Lower Hamilton. As the city expanded, development merged with ancient neighbourhoods like Concession Street in the southern, upper part of the city, also known as “the mountain.”

The fusion of the old and the new has been vibrant. Although Hamilton has a population of fewer than five thousand, the city receives tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Due to the increase in tourists, Main Street is lined with many eateries, stores, and museums.

Along with this culture, the town’s past is also on exhibit in places like the Daly Mansion, which previously housed Copper King Marcus Daly, the town’s founder, and has more than 50 rooms.

Hamilton Mountain, Ontario Community

There are seven popular Hamilton Mountains. The highest and most prominent mountain is Dundas Peak, 234m in height. The other popular mountains are Niagara Escarpment 196m, Burlington Heights 108m, Fifty Point 75m, and Mount Nemo.

Hamilton Mountain is situated in Hamilton City. This city is located in the Canadian province between Ontario Lake and the Niagara Escarpment and has two parts, Upper and Lower Hamilton. This is the most visited place in Canada.

Hamilton Mountain’s height is approximately 4193 ft, and they are best for hiking because of the scenic beauty of wildflowers and waterfalls.

1.1. Dundas Peak

Dundas Peak is a famous and lovely place for hiking located in the Spencer Gorge conservation area. This is 20 minutes away from downtown Hamilton. Dundas Peak is open throughout the year, but autumn is the best time to visit there.

Moreover, Dundas Town is visible from the top of the Dundas peak. The two famous waterfalls, Tews and Websters, make the Dundas Peak beautiful.

Dundas Peak Fall 🍂 [4K] | Hamilton | Ontario | Canada 🍁

Tews Waterfall is small, but Webster is one of the largest waterfalls. Hiking in Dundas Peak is not very difficult, and it takes almost 45 minutes to complete. This is a Y-shaped valley, and payable parking is available.

1.2. Mount Nemo

One of the historic sites of Canada is Burlington, which is 30 meters above the lake level. Mount Nemo conservation area is a popular area for hiking and rock climbing in Burlington.  It takes almost 57 minutes to complete hiking on Mount Nemo.

This place is especially known for its best caves. April to October is the favourable season for climbing Mount Nemo. The most scenic beauty of this mountain is sunset, so the best time slot is around sunset. This area is well-maintained and has spacious parking.

1.3. Mount Albion Conservation Area

Mount Albion conservation area is one of the best loops. This area is covered with forests and a few water ponds, so visiting it provides the best opportunity to observe wildlife.

Visit to the Mount Albion conservation area is moderately challenging and a fantastic day trip. Hiking to Mount Albion takes 1 hour 21 minutes to complete. In addition to that it provides an opportunity for bird watching, hiking, climbing, and biking.

Albion Hills Conservation Area

Albion Conservation area has many natural amenities for picnics. The parking area is Chippewa Rail Trail which has many washrooms located on the west side of the conservation area.

Nature walk experience is good in this conservation area. Within a 1.6-kilometre walk, many local trails like the Chippewa Rail Trail, East Mountain Loop, and Red Hill Valley Trail are observed on the track.

1.4. Fifty Point

Fifty Point is a 2.5-mile loop near Hamilton Ontario and takes 45 minutes to complete. It is an easy route along with a lovely beach and well-maintained walking trails.

1.5. Devils Punchbowl

Devil’s Punchbowl is a beautiful place for hiking. It is almost a 1.2-mile round trip and takes 44 minutes to complete.

Besides that, hikers can observe Ordovician and Silurian stratified rocks displayed on this mountain. Stoney Creek and Hamilton Harbour are visible from this location.

Moreover, Devil Punch Bowl is named as such because of the shape of the gulch. The best time to visit this spot is spring because, at that time, tides are low and allow hikers to walk inside for a closer look.

The Devils Punchbowl Concentration Camp In Mississippi Unearths This Haunting Story

But in other seasons, tides are high, and the ocean pours in several openings in its sides.

1.6. Hamilton Niagara Escarpment

The Hamilton Niagara Escarpment consists of 11 kilometres long. It is 4-,5 km above Lake Ontario. The Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton is a vertical limestone, sandstone, and shale wall.

In older times, it was referred to as the mountain. A beautiful view of the city and harbor is visible from the top of the hill. It is one of the thirteen UNESCO World Biosphere in Canada.

1.7. Chedoke Radial Trail

Chedoke Radial Trail is a 6-mile round trip and moderately challenging route that runs along the edge of Niagara Escarpment. Hikers cover hiking by bicycle or following pedestrian pathways.

The trail starts from Hill Crest Avenue and runs across the Cheddhe Golf Course clubhouse and the Dundurn stairs. These areas of the trail are flat and asphalt surface, but the remaining trail is made up of fine granular surface.

2. Know About The Hamilton Mountain Trail

The Columbia River Gorge’s Hamilton Mountain is a particularly well-liked tourist site. Finding a trek with stunning views, wildflowers, a lovely woodland trail, and waterfalls is uncommon.

Although this climb is officially in Washington, Oregon, it can be seen in the distance across the Columbia River, and the views of Oregon from here are simply breathtaking.

Hamilton Mountain Trail is formed by Beacon Rock and Columbia River. Hamilton Mountain Trail is loop-like and has a seasonal waterfall like Rodney Falls, and Hardy Falls. There are many beautiful spots across the Columbia River.

Beacon rock climbing is a wonderful experience for hikers. This rock is crumbly so climbing on it is a challenging task. Beacon Rock State Park is a rejuvenating area near Beacon Rock and is covered with old-growth forest.

Hiking can be done straight up and down for a six-mile round trip, or if someone wants to take a loop, it is almost a 7.5-mile round trip. There are three waterfalls located at different points.

Hamilton Mountain Trail Hike | What to Expect | Highlights | Beacon Rock State Park, WA

Hiking starts from Hardy Creek Trail, which has a parking lot and well-maintained toilets. The first destination is Hardy Falls viewpoint, the lowest of the waterfalls, which is almost one mile from the starting destination.

Moving towards the left from Hardy Falls on the main trail, which is steep and covered with trees, ends at the upper areas. After a short mile, the trail makes a bend, which is Hardy’s full Cascade.

Rodney Falls and the Pool of the Winds are on the left on a side trail from Hardy Full Cascade. After the journey of almost three miles, the view of cascade pearls is visible.

This point is at the top of Hamilton Mountain, giving clear views of Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Table Mountain, Mount Saint Helens, and Bonneville Dam.

There is a clear view of the Columbia River a few hundred feet towards the north. The spots near Columbia River are known as Little Hamilton Mountain. This spot gives a spectacular view of Beacon Rock and the Columbia Gorge.

The next spot is T- a shaped junction that is one mile away from Little Hamilton. Turning right from this junction will take you back to the Hardy Creek Trail.

2.2. When to Climb?

Climbing over Hamilton Mountain is accessible throughout the year. During winter in this mountain, snowfall is heavy, and the first mile of the north is deep with drifted snow.

The best time to go climbing is late spring because at this time this area is covered with wildflowers and waterfalls are strong.

Hamilton Mountain Hike via Pool of the Winds and Rodney Falls - Columbia River Gorge

In early summertime, a short access road to Beacon Park is opened, which saves around 8 miles round trip on the hike, but the remaining month’s road access is closed.

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3. Final Words

Hamilton City is famous for its mountains, in which people prefer hiking and climbing. There are many mountains, but the famous ones are Dundas Peak, Devil’s Punchbowl, and Fifty Point. Hamilton Niagara Escarpment.

Hamilton Mountain is famous for its unique waterfalls, delicious food, beautiful views, and deep forest area.

Besides the scenic beauty, this Mountain is famous for pizza which is served in the Napoleon style.

This area is best visited during late spring and early summer. These are rated moderately due to mileage and elevation. Hamilton mountain trail is good in condition and very popular among hikers.

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