Bless Your Pocket: Listing 10 High Paying Jobs in Canada

Over the past few years, Canada has undoubtedly become one of the most popular destinations among immigrants for high-paying job offers. The factors that lead people to choose Canada as their preferred immigration destination are the advantages of Canadian immigration policies, medical benefits, simple work visa policies, and many more.

More than 450,000 international students prefer to study in Canada, and many of them will also choose to stay there after graduation to find a good job offer.

high-paying jobs in canada
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But remember that the average salaries in the article are designed to give you an idea of what you may earn if you work in that position. Although your income will often depend on the knowledge, skills, and connections, you have.

To help you with your search, we have gathered information from recruiting sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor to understand better what kind of jobs are available in Canada that also pay well.

1. In Medical Sciences

1.1. Psychiatrist 

Mental Health has become a major problem in the gen Z, and many people seek psychiatric help with their issues. The term psychiatrist refers to a doctor with specialized knowledge and deep expertise in the medical field, and it is one of the high-paying jobs. As mental health professionals, psychiatrists help diagnose, treat, and prevent mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders in their patients.

As reported by the Canadian Psychiatric Association, there is a growing demand for psychiatrists all over Canada compared to supply. In both rural and northern areas of Canada, along with large urban centers, shortages of psychiatrists exist.

According to a report released by Job Bank Canada, from 2019 to 2029, psychiatry jobs will be increased by 12 percent above average in most fields. This can be a perfect opportunity for local and international graduates.

  • Average Salary: 310,780 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 300,000 CAD to 410,000 CAD
  • A Medical Degree with a Psychiatric Residency program in the relevant specialization is required.

1.2. Surgeon

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Surgeons are medical doctors who perform surgery on a patient. Canada has 17 accredited medical schools that prepare students to become physicians or surgeons and provide the necessary patient care for their patients with the appropriate training.

Many administrative tasks, such as rounds and postoperative care, are part of the surgeon’s role. No matter where you work in the country or a busy clinic or hospital in Ontario, surgeons are some of the most in-demand professionals, with an average growth rate of around 12 percent each year.

After graduating from medical school, students must complete a 4-5 year residency, followed by a 2-year specialization in surgery. The average surgeon’s salary in Canada is 73.08 dollars per hour, based on the most recent data.

An entry-level position in medical technology may earn as little as 45,825 dollars per year, while a position with more experience may earn as much as 392,000 dollars.

  • Average Salary: 280,842 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 100,000 CAD to 450,000 CAD
  • A Medical Degree with a Residency Program in the relevant specialization is required.

1.3. Dentist

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Being a dentist is considered one of Canada’s most respected and high-paying jobs. A dentist diagnoses managers and treats various dental issues; however, they don’t typically offer specialized care. Many provinces appear to be facing a shortage, making the perfect opportunity for local and foreign nationals to swoop in.

According to the Job Bank of Canada, about 12,300 new dental job opeKnings are expected to be available in Canada by 2028. And this could be an opportunity for International students to earn substantial sums in this highly paid sector.

  • Average Salary: 174,094 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 100,000 CAD to 300,000 CAD
  • Degree required: Bachelor’s and Master’s in Dental Surgery and a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

1.4. Anesthesiologist

Anaesthesiologists are qualified doctors with graduate degrees from medical school, and it is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. But before working as Anaesthesiologists, they have to complete a fellowship program.

These medical specialists are involved in pain management and administering anesthesia in hospitals. They must evaluate, supervise, and monitor the patient’s care before, during, and after surgery and are often responsible for leading teams.

During the last few years, this profession has grown rapidly. The industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled candidates, which has led to an increase in salaries, making this a viable career choice both today and in the future.

Approximately 5,410 new positions should be filled by 2029, which indicates there is and will be an increase in demand for anesthesiologists.

  • Average Salary: 353,963 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 255,000 CAD to 530,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Bachelor’s and Master’s in medicine with a Residency Program in the relevant specialization.

2. In Computer Science & I.T.

2.1. IT Manager

The I.T. manager is responsible for determining the organization’s technology needs and implementing and maintaining its technology stacks. They develop I.T. strategies, find solutions, and manage teams of employees. Also, they are responsible for leading teams; for that, they need to have a variety of “soft” skills, such as communication and empathic abilities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, I.T. manager jobs are expected to grow by 10 percent by 2029, which is faster than the national average growth rate. Business owners must be able to direct their I.T. teams accordingly, so long as more and more people migrate to digital platforms, among other reasons.

According to Indeed, an entry-level IT Manager can expect to earn about 39.50 dollars per hour on average.

In Canada, a college degree like a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or other related fields is enough to become an I.T. manager. But a master’s degree in computer science makes 29 percent more than a bachelor’s degree.

  • Average Salary: 102,970 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range100,000 CAD to 250,000 CAD
  • Degree required:A Master’s in Computer Science or related fields.

2.2. Software Architects

Do you like coding? Then becoming a software architect is the perfect career for you? The role of a software architect includes designing elements of a computer and software program. The position may involve writing code sections and conducting quality assurance testing on code segments in a product.

There is a high demand and difficulty in finding software architect professionals. A software architect also significantly makes high-level decisions about the coding standards used to develop any program.

A bachelor’s degree isn’t always necessary to become a software architect, but it can still help make you stand out from the crowd if you have one. The master’s degree might not be an absolute requirement for every company, but some prefer their software architect to have it.

  •  Average Salary: 128,988 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 100,000CAD to 160,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Bachelor’s or Masters’s in Computer Science or related fields.

2.3. Cloud Architects

In the I.T. industry, a cloud architect is a professional responsible for implementing an organization’s cloud computing strategy and overseeing its implementation. Cloud adoption planning, application design, management, and monitoring are some of their responsibilities.

It’s not uncommon for cloud architects to deal with the legal aspects of cloud computing, negotiate contracts, and work with legal and procurement departments.

  • Average Salary: 121,800 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 90,000 CAD to 170,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Degree in Computer Science or related fields.

2.4. Software Engineering Manager

Software engineering managers and designers handle the research, design, development, integration, evaluation, maintenance, development, and improvement of software applications, operating systems, embedded software, telecommunications software, data warehouses, and technical environments on behalf of companies and governments.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in demand for software engineering experts. A technologically skilled workforce is one of the pillars that supports and sustains the Canadian economy and continues to be in high demand throughout the country.

Statistics show that employment opportunities in the software industry will increase by 21 percent from now until 2028 – that is significantly higher than the average for other occupations.

Having a background in engineering, there is a lot of potentials for these engineers to find employment in I.T. consulting firms, R&D-related IT firms, corporate I.T. work units, or enterprises focusing strongly on I.T. in both the public and private sectors.

A college degree in streams like Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Mathematics, or any program in Computer Science is required to become a Software Engineering Manager.

  • Average Salary: 144,405 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 110,000 CAD to 200,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree in Computer Science.

2.5. Data Scientists

There are many opportunities in the Canadian employment market for those wishing to pursue a career in Data Science. As the population grows and the economy expands, the demand for data scientists is expected to grow significantly by 2025.

Using the information they collect in their research from websites, content management, or other internal software, they offer companies a better understanding of how they can make smarter, more educated, and thoughtful decisions in business that will help them grow.

Data Scientists are generally tasked with gathering and analyzing information from websites, content management systems, or other internal software and then analyzing that data using algorithms and scientific methods to determine the outcome.

The average annual salary of a data scientist in Canada is higher than that of a data scientist in most other countries. There are many, many jobs offers available for students who possess a degree in data science.

  • Average Salary: 100,875 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 70,000 CAD to 160,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science or Data science or a related field.

3. In Art

3.1. Architect

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If you have a passion for art and want to earn a good salary, then a career in architecture is for you. An architect is a person who designs buildings. They work on designing rooms, office and department store buildings, tunnels, bridges, dams, and more. This is an in-demand occupation that offers great financial security wherever you live.

Landscape Architect, Architectural Technologist, Architectural Designer, and Preservation Architect are the names of some of the highest-paying architect careers in Canada.

The average architect’s salary in Canada is 50.79 dollars per hour. Typical entry-level jobs in this industry pay 80,399 dollars annually, while most experienced workers can make up to 144,059 dollars annually.

  • Average Salary: 92,016 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 80,000 CAD to 150,000 CAD
  • Degree required: Masters in Architectural Science or a related field.

3.2. Art Director

Are you an extrovert? Do you like managing people, leading teams, and creating new ideas? Then consider becoming an art director. An art director is responsible for magazines’ visual appearance and layout, product packaging, television shows, films, websites, products, and many other elements. Their job is to determine visual concepts, then guide teams in developing the final products.

Most people employed in these careers only have a bachelor’s degree, but if you are looking to land one of these high-paying jobs, you will have at least five years of experience under your belt. The number of art directors is expected to increase by about 4 percent between 2021 and 2031, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations during this period.

  • Average Salary: 75,598 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 50,000 CAD to 160,000 CAD
  • Degree required: Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts or equivalent

3.3. Producer and Director 

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Every film and television show you enjoy, whether it be an independent film or a television series, has a director and a producer that are talented and hardworking. These professionals do not exclusively work on every blockbuster, as many are also busy making small productions, documentaries, theater works, and other works of art.

Producers are involved in the selection of scripts, stories, and the financial and organizational implications of production. At the same time, the directors are responsible for the artistic aspects of the production and take care of the creative aspects.

This is a lucrative and stable career choice with a high median salary and an expected growth rate of 10 percent by 2027. Eventually, if you can work your way up to the top 10 percent of employees, you can expect to earn a salary of over 173,680 if you stay with it.

  • Average Salary: 95,229 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 80,000 CAD to 300,000 CAD
  • Degree required: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or related field.

4. In Business

4.1. Chief Marketing Officers

A Chief Marketing Officer is a person who oversees the marketing strategies and initiatives of a company. A Chief Marketing Officer should be aware of offline and online marketing initiatives to manage them effectively, such as social media, digital advertising, and Google ads.

Most Chief Marketing Officers also complete a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

  • Average Salary: 150,000 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 100,000 CAD to 300,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Bachelor’s and Master in Business administration.

4.2. Business Operations Manager

Business Operations Managers, also known as Head Operations Administrators, oversees a company’s activities and coordinate the processes essential to managing workflow and meeting goals within the company.

Their responsibilities include overseeing administrative employees and establishing communication procedures between the departments, developing strategic initiatives to improve efficiency and quality of service throughout the organization, tracking business results, performing cost-benefit analyses, and monitoring production KPIs.

You must have experience managing all business operations across an organization and setting goals across all levels to be a successful Business Operations Manager. Also, you should be able to communicate the company’s vision across all levels of the organization with great leadership skills.

  • Average Salary: 83,057 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 50,000 CAD to 140,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Bachelor’s and Master in Business administration.

4.3. Corporate Controllers

The corporate controller is responsible for overseeing the accounting operations of a company. Controllers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that are involved in their job. In general, in smaller firms, the controller has to be able to perform a greater number of duties than in larger firms. As a Corporate Controller, you should have years of experience working at various accounting and financing levels if you are in a senior role.

In a small business, the controller frequently has the final say in all financial aspects, such as budgeting, reporting, and investing. Managing risks, especially regarding risk management, but the corporate controllers’ duties are often specialized in large companies, with certain financial decisions being transferred to other executives, such as the chief financial officer (CFO), when the controller is in charge of a larger company.

  • Average Salary: 125,000 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 85,000 CAD to 200,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration, or finance.

4.4. Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive officers (CEO) are those responsible for running an organization and making the majority of the decisions related to company management. Their responsibilities vary depending on what type of organization they are in, as there are wide ranges of job opportunities available. Employees with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in their job title in Toronto and Ontario earn an average of 19.3 percent more than the national average.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), top executives, including chief executive officers, are expected to experience an increase in employment nationwide over the next decade, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations between 2021 and 2031.

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with less than one year of experience seeking to enter the field can expect to earn an average total compensation of 98,628 dollars in their first year of employment.

  • Average Salary: 537,365 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 200,000 CAD to 900,000 CAD
  • Degree required: College degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Commerce, or a related field.

4.5. Project Manager

Marketing, sales, engineering, and other sectors require people in this field. There is no doubt that the nature of their job requires them to be versatile and possess an ability to juggle different areas of expertise in managing people or managing budgets in the context of their role. This industry is in great demand, especially for project managers who have previously handled multiple projects.

A project manager has been one of the most sought-after positions in Canada for several years.

When we talk about highlighting the skills of a project manager, then a project management professional (PMP) takes the lead as the most sought-after certification when showcasing their skills and capabilities. Among the certifications offered by the Project Management Institute, PMP is unquestionably the gold standard.

  • Average Salary: 86,388 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 70,000 CAD to 250,000 CAD
  • Degree required: A Master’s degree in Project Management or Business Management.

5. Others

5.1. Lawyer 

Attorneys are primarily responsible for providing legal advice to their clients and managing the legal distribution of documents they work on behalf of their clients as part of their job. Consider your personal interests when choosing a field, but if you’re looking for a good salary in this stream, you should also consider Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law.

According to the Government’s Job Bank, lawyers have good job prospects across most parts of Canada. Still, it appears they are in the greatest demand in Manitoba and Quebec (for lawyers and notaries, respectively). Approximately 46,000 new jobs will be available for judges, lawyers, and notaries in Canada in the next few years.

As well as this, they have additional options when securing the Permanent Resident Visa in Canada. With the high demand for lawyers in the country, they can process their immigration applications under the various immigration pathways of Canada even without having a job offer to fall back on at the moment.

Being a lawyer is a matter of pride wherever you live. However, considering a legal career abroad, you should consider Canada.

  • Average Salary: 107,122 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 100,000 CAD to 200,000 CAD
  • Degree required: Master of law (LLM) or related field.

5.2. Pilot

A pilot or aviator is a person whose job is to fly airplanes regularly. This includes navigation and flight technology, as well as flight control.

According to the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace, approximately 6,000 pilots may be needed to meet the growing demands in the aviation and aerospace industry by 2036. There are several high-paying jobs , including cargo pilots, flight instructors, airline transport pilots, and agricultural pilots, to name a few.

To become a pilot, you must have completed a university degree or college diploma, a commercial pilot’s license, or an air transport pilot’s license. According to Indeed, an entry-level pilot can expect to earn about 39.75 dollars per hour on average.

  • Average Salary: 111,044 CAD
  • National Average Salary Range: 40,000 CAD to 195,000 CAD
  • Degree required: Commercial Pilot Licence

These are the highest-paying jobs in Canada in most of the streams. If you plan to move to Canada someday to build a career for yourself, you better look out for these professions.

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