Canadian Citizenship Test: 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Canadian Citizenship Test
Are you willing to become a Canadian citizen? Nervous about the Canadian Citizenship Test? Do not worry! Here are the 10 most frequently asked Canadian Citizenship test questions. But before that, let us learn more about the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Canadian Citizenship Test

Canada is a beautiful country full of scenic locations. It has the most generous and polite people. They greet everyone with a warm and friendly welcome into their country. You can find not only tourists but also citizens from different parts of the globe in Canada. These immigrants are equally respected. They are also given equal rights after they fully become citizens of Canada. For this, they have to pass the Canadian Citizenship Test.
The citizenship test consists of only 20 true/false or multiple-choice questions. They test your knowledge about the country you will be part of. The people who apply for the test must meet the basic requirement for citizenship in Canada. They must be between 18 and 54 years old. This test is generally a written test, available in both English and French language. But in some special cases, it might be an interview or an oral test. Within the time period of 30 minutes, you have to get at least 15 out of 20 questions correct to pass.
The Canadian Citizenship Test consists of questions taken from Canada’s official guide. It is called “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.” This guide gives you a basic idea of the rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen. These are Canadian history, the geography of Canada, its political systems, and so on.
You can apply for Canadian Citizenship exam online or on paper as well. For applying on papers, first, you need to get an application package. According to your situation and age, you will be given the package. It contains an instruction booklet and all forms you need to fill out. Then, you are required to pay the application fees and submit the application. Make sure that all details entered on the application form are true.

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How To Prepare For The Citizenship Test?

The process of the Canadian Citizenship exam is quite simple. The questions are taken from various sources. It is about Canada, its cultures, history, cuisines, locality, and many more. To become a Canadian citizen, you must know this information. But it seems some people face problems while studying for the test. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for the test with more confidence.

– Discover Canada

The official study guide is “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship”. You must get your hands on that to get accurate answers. You need to get as many questions right as possible.

– MP3 Version Of The Study Guide

Don’t like the study guide? Listen to the MP3 version. It is named “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.”

– Learning Videos From YouTube Site

If you cannot get your hands on the guide, you can watch YouTube videos. There are videos about Canada’s history, politics, and many more. They can give the overall idea about Canada to pass the Citizenship test.

– Online Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

Try to take up as many online Canadian citizenship practice tests as possible. It will test your knowledge. The Canadian Citizenship Practice tests are free of cost. Gradually, try to improve your score up to 90% on the Canadian citizenship practice test questions. Check the Richmond Public Library website to find the Canadian Citizenship Practice Test 2021. Take a practice test today, test your knowledge!

– Travelling And Gathering Knowledge

If nothing is working for you, you must find fun and informative activities. You can visit museums, art galleries, and political gatherings. You can visit historic places (as verified by the Government of Canada). Then you can test your knowledge by quizzing yourself.

– Improve Your Language Skills

Museum Canada

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10 Most Likely To Be Asked Questions

Canadian Citizenship exam consists of 20 multiple choice or true/false questions. You are required to get at least 15 answers correct to pass the test. Let us look at some of the most common and most likely-to-be asked questions for the test.

Questions About The Canadian Government

As a Canadian citizen, you must have knowledge about the process of working in the government. so that you can participate in making the country better for the future. You do not have to understand all the complexities of the Canadian Government. The basic ideas are enough for the test.

1. Who Is Canada’s Prime Minister/Governor-General/Head Of State?

2. What Type Of Governmental System Does Canada Have?

3. What Mark Do You Put On A Federal Election Ballot?

You have to learn about the political leaders, elections, and Parliament of Canada. There are similar subjects related to information about the Canadian Government.

Canadian Citizenship Test

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Questions About Geography

When you prepare for the Citizenship test, gather information about the country’s geography. Read maps, books, and travel the country. However, the free practice tests can also help you get all the information you need.

4. Name The Five Regions Of Canada/How Many Provinces Does Canada Have?

5. What Are The Three Oceans Bordering Canada?

6. What Country Lies On The Other Side Of Canada’s Western Border?

Study the country’s different regions, positions, and the most popular places. It will help you crack the geography-related questions.


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Questions On Canadian History And Culture

People from other countries find it difficult to understand Canadian culture. The tests not only ask about the cultures and traditions but also ask about Canadian history. It is crucial to gather information about Canadian history and culture.

7. What Is The Name Of Canada’s National Anthem?

8. What Are The Official Languages Of Canada?

9. In the 1960s, Quebec experienced an era of rapid change. What is it called?

10. How Many Canadians Served In World War I?

You need to read and study the changing times in Canada. You should understand the traditions & cultures followed by the Canadians. The study guide and practice tests can thoroughly help you to prepare for the test.

Canadian History Hall

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What Happens After The Test?


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After you finish the test items, the items you completed will be marked. When you are finished, click the end button. This is the standard procedure for the online tests that are currently being conducted. 

The Canadian Citizenship exam helps you be a permanent part of Canada. It will help you participate in all the country’s activities. But it might be difficult for some to pass the test. The above-mentioned area of subjects has a high probability of being asked in the test. But first, thoroughly understand the test and its process. Then start preparing for the same. All the best!

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