A community sitting at a big table to communicate. A community sitting at a big table to communicate.

Recreation Gems: 5 Outstanding Community Centers in Vancouver

There are around 24 community centres in Vancouver for recreation. They focus mainly on fun and social activities. In addition, the community centre in Vancouver also offers services to both high and low-income persons, according to their needs.

5 Exceptional Recreational Hubs in Vancouver City

Site tour of the Roundhouse Community Centre

1. West End Community Centre, West Vancouver

West End Community Centre is located at Denman Street, between Haro and Barclay Streets. This community centre has many programs for people of all ages. 

A Play area for kids with toys around.
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Firstly, it has a preschool and a childcare centre for kids. Secondly, it has a pottery studio, a youth studio, a photography dark room, and a hall. It also has a dance studio and an ice rink. Visitors can enjoy ice skating over here from September to April and dry floors from May to August. This place also has Zumba for adults. 

They have free parking at Denman Street and paid parking at Barclay and Haro Streets. In fact, it offers a range of rental rooms ideal for people living there. You need to make an online booking to join this community centre. 

2. Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre, Larch Street

Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre is near MacDonald Street and West Broadway. It offers programs for all age groups. It also has special needs activities for the differently abled.

A row of houses in Kitsilano war memorial, one of the community centres in Vancouver with a blue sky in the background.
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They also offer many other activities. This community centre has an amazing fitness centre with a sauna bath facility. Besides this, they also have a good range of tools for functional training and cardio. 

The programs at this community centre include a youth centre, a senior’s common room, and childcare. People can also enjoy at the ice rink. They can enjoy ice skating from September to April and the dry floor from April to August. Moreover, they have a playground in Connaught Park

Kitsilano Pool is an outdoor summer pool. Surprisingly, it is the only saltwater swimming pool in Vancouver. It also has free Wi-Fi.  To know more about the ongoing programs, make the bookings on the authorized website of this community centre.

3. Douglas Park, West 22nd Avenue

Douglas Park sits in the heart of West Avenue. This community centre has a huge range of programs and activities. They give free Wi-Fi and have a pottery studio. Pottery is a relaxing activity, and the pottery workshop is a blessing to visitors. Moreover, it has a small fitness centre with good equipment, such as weights, treadmills, stationary bikes and stair climbers.

Douglas Park Community Centre with parking lot in rainy day.
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It also has an open outdoor entertainment and open culture areas. The open outdoor fun and cultural area has a wading and swimming pool, a sports field, and a table tennis full court. Nevertheless, it is the best fit for sports and culture lovers. Besides, there is a teen or youth centre and a childcare centre. There are many other equally important programs held at the centre, such as Zumba class, Magic Camp, Seniors Out trip, etc.

Along with they offer tapestry community classrooms. They also have 2 community rooms that are being used for many activities, such as social get-togethers, yoga classes, health and wellness classes, etc. It also offers rental spaces for meetings, seminars, classes, training sessions, parties, and more. It is one of the best community centres to visit with family.

4. Kerrisdale Community Centre, West Boulevard

Kerrisdale Community Centre is located near West 41st Avenue and West Boulevard.  It is among the oldest community centres in Vancouver and is also one of the most unique and attractive community centres there.

This community centre provides programs and activities for all ages. It has many facilities, like Elm Park, a public library, an exercise room, etc. In addition to the above, it has both an indoor and outdoor pool. The indoor pool is wheelchair-friendly and is under the name of Maple Grove

A close-up on a woman's face in the outdoor Swimming Pool.
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There is a well-equipped fitness centre. It has muscle training and cardio machines, training props, weights, etc. In addition, there is a play area for kids. It also has an ice skating and the Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena. Moreover, there is also a gymnasium and a seniors wing.

They also give rooms for rent. These rooms can be used for social get-togethers, yoga classes, health and wellness classes, and other purposes. Overall, it is a good entertainment place in Vancouver.

5. Britannia Community Services Centre, Napier Greenway

Britannia Community Services Centre is located towards the western side of the Napier Greenway. This community centre has enough programs and activities for people of all ages. 

Kids skating on the Ice rink during winter.
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Not only does it have an ice rink, an indoor pool, a tennis court, and a carving court, but also a great fitness centre. The ice rink is huge. It has a size to fit 500 people. The indoor pool has many features, including a swing, rope, slide, and more. In fact, the childcare of this place is licensed. The fitness centre has treadmills, weights, rowing machines, etc. 

There is a teen/youth centre and Al Mattison Lounge. This Lounge is for people above 55 years of age. This centre also has a Britannia Library, Britannia Art Gallery, and Canucks Family Education Centre. In addition, they give free Wi-Fi. Moreover, they provide room rentals for various seminars, meetings, classes, birthday parties, etc. Online bookings are available at the official website of this community centre.

End Note

If you are planning to visit community centres in Vancouver, this article can help you for sure. It includes all the required details about registration at the community centres. The information about the programs, classes, and activities of various city community centres is also covered in detail above.

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