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The Best Ten Halifax Beaches Worth the Drive

A beach is something that everyone loves. The combination of warm waters and cool rocks is necessary to make your day a tad bit better.

Halifax is one such place in Canada with a great stock of beaches you can swoon over.  It is situated on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. It houses several beaches around it that would never be dissatisfied.

These beaches are not just blessed with lovely weather but also great lodging facilities. These hotels are great for their first-class food and premium hospitality.

Also, These destinations are imbued with diverse marine life. You will not be surprised to see the huge number of starfishes and lobsters washed across the shore of these beaches. 

Alongside the luxurious accommodation, These creatures magnify the beauty of the beach. These places are great for having a splash too. These provide the optimal temperatures for swimming. Some of these beaches will be perfect for a crowd-less evening. One of the perks of visiting these places is the amazing sunset. You will not get such a perfect view elsewhere.

So whether you prefer a long walk along the beachside or chill on a hammock, these ocean areas are a perfect choice! So, don’t think and pack your bags to spend quality time here.

With this article, learn about ten great beach spots that the place provides!

10 Halifax Beaches Worth the Drive

1. Chocolate Lake Beach

The chocolate beach is significantly popular in the summer months. This is the time when it is most utilized for swimming. Its beach also supplies one with several facilities that include lifeguards, shower rooms, and a game spot. Isn’t this favorable?

It is to be noted that the lifeguards are available in the summertime. July to August is their active period. A huge variety of trees provide you with shade during your time on the beach.

Exploring Chocolate Lake in Halifax, Nova Scotia


The game spot on the beach has a tennis court for the use of the public. If you are looking for surfing facilities, try out this beach.

This place is full of entertainment. It also has a very interesting fact hidden in the secret of its ocean. The beach was created in the location of a chocolate factory.

So, it receives its interesting name from there. But don’t get disappointed. Even though the place lacks a chocolate factory, it has great hotels to supply you with delicacies.

The Barrington Hotel is one such lovely place to stay. It is situated in downtown Halifax. It is near the Chocolate lake beach and will spare you the trouble of finding fine lodging.

2. Martinique Beach: A Nova Scotia Highlight

All the Halifax Beaches Have a Specialty of Their Own, and So Does This!

Martinique beach, too, is unique for being the longest in Nova Scotia. This long white sand beach has a characteristic crescent shape. This makes it stand out among the other beaches.

The beautiful beach is imbued with several perks. Reviews state that the huge size of the beach makes it a good spot for enjoying while maintaining social distancing. These facilities include changing rooms and shower booths.

Halifax beaches: Martinique Beach
Daniel Oberg/Unsplash/copyright 2018

Surfing is a pretty popular sport here. The place is a free picnic spot. So, you can bring a basket of sandwiches and a mat while visiting the place with your loved ones.

The Musquodoboit Harbour is a popular spot here. This is an important center for postal services, schools, libraries, and municipal services. So, whenever you visit the beach of Martinique, you will not lack these amenities.

This is the longest sandy beach that takes a really short time to reach Nova Scotia. It is merely an hour’s drive from that place. This is a must-visit destination.

3. Lawrencetown Beach: A Halifax gem

This Beach is yet Another Worth-Mentioning Provincial Beach Park

It is very popular for its activities related to surf. The waters of this beach have great rip tides in the ocean that help the surfers immensely. It is a great deal near Halifax. This makes it a highly preferable beach for driving to.

A great perk is that the beach has supervised swimming portions. You can enjoy this in July and August. Heron’s Nest Tea Room will be a must-visit if you visit the place.

Halifax Beaches: Lawrence town beach
Liz Cummings/unsplash/copyright 2020

The soft sands on the beach are great for kids. You can get a complete view of this perfect beach from here. So, make your reservations now!

The Salt March Trail enhances the beach’s beauty. It’s a good place for hiking too! These trails are great for catching a glimpse of several bird and animal species.

The place never falls short of good food. So, arrive at Rose and Rooster Bakery to satisfy your taste buds. Their famous fish cakes and beans are a local favorite.

4. The Ecstasy of Birch Cove Beach closures

The beach has more than enough perks! 

This site is greatly significant for canoeing. It ranges from washrooms to bicycle racks and outdoor pools and serves the best. The beach also has Lake Banook by its side.

If you visit here, you will never be short of good clubs. Banook Canoe Club and North Star Rowing Club are pretty popular here. A remarkable fact is that this is the first beach in Halifax to gain Blue Flag status.

Birch Cove Beach Dartmouth NS

And yes, how can we forget the food part? Birch and Anchor would serve just fine if you are looking for a good dinner on your table. Tonkotsu Ramen and Steak Frites add to a flavourful delight.

5. Conrads Beach: A Heaven on Land

 A Nova Scotia Delight

This Beach is Located Just Before Lawrencetown Beach. It is great because it is merely a 20-minute drive from downtown Halifax.

The rocky beach is a great summer delight. It houses several interesting activities like windsurfing and paddleboarding and has outdoor pools. Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach resort is one of the most recommendable lodgings. 

Conrads Beach Nova Scotia

Some of the other perks include a great parking lot and wheelchair access. 

Piping plovers are unique birds you will find on the beach. This breach is not a great spot for kids.

 But, if you want to get aware of the crowdedness of the city, do come here. The ample parking and parks present here makes it worth visiting.

However, a thing to be noted is that you can not swim and surf here due to the strong rip tides. Otherwise, if you want to spend some me-time, this is the right choice!

6. Bayswater Beach Provincial park

This Beach is Popular for its White Sand. It provides a great view of the popular Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. It also favors a short trip from Halifax for you to drive.

Halifax Beaches: Bayswater beach
Steve Anderson/ Unsplash/copyright2019

If you want to explore the most well-known beaches, don’t miss out on this one. This provincial park is one of a kind.

7. Crystal Crescent Beach

Crystal Crescent Beach has a Lot More to Offer

Along with the green space of trees, it offers amazing hiking trails. This is great for getting a picturesque view of the Sambro Island lighthouse.

This lighthouse is worth a glimpse at, for being the oldest surviving lighthouse. So, don’t waste your hot summer days in your room. Come, take a good view of Sambro creek and old forts. Beginners can consider surfing here. 

Crystal Crescent Beach | Nova Scotia | Halifax | Aerial | Drone | Canada

If you are looking for world-class surfing, these crescent beaches are not the right place. The gentle waves make all three beach spots favorable for swimming. These are great for kids and dogs too!

The wildlife here is remarkable. It ranges from American Black duck to Surf Scoter. Come here, and don’t miss out on these!

8. McNabs Island Provincial park

This Beach is Popular for McNabs Cove, One of the Best in the Place.

An interesting fact is that boats are needed to reach this spot. This is a spot for families. If you want to get away from the city humdrum, this will serve one of the best.

McNab's Island

This way, you can explore two parks in one go! Lawlor Island is another great park present near this park. It takes just 3 minutes to reach it.

Water sports like surfing are also encouraged here. You can reach the amazing Lake charlotte in less than an hour from McNabs island. 

Cole Harbour is only 15 minutes from here. So, why wait? Sign in for this course to get lucky. 

A little path from downtown Halifax offers you the luxury of the best beaches. This is one of them. This is needed to explore.

9. Rainbow Haven Beach: A Must Travel

A Delight in Cow Bay

If you are looking for a family beach, here is your platter of sand. You will barely need 30 minutes to reach this paradise from Halifax. Nova Scotia Provincial Park maintains it.

This beach has great facilities to provide for the customers. You will get to explore boardwalks and volleyball nets as you reach here. 

Rainbow Haven Beach Eastern Passage/Cow Bay Nova Scotia

The broad boardwalks will allow you to walk comfortably to the beach while viewing the great weather. It also has the perk of wheelchair access.

The best activities that the people out here enjoy include swimming, birdwatching, and picnicking. 

The sand surrounding the beach is clear and hardly contains any rocks. This makes it the ideal location for kids. Here, they can have fun playing games without risking injury.

So, get your kid and build a pretty sandcastle out here! You catch sight of fabulous birds such as the Ring-billed Gull, Northern Pintail, and Green-winged Teal over here.  

You can even enjoy seeing a great sunset while standing on the boardwalk and having your favorite beer.

Hospitable hotels are also abundant here. During this pandemic time, they are maintaining good sanitization. 

According to customer reviews, the Sutton Place Hotel seems a great place for your stay in the place. The floors are even marked to maintain social distancing. The staff also provides N-95 masks for the safety of the guests.

Towards the end of Cole Harbour, this beach is also abundant in outhouses and canteens. So, during your stop here, don’t worry about a thing! Your visit would be one of a kind here.

10. Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park

A Family-Friendly Spot

How can we ever miss this fantastic beach? This is the location where so many sandcastle competitions take place. 

The annual Clam Harbour Sandcastle contest is a special feature of this location. This is no new thing being held, and the contest has been taking place for nearly 35 years. Now, that’s a special thing to consider.

Is it only popular for its sand domes? No. It has a unique tidal stream. The waters are warm and gentle out here. This is the reason for its popularity among the common mass.

It’s a children-friendly zone that you can not miss out on.

Clam Harbour Beach, Nova Scotia

The beach is eternal when it comes to perks. It has a MobiMat. This greatly assists people in a wheelchair. 

It has such wide varieties to offer other than the ones already mentioned. Boardwalks, hiking facilities, and the presence of vault toilets are only a few to mention.

And yes, how can I refrain from mentioning the great hotels? The Inn at Fisherman’s Cove is one of the most popular hotels you can choose. You can check out its amazing lodging facilities once you arrive here.

It is located just 49.6 km from Clam Harbour Beach. This provides one with the advantage of ocean-side rooms and easy access to nearby shops and restaurants.

So, don’t fret when this beach is such a paradise!

Sable Island National Park Reserve: A Special Mention

It is impossible to end the mention of delightful beaches without talking about Stable Island National Park Reserve. Yes, this is a part of Halifax.

An amazing thing to notice about the beach is that it is a sandbar. It is the Largest sandbar you can probably find in the world. Even though the beach looks quite small, it is not so. It is approximately 42 km long, enough to get the needed comfort.

Winter Brings A Stark Beauty To Canada’s Remote Sable Island | Wild Canadian Year

This is the distance from downtown Halifax to Peggy’s Cove. Another amazing fact is that the island has a stock of nearly 500 horses. These horses are not meant for hunting.

 These are undomesticated horses. So, you can admire them from a distance and click a picture or two. Riding them would not be a good option.  A worth-mentioning fact about this island beach is that it has just two trees on the island. 

This is a skeletal pine tree. Its solitary presence adds a sense of beauty to the island. The beach lacks the density of sand and real soil. This is the reason why the place lacks trees.

So, never forget this one whenever you visit other beaches in Halifax. It will provide you with real bliss!

Closing Thoughts

Now that we know about Halifax’s diverse beaches, we will have no problem finding the best pleasure. All the Halifax beaches have their specialty. Ranging from the spacious beach to the smallest, Halifax has it all. 

You will get all the amenities from the boardwalk to great hotels on most beaches. The ones that do not provide boardwalks are no less because it compensates for the spectacular view.

Some of these Halifax beaches have soft sands, which are favorable for children.

Here are the ones that reviews will recommend the most Queensland beach, nova scotia beaches, expansive cow bay beach, south shore & eastern shore beach, and the favourite beaches with gorgeous white sand beaches are the dramatically moody cobblestone beach.

On a side note, You can even give your dog a walk on these Halifax beaches. Crystal Crescent Beach is highly favored for kids and dogs. Some beaches also provide pools which are great for toddlers and children. Lawrencetown beach provides the facility of outdoor pools.

These Halifax beaches are unique because they have an optimal temperature in the summer. It is necessary to keep these beaches clean. Otherwise, the beauty would not be long-lasting. Hence, to preserve these stunning locations, tourists must care for them. This way, you can reap its ultimate benefit.

Keeping a few instructions in mind, you can enjoy your time here. So, take your car and get the engine started. Halifax beaches wait for you!

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