A Guide to Best of Ottawa Breweries

Ottawa is home to over eighteen individual breweries, which are getting popular day by day throughout the world. Ottawa is the top haven for lovers of craft beer.

You can take a brewery bus tour, be a part of different beer events or savor the effervescence in the nearby pubs; you’ll get a lot of pleasurable and yummy routes to Ottawa breweries, which will please your taste buds in the Canadian capital.


Ottawa Breweries Bus Tours

You can also taste local craft beers during a bus tour.

Whilst discovering the lively vicinity of Ottawa, you can visit some Ottawa breweries situated as close as on the walking distance from brewery to brewery. Although, if you want to have the proper experience of local craft beer, you can let the staff of Brew Donkey plan your brewery tour and drive.

Brew Donkey has services that offer both half-day and full-day buses. These buses will set you on tour, which will include multiple stops of craft breweries of various types and different sizes throughout Ottawa’s inner-city and countryside.

On every stop, you’ll get to sip on bounteous craft beer samples while you enjoy witnessing brewing running under the table. You can also choose a tour which plans stoppages at local distilleries, sports events, or game lounges for a change.

You can even plan your own yummy road trip using the beneficial Backroom Deals and Muddy Wheels Trail Map. It doesn’t matter whether you’re already in Ottawa or driving to it from Toronto, Montreal, or elsewhere; you can have a hiatus at some of the best craft beverage and food vendors on the road. Make sure you have an appointed driver so you can totally take advantage of the tasty libations!

 List of Some Must-Visit Ottawa Breweries and the Delicious Drinks They Offer:

1. Bicycle Craft Brewery

Bicycle Craft Brewery is at 850 Industrial Ave, Unit 12 Ottawa, Ontario. Timings for taproom hours are 11 AM to 7 PM every Monday to Saturday and closes two hours early on Sunday (11 AM to 5 PM).

They offer free delivery in Ottawa and its surrounding areas, from Orleans to Stittsville, on 12 cans or shopping of $40.00, and more. Deliveries are done from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. Orders are completed and delivered within 48 hours, but most of them are delivered within 24 hours.

For instant takeaway or takeout, choose in-store to pick up at the checkout and call them when you get there. Bicycle Craft Brewery will set your order for you.


2. Beyond The Pale Brewing Company

Beyond the Pale Brewing Company is Brewing beer for the locals of Ottawa since 2012.

Situated right in Ottawa’s heart, it facilitates the visitors with a big Taproom and patio, perfect for enjoying one of sixteen beautifully crafted beers pouring on tap! Yes, they have 16 different beers to serve. Feeling hungry? Beyond The Pale is the best solution with its palatable BBQ food served in house by the Smoque house team.

If you’re tired but still want to taste the beer anyway, you can choose from their collection the beer you want to taste and order it online. They deliver across Ontario and offer curbside or home-delivery within Ottawa with fresh beer made every week!  


3. Waller St. Brewery

Waller St. Brewery is a small brewery in the basement of an old building. This is something of a unique characteristic of this brewery.  In Waller St. Brewery, you’ll see their commitment towards every product they offer.

Every craft beer is made with the three core principles of the Waller St. Brewery, which is Flavor, Balance, and innovation. All the beer made in their brewery is totally natural with zero preservatives, zero gelatin, unfiltered, and all the gluten is removed. So you’ll get to sip on a healthy beer while keeping your taste buds dancing!


4. Tooth and Nail Brewing Company

Tooth and Nail Brewing Company is in the urban area. They offer little plates and appetizers crafted by your server freshly behind the bar. They also have local meat and cheese, which adds up. Freshly blended hummus is served in the Tooth and Nail Brewing Company.

Although it’s famous for beer, wine is available too. In this brewery, beer is well crafted with food, which makes a great combo for every customer.


5. Flora Hall Brewing

Flora Hall Brewing was opened on October 27 in 2017, with a capacity of 120 customers. The room is welcoming decorated using a rich wood palette, tiles, and dark metal.

They have seatings and bars in the center and balcony and an attested, full-size garage door that stays up and open on most days when the weather is all clean and nice.

In the Flora Hall Brewing, beer is made in their eighteen hectolitres of two vessel brewhouses, including one bright tank and five separate fermentation tanks.

They manufacture diverse beer styles made with good quality ingredients and with the utmost attention and care with their talented and experienced brewers.

In the Kitchen of Flora Hall Brewing, delicious and sumptuous foods belong to the different parts of the globe. Recipes are made with the local fresh ingredients, which are produced seasonally.

This brewery is a perfect place to come on a beautiful afternoon or evening to sit, have some tasty food and beer, and talks.


6. Lowertown Brewery

Lowertown Brewery is in the ByWard Market in Ottawa. It is one of the fresh breweries added to the Ontario Craft Beer Market. In the Lowertown Brewery, you won’t just get to taste the variety of beers and great food and cocktails, even wines!

Lowertown Brewery was opened in June 2014 and showcases an entirely working brewery and open-concept kitchen, filled with a smoker and chicken rotisserie to fulfill all of your hunger pangs.

The patio of Lowertown Brewery offers all-day sun for the customers who would like to enjoy their craft beer and delicious sandwiches in the fresh air of Ottawa.


7. Vimy Brewing Company

The founders of Vimy Brewing Company are two brothers in the Royal Navy and are proud Canadians. In their careers, both the brothers visited towns and cities across Canada and observed a similar thread. In most Canadian bars, restaurants, and hotels, the drinks served were not produced in Canada or any Canadian company. They wanted a purely Canadian company that made purely Canadian beers or drinks and would add to Canada’s celebration & greatness.

At Vimy Brewing Company, beer is brewed in small batches with the finest ingredients, making fresh, amazing, and top-notch quality beer.

The Vimy Brewing Company is named after Canada’s triumph in the Battle of Vimy Ridge (1917). It was such a defining moment for all the Canadians as it is only then when Canada came out of her cage and showed her independence.


8. Overflow Brewing Company

Overflow Brewing Company is a perfect choice amongst Ottawa breweries for you if you’re looking for a pretty environment with tasty food and favorite, or you can try out different beers.

Overflow Brewing Company was the first production brewery with a taproom in Ottawa, Ontario, and to host big events that were mainly focused on big-scale music shows in a private setting.

The taproom of Overflow Brewing Company is open for the entire week, where various kinds of parties and concerts are organized.  They also host and organize meetings and barbecues for you if you want so. They also have as large as twenty-five-foot glass garage doors where you can chill and enjoy.


9. Evergreen Craft Ales

Evergreen Craft Ales first started in a house garage in Bells Corners, Ottawa, on Evergreen Drive in 2015. Seething out 1BBL batches and selling beer straight out of the garage (of course, legally!) Each Saturday in the afternoon. It has grown a small following from its neighbors, colleagues, beer enthusiasts.

In September 2019, Evergreen Craft Ales moved out of the 200 square feet of small garage shop to an all-new, open concept brewery with a taproom in the center of the big box store district on Silver Seven Road, Kanata, Ontario. Here you’ll get to enjoy amazing food with beer in your glasses in a sunlit, open, and bright environment.


10. Big Rig Brewery

Big Rig Brewery was founded in 2012, which was a humble 10 barrel structure initially. Presently, Big Rig is the largest craft brewery in the Canadian capital.

It all started for the love of beer, which led to the new brewery in the year 2013 in Ontario, and it has won multiple awards at the Canadian and Ontario awards related to brewing till now.

In Big Rig Brewery, craftsmanship and finding quality ingredients are maintained. They take pride in rejuvenating old, classic brewing styles and innovating new ones as well.

Big Rig isn’t just a brewery, but a good restaurant too! You can go to the taproom for lunch, which is served every Tuesday to Friday at the Taproom. You’ll get fresh, a chilled beer which is stocked in the fridge.

Big Rig Brewery can be considered as the coolest space when it comes to events in Ottawa. From concerts to team-making nights, their taproom and brewery provide a unique atmosphere paired with some of the best beer around Ottawa.

Big Rig Brewery also organizes brewery tours, which take place between 12 to 4 pm on Saturdays. They carry only fifteen people per tour; hence you can explore better.

Advanced booking is needed for the brewery tour. They charge five dollars, which includes tours and tasting. You can also set and plan special group tours.


Beer Events

You’ll find local craft beer served at the various events and festivals in the Ottawa breweries throughout the year. However, the city organizes some events that celebrate the favorite of all, sudsy beverage, beer! Some prefer local brews, while others serve beer, cider, and other drinks from Ontario, Quebec, and beyond. 

Here are some annual events:

1. Ottawa Beer Fest at Lansdowne (May) : 

Ottawa Beer Fest of Lansdowne includes huge sections of Ottawa breweries’ beers, live music concerts, seminars, events, and other activities. They also organize a craft beer run.


2. Gatineau Beerfest at the Place des Festivals Zibi (June): 

Gatineau Beerfest is the largest beer program in the Ottawa region. It has a splendid indoor and outdoor setting accompanied by fresh and hundreds of beers from Ottawa breweries, sumptuous food, and musical live shows.


3. Orleans Craft Beer Festival in Orléans (June): 

Orleans Craft Beer Festival is an outdoor event that takes place in the east of downtown. You can enjoy some of the finest local craft beer freshly brewed in the Ottawa breweries, live music, food, and much more. 


4. Dominion Day at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (July 1): 

Dominion is one of the famous Ottawa breweries. They host Canada Day events, which feature guest breweries, fun activities you can enjoy with your family, and live music with a beer school.


5. Beau’s Oktoberfest at Beau’s Brewing Co. (September):

Beau’s organize a famous family-friendly party on their property, in a rural area in Vankleek Hill, around an hour-long east of Ottawa.

In the Oktoberfest of Beau’s, one of the best Ottawa breweries, you can experience independent guest breweries, tasty local food, and one of the top famous Canadian performers. Bus shuttles are available to the Beau’s from Cornwall, Montreal, and Ottawa. You can enjoy camping. 


6. Oktoberfest Ottawa in Barrhaven (September): 

The Oktoberfest of Barrhaven is all about craft beers of Ottawa breweries and other beverages, food, fun activities, and live performances under a huge bier tent in a tiny suburb South of downtown. 


7. Gatineau Winter Beerfest in the Canadian Museum of History (held in February):

This is the winter version of the Gatineau Beerfest. Everything is the same in this Ottawa brewery; just serving is done inside the museum in the winter. 


8. Ottawa Winter Brewfest at Lansdowne (February or March):

 The Ottawa Winter Brewfest of Lansdowne showcases an enormous range of craft beers and beverages from the Ottawa breweries from the region and beyond it in the cozy atmosphere.


There are a lot of Ottawa breweries, and the number keeps increasing every coming day. Whenever you’re planning a trip to Canada or if you’re already nearby the Ottawa region, make sure you check out these fantastic breweries with amazing food and an open patio experience. Take back bottles of crafted beer with you!

Also, to explore the Ottawa breweries better, see the famous Ottawa Breweries here.

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