Winter Festival Toronto: 9 Crazy Attractions Which Cannot Be Missed

Are you also excited about the Winter festival Toronto? Is your checklist ready for the fun and enjoyment the festival would bring this year?

Winter is the most magical and coziest season of the year. From hot chocolates to cookies, shopping for Christmas, and family reunions. We are all waiting for this! The coming of the festive month makes it most anticipated. We all go crazy about Christmas eve and celebrations.

If you are planning for a winter vacation. We might have a wonderful idea for you all – The Polar Winter Festival of Toronto! It is a magical walk-through experience you would enjoy in Canada.

Here is all you need to know about it-

What is the Polar Winter Festival?

Polar Winter Festival Toronto is a month-long winter festival located at Bandshell Park. The festival is organized by the Concierge Club which gives a chance to experience a magical walk through the winter holiday market and enjoy other activities.

There are many winter fun activities to do. From food gardens to amusement rides and live entertainment! It usually starts at the end week of November and ends at the end week of December, particularly after Christmas.

What is the concept of the Polar Winter festival? The concept of the Polar Winter festival is to enjoy an outdoor walk-through experience of the coming of winter and the festive season. The holiday destination is mainly to celebrate the winter vacation with the most memorable journey.

Activities at Polar Winter Festival

There are a lot of activities and events to do and experience at this Winter Festival. Here is a complete guide to the Polar Winter Festival, Toronto –


The Winter Festival has a beautiful site-seeing experience. This winter festival is all about lights and snow.

1. Polar Ice Age

The concept of an Ice age is taken to make the public experience the winters of the North Pole. The area is completely covered with snow and is decorated with white lights.

2. Frozen Cave Elsa

The favorite kid’s spot, the cave is decorated in white-blue lights. The gives the magical experience of the enchanted winters. However, this cave is open on Saturdays and Sundays only.

You can also Elsa sitting inside the cave taking pictures.

3. Santa’s Selfie Station

The third most enjoyed spot of the polar winter festival. Santa is seen meeting kids and taking selfies. The decoration of Santa’s cave is Christmassy.

4. Sparkles Zone

A beautiful Christmas light show will make your jaw drop. A beautiful exhibition grounds area with big Christmas trees lit and decorated. The best spot to make your pictures look aesthetic.

5. 25ft Tree of Enchantment

Photo by Anton Scherbakov on Unsplash Copyright 2017

The best photo ops place for visitors is the 25 feet tree decorated with colorful lights. People on the rides near the place have the most astonishing view of the tree of enchantment.

6. Games and Fun Rides

The polar festival has a lot of games and amusement rides. Let us look out for all of them

toronto festival
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay Copyright 2017

Situated in the center of the festival is this lovely ride. The cost of the ride and age limit will be given on-site. Remember that rides have different tickets from admission tickets, that is the entry ticket.

8. Tubs of Fun

Another amazing ride you should enjoy! Even Adults can enjoy this ride. Make sure to take this unforgettable amusing experience once in your lifetime!

9. Rock and Roll Ferris Wheel

The Ferris wheel is the favorite ride of most of us. Yes, we all can agree on that! As we mentioned earlier, this is the ride just opposite the 25ft tree of enchantment. You would be astounded to get a view of this tree from rock and roll.

Apartment from these there is many little rides and games that you can enjoy including the swing ship excursion, the spinner, and the carnival games.

Food and Space Bar

Every year during this winter festival, the Christmas market is held for the public to shop and relish delicious meals.

Food trucks, cotton candy treat stalls, and vendor huts are set for your family. The sitting area is set for the publishing right in front of Santa’s selfie point.

The festival also has a lounge for adults, where you can enjoy the Lightworks with your favorite cocktails.

Tickets and Prices

You can buy all the tickets on The entry fees of the event are different from the rides and activities. You can either buy tickets online or on-site when you reach.

For under 12 years (kids) – Entry fees are 14$ per head. For 13 and above (adults), the entry fee is 19$ per head.

The official website also provides travel facilities for visitors. personal car parking is also available at the cost of 16$.

The timings will be mentioned as per the fest.

Location – 100 Prince Edward Island Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3C3.

Aurora Winter Festival

Aurora festival
Photo by Mackenzie Marco on Unsplash Copyright 2019

Aurora Winter Festival is another Christmas festival that you all can enjoy while being in Toronto.

Aurora winter festival is held every year from November to December by Canadian National Exhibition at Ontario Place, Toronto.

What you can Experience at Aurora Winter Festival?

The Festival is all set to make your Christmas look more authentic and memorable. Here are a few things you can do at the Aurora Winter Festival –

  1. Santa’s workshop – The Santa’s workshop is an event held during the festival. There are activities where children can engage in creative crafts.
  2. Skating at Frozen Pond – You can skate at the frozen pond. However, there is a ticket for this activity.
  3. Luminous gardens and Food trucks – The Christmas vibes of the place are because of the Lightworks the place. the market also has a lot of eateries and food trucks.
  4. Tube park – Other than frozen ponds and skating, you can also visit the tube park with your kids. You must check the tickets and pricing on their official Site.

The festival markets are wonderful destinations to enjoy your holidays. It is time to press escape from your daily hectic life and fall in love with the season.

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