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Bowling in Calgary – 12 Amazing Options!

Suppose you’re looking for Bowling in Calgary, Hooray! You’ve reached the right destination, and just like our title suggests, we’ll be shortlisting for you The Top 12 Best Bowling Depots that you can visit while you’re in Calgary. But before we do, let’s have a quick introduction to the sport and a sneak peek into its history.

In the last couple of years, Public Bowling has been one of the most loved indoor games. Be it a fun hangout plan with friends or your first date idea; Bowling is one such fun sport that never fails to entertain.

Bowling, also known as Tenpins or Pin Bowling, is a game where you roll down a heavy ball against a long, narrow track towards a set of wooden objects called pins. The sport aims to roll down more pins than your enemy.

The game is not to be confused with that the sport of bowls or lawn bowls. Although there are many types of variations, tenpins are the most widely played of them all in countries like the United States, Canada, Western Europe, East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.

In the 1930s, businesses were looking for new ventures for expansion. This was when Bowling Alleys were made, and the crowd eventually got hooked on the addictive game.

Like all other countries, it became a major attraction in Calgary, Canada too. Here’s our list of The Top Bowling Venues in Calgary.

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12 Best Bowling In Calgary For You

Do you love bowling? – Then there are the 12 best places for you to explore when in Calgary.

1. Let’s Bowl

Let's Bowl
Photo from Let’s Bowl website

Let’s Bowl is a Family Entertainment Center with one of the finest facilities for Bowling in Calgary. It consists of 30 spacious lanes and provides a safe and fun bowling experience for hours for kids, teenagers, and adults.

They also offer regular league bowling schedules. It is located at 2916 5 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2A 6K4, and works throughout the week.

2. Mountain View Bowl

Mountain View Bowling 2015

Located at 11-3919 Richmond Road SW, Calgary, Canada, this is the one-stop for all bowling enthusiasts in and around the city. Its goal is to offer fun-filled entertainment hours to all its customers.

They specialize in providing party rooms for birthday parties or any other family get-togethers. If you are willing to host an event, plan it with one of their reps and have the best experience of Bowling in Calgary.

3. Toppler Bowl

Toppler Bowling
Photo from Toppler Bowling website

The Toppler Bowl Bowling Alley, located at 7640 Fairmount SE Calgary, is a five-pin Bowling in Calgary and provides service for all ages.

It specializes in organizing events like birthday parties, company parties, and more. They aim to offer a bowling experience that isn’t like any other to all of their customers.

4. Chinook Bowladrome

A 32-lane, five-pin bowling center, Chinook Bowladrome is one of the few Bowling in Calgary places that offer service to people of all age groups.

And not just that, this place has other perks, too, a licensed snack bar and a pro shop. You name it, and they have it.

With their glow-in-the-dark bowling alley, you are going to have bowling parties like never before. If this is the place for you, visit it at 1-6455 MacLeod Trail SW Calgary. Hurry!

5. Bowling Depot

Bowling Depot
Photo from Bowling Depot website

Bowling Depot is a Center for Bowling alleys in Calgary located at 146-5255 McCall Way NE Calgary. They have a brand new five-pin bowling with 24 bumper lanes.

Their additional services include a coffee place, pizza hub, and a licensed bar to serve all your needs. They also offer customers discounts on their services and coupons for extra benefits. Check their website for more.

6. Paradise Lanes

Paradise Lanes is a Center for Bowling in Calgary located on the insides of a Strip-Mall on 17th Ave SE and has a no-frills five-pin bowling alley with 18 lanes and a lot of Formica. It’s strictly an old-school bowling alley with no glow bowling or theme nights.

With reasonable prices and immaculate, well-lit space, this place is like a bumper bowling practice for all the serious, no-nonsense bowlers to have a good time.

7. Century Bowling

If you are in search of a great center for Bowling in Calgary to take your Friends, Family, Co-Workers, or Team for a great night out for bowling, this is the place.

They offer the best glow-in-the-dark bowling nights on Fridays & Saturdays.

Located at 1010 42 Avenue SE Calgary, this is one of the finest locations in Calgary for Bowling. Good Food, Good Drinks & Good Bowling, Oh! What a combination.

8. Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club

A classy little facility with 10 lanes of outdoor bowling, Inglewood is deceptively simple and a great place for a day out in the sun. It has a clubhouse, a kitchen, a patio, a mini-golf, and some very old-school coolers.

Located at 1235 8 Ave SE Calgary, this is one constant that has existed since 1936. After so many years and so many visitors, there is surely something right about the place. If you’re around, don’t mind taking a day off.

9. Calgary Lawn Bowling Club

Let's Go Play Bowls Song

Do you enjoy outdoor activities? Do you like taking in some sunshine? Do you like having a fun exercise session?

If your answer to all of the above is a “Yes,” then this is your destination. Located in the Spruce Cliff community of Southwest Calgary, this facility for Bowling in Calgary is a world-class lawn featuring two of Canada’s best greens.

Their services include a learn-to-bowl program, coaches, social and competitive leagues, youth programs, tournaments, rentals, and a lot more. So put on your flat, heel-less footwear, and they will do the rest.

10. Bow Valley Lawn Bowling Club

Bow Valley Lawn Bowling Club
Photo from Bow Valley Lawn Bowling Club website

The Bow Valley Lawn Bowling Club provides both competitive and recreational play. If you are someone who’s looking for a fun and relaxed day out in the field bowling, this is just the place for you.

It has been a fixture in Calgary’s Hillhurst neighborhood for over 85 years and has been recognized as a historical site by Calgary’s natives.

They have six green, well-maintained rinks and cater to everyone regardless of age and skill. Drop in sometime to have a fun and relaxed bowling experience.

11. Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club

Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club
Photo from Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club website

Located in the beautiful Stanley Park, on 42 Ave between Elbow Drive and Macleod Trail, it is a facility for Bowling in Calgary, Canada. It is a mesmerizing location for a day out.

Although this facility is available only on a rental basis and during the spring season, it is still one of the most treasured bowling and entertainment centers in Calgary, Canada.

If you’re around the area, do not forget to drop by and explore this beauty.

12. Calgary Winter Club

Bowling in Calgary
Photo from Calgary Winter Club website

The Calgary Winter Club is your versatile holiday location with all sorts of facilities for its guests and is located at 4611 14 St NW Calgary, Canada.

These facilities include dining, a social club, and athletic facilities covering swimming, badminton, fitness centers, and bowling.

This facility for Bowling in Calgary includes ten convertible bowling lanes that accommodate five pins and ten-pin bowling.

These lanes have adjustable bumpers to help young budding bowlers to get better. If this is where you plan on spending your winters, do make the most out of its fantastic bowling experience.


Are you confused about which sport to choose from? Apart from Bowling in Calgary, many other games like Football, Hockey, and Lacrosse are widely played.

With all these beautiful, facilitated, and fun locations in mind, you could plan fantastic bowling in Calgary to experience with your family and friends and bond in a unique way possible.

And if you are someone who’s opting to go bowling for the first time, remember to pick a right-sized ball, keep a relaxed swing, and release with power! Also, you should play 10-pin bowling.

Sports are all about the free spirit. They ignite in people and instill a sense of enthusiasm and fun that they’ve been lacking. Not only do sports make it fun, but they also work on all the health factors that need working on to make you more efficient.

I hope you find your ideal Bowling in Calgary destination and have a great time bonding and making memories with your friends and family. Now, you don’t need to search about bowling bears me anymore.

Happy Bowling in Calgary!

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