A Sneak-Peek To Top 10 Bowling Montreal Attractions

Bowling Montreal

Welcome to Bowling Montreal, where bowling is more than a target sport. It is a recreational activity here in Montreal where you can enjoy bowling with music, a bar, and friends. There are numerous bowling alleys in Montreal, and each one has its own theme and services. This article is an effort to bring Top 10 Bowling Montreal Attractions for you.

Bowling Montreal Culture

Bowling is a global sport with a craze among countries of diverse cultural backgrounds. Over 90 countries and 100 million bowlers make bowling the second-highest participatory sport in the world. Interestingly, Canada has its own bowling variations including, Fivepin, Candlepin, Duckpin, and Tenpin. This weather-resistant sport is quite popular in parties, outings, and fundraisings for fun.

Being the largest city in Quebec province, Montreal attracts visitors to Saint Lawrence River, historical monuments, fairs, and bowling. Montreal exhibits more than 40 Bowling Alleys, consisting of some of the best Alleys in Canada. The peaceful and friendly atmosphere of Montreal is the prime most reason behind such a condition.

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Now take a look at Top 10 Bowling Montreal Attractions that make bowling a fun activity.

Top 10 Bowling Montreal Attractions

1. Laurentian Lanes

222 Montée de Liesse Saint-laurent

Quebec H4T 1N8

It advertises itself as the favorite bowling destination of Montreal for obvious reasons. Less than two miles from Trudeau International Airport, Laurentian Lanes ranks as the Number 1 Bowling Montreal attraction. It consists of 58 Tenpin and 8 Duckpin Lanes with a large parking lot.

A Sneak-Peek To Top 10 Bowling Montreal Attractions 1

Photo by Daniel Lim on Unsplash

It offers Eat & Bowl and Birthday Party celebrations facilities where you can enjoy its famous smoked meat and beverages. Its menu is comprehensive that consists of mouth-watering food and exquisite beverages served by its friendly staff. It has bumpers and ramps for kids with large displays to see your game. You can also enjoy billiards and arcade games with an amazing bowling experience. Founded in 1959, it has hosted prestigious tournaments and TV shows.

2. Darling Bowling

3350 Ontario St E, Montreal

Quebec H1W 1P7

Darling Bowling exhibits 24 small bowling alleys and a resto-bar with a retro look. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Timbaland have visited Darling Bowling for its world-class services. Located in the heart of Hochelaga, it is famous for its unmatched design, food, and vintage bowling experience.

You can enjoy Disco Fun Bowling with your family and friends at Darling Bowling. This Bowling Montreal attraction hosts various leagues and day camps and offers famous packages to suit your needs. This place hosts fundraising activities, press conferences, and shows. It would help if you tried its vegetarian menu for incredible culinary charisma.

3. Forum Sports Bar & Sports Center

2313 Rue Sainte-Catherine O 4th floor

Montréal, QC H3H 1N2, Canada

Everyone looks for a comfortable environment when selecting a bowling alley, a place where you can enjoy your game and avail of essential amenities, including food and beverages. Forum Sports Bar & Sports Center is where the friendly staff serves you the best food, providing you comfortable seating. It consists of 16 bowling lanes of Tenpin Bowling, offering a wide range of entertainment and services for everyone.

You can watch your game on the wide TV screens inside the bowling alley. Its pub is maintained by friendly staff with a full professional catering service. It offers you to play only with large-sized bowling balls. You can also play billiards for some variations.

4. Boulzeye

3655 Boulevard du Tricentenaire, Montréal

QC H1B 5X4, Canada

Boulzeye is a place that offers more than bowling. It has one of the most modern bowling alleys in Montreal, with large cinema screens and a pure lounge experience. The Boulzeye consists of 16 bowling alleys and 4 private lanes for special events. The rhythmic music and full bar & catering service add extra comfort to your experience.

Lazer Tag Game is another attraction of Boulzeye. It is equipped with the finest high-tech gear in the market. For bowling and other activities, you may check its packages. It is sure, Boulzeye is going to excite you with such attractive amenities.

5. Salmon De Quilles

3275 Avenue de Granby, Montréal

QC H1N 2Z7, Canada

Montreal is among the Top 20 safest cities of Canada, where the streets exhibit the finest restaurants, shops, pubs, and bowling alleys. Located at Domaine Commercial Center, Salmon De Quilles is another Bowling Montreal attraction having some finest amenities and a friendly atmosphere.


Salmon De Quilles is best suited for families where you can enjoy Children-Parents League with your kids. It has a resto-bar and hosted numerous fundraising activities.

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6. Sharx

1769 Avenue Pierre-Péladeau

Laval, QC H7T 2Y5

Sharx is a premier Bowling Montreal attraction that provides Cosmic Bowling in just the center of Laval. It feels quite surreal when you bowl in the alleys with laser lights and backlights at Sharx.

A Sneak-Peek To Top 10 Bowling Montreal Attractions 3

Photo by FLY D on Unsplash

It has 10 Brand New bowling alleys with a bar and kitchen facilities. It is open 7 days a week where adults enjoy bowling in a complete party atmosphere.

7. Salon De Quilles Laval (1996)

5524 Boulevard des Laurentides, Laval

Quebec H7K 2K2

Another Bowling Montreal attraction Salon De Quilles Laval (1996), is a prime bowling destination for relaxation and pleasure.  Founded in 1996, it is famous for being a complete family adventure destination.


It is one of the most affordable bowling alleys in Montreal. Suitable for office and children’s parties, Salon De Quilles Laval is a must-visit Bowling Montreal attraction.

8. Bowling G Plus Bannantyne

5146 BC Bannantyne

A 15-minute walk from Jolicoeur Metro Station, you can reach another Bowling Montreal attraction, Bowling G Plus Bannantyne. It has 32 small bowling alleys and a snack bar. Children love it for its exciting bowling leagues.

A Sneak-Peek To Top 10 Bowling Montreal Attractions 4

Photo by Zac Frith on Pexel

It is an ideal place for fundraising with affordable service charges. The cosmic bowling experience excites your game when the alleys sparkle in laser lights and backlights.

9. Bowl-O-Drome

9562, boul Gouin O, Pierrefonds

Quebec H8Y 1R3

Another Bowling Montreal attraction for Cosmic Bowling is Bowl-O-Drome. With 58 synthetic lanes and an automatic scoring display, it is a spacious two-story facility. You can enjoy the arcade, billiards, and video lottery machines with a cosmic bowling experience.

It offers several bowling leagues for children, corporate, and social purposes. It has a mini-casino with snack and bar facilities.

10. Centre De Quilles 440

2535 Curé Labelle, Chomedey

Laval  H7T 1R6

The final name is Bowling Montreal attractions list is another bowling alley in the heart of Laval, Centre De Quilles 440. Founded in November 1990, this CTF-certified bowling alley has 40 bowling lanes, with a remarkable 10 pin bowling center.

Bowling Montreal

Photo by Mac Mueller on Unsplash

It has a licensed bar and restaurant for family gatherings. People enjoy birthday parties, reunion parties, fundraising activities, and corporate gatherings. It preserves the historical Bowling Montreal culture that makes it a must-visit place.

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